Life's Turnarounds # 03


I couldn't help it she was sucking me so good! I dare any man to sit there and watch a very beautiful woman sucking your cock and begging for you to cum in her mouth not to give her what she asked for? I dare you! I couldn't hold back, I moaned very loudly as Ann took all of my cock down her throat. I wondered if she was able to do that to Carl's big cock. I realized I didn't care at this point! I just wanted her to make me cum. And she did, I shot a huge load into her waiting and eager mouth. She looked up at me like she was worshiping my cock and me now. She sucked and licked and I watched her drink my cum. She continued to suck and clean me until she had milked all the cum from my balls. Finally she stood up and wiped her mouth with the napkin. She sat back down facing me and said, "Thank you Bud. Thank you for letting me do that for you. I want to please you every way I can to make up for the cheating I did."

She started going for my cock again but I stopped her. She sat back and I let her sit there looking at me as she knelt again between my legs as I went back read the story. As I began to read the last paragraph on page two, she went and got a clean cloth and washed and dried my cock.

The last part of the page said, "When Carl had finished cumming and I finished drinking it all, he pulled me up into his arms and kissed me and stroked my ass holding it with both hands. I felt his semi-hard cock pressing between us. He ran his fingers over my ass cheeks and reached further behind and under it to tickle my pussy with his fingertips. It sent shivers over my body and I shook. He smiled as he held me and stroked my pussy from behind my ass as well as in front. One hand cupped my pussy from the font as the other hand played with my hole from the back. It drove me wild. Both hands moving on my pussy drove me quickly to the point of no return. It felt so nice and I moaned as he fingered my pussy just like he did in the stairway of my building. When I was about to cum, Carl picked me up and held me under my ass as his fingers were just inside my pussy. As he lowered his head he sucked one of my breasts and fingered my open wet pussy as he lay me on the big bed.

This was it, I was going to be fucked by another man rather than my husband." I turned the page quickly and read the next part of her confession. I felt her rubbing my thighs and cock and telling me how sorry she was again and again. I told her to shut the fuck up until I was done reading her confession.

She jumped up and left the kitchen crying as she went back into the bedroom. I sat at the table and read on.

"Once Carl laid me on the bed I told him I couldn't wait any longer I had to feel his cock inside me. He smiled as he stood over me and told me all in good time. He lowered his head and began to lick and kiss his way up my thighs as his hands spread me wide. I knew what he was going to do and told him to hurry and lick my pussy. He looked up into my eyes and I knew he could see the sexual want and need in them. My lust was so high I never felt this nasty before. He moved between my legs and covered my pussy with his mouth and began to suck me with his mouth and lips as his tongue began to fuck me. I arched my back and drove my pussy into his face as he slid his arms under me and lifted my ass and hips up so he could get at my pussy better. He had my ass up off the bed and I was actually offering him my sex. He sucked and licked and licked and sucked on my pussy and I screamed and rocked and pumped my body on his face almost reaching orgasm.

When he inserted his three fingers in me, I climaxed hard as he continued to lick and finger me. I came again and then again. I can't tell you how many times after that I climaxed Bud. Oh God! It was such lust!

There was no love at all Bud, no soft feelings like we have between us when we make love. No, this was pure animal lust and I grabbed him and yelled for him to fuck me or I would go crazy. He moved over me, my body open and ready for him.

I moaned asking him to fuck me and fuck me hard but also being a little afraid of him! I was scared by the size of his cock. I could see it jumping between my open legs and it was huge and thick and the head was dripping pre-cum. It dripped all over my thighs as he positioned himself over me.

He told me to lay back and try to relax the muscles in my vagina. He crawled between my legs, the bed groaned with our weight as we adjusted our bodies to accept each other. I could see his big cock hanging down like so red angry club. God it looked so fucking huge!

"Here let me show you an easy way to take my cock Ann," Carl said softly to me. He gently opened my legs more and pushed them up bending them at the knees pushing them up higher and to the outside of my breasts. I was wide open for him. He stopped and looked at my pussy and I could feel myself blushing! Then he showed me how to use my arms to place inside my knees to help leverage them and keep them apart. He then used his fingers to open my pussy for his cock. As I felt the lips to my vagina open, he put the head of his cock against the opening of my hole.

He positioned his big cock head and pushed a little. I felt the big head spreading the lips of my vagina pushing them even wider for his cock. They opened even more and soon the head was forcing itself into me.

I couldn't stand it any longer I just had to see how it would feel all the way in me Bud. So I grabbed him and pulled him into me. I felt the huge cock head push open my pussy lips wider than anything I ever remember and slowly it move up into my tunnel. I realized I had never had anything close to the size and thickness of Carl's cock before as he pushed again and again. Each time he did, I arched my back taking more of his big cock and as I did I began to climax again and again. He wasn't even in me all the way yet and I was having an orgasm. He held his cock in me about half way and watched me fuck myself on his cock. He actually waited for my orgasm to reside Bud, and for me to adjust to his size then he pushed more of it into me, I was stuffed.

There was no question he would fit all of his beautiful hard thick cock in me, my juices was running down my ass and thighs now and I knew my pussy glistened from my wetness."

As she looked at me from the bedroom doorway, she saw the pain and sadness in my face. She asked if I would please stop and not continue reading the damn papers? I told her, "No I wanted to read it all."

I went back to read what she had wrote. "Well Carl worked slowly, and gently letting me become accustomed to his size and was so deep inside me now, his cock head rested against my cervix maybe even pushing into it some. I began moaning and moving my lower body, as I was in obvious delighted at being so full and him being so deep. My ass and hips were moving constantly as my body became accustomed to him and my pussy accommodated his giant cock. He pushed once more and our bodies touched. His balls rested against my ass and I knew he was buried completely inside me.

I tried to relax and let the stress and tension flowed out of me and let the lust and passion flow back in. I told him to fuck me good. I whispered encouraging words in his ear as he lowered his entire body down on top of me and started to pump in and out, in and out of my body.

Then as he began to fuck me harder and there were moans, groans, sighs and I even whimpering as Carl's cock moved in and out of me faster. He was in full control now and was very.... very talented as he fucked me like a master carpenter builds something of beauty. He completely dominated and controlled me, I gave myself to him completely, his huge cock drove me to one level; and, then to the next and the next lifting me higher and higher. Then I climaxed and he held still and left me move so I could enjoy every second of my orgasms. He waited after each one. I have never had that many orgasms in my life and he was continuing to give me even more. I'm sorry Bud but you asked for the truth.

Then Carl asked me if I was OK? And I told him that I've never had a cock this big before. But now that I was accustom to the size he could go faster if he wanted to. He smiled down at me telling me I was the greatest and then began moving faster and harder making me cry out again as he push his monster cock into my not so tight but very wet and throbbing pussy.

It was like I was dreaming now as he slowly pulled out and plunged back into me. I moaned as he held me! We fucked in the missionary position for a long, long time with him doing all the work. His cock sawed in and out of my wide-open stretched out pussy and all I could do was lift my legs and hold them as he fucked me hard and fast. He moved in and out of me his cock was so big and thick each time he pushed into me it felt like he was pushing my insides around. When he came out the round inner lips of my pussy clung on his shaft and were pulled out along with the shaft his cock head felt like it was huge as it moved up and down touching the inside of the walls of my tunnel. With reach stroke in and out I now at least 6 maybe 8 inches of hard young thick cock shaft rubbing my clit! The feeling was almost indescribable.

Again and again over and over he fucked me and I felt like I was having one long wonderful orgasm now, I cried, I moaned, I screamed and yes, I whispered for him to continue to fuck me. And he did Bud; He fucked me like I have never been fucked before. And I held him as tight as I could Bud. My arms were wrapped around his neck; my legs gripped his ass as my feet pushed down trying to drive him even deeper if possible.

I held him and we bounced up and down on the bed together. As my ass hit the bed it bounced and we both came up off the bed. He was fucking me so hard Bud! Again and again he kissed my lips and sucked on my tits and kept on fucking me. I knew you would see all the marks all over me but I didn't care at that point what he did all I wanted was his big hard cock.

He drove on, and on and on pounding my pussy like it has never been done before. He moaned and told me to hold on to him. Like I wasn't already.

With a quick movement we both rolled over and now I was on top of him. He never lost a stroke. He was driving up into me faster and faster as I lay on top of him crying out with just one word, YES! YES! YES! GOD YES FUCK ME!"

Each time he would thrust into me or pull out I cried "Yes" again! It was so good, so damn good. Better than any story, better than I could have imagined. But Bud it wasn't better than what you and I have Bud just different. I swear to you it wasn't. But it was much more lustful, evil and erotic and the passion was greater and my need greater. When he moved his hips pumping them up into me I was sitting on his cock. All of his big hard thick cock was inside my pussy. He touched me deeper than anyone has ever done before. But that's only because he had a bigger and longer cock not that he's better than you Bud. He held my hips and as I sat up now I rode him as he fucked me as fast as he could. His cock looked like a blur as it went in and out of my hole. And he continued to fuck me this way as I bounced up and down on him. It went on and on Bud. I have no idea how long but then he grabbed me and held me down on his cock and said I should stay all the way down on him and to rock back and forth.

He said he was going to cum! I rocked my hips back and forth as fast as I could move them and within seconds, I felt the first shot of his cum pump deep into my pussy. My body shuttered and I squeezed the walls of my pussy as tight as I could to trap his big cock. He moaned and pulled me tighter down on top of him as his cock ejaculated again and again and again pumping huge amounts of cum deep into my womb! I moaned as he pulled me down harder and sucked my tits leaving more marks. He cock seemed to cum forever Bud! I could feel the cum begin to run down the walls of my tunnel and coat his cock even more than my pussy juices had already it felt like heaven. He rolled us over again and now he drove his cock into me as he lifted my legs high over my head and pressed them down against my breasts.

With everything he had left he fucked me like a man possessed. He fucked me with his hard cock, a cock that had just cum in me a few seconds ago but hadn't gone soft. He held my legs high over my head and was fucking me almost straight down. It was amazing Bud! He was kind of squatting over me and pumping straight down into me like a drill, like a......a piston in a car.....god like a fucking machine. Again and again the cum he had pumped into me squirted out and covered me as he continued to fuck me hard and fast.

I moaned and I cried from the pleasure, he didn't stop!! He fucked me for a very long time. How long? I didn't know. It seemed like an hour maybe more. Then I remembered that once you cum Bud, you could go a very long time before you cum again. I guess Carl was like that too, he had already cum two times. Anyway, he fucked me until I could hardly stand any more. My pussy was actually hurting! Finally! I felt his cock getting hotter, thicker and much harder and I knew if he was like you he was going to cum again.

I held the sheets with both hands and grit my teeth as he rammed me and rammed me and actually moved my body up the bed until my head hit the bed board. I used my hands to help keep my head from hitting it again. But his thrusts were strong and my head was now hitting it again and again and again. Then he arched his back and pushed deep into my pussy as his balls slapped my ass over and over and over again.

Carl released my legs now and I was so hot, so full of lust I immediately wrapped them around his body again. I rode on his cock as I lay under him. I watched and saw him arch his back more and strain and I knew he was trying to hold off cumming. I knew the feeling well from being with you. You always try not to cum! We all try not to cum when we're about to orgasm we like to hold off just as long as possible. Carl was like that too.

He thrust his body down into me one last time and held his cock as deep as he could get it! Then I felt it! The spray of warm wet cum began to fill me again. He moaned with each shot and I arched my back and lifted my ass and hips up off the bed as I rotated my pussy around on his cock. I wanted to please him with every fiber on my body. I had never been fucked like this in my life. I wanted to reward him for giving me more orgasms than I have ever had in my life. I wanted him to feel the feelings I was having as his cum pumped into me again and again.

And was over. I was sure he was done. Finished. The way he had shot his load twice into me and me sucking him off before that, I figured we were done. We held each other for a long time after that last one."

I put the papers down and said, " How do I compete with this?"

I said it out loud and Ann was standing in the doorway wiping her eyes as she watched me reading her confession. She said, "You don't have to complete with it Bud. It's over! I won't see him or have him again I love only you. This was only the one time thing. That one afternoon, I have no thoughts or plan to ever cheat on you again. I swear to God Bud. You don't have to worry about it! I wrote it as honestly as I could and the sex was fantastic but I can assure you, you don't have to worry about me ever doing it with him again. I swear to you Bud. I swear.....please let me back into your heart and life!"

I looked at her and I was sure she was sincere as she came to me and knelt in front of me again. She kissed me and held her arms around me as she begged me to love her again. I told her I wasn't sure I ever could make love to her again after I finished reading the description of what she did with Carl.

She looked up and said, "You'll hate me even more if you read the last two page Bud! Please don't read them. Please."

I pulled her arms off from around me and let her kneel on the floor. She kissed my stomach and thighs and lay her head on them as she took my soft cock back into her mouth. She began sucking on it again and I felt it begin to harden again. I let her suck me as I turned to the next page as she begged me not to read any more of it.

As I read it she told me, "I promise I'll do it all with you Bud, Everything I did with Carl baby I'll do with you tonight and every night from now own!! I promise."

I said, "Just suck my cock and shut up bitch!"

She took my soft cock and licked the head of it and began to try to get me hard again and I read on.

Ann said, "After Carl finally rolled off of me, he lay there telling me how wonderful I was and how great of a fuck I was. Then he said, "Suck me hard again Ann and I'll fuck you doggie style doesn't you husband ever fuck you that way?"

I told him no and he just looked at me. He said, "You don't know what you're missing! Why doesn't he?"

I told him because I never let my husband fuck me that way. And with that comment I went down on his cum covered cock and sucked him and cleaned the cum off of him. I sucked him for a long time. It took a long time to get him hard enough to fuck me one last time. But he told me how to do it and what he liked and guided me over the ways to suck a cock. I followed his directions and finally he had a roaring hard-on.

He told me to turn around and get down on all fours for him. As I did he continued to fuck my mouth as I sucked him. He was trying to get his cock down my throat but he was just too big. He told me it took practice and that we didn't have enough time today to learn how to do it. He was scheduled to meet his parents for dinner at 7PM. But if I wanted to he could meet me back here around 10PM but I told him I had to be home.

But at that point I actually was trying to figure out a way that I could do it without you ever finding about it. Finally he pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and moved behind me. I still had cum running out of my vagina and it helped him wet his cock and he pushed his big dick back into me. I moaned again lovely that feeling as it went in further and further. That wonderful full feeling that his wonderful fat thick cock head gave me as it moved up my channel."

I turned the page and read the last part of her confession. "As he rammed it into me he fucked me long and hard. I moaned and moaned and told him he was hurting me. He said he was going to fuck my other hole. It didn't register right away what he meant. But then I felt his cock head pull all the way out of my vagina and rub the opening of my ass. I said NO please don't!! But it was to late he was already pushed most of the fat cock head into me. Once he had the head inside my ass hole the rest was much easier. The cum that covered his cock also helped to get his cock into my ass. He held my hips and spit on his cock making it even wetter. Then he moaned telling me how tight I was. He asked if I was a virgin and I told him yes. I think that was the first time I blushed the entire time I was with him. I told him yes I never let you fuck my ass and he just laughed.

Carl was almost all the way into my ass now and he bent over me and reached around and began to softly stroke my clit. I moaned as we rocked together and he pumped his cock in and out of my ass fucking it like he had fucked my pussy. I was split open now and he told me to finger my pussy. I could easily put three fingers into my pussy now that Carl had stretched me wide. He rubbed my clit, I fingered my pussy and he fucked my ass. It was like nothing, nothing I had ever experienced before.

I wondered how a 20-year-old knew so much more than I did about sex. But the way he was moving and the feeling I was having I knew we both were going to climax soon!!

He moaned very loud and told me I was so fucking tight that he couldn't hold back any longer. Then I felt his cock thicken again and I just prepared for it. He thrust one last time and buried his big dick in my ass Bud. I felt shot after warn wet cum filling my ass hole just like he had filled my pussy. He grunted now as he tried to hold the climax. I was tired and fell forward on the bed. He came down on top of me with his quickly shrinking cock still inside me. He lay on top of me and we both were panting, him more than me. He rolled off of me and when his cock came out of my ass I actually felt very emptied.

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