tagLoving WivesLife's Turnarounds # 04

Life's Turnarounds # 04


For those who don't like happy endings to a cheating wife story you may not like this part of the story. But stay tuned the last part is yet to come.

Again I would like to thank Gizzmo for his idea for this story and his help in writing it. We both hope you enjoy it.


Ann stared at me as I shook from the anger I felt. I hated Carl her young lover and her. Hell I hated everyone at that moment in time. She didn't look too happy either. I just kept thinking, "How could she have done something this stupid me, to us?"

Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to figure out what do we do now. Then I could see her look at me and I said, "Thinking about Carl again? I mean he was so good, so much bigger and better than me Ann. Are you thinking about how well he fucked you, fucked me too only in the head and lastly fucked up a good marriage."

She said, "So......so what are you going to do Bud? Please let's try and get past this I'm begging you."

I felt sorry for her but it lasted only a split second, I began to think maybe we could get help and work our way out of this mess. A second is all it took before my thoughts turn to her and him together. In my mind I could hear her screaming as this young guy with the big cock fucked her again and again and again. I hated both of them and said, "Maybe I'll find him and kill him! Maybe I'll kill you too!"

She began to sob and say, "No Bud! Please it was my fault! I encouraged him. I asked him, I wanted him to fuck me. I'm so sorry and I'll do anything to make this right. Please.......Bud. Don't do anything crazy I would die if you got into trouble over what I did."

I hated the idea of leaving her but I didn't see away around what she had done. I longed to take her in my arms again and try to get over this infidelity! But I couldn't raise my arms. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, to make love to her over and over again. These thoughts went on in my head until it felt like it was going to fucking exploded.

I said, 'So how do we fix this Ann? Can we fix it? Now what? Will you look for another man with a big cock later on and do it again? Once a whore always a whore, once a cheat always a cheat Ann."

She was shaking her head no and was crying so hard that I couldn't understand anything she was trying to say. So, I said, "Now that you have tried it Ann, cheating will be so easier the next time. It will be hard to stop; in fact I bet you can't get his cock out of your mind. And, when you are alone thinking about what you did with him, you'll want that big dick again! I bet you won't be able to get him out of your head and it will get harder and harder for you Ann. He'll be like a drug to you, or his big cock will anyway. You'll need to try him again or find someone else! You'll want more then I can give you and you'll go look for it. You'll need more Ann and you'll eventually try it and do it all over again to me. But, I can't and won't stand for that Ann. I'll hurt you and whoever you're with and hurt them badly!"

Ann knew I was able to do just that she also knew I would keep my word and she looked at me with fear in her eyes. I said, "You know I won't hurt you Ann, not now, but I can't and won't stand you cheating on me again. I think we have had it baby. I don't believe I can get over this and still love you enough to stay with you I think you better leave for a while."

She tried to tell me she didn't want to leave but she was crying and breathing so hard I felt she might even pass out. Ann said, "Can't we try Bud. Can't we at least stay together until we're sure there's no hope for us as a couple? Please Bud please let's try to work this out."

I shook my head no, but hung my head down looking at the floor. Life without her didn't seem like living. Finally after neither of us said anything for a while I looked up at her and said, "I do know I don't want to have sex with you or you to be in my bed Ann."

She held her hand to her mouth as I continued saying, "So I think if you don't leave tonight, then you better move your shit out of the bedroom. I don't want you to touch me or even try too. I don't want you to kiss me either or even try to hold me until I tell you it's OK with me! And I want a doctor's report on STD too before I would ever consider it! Ann I know you fucked him bareback. Why else would there be cum in your panties and I'm sure in your cunt before you showered trying to cover what you did. Now, please, leave. I think it would be better for you to get out of my face!"

I realized I was standing in front of her with my fists closed and ready to strike my wife for the first time in my life! I had to clam down. I turned and walked into the living room. She followed but stayed far enough away from me. I sat down and said, "Go someplace for awhile Ann go to your sisters. Just go! Go to your lovers, to a hotel or Motel, the mall, some place. Get out of here for a while and give me some time alone, I can't stand to look at you right now!"

She held out her arms to me. I didn't take them. I didn't even look up at her. She tried to speak, her mouth didn't move right all I heard were sobbed. Then I did hear her say, "OH God Bud no! Please don't send me away"

She screamed, "Please!! Please can I stay! Please Bud! Can we talk about this some more and try to resolve it. Please don't tell me to get out!"

I screamed again, scaring her, "NO!!!" Then I held my anger and said, "No! No more tonight Ann. I can't stand to hear or see you."

She began to say something and I stopped her by standing up and saying loudly, "NOT NOW! GET OUT!"

She began to cry harder and fell to her knees and started to beg me. I said, "No Ann. Just get out. I don't care where, just go some place for awhile at least for tonight and if you cheat on me don't come back!"

She didn't move she shook and looked up at me. I screamed, "NOW!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! NOW ANN!"

She ran to the front door grabbing her purse and crying. I sat down and listened to her car start up and pull out of the driveway. I didn't know where she was going and I actually realized at that moment in time I didn't care. My head and stomach were both killing me. I began to cry as I remembered what she had written about her cheating on me. Then I got drunk; I mean I got falling down, vomiting my toes and ass out of my mouth, passing out, crashed and burned drunk.

When I woke up on the living room floor I was in physical pain. Then the memory of Ann cheating on me came flooding back and I was in mental pain too. I then finally realized that I was lying on the living room floor in a pool of my own puke. I managed to get to the downstairs bathroom and puked again. I puked until there was nothing left to puke. But if you have ever been sick enough or drunk enough you know that doesn't stop you from trying to puke more. The dreaded dry heaves began. I was sure I was going to die right there with my head in the downstairs toilet. Then a minute later I was worried I wasn't going to die and the pains would stay with me.

I don't know how long I lay on the bathroom floor with my head in the shit can but finally I stopped. I stood and almost screamed from the headache. I staggered out of the bathroom and started up the steps one by one, like a small child or an old man. I made it to the third step and just then the front door opened and Ann came in with her sister.

I assumed that's where she spent the night, but actually at that point I really didn't give a fuck if she spent the night with the 7th fleet! I didn't even acknowledge them. Ann said, "Is it OK if I....we come in now Bud?"

As waved at them as I staggered up the steps and fell face first on the bed, I saw Ann looking at the floor. I knew she saw the empty booze bottles and my puke and God knows what else I had left there last night. She must have realized I had drunk until I had passed out. As I lay on the bed I could hear them talking and cleaning up the mess.

Actually the sound of them walking around downstairs made my head scream. Hell the air conditioning coming on made my head hurt! I closed my eyes and just lay there for what seemed like hours trying to get. Finally the bathroom came into play again and more dry heaves to cheer me up. Damn, the last time I got this drunk was the day before I came home from the service. I had a hell of a party with five other Navy men all mustering out that next day with me. All good friends, we had all seen combat together and killed together and we all got drunk as skunks, as they use to say that night.

But that was years ago and I was much younger, maybe 20! Twenty!! Jesus Christ! That's how old the boy was Ann had fucked yesterday, or was it the day before, or last week, hell I didn't know. I cursed and cursed between my dry heaves again. I finished puking and it was back to bed again. This time I must have fell asleep or passed out again.

When I woke up I was covered with a blanket. It was dark and finally I rolled over and sat up very, very slowly. My head hurt, damn did it hurt. Hell my stomach did too from puking I guess. When I stood I felt light-headed. I moaned loudly! A few seconds later there was pounding of feet on the steps and Ann was in the doorway. She looked like hell, but I was betting I looked and felt much worst. She said softly, "Can I help you or get you anything Bud?"

I said, "A gun a big fucking gun!"

She stood there looking at me and finally I said, "Water, coffee something like that!"

She left and returned with both. I drank the coffee slowly. It stayed down. Well almost, I did burp it back up a few 100 times before I knew I had to get something in my stomach. I walked very, very slowly. I mean very gingerly, one step a minute as I held both sides of the wall in the hallway. Finally after what seemed like a week I was on the last step and looking into the living room again. The puke was gone.

Both women were waiting for me offering their arms and hands for support. I waved them away again. Ann said, "Please let us help you!"

I said, "No! You have helped enough! Just leave me alone."

They did and I headed to the kitchen and made toast, plain toast. It stayed down. I sat there looking at the two women standing in the doorway. I say, "Why don't you just leave me alone. Can't you see how bad I feel? I'm sick, I'm still half drunk and Ann, I can't forget about your whoring ass."

She started to cry again and turned and walked out of the room. Her sister Pat stood there and said, "Bud! You have to let her stay here she has no place to go. My husband doesn't want her in our house he thinks she's a whore too. Please let her stay and when you feel better talk with her and see if there is a way to fix this."

I said, "Look Pat....I can't even see straight right now. Oh fuck me head! OK! OK! Let her stay in the spare bedroom just leave me the fuck alone."

She turned and I heard the two of them talk and then they went upstairs. I fingered Ann would spend the night in the spare bedroom. A little while later I ate more toast. Then Pat came into the kitchen and kissed my forehead. She said, "Thank you Bud. Thank you for your kindness and allowing my sister to stay in her home."

I said, "That's me!! Mr. Nice, kind, and dumb ass Bud! Sure why not invited what's his name over too! He can fuck her in the spare bedroom while I sleep in the master bedroom and listen to them. Did you know he had a big cock Pat? Did she tell you he had a big cock and what they did with it together? Oh yes, and it was much bigger than my cock Pat! And he shot his cum in her four times Pat! Four fucking times, my wife fucked a 20-year-old in four times one night! She outlasted him, I'm so fucking proud of her!"

Pat didn't say anything to me or at least I didn't hear her say anything! When I looked up she was gone. I didn't hear the door shut but she had left to go home to her husband. We were alone. Well I was downstairs and Ann was in the spare bedroom but we were alone in our home.

The next day I woke and left for my office. I couldn't work at home anymore with Ann still there. I didn't see her since she didn't come out of the bedroom. I worked but wasn't really there. Oh I was sitting in the chair all right by my mind was elsewhere. When it was time to leave I didn't even know what I did all day, if I accomplished anything at all. I went home to face her and when I came into the house dinner was almost ready and she was waiting for me.

We ate and didn't say anything much at all. She asked how my day was and I answered, "Fine! Who cares!"

Neither of us ate much at all. She did the dishes and I went into the family room, which was funny, family room didn't seem to fit now at all. I turned on the TV and watched something until Monday night football came on. Ann watched TV in the living room until 10 PM. Then she came in and said, "I'm going to bed now Bud. I love you. Good night."

I didn't reply! I watched TV and when midnight came I turned it off not even knowing who was winning. I went past her room and heard her crying. I just continue to walk and went into my bedroom and tried to sleep. I could hear her blowing her nose and cry some more. I was so damn upset I didn't get much sleep at all.

Then Tuesday came and we did the same thing. She didn't come out of her room and I went to the office again. I wondered when Ann would go back to work again? I didn't know and again I didn't care.

It was past time to go home so my boss came over and told me to go home it was 6:30 PM. I again didn't know what I did all damn day. Before I left, he sat down and asked me if there was something wrong? I told him I was having marriage problem he didn't pry and I didn't expound upon it! We just left it at if there was anything he could do or if I needed to talk let him know. I thanked him and we both walked out to the parking lot together. Phil was a good guy and I liked working for him.

That night I actually ate more dinner, it was leftovers but I didn't really care. I asked her about her job and she said she was looking for a new one. She told me she couldn't go back to her old one because she was sure there would be rumors and gossip about her and Carl and she couldn't face her co-workers. I told her, "Do what you want. I don't care any more. Have you been to the doctor's office yet to be tested?"

She said, "Tomorrow I'm scheduled for all the test. I'm going to be so embarrassed."

I said, "Well all whores have to be tested and do that from time to time I'm sure you'll get past it."

She quickly walked out of the room leaving the dirty dishes as she went crying going up the steps. I didn't give a fuck and actually hoped she was hurting as bad as I was.

I got up and washed the dishes and then went into the family room. Again Ann stayed away from me and I watched TV. I felt dead inside and at 10 PM she came into the room and told me she was going to bed again. This time I said, "Goodnight", but that was all I said. I didn't look at her.

Our lives went on but they stayed stagnant for weeks. Ann slept in the spare bedroom and I slept in the other bedroom. We didn't say many more than we had said to each other and the days and weeks just seem to slowly pass by.

We lived in the same house but were more like two strangers than husband and wife. I still couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Then finally one night Ann asked me to sit down and talk to her. I sit down and she handed me the test results and she was clean. Then she looked up and asked, "What are we doing Bud? I can't stand the way we are living now it's killing me. We need help I need help. We need counseling! Please can't we at lest try?"

I surprised myself by saying, "OK! You set it up and I'll go. On one condition Ann, I will be honest and I expect you to do the same. No trying to get out of what you did. I mean when we are asked why we are having problems, I'll expect you to tell him/her why. I won't be blamed for any of this Ann. It's your entire fault we are like we are."

She told me she would take all the blame and would try hard to help us get back on track with our marriage. I agreed to go and agreed to try as well. I knew I still loved her, damn her! But the pain, oh yes the mental pain was still there. I hadn't had a drink since that day I almost killed myself slowly in the bathroom with my face looking at the water in the toilet.

A week past and we had our first meeting with the counselor. On that first day, we talked about our past relationship. We both seemed to think we were very happy and deeply in love.

The first hour of the next session was with just Ann. Then the next hour was with just me. I told the counselor I wrote some erotic stories under the name of Needit and Ann had read them. I told him it was a hobby, but a movie producer had contacted me wanting to make a movie of one of my stories. The counselor said any story or picture could have triggered Ann's actions, so my writing was not important to why she cheated.

The third meeting we talked about the present and how we felt now. At that meeting the counselor finally asked Ann why she had cheated.

Ann didn't lie she told the him everything she told me about the stories, the excitement she read about, how it made her want to try it after hearing the rumors of the intern with the big cock. The idea of doing it with him one time gained more and more of a foothold in her brain she was addicted to it. Then she did it and she hoped I would never find out and she told the counselor that the guy moved away and she would never see him again. She was asked if she ever saw him again and had the chance what would happen? She told the counselor she hoped these meetings would help her come to terms with everything and she would not be tempted even if she saw Carl again on the street or someplace. She begged me again to take her back and love her.

She had actually told the counselor earlier that she really didn't know what she would do if Carl showed up in her life again. That was told in her one on one meeting with the counselor and I wasn't there to hear that comment come from her lips. I found out later about it in a later session.

But what I did find out from the many, many sessions we had together was some things Ann didn't tell me when we first talked. It seemed that as we went into the deeper reasons why Ann cheated, and as the counselor pressed her really in one session, Ann broke down and cried as she told us more about her affair. When she finished talking she had informed us that she in fact actually did it more than once and the last time she actually wanted me to find out about her having an affair.

During this meetings Ann admitted to having sex with Carl twice but being with him three times. The first time was when she jerked him off and saw how big his cock was. She had already told me about that night. She had lied about the first sex session and told me about the third time she met Carl and I caught her.

The counselor asked first why she wanted me to find out about it? Ann told us that she wanted to do exactly what happened in many of those stories she had read. She wanted to have sex with another man and then have me find catch and be OK with it. The only difference was when I found out I didn't react like the men in the stories reacted. I didn't want to see her with other men that it was just all fantasy. I didn't want her to fuck other men and she realizes that now and she knew she had done wrong and would never do it again. She again told me she how very sorry she was and that she would do anything I ask to stay with me.

When I heard that, I was actually shocked twice. The first shock was bad enough! But, I was sure she had been with Carl at least once before that night I caught her. OK! Now I knew it was three times, and she had fucked him two different times. I was sure she had been with him from the way they acted together in the parking lot when I saw them for the first time together. They just looked too comfortable with each other for that to be the first time together.

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