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Lifetime Love


My son and I have been living alone since my wife died 10 years ago. We are closer than your average father/son duo. My name is Michael. My son is now 18 years old and has grown up very well. His name is Chris. One day everything changed. I was working in the basement when I heard him come home from school.

"Dad I'm home!" he hollered. He is 6'2", I have blue eyes, black hair and a 10" cock. He's a football player and works out a lot. I saw him in the shower one day and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

"I'm in the basement, son. You're back from football already?" I think I'm considered pretty sexy. I'm almost as tall as my son, same hair and eyes. I also work out. Have to keep up with him!

"Yeah, it was cancelled because it's raining. What's for dinner, Dad?"

"How about pizza? We can watch a movie tonight." I heard him yell an agreement and then footsteps up the stairs.

I followed him a few minutes later and opened his door just in time to see cum flying everywhere.

"Sorry Dad!" he said as he covered up.

"Don't worry son, everyone does it. You've really grown up a lot and have a great body to show off." I lifted the sheet and started running my hands over his abs. I dropped the sheet to the floor and started scooping up his cum. Then I put my fingers in his mouth and started sucking the cum from them. God he tasted good! I moaned, "Mmm, tasty."

I started kissing him on the cheeks and then covered his mouth with mine. He started kissing me with passion and we shared the taste of his cum. I kissed his neck until I reached his nipples and started licking and biting them. Bringing my hands down to his dick, I stroked it slowly. Then I started licking around the head of his cock. Finally I could resist no longer and I slid his whole cock down my throat and started sucking fast and hard. Soon he was close to cumming again.

"Oh Dad...oh god that feels good! Keep sucking, oh yes Dad! You're going to make me cum!"

"No, not yet son." I started licking his balls. I licked a finger and surprised him by putting a finger in his ass.

He gasped, "Oh Dad! That feels so good. Keep doing that!"

"You like that son?"

"Oh yes!" He moaned loudly. Suddenly I heard what I'd been waiting for: "Oh dad fuck me! I need that big cock of yours."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes I want you to be my first!"

"Ok son, but this will hurt at first." I started licking and sucking on hie hole so it would be wet and ready. I knelt between his legs, pushing his knees back to his chest to open his hole for he. I pushed the head of my cock against him. Holy fuck he was tight. He tried to back away.

He whimpered, "Stop! Stop, it hurts!"

"Don't worry, Chris I will go slow." I watched I as I pushed in slowly. "See son? Half of my cock is in already."

I watched as his pain slowly melted to pleasure and he moaned. "Oh Dad, it feels so good. I'm close to cumming already! Fuck me Dad. I want it all! Fuck me hard." I drove the rest of my big, thick cock deep in his ass, slamming harder and faster.

I groaned, staring deep into his eyes, "Oh yes! I love your tight hole, son."

"Oh yes, fuck me hard! Dad I love you. I'm cumming! Oh yes fuck me harder Dad!" His cum spurts all over his chest and mine. That pushes me over the edge. My cock expands as I start cumming too. Spurt after spurt fills his hole with the same cum that created him.

I collapsed on top of him and he hugged me tight. "Oh, Dad I love you."

I smiled, kissing his mouth again, "From now on you sleep with me and we can make love whenever we want."

My son smiles, "Dad, I hope me and you will be together forever! I don't care what anyone says, I love you with all my heart."

I kissed him, "Don't worry son, tomorrow we can make more love. We can go camping next weekend and we can have uninterrupted fun fishing and fucking."

He said, "Dad, that will be fun. Me and you will have a great time together. We can do everything together."

I wiped him up with a t-shirt while we talked, "What do you want to do tomorrow? You want to go rent some movies? We could watch and then we could make love."

He smiled and said, "Sure Dad, maybe some action and maybe some porno movies. We could watch some man to man action, sucking and fucking each other. That will make me hot! How about you, Dad?"

I said, "Sure son, that will be nice. How about we get some sleep tonight. AFTER we have some more fun." I leered and leaned over to bite his nipple.

My son and I have a good father and son relationship. Maybe we'll include others in the future.

More to come...

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