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The excitement was bubbling inside her. It was almost time for him to arrive. The crotch of her white cotton panties was getting moist just thinking about it. She was right on schedule. She had just enough time to take a hot bath and put on the special things she had just for this occasion. She wanted everything to be perfect. It was Valentine's Day.

As she lay in the hot, steamy tub, she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to have him here with her now. It was hard to resist the urge to bring herself to climax at that very moment, but she knew that he would be there with her before long and knew it would be worth the wait.

Just as she was putting the finishing touches on her hair and makeup, she heard the sound of a car door slamming tight.

Her heart began to pound as if it would jump right out of her chest. The short, tight black dress she was wearing hardly concealed the silky, red ¾ pushup bra that barely covered her now hard nipples. She wasn't wearing any panties, which she knew would drive him crazy later.

She felt her knees begin to buckle at the sight of him and held her breath. She had always found him breathtaking, but at this very moment, she was overwhelmed at how gorgeous he was.

As he entered the doorway, they embraced, and the scent of him and the feel of his body pressed against her sent her reeling. She managed a whisper, "Happy Valentine's Day" into his ear breathlessly.

He replied, "Happy Valentine's Day, baby." They had planned to go out for the evening to celebrate. That would have to wait.

She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. As she pressed him down onto the bed and began undressing him he could see the desire in her dark eyes, and he began kissing her hard and hungrily. She began licking his neck and earlobes and he responded with a throaty groan.

She smiled at him and began kissing him again as she fondled his nipple with her fingertip. It responded to her touch and she reached down with her mouth and began licking and sucking it. She ran her fingernails along his ribs and felt the goose bumps this created under her fingertips. He continued groaning with pleasure at her touch.

She continued licking and kissing his bare chest and stomach and probed his belly button with her tongue. He tasted so good and she wanted to taste every inch of him.

She unbuttoned his blue jeans and ran her tongue through the hair just above his underwear. He moaned and whispered "Oh, baby, don't stop." He was clutching her long chestnut hair as she lowered herself to her knees, lifting the hem of her tight black dress to her hips. As she slid his blue jeans and underwear to the floor, she continued softly licking and kissing the inside of his thighs.

His hard, thick cock was glistening with precum and she almost came at the sight of it. She grabbed the base of it and began licking at the juices oozing from it. He clutched her hair tighter, knowing her mouth would soon engulf him and the anticipation was unbearable.

She slid her tongue up the length of his shaft from the base to the tip and began circling the head of it with the tip of her tongue. She inserted the head of his cock into her mouth and gently sucked the remaining juices from it, then inserted the tip of her tongue to get every last drop. She looked up at him and he was watching her intently. She smiled wickedly at him and continued teasing his cock with her mouth and tongue as he moaned in ecstasy. She licked his balls and sucked them into her mouth gently. Then she could not contain herself any longer.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and shoved the entire length of it into her throat. He gasped and she began sucking harder and harder and faster and faster. His hips rocked and he pressed himself harder to her face as she continued to milk his throbbing cock with her mouth.

She could feel her own juices dripping from her with each throb of his swollen member. She reached down with one hand to feel the slick, hot folds of her cunt. Her own touch sent electricity through her and she began sucking and licking harder and faster. She continued to rub and finger herself as she rammed his shaft further into her throat. She came all over her fingers as he pumped his hot juices into her throat. She swallowed hard and lapped up the remaining cum from his still hard cock. She collapsed against the inside of his thigh and trembled with each breath. He continued to stroke her soft hair as his head reeled.

They lay there silently, absorbing the feelings that were still coursing through their bodies and dozed into peaceful sleep.

When they came back to earth, they cleaned up and dressed for their dinner plans. On the way to the restaurant, they were silently replaying the events of the afternoon in their minds. She watched him lovingly as he drove, his mind apparently miles away. She smiled, knowing that he was in that place with her.

They were seated in a booth with a fancy tablecloth that draped to the floor. She had wanted a booth so that she could sit close to him. They ordered wine and began discussing the separate events of their day.

As they ate, they didn't talk about much other than the delicious food and shared their entrees, they were both famished. When they were both almost finished, he shelled one of the remaining crab claws and dipped it into the drawn butter. He placed against her lips and she slowly opened her mouth to receive it. A droplet of butter remained on her bottom lip and he reached to kiss her and sucked the butter from her lip. She felt the moisture again building up on the lips of her exposed cunt.

She leaned and whispered, "I'm not wearing any panties," and gave him a wicked grin. He ran his hand up inside her skirt and felt her wetness. He immediately began to throb inside his pants and shoved two fingers inside her. She gasped. He kissed her to stifle the sound and continued to move his fingers in and out slowly. She melted at his touch and was wondering if she would be able to contain the screams of ecstasy. He rammed his fingers in harder and she reached and clutched his rock hard shaft that was about to burst his pants.

The waiter approached the table and asked, "Was everything 'ok', and can I get you two anything else?"

He grinned and said "Yes, everything is wonderful, I would like to have the check now, please." She almost exploded with laughter as the waiter walked away to fetch their check. He placed his credit card with the check and continued teasing her hot, wet pussy as they waited for the waiter to return. She thought she would explode before the waiter returned and the exchange was complete.

They arose slowly from the booth and made it to the truck. She could feel the juices trickling down her leg and wondered if it was noticeable.

They were silent for the remainder of the trip, other than her low, throaty groans as he continued to lightly rub her wetness. She sat with eyes closed patiently waiting to arrive and enjoying the touch of his fingers on her wet cunt.

When they arrived, she unlocked the door and entered hastily. He followed her into the kitchen as she found a place to deposit her keys and purse. She pulled him to her and began kissing him passionately. She wanted him to fuck her NOW, but she would not get it that easily. He knew she was aching for him and wanted to tease her a little longer. He reached around and unzipped her dress enough to pull it down off of her shoulders. He kissed her neck and shoulders gently and marveled at her mounds about to burst from her sexy, red bra. Her hard nipples were tenting the fabric and he wanted to taste them badly. He opened the clasp on the front of her bra to expose the soft, supple mounds. He licked one of her nipples and began sucking it hard. She moaned with excitement and whispered, "Oh baby, Please fuck me NOW!" He continued to suck her breasts as she unbuttoned his pants and lowered them to reveal his erect, throbbing pole. He raised her skirt above her waist, and lifted her buttocks onto the kitchen table, he moaned at the site of her shaven cunt, shimmering with the wetness he had created. He leaned down and began lapping at the juices flowing from her and teased her clit with his tongue. She expelled a breathless scream and he knew she could not take much more.

He rose up and kissed her hard and she could taste her own juices on his tongue. He teased her with the head of his cock, rubbing it gently on her clit and she could wait no longer. She grabbed his buttocks and pulled him into her tight wet pussy, and a wave of agonizing, yet wonderful pain swept over her. She screamed, "oh, baby, fuck me, fuck me hard" He rammed his hard rod in and out of her and she began to clutch it hard with the walls of her pussy. She knew she was about to explode and whispered, "cum with me." Her body began to quake as he filled her womb with his load. She trembled with every remaining thrust and then collapsed when the pounding stopped. She was surrounded by that warm blue glow once again.

He kissed her gently on her tummy and helped her to her feet. She felt as if she would need his assistance to walk to the bedroom.

As they lay in their bed, cuddling against each other, she again whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day, Baby." He replied, "Happy Valentine's Day," and smiled at her lovingly. He began to drift away to sleep and she lay there watching him, and was amazed.

They had been friends for 24 years, lovers for 12 and husband and wife for 10. She knew that she loved him now more than ever and wondered what wonderful surprises the next 50 years would bring as she drifted into her own sweet slumber.

Happy Valentine's Day, I Love You, Baby

Your Forever Valentine

Your wife

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