"Damn! I'm on holiday I can't spend valuable time stuck in a lift," James exclaimed.

"You're wrong young man," Nora stated. "One, you're on vacation not on holiday. Two, this is an elevator not a lift. Three, WE are stuck not just you. We are definitely stuck," she sighed, counting his errors on three fingers.

He glared back at her. If it had been Janet, from college, instead of this old woman it would have been so much easier to take. Janet was the same age, eighteen, whereas this woman looked around thirty-two. There were some similarities though. They were both blonde and, and he couldn't think of anything else. She was an American not an English rose and she had a fuller figure, unlike Janet's tall lithe frame.

He knew she was thin and athletic because he had spied on her while she played netball in the sports hall. He had happened to be taking a short cut through that way, escaping a maths class. As soon as he looked through the window it was only Janet he could see among the team of girls jumping, reaching up, and bending over, with sports shoes squeaking over the polished floor.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"What does it look like?" she returned.

"All right then, WHY are you getting undressed?" he asked.

"It's hot in here and going to get hotter and I can't sleep when I'm too hot. Besides, the floor looks too hard for me," she shot back at him. She had stripped down to her underwear dropping clothes onto the floor.

"Haven't you seen a bra before?" she asked, in annoyance at the stare.

"No," he said, with uncharacteristic honesty. "Should I turn around?" he said, making no attempt to take his eyes off an impressive cleavage.

"It's too late now for false manners! Besides, we'll be here some time, not much point in being coy," she said.

"What do you mean we'll be here some time?" he asked.

"What do you think it means?" she said.

"Are you always this awkward?" he asked.

"Are you always so stupid? I'm divorced, does that answer your question?" she stated, with a touch of venom in her voice. "The hotel is cheap and they don't have a twenty-four hour lift service. We'll be here overnight so make your self comfortable," she advised.

She bent over straightening the clothes out making slightly more comfortable to lie on. She quickly straightened up and looked round at him. "Haven't you been told it's rude to stare," she shot at him.

"Sorry," he whispered.

She looked at his crotch. "I guess I'm not such a pretty sight, eh?" she said, not wanting a reply.

"It's lovely, you're lovely, I mean," he said, stopping abruptly on realising he was just digging deeper into something he didn't understand.

She looked him over seeing a crimson colour take over his face, looking awkward too, like a coy schoolboy. "How old are you?" she asked.

"I'm eighteen," he said, straightening his shoulders as though proud to be so old.

Nora held back a chuckle realising it would annoy this young man and the small space had to be shared for a few hours yet. "What's you name?"

"James, but you can call me Jim," he said, and held out his hand to shake.

"Nora and you can call me Miss Rodgers," she said, with a stern look.

"Are you a teacher," he said with a gulp and a sudden shift in tone of voice. He looked as though she had delivered an electric shock, from one of those trick buzzers.

"What if I was?" she asked, with a caustic sound to her voice.

"But, your in your underwear!" he exclaimed. He was still shaking her hand as though stuck in a wash cycle pumping water.

Her breasts jiggled in the loose bra - not one she would have chosen to be seen in. The bra and panties didn't even match, but they were comfortable.

"So, as long as I'm not a teacher it's alright to jiggle my breasts around?" she asked, her voice laden with sarcasm.

"Oh! No, sorry," he said. He watched them for a moment or two then let go of her hand. He watched her clasp and unclasp an aching hand to bring back the circulation from his tight grip. "Sorry," he said.

"Let's get comfy, OK?" she said. "You look hot, I suggest you remove the sweater," she advised. She felt a little warm herself over the suggestion.

He hesitated then pulled it over his head. He looked at her settling onto the pile of clothes. "Here you can have my jacket and this pullover," he said, trying to be gallant and make amends for his rudeness. Looking away he pulled off the t-shirt but couldn't bring himself to remove the jeans.

"So what are you going to lie on? Here take them off too, we'll make a nest to share," she said. "Don't worry I won't tell," she laughed.

He hesitated until she looked away and he pulled them off making a hash of it getting them stuck around the shoes. Eventually he managed to strip down to his shorts and she added the jeans to a makeshift bed. Again he hesitated getting close.

"Might as well make the most of it," she said. This time her cheeks reddened. "I'm nice and you're nice so no harm in it, I guess," she said, a little too defensively.

"This the first time you've been close to a near naked woman?" she teased him. He couldn't or wouldn't answer. "You got a girlfriend?" she asked casually.

"Sort of," he said quietly. "Janet."

"Why sort of?" she asked.

"I've not spoken to her, so it doesn't count really," he smiled shyly.

"Oh! Love from afar, very romantic, not very practical," she told him. "Talk to her, say hello and see where it goes," she advised.

"I wouldn't know what to say," he said, with a doleful look.

"Just ask her if she likes the latest music, whatever that is, I'm out of touch," she laughed. "Lets get some sleep, it'll go quicker that way and make best use of the time," she sighed. "There's not much room so snuggle up," she suggested.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. Turning over toward him she looked close in his face. "You had better do something about that, I'm not going to sleep with that thing poking me all night," she said, then giggled from the implication and the look on his face.

"What?" He said, trying to pose a poker face.

"I can't sleep with that, so fix it. That way I can relax," she said, looking down toward his crotch. "If you hadn't noticed I'm a very practical person. Don't worry I'm a woman of the world, had boyfriends, been married, suffered the divorce. Don't tell me you haven't played with your self before," she said in exasperation.

"I can't, not with you here," he said. He was surprise at her attitude but it seemed catching. He wasn't used to anyone talking so candidly. She was so brazen he wondered if she was a whore.

"In case you've forgotten I'm not going anywhere," she told him. It was a bit of an exaggeration that she was a woman of the world for she had little experience from being married only a few months. There had only been one boyfriend before and none since the divorce.

When she said she was out of touch, it was in more than just music that had been neglected. She had forgotten what music she liked having had no time for anything but work.

"Do you want me to try?" she asked, with a coy smile on her face. The surprise on his face almost matched hers. She could hardly believe she had suggested such a thing. It was true she didn't want to wake up in the night with this young guy quietly screwing her. Nora wondered if that were possible, but not enough to conduct an experiment.

A sense of devilment was inspired by his innocence until she felt the need to shock. It was about time he woke up to the fact that life can pass you by so very quickly. She pulled his shorts down at the front and grabbed his cock. Still looking him in the eye she began to move her fist up and down the hardened stick.

It was firming more under this attention. As suspected it wouldn't take much more attention. She didn't want to look at it or what she was doing for it was a little shocking to her despite what she had said. It had been a brazen bluff but now she was committed.

If she didn't succeed she would have to lay awake all night and be exhausted for an important meeting tomorrow morning. He was an innocent young man but a man nonetheless. She couldn't blame him for getting into this mess either. It occurred to her she hadn't even suggested doing this to her husband let alone a stranger. Was it because she hadn't had a man for so long? Had she grabbed his cock out of desperation?

The thought was quickly thrown out for this was not the time or place to question if it were just a practical necessity or not. Curiosity got the better of her. She looked down at what she was doing. It looked big. Nice and big. An idea flashed through her mind before she could ward it off. It would fill her up nicely.

"You won't tell anyone will you!" she warned him. His eyes were closed tight. She wondered if he was thinking of that girl. She stopped moving her hand up and down to get is attention. "You won't tell anyone will you!" she repeated.

"No!" he gasped.

She knew he would promise anything while she had him in the palm of her hand or rather in her fist. She gripped him tighter and moved a little faster bringing his breathing up a rate and deeper too.

He started to moan and she wished she had a tissue. She looked from his face to his cock and the way his legs were stiffening straight out. It was fascinating watching him go through it and she wondered if she too did the same little dance.

She was amused at the way his heels drummed on the floor. Too late, she had been warned but missed the point though he hadn't missed her. A spurt of cum splashed her face. She closed her eyes as it spattered over her. She looked down to see it over her breasts and was annoyed at herself for it was dripping from her face down her cleavage.

It seemed to be everywhere. It was on her hands too. So she sat there feeling stupid, covered in this young stranger's sperm. Was it because he was so young and virile or had he big balls or something? How the hell had she allowed this to happen?

"Don't move! I don't want this all over my clothes," she scolded him.

"You're so beautiful!" he told her.

"Thanks!" she said, with a tone of voice meant to shut him up. She didn't need to hear his post orgasmic gibbering. "I don't suppose you have some tissues," she stated. "Didn't think so, men are never practical in these things," she sighed.

Reluctantly she lifted her hips and slid her panties down, careful not to touch the clothes lying underneath them. She was desperate not to walk into a meeting covered in the crusty remains of his cum all over her.

Wiping her hands then her breasts she handed him her panties. "Wipe my face," she told him. When he grinned sheepishly she giggled out loud. "I can't believe I did this, it's the most devilish thing I've ever done," she giggled

"What's that musky perfume you're wearing, it's good," he said.

At first she was bemused but it struck her as he dabbed at her face with her panties. The musky smell flooded over her like a tidal wave. How had she missed that? She took them from his shaking hand.

It must have been the first time he had a pair of panties in his hand and here he was using them to wipe his cum of a woman's face!

She didn't think of that as she felt the soaking wet crotch. The wetness was all hers. She became aware of how excited she was feeling foolish for not being aware of it sooner. Well that answered the mystery of why it had happened. She had been heating up for some time to be so wet down there.

It also answered the question whether he could have taken her in her sleep. She was so open he would have been able to enter her without resistance. Though of course she would have woken up, for sure, but what then? She wouldn't have fought him off that's for certain.

She took a deep breath. "You remember you promised not to tell anyone?" She took hold of the now small wrinkly penis to wipe it with her panties.

"Yes, I mean no! I won't say a word," he said, with a great show of sincerity. "I promise."

"Keep that promise or this comes off," she warned him with a tight grip on his cock. "I will torture you then kill you slowly if you ever tell anyone about this," she said, around a giggle.

She smiled at him. The boyish earnestness was touching. She looked at his broad shoulders and handsome smile wondering if she had wasted the moment after all. She was feeling frustrated as hell. "Well you could at least kiss me," she said, looking at him with a feigned hurt look.

He leaned close and kissed her with a pair of tight lips. "I guess that's all I get as I'm old enough to be an old aunt," she chided him.

"No, you're beautiful. You are!" His hand stroked her face, down her neck, swept over a breast and smoothly pressed over her tummy.

She pressed her legs together tight. "I'm too old and fat," she said. "I bet your girlfriend has a flat tummy," she added. She wondered if it was a touch of jealousy or regret for a lost youthful figure.

He leaned over her and kissed her stomach. Little pecks of lips and a hand smoothing her warm flesh. When her legs automatically parted she grabbed his hair and pulled him up. "Just a kiss will do," she protested. "A proper one this time," she added.

"Put your arms around me and open your mouth," she demanded.

This time he kept is eyes open watching her close hers and open her mouth in anticipation. His arms enfolded her pulling her breast into his chest. He felt her tongue flicker against his lips. He hesitantly swept his around her lips. She sighed and he became more confident.

His tongue flickered into her mouth and began to circle her tongue, dancing teasingly in a running duel. As soon as she entwined his he retracted and darted back into her mouth. He sucked on her upper lip then her bottom lip and bit it gently.

He licked her eyelids and worked down her face over her neck. A message from between her legs was beamed directly into the pleasure centres of a mind tuned to the sensations of pleasure. It got through and she just about recognised it as being urgent and important. Despite her mind turning to mush she summoned enough determination to grab his head in both hands and push.

"Enough!" she croaked. "A kiss is just a kiss, but that was something else entirely," she told him with all seriousness.

"Nice?" he asked, as it was his turn to do the teasing.

"Wonderful. I couldn't have withstood much more," she said, and regretted the honesty in case it gave him ideas. "Can I have my breast back please?" she said, with mock seriousness.

"No," he told her. He was massaging one breast and watching both nipples grow.

He was strong so she didn't want to get into a play fight for it might lead to him pining her to the floor and she was already close to the point of submission. The fact that she was imagining it meant she would have to play it carefully.

She grabbed his hair to stop him as he moved in on her breast. Instead he kissed her tummy again and she let him. This time he used his tongue and nipped her with his teeth. He licked and kissed and sucked and nipped until she was again subdued from the sensuous onslaught.

It was alright for he already had his orgasm so she was safe but how much frustration could she take.

He worked up her body with fingers and mouth. She relaxed the grip of her thighs a little then a lot. She told herself he was going in a safe direction, away from her secret garden.

It happened so gently she missed it when he lifted her old loose and comfortable bra. Her eyes opened wide on feeling a powerful suction on a nipple. He was trying the impossible, to suck a large breast into his mouth. A hand was kneading and pinching the other.

"Oh! Yes!" she repeated the words over and over. She wanted to grab him to drown his face in the soft flesh but her arms flopped helplessly to the side. Her thighs too fell open to him as he overpowered her with diabolical sensations.

At last she summoned the will and energy to move. She dragged him on top of her, grabbed his cock and guided it into a desperately waiting pussy. She felt him rabbit fuck her and moaned in frustration. This is not what she wanted. She turned with all her strength to throw him off.

He muttered something sounding like a curse and cry of frustration in a primitive language. She was surprised that he was hard so soon but gave it little thought. She smoothly clambered onto his hips. Lifting her body she guided him once more into her aching pussy.

She pulled his hands up placing them over her breasts which he gripped hard. "Squeeze them, damn it! Work them hard," she demanded. She dropped her hands to his legs and pushed, lifting her body up the length of his cock then slowly descended again feeling his penis reach right in, taking her, filling her need.

She slowly moved up and down his cock riding him in slow motion feeling every inch of his big cock rippling inside. His hands gripped and squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples like a vice forcing her to whimper in pain.

She threw back her head for a silent yell, mouth wide open gasping. The orgasm rumbled from her tummy shooting out through her limbs to hands and feet. In that position she couldn't drum her heels even if she had wanted to.

The sweat dripped from her breasts. "I needed that," she whispered. Eventually she tried to move off him. She rocked sideways straightening her legs one at a time from the kneeling position. She was about to laugh at the sight of her feet either side of his face but gave a stifled yelp instead.

He moved without warning, pushing up with his hips. His still rock hard cock was shoved further up her vagina, further than she thought possible. It stretched her inside. "Don't move," she whispered. He didn't seem to hear, or maybe he needed to deal with his frustration now.

He lifted his hips again and her body weight heaved her crotch down onto him. Body met body. His penis seemed to be filling her entire body with the expectation it would enter her stomach, so deep had it penetrated. The feeling was intense and satisfying. Nora felt complete as though she had been fragmented only now being made whole again.

The thrusts lifted her whole body. Her breasts jiggled up and down in slow motion. Time slowed and space closed in. There was nothing but this huge penis fucking her brains out. "Do it to me. Fuck my brains out. Fuck me, fuck me," she repeated.

Never before had she been so overpowered, or spoken so lewdly, or spoken at all. "Yes! Give me your sperm, spit your cum deep inside me. Fill me up!" she cried out.

He felt his cock being gripped tight. Unlike his fist it was a perfect fit enveloping him entirely. It felt as though this was the only place, the only position he wanted to be in, forever. He felt every drop of fluid streaming into her. He felt as though he were making her his. She belonged to him and he would cherish her.

She couldn't move. Her legs were straight out stiff from exertion. She was balanced on his hips without the strength to push her body up off his cock. She could feel it receding knowing she would have to wait for it before sliding off him. Waiting upon his cock after what it had done to her was a pleasure.

It felt like losing a friend, a vital life long friend to be missed with great affection. She would have to cherish it with loving care.

James took a hold of her arms and guided her onto his chest wrapping both arms around her tight trying to fold her into him needing to engulf her. She nestled her face into his chest as though she belonged there and would never leave. They fell asleep.


A different kind of banging woke her up. At first disorientated Nora felt the madness of last night hit her like one of the hammer blows vibrating the lift. "Shit! Wake up," she whispered, as loudly as she dared. She shook the snoring young man hard.

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