tagBDSMLight My Fire Ch. 02

Light My Fire Ch. 02


Rose Anne has surrendered to Clyde’s reprogramming of her erotic personality. Her first lesson had been a success, so much so that she was hungry for more.., and already on her way to becoming a helpless love slave without a will of her own.


I could hardly wait. Clyde would be back this evening. Would he fuck me? God, he just had to fuck me.

The day seemed to drag on and on endlessly. Finally the sun dropped in the west and I began to get ready to greet this promising new man in my life. First on my list was Clyde’s meal. Something tasty but not too heavy that might interfere with his performance..., as if anything could.

I shuttered a little when I reflected on last evening..., how he made me stand by his chair offering my body as his playground while he ate his meal. Would he insist that I repeat that ordeal tonight? Last night I was resistive and apprehensive, angry at being treated as a side dish of female flesh. He had humiliated me…, intentionally..., cruelly. I hated the very idea of being treated that way..., but damn it all, before he was done I was so aroused, so horny. I had to admit the proof of his technique. His finger, the one from my pussy that he made me lick clean, had been sopping with my wet. I did hate it..., I did..., sort of. Hell, in principle, even now I still hate it..., yet.......

“Haven’t you been the good little Italian girl from the Catholic school long enough, Rose Anne,” I said to myself. “Have you ever felt sexier, more female, than when that delicious hunk of a man made you pose nude beside him while he felt your tits and put his fingers in your cunt?”

Of course not, I had to admit. Damn him, he was right! Submission is erotic. For the first time in my life, a man had given me a real orgasm, and not just a single one either, but one after another in what had seemed an endless string. So what’s a little humiliation compared to that?

But, can he get me off like that on the end of his cock? I can only hope so. Maybe tonight we’ll see. Tonight will he lay me on my back and fuck the daylights out of me..., fuck me until I cum over and over, and beg him not to stop? If so, I guess he will have proved his point, and hell, for that I’ll guess I’ll play the slutty little love slave he says he is training me to be.

With his meal warming in the oven, I was soon in my bubble bath with my razor, and after that came the baby powder, fresh paint on my nails and eyelids, and lots of lipstick. In my imagination I could see Clyde’s oversized cock smeared with my red gloss, and despite my new found sexy persona, it was a picture so out of character for me that I couldn’t help but blush a little.

By six thirty I smelled of my best perfume. I was stripped and randy, ready and eager to be fucked. My imagination ran wild I was so ready. What would Clyde do to me tonight? Certainly he will make me stand naked and obedient while he plays with my tits and my cunt. He will want me to suck his cock again too, but what else? Will he tie me to my bed again? Would he whip me with that switch he insists that I keep ready? He said last night he would. That will hurt. Being whipped isn’t my idea of fun, but it will be worth it if later on he will fuck me to that ‘big O’ I have waited so long for.

Surely he will fuck me tonight…, God…, he just has to. How will he take my pussy? On my back with my legs wrapped around his waist perhaps; or will he make me crawl on my hands and knees and fuck me from behind as a bitch in heat? Maybe he will want me to straddle him and mount his cock, and then bounce up and down, riding his peg while his hands squeeze my tits? God, how I would enjoy that!

I was still lost in my erotic fantasies when the door bell rang. Sure enough there he was, and as he did yesterday evening, he made me stand in the doorway for the longest time exposing myself. I know a couple of cars passing by got a good look because I could see brake lights suddenly come on.

Clyde was shaming me. Was my humiliation part of my training as a sexy bitch, or just something he enjoyed? Whatever, I was mortified to make such a spectacle of myself. I know my neighbors would hear about it, if indeed they haven’t already had an eyeful.

Well, they can just go ahead and call me a slut and a tramp. Maybe a few sexy rumors about a woman her aren’t such a bad thing, I was a new Rose Anne now, and I decided it was a rush to know that strangers were out there ogling me and drooling over my body.

Still, it was a relief when Clyde finally stepped inside and closed the door. He gathered me into those strong arms and French kissed me hard. His tongue searched my mouth, the bulge in his crotch pressed against my belly, and his wool suit gave my bare breasts and thighs the sexiest itch. Overpowered by it all, I was reminded of how naked and vulnerable I was to this man.

God, tho, what a turn on. God, what a kiss. My whole body caught fire from just the touch of his lips on mine. By the time our mouths parted, I was breathless and a little faint..., and ready to rape him on the spot.

He must have felt the electricity between us too because right away after that kiss he asked me to help him undress. Oh yes! I had lusted for nude male muscles and a hard cock to rub my own nakedness against. His shirt and tie went first, then his pants and shorts came down to his ankles where they waited until I could remove his shoes. He towered over me as I knelt at his feet taking off his last sock, and when I worked up the courage to lift my eyes, I found myself directly under a huge soft penis and sack of hanging testicles.

His demand was to the point. “Suck me, Rose Anne!”

Oh God yes, I was more than willing to do that. He stood there, proud and imposing, a nude Caesar offering his conquering penis to the mouth of the female captive kneeling naked before him, wearing the collar that marked her as his slave. Two weeks ago I would have said this was a scene as impossible as it is unbelievable in this day and time. But all that was B.C.! Before Clyde!

This is a new day! Tonight here I am, ‘Rose Anne the reluctant‘, ‘Rose Anne the prick tease‘, actually glorying in this disgusting surrender to a man and his penis. Of course I would suck him. Whenever he wanted, I was his to take. I knew what I wanted. I wanted him in my mouth. No, I wanted more than his taste, I wanted the gift of his salty fluid, the magic elixir that would make me a woman fulfilled.

On my knees, my lips tugged at the smooth skin of his male sex, and I could feel him harden and grow on my tongue. Gradually his soft meat became a steel bar that probed at the entrance to my throat and threatened to choke my windpipe. I was disappointed when he cut my efforts short, pulled me to my feet, and asked that I bring us both a double bourbon and water.

When I returned from the kitchen with our drinks, he was seated on the couch. His knees were pressed together, and his hard-on protruded proudly upward from his groin. He told me to seat myself astride him facing his hairy chest. As I settled down on bare thighs, he reached under me and lifted the end of his cock so that it lay trapped between us, its great head pressing against my belly just above my clit. The sensation was maddening, overwhelming, devastating.

We sat for the longest time that way, sipping our drinks, his left hand playing with my right breast. He said nothing to me, and I, well, I could not gather my thoughts enough to say, or do, anything very coherently. Thus, I sat there, mostly in silence, enjoying the fingers that tugged sensuously at my nipple.

From time to time he would put his drink down and hug me to his chest with both arms as he French kissed me. His tongue in my mouth drained me. Drained..., no other word describes what his kiss did to me. I simply melted helplessly in his arms as if stunned by the pressure of his lips on mine, and the sensation of his bare chest pressing against my breasts.

Once, as he finished kissing me, he ran his fingers across my lips and told me to suck them one by one like tiny cocks. Weak and flustered I was glad to do so, all the while staring into his eyes, hypnotized by the icy blue pools I found there. God, I was so horny and so defenseless. The best I could do was to sit quietly with his cock an inch away from my pussy hoping against hope that any minute he would order me to raise my hips and slide that great iron rod of hard male flesh inside me.

That never happened. When he finally spoke it was to suggest that we have dinner. I almost cried I was so disappointed.

Yet, perhaps all was not lost. He left a hint of getter things to come later hanging to tease me. “Rose Anne you will join me in my meal. There will be time enough after we have enjoyed your excellent cooking to feast upon your gorgeous body.”

With that he stood me up and gave me a push toward the kitchen. While I brought out our meal he took his seat at the table and watched me intently. As I stooped over him to serve his plate, my breasts swayed against his face and one teat brushed against his nose.

I was afraid he would think that I was some slut teasing him with my tits on purpose, and I blushed all over with embarrassment. Before I could either straighten up and claim my apology, however, he took hold of my arm and pulled me even closer until his nose buried itself into my cleavage. One of his hands grabbed a dangling tit, and squeezed it hard as he forced its nipple into his mouth. With that tender nub caught painfully between his teeth, his other hand left my arm for my cunt. There he hooked me between a finger in my pussy with his thumb pressing firmly down on my clit.

In all my life no man has ever so totally controlled me as Clyde did right then. I was his captive, held helpless in the cruel vice of his teeth on my tit and his fingers in my cunt. When I told him how sorry I was to have interrupted his supper, he turned me loose and told me to take my seat across the table.

I never had a meal in which both myself and my guest were naked. I found it strange and disconcerting but my demanding lover seemed not to notice as he chatted away at me as if dining in the nude was a regular thing in his life. I know he wasn’t oblivious to my discomfort, however, and finally he brought his small talk to the point.

“You aren’t saying much Rose Anne. Is there anything wrong?”

“Of course there’s something wrong,” I answered somewhat angrily, disappointed that despite all I had done for him, he had still not fucked me. “Do you think I eat my supper every night with my date staring at my naked tits? I feel like I am in the ‘available line’ at the whore house waiting for my ‘John’ to take me up to my crib and fuck me.”

“What an interesting thought, Rose Anne. So you are thinking about being fucked. That’s good. We are making progress. Here let me help with dessert.”

With that Clyde stood and moved to my side of the table behind my chair. He stooped to bury his nose in my hair at the back of my neck and took my tits in his hands. Slowly he began to squeeze and massage that feminine flesh, flicking my nipples with his fingers in a delicious torment. I could hear him taking deep breaths. I knew he was sniffing for the odor of my sex. It has always given me goose bumps to have a man smell me, it made me downright gushy when Clyde did so because I knew he would discover the smell of a woman going into heat.

“Damn but you smell good tonight Rose Anne. Under the perfume is the fragrance of a woman almost ready to be fucked. Lets see if we can’t make that smell stronger. Put your finger in your cunt. Jerk yourself off while I watch and play with your tits.”

“No Clyde, don’t make me do that,” I begged him. “I’ve never masturbated in front of a man. Don’t shame me by making me do that.”

“Why Rose Anne? Did the sisters tell you it was dirty to pleasure yourself. Well the sisters aren’t in control any more! I am, and I want to see you fuck your cunt with your finger. And, I warn you. This is the second time in two nights you have resisted me. Later tonight, you will pay for your disobedience as my switch marks your tender skin. Your punishment will be a lot worse, however, if you don’t bring yourself off in the next ten minutes.”

What else could I do? I slid forward a little in my chair to give my finger access to my slit, and very gently began to frig myself. The masculine hands and fingers that were playing with my tits, and my own stimulation of my pussy and clit, soon brought me to a boil. Well before he allotted ten minutes, I was breathing hard, and the once measured strokes of my finger inside my pussy became the frantic rat-a-tat-tat of a high speed piston. Suddenly it was there!

“Oh God, Clyde, I’m cummmmming.”

So quick and so intense was my climax, I hardly realized I was screaming at my tormentor. I cried out in disbelief, “Oh God! How did I become such a slut that I would let you do this to me.”

“You’ve always been a slut Rose Anne, and you’ve always known you were too. You just never knew how to act like it before. So, now it’s up to me to teach you the finer points, and how to enjoy them. Now be a good slut and suck your finger clean. Taste yourself. Tell me how sweet your pussy is. Tell me how juicy, how ready it is for my tongue. Tell me that you want me to whip you for your disobedience, then eat you, and then fuck your cunt. Suck your finger, and tell me Rose Anne!”

It’s hard even now to admit how willingly I sucked on my finger. And, damn, it was true, my pussy tasted sweet as sugar, and yes, I was ready to be eaten and fucked. To be whipped first, well that was something else.

“Please, Clyde, “I begged, “My pussy is sweet. Eat my pussy, Please. Fuck me if you want, but don’t whip me. I don’t like pain. My pussy tastes good; it’s juicy and ready for your tongue and your cock. Your cock, God, Clyde! I do want your cock! I’ll be a good little love slave, just don’t whip me, please, please.

His hands closed harshly on my tits, and I knew then that my pleading was hopeless. For the first time in my life a man was going to beat me.

“No way, Rose Anne, you have defied me twice, three times if we count right now. You must learn absolute obedience. Nothing I say is subject to debate, and certainly not the matter of when, how, or why you will be punished. Stand up now and turn around. Put your hands behind your back.”

Fearfully I did as I was told. I felt the rope tighten around my wrists. I was helpless now, unable to escape being whipped..., and strangely I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to. The idea of being punished by my lover for failing to obey him was beginning to seem erotic. Wasn’t that what happened to a disobedient harem girl, and didn’t her beating make her that much more eager to satisfy her master..., and herself? My pussy, already sopping wet from my forced masturbation began to spasm as I imagined myself as a naked concubine forced to stand at attention before her Moorish prince for her caning.

Once my arms were securely tied behind me, Clyde faced me again, now flexing in his hand the limber switch I had provided him for my own pain. “Are you ready to be punished, Rose Anne,” he asked.

I was too terrified, and too horny to speak at first. Was I ready? I was ready for something sure enough. Pussy juice was running down my leg I was so ready. “Please, Clyde! Do what you have to do, but Please..., when it is done, give me your tongue and your cock. Fill my hungry pussy please Sir.”

“No plea bargains bitch. You must learn to obey. Now lay over the arm of the couch with your ass in the air and your legs spread. I want to see your disobedient cunt. I have something for it.”

I shuddered at the thought of what he might have in mind, but I was afraid to do otherwise, or to say anything further. Dutifully I pressed my pubic bone against the padded arm of the couch, and with my toes still gripping the rug, I dropped my shoulders and torso forward onto the seat cushions.

“Spread those legs bitch,” Clyde commanded, apparently not satisfied with the width between my thighs.

I stretched myself wider, trying hard to stay in contact with the floor as my feet spread. I must have been a spectacle stretched naked over the couch arm, my arms tied behind my back, and my legs spread wide with my toes barely touching the floor. I knew my ass and pussy holes were obscenely exposed and vulnerable, something that must have been apparent to my tormentor because his fingers began to probe at both orifices.

Without warning the cold plastic of my biggest dildo split open my pussy. Slowly Clyde withdrew the artificial dick and then slid it back till it touched bottom; then slowly back out; and then back in. In and out, in and out in a slow tormenting rhythm he fucked me with that make believe penis, and just when I thought I could stand it no more, one of his fingers began to jab in and out of my ass hole in rhythm with the dildo probing my pussy.

It was awful! It was wonderful! It was torture! It was sensuous and erotic! It was..., well it was beyond description. My first small orgasm hit me just as his finger went up my ass. It was immediately followed by a much bigger one as the finger withdrew. Another and then another came on top of the first two, each bigger than the last. What could I do but beg..., but beg for what?

“Please Clyde, Please, stop. I can’t take anymore. I can’t catch my breath. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Are you sure, Rose Anne. Do you really want me to stop?”

“No, No, No, God, please don’t stop, Make me cum again..., but..., but.., God help me. Let me rest a little. I’ll die if I cum again like that. But don’t stop. I can’t stand it, but for the love of God, DON’T STOP! I don’t care, let me die! I would rather die…, JUST DON'T STOP!”

But my lover did stop. His finger left my ass and the dildo while still in me, no longer pumped in and out of my pussy. I heard Clyde fumbling around behind me..., and then without warning, my ass was on fire. My whipping had begun.

The switch I had provided was light and limber, certainly nothing that would do me any permanent damage, but each swipe across the cheeks of my ass stung as if I had been attacked by a thousand angry bees. Again and again he hit me, sometimes across my ass, sometimes across the back of my thighs. I cried out, then whimpered, and finally broke into an uncontrolled sobbing, but my lover showed me no mercy.

Finally it was over, and he spoke to me for the first time since he had pleasured me with the dildo. “Well, you disobedient little bitch, have you learned your lesson?

“Oh, please yes, kind Sir…,”

“What would the Nuns think of you if they could see you now, Rose Anne?

“They would call me a slut, and they would light candles for my redemption.

“Do you want to be redeemed Rose Anne, or do you want to be dog fucked just as you are now, spread like a bitch in heat over the arm of the couch with your swollen pussy exposed? Are you my bitch? Are you in heat? Should I fuck you here and now?”

“Oh YES Clyde, fuck me like a bitch. I am a bitch! YOUR bitch! Please give it to me..., please. In want the real thing, inside me. You have made such a slut of me..., and I love it! Please tho..., I’m in pain..., that’s how much I need a cock in me.”

I felt the plastic cock leave my pussy and in its place slid a smooth warm rod of hard male flesh. I was already sopping wet and fully stretched by that big dildo, and he was all the way to my womb with a single thrust. I screamed, but there was no pain, only pleasure.

Behind me my lover who now owned me, mind and body, would thrust his hips against my ass, then pull away, and then again return the head of his cock to the very depth of my being. In and out. In and out. Laid over the arm of the couch with my arms still tied behind me, there was nothing I could do but take him.

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