tagBDSMLight My Fire Ch. 03

Light My Fire Ch. 03


Roseanne is by now well into her ‘reprogramming’, and has very little will of her own remaining. Mesmerized, and very nearly in Clyde’s total control, he takes her submission to the next level.


Later, when we were in bed together after Clyde had taken the virginity of my ass, I snuggled gratefully in his arms as gave me my instructions for the next day. I was to wear my shortest and tightest ‘slut skirt’ without underwear of any kind. Whenever my boss called me into his office I was to unbutton the third button on my blouse and find a way to let him see my bare tits and nipples. At the first possible opportunity I was also to let my skirt ride up my legs to give him a look at my pussy and/or ass. If my boss wanted to grab a feel of my body, I was to allow him to do so.

My boss is a thin gray haired man of 60 plus years who is famous for his reserved demeanor. I have never seen an emotion on his wrinkled face. Common office gossip has it that he has not smiled in twenty five years. Would I loose my job? Married for more than forty years and a deacon in the Methodist Church, I was afraid my dour employer might not find Clyde’s new dress code for me amusing or even acceptable.

Despite my reservations, however, I had no choice but to do as I was told. Clyde was sure to find out if I didn’t. The next day I showed up for work looking for all the world like a ten dollar whore.

The very first thing that morning my boss asked to see a file that was in the bottom drawer of his office file cabinet. As I squatted to retrieve the file, my tight little skirt crept up to my hips and beyond. I knew all too well that at his desk behind me my boss had a front row view of the crack of my ass and maybe a bit of my pussy as well.

I brought the file to him, and when I stooped to hand him the file, my blouse with the third button undone came open and my tits almost fell out in his face. Sweat broke out on the poor man’s brow as he took a long lusting look down my open blouse at my braless breasts swaying over his desk. I stayed that way as long as I dared. I have to admit, I was beginning to get a charge out of teasing the old prune.

Embarrassing as it was to show my body off like a cheap whore, it became a lot less so as the day went on. I had other chances to give the old man a couple of other good peeks at what I had to offer, and I didn’t miss a one. He didn’t make a pass at me, but I could see in his eyes, and from the bulge in his pants, he was thinking about it.


That evening, naked except for my slave collar, I greeted Clyde at the door. Even as he shed his coat and tie, he asked me to tell him about my day and how my boss reacted to my sexy show. I thought he would die laughing.

“Gave him a hard-on did you? Why that old sanctimonious codger,” Clyde choked thru his giggling, “I knew it! I have always suspected that underneath that Methodist prune face was a dirty old man. Another day or two of tempting him like that and he will be running his hands up your leg reaching for your pussy.”

Teasing the old man was one thing. His hand on my pussy, that would be another. That didn’t sound to me like anything I wanted to get into, but before I could say anything about it, the doorbell rang.

Another visitor! Could it be Jason again? Or this time really Alan Seeger? Or, had Clyde found someone else to embarrass me. To tell the truth, I felt it probably was Seeger. I figured Allen was sure to show up eventually. Once again tho I wanted my robe, and once again Clyde questioned me about it.

““Why the damn robe Rose Anne? It didn’t do much good last night did it? Just answer the damned door.”

“No Clyde, it could be anybody and you’re the only one I answer the door naked for.”

As he did the night before he shook his head sadly and mumbled something about the sisters talking to me. By this time however I had my robe on and my hand on the door knob.

It was Jason again. “Good evening ma’am,” he greeted me politely.

Too damn politely and too damn cool too considering that last night this boy had seen my me perform like a $10 whore as first I masturbated myself, and then let Clyde stick his cock in me while he watched. But I could be cool and polite too, and it wasn’t the kid’s fault that I have become such a slut.

“Good evening Jason. What can I do for you.“

“Mr. Horner asked me if I would like to drop by and I promised him that I would. “

This was where Clyde interrupted. That didn’t come as any surprise to me. This was all his idea wasn’t it? Another one of his games, another embarrassing hoop for me to jump through no doubt.

“Jason tells me that he’s been pretty lonesome for some female companionship, being a stranger in town and all, and you have to admit the way you begged me to fuck you last night is sure to stir up a young man’s hormones.”

It wasn’t hard to guess where my lover was going with this. “No damnit Clyde, I don’t care how lonesome he is, or how active his hormones are. Jason is a nice boy but I’m not going to let him fuck me. No way!”

Clyde’s expression went blank and his voice cold. “Don’t tell me what you are, or are not going to do, bitch. You have three choices.”

“ONE, you can strip off that robe and do as you are told; OR”

“TWO, you can strip off that robe and stand at attention with your hands over your head while I switch your tits and belly until you do as you’re told; OR”

“THREE, you can quit me, and I will be out that door in a heartbeat,,,, and for good.

That’s the full list of your options, Rose Anne…, take your pick!

“No,” I continued to argue. “Please listen Clyde …”.

“No, YOU listen my horny slut. You have been getting a little too attached to me lately. You need to broaden you circle of acquaintances and Jason here has volunteered to help. Not another word out of you. Either quit on me, or open that god damned robe and let Jason feel your breasts and finger your pussy.”

Even last night I had suspected that this thing with Jason was probably heading somewhere I didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t see any way out then, and I’m no better off now. Could I give up on having Clyde’s cock in my pussy? No damn it, I couldn’t, at least not until he demanded something I just couldn’t possibly do. Allowing Jason to fuck me wasn‘t quite in that category, and it made even less sense to have Clyde humiliate me with his damned switch before agreed. I didn’t have much choice but to keep playing my role as love slave.

With a sigh of resignation, I opened my robe and let it fall from my shoulders. I was suddenly very conscious of the collar around my neck and what it signified. A flood of sensual memories from my old teen masturbation fantasy about being sold at a slave auction came rushing across my mind. How similar all this seemed. Wasn’t Clyde putting me ‘on the block’ so to speak, offering his naked and collared slave to a stranger‘s use.

This was no longer some harmless game, I had to face what I had become. I was a female slave, and female slaves are passed around from man to man. The realization that I was a chattel to be lent out or sold terrified me…, and at the same time set me on fire. I wanted to quit, to tell Clyde Horner to go fuck himself, but I my servitude was already too deep. I had passed the point of redemption. No longer free, now I was a sex toy and plaything to do with as this man pleased.

From behind me my owner again spoke. “Assume the position Slut”.

I spread my legs, my fingers locked behind my head. I straightened my back thrusting my breasts forward, inviting the hands of this young stud. No, more than that, I was a horny slave girl aching to have a man’s hands on my already sensitive tits and swollen nipples.

“Go ahead Jason, feel her tits, play with her nipples. Put your finger up her pussy. She is a slut. She wants you to use her.”

That was the voice of my owner giving my body away to this stranger. I couldn’t have been this dense. I must have known all along my submission would come to this. Why had I not stopped him when I could have? Could it be that in my repressed lust, I had subconsciously wanted Clyde to find some handsome young stranger to fuck me?

As Jason’s strong hands reached to fondle my breasts, I could not play the reluctant virgin any longer. I moaned in erotic appreciation. That was his signal to cup my pussy with one hand and to wiggle his fingers there, strumming those tender lips as if playing a guitar. I was dripping wet by then and when he probed me with his middle finger it came out covered with my sex juices. He held it to my mouth and I licked it gratefully.

If there was any doubt what would happen next, that uncertainty disappeared with Clyde’s next instruction. “Undress him slut. He wants to feel your body against his. Make him ready.”

I had once promised myself that I would quit if things came to this, but may God forgive me, that vow seemed long ago and far away. I was so hot, so aroused, that I could no longer back off when offered a hard penis. I needed to be fucked and if Clyde wanted this young Adonis to do the honors, so be it. After all a cock is a cock, and the idea of taking a strange one with the man who had mastered me watching was somehow frighteningly erotic.
I knelt and began to take off Jason’s shoes and socks. By the time I finished, he had removed his T shirt, unbuckled his belt, opened the top button of his pants, and unzipped his fly. With a single easy yank. I dropped his pants to his ankles. He stood before me quietly as I slid my fingers under the elastic top of his jockey shorts, and pulled them down his thighs.

The young cock I uncovered was fully erect, and it swung and bobbed over my head as I bent to clear his feet of his pants and underwear. When I once again raised my head to this now nude baby stud, that lovely prick, every bit the equal of Clyde’s great member, bumped against my lips as if begging to be sucked.

I was willing. No, I was more than willing. I was starved. There was nothing I wanted more than to have this boy’s big dick in my mouth. I opened wide and swallowed him. Could this be Rose Anne the prick tease? Where did Rose Anne the frigid go? I didn’t recognize this new Rose Ann, naked and collared, on her knees sucking a stranger’s dick, and about to get off on doing it.

Damn you Clyde Horner! You have run off the Sisters of Charity all right. You have indeed lit my fire, but what have you done to me in the process?

“Enough now slut. Don’t spend him cheap. Save his load for your pussy.”

That was Clyde’s voice once more, still directing me thru my paces just in case I might forget. “Lay down on the couch and take him on top of you. French kiss him, and let him feel your tits against his chest. Tell him you want him to fuck you. That is what you want isn’t it?”

“Oh God yes!” I replied as I let that great hard-on slip from my mouth. “Tell him to fuck me Clyde. Tell him to fuck me hard. Tell him to use me and make me cum.”

“No, You tell him Rose Anne. On the couch now, and beg him to fuck you.”

I did too! On my back on the couch with my legs spread I begged this young stranger. “Jason, please! Come lay on me. Press your body to mine. Kiss me. Play with my tits and pussy, then stick it in me and fuck me. Fuck me hard! Make me cum!”

Jason was as hungry as I, and he was both willing and able to give me what I needed most. He fucked me three times. The first time he lay between my raised knees, his chest pressing on my breasts, kissing my mouth, just as I had begged him to do. The second time he took me from behind on my hands and knees like the bitch I have become. The third time he was on his back as I squatted over him, impaled on his cock, riding him to shattering orgasm after orgasm.

For almost two hours he fucked me. Each time I begged him for more, but that third time, the frantic way that I sat on his cock, finally exhausted him. I’m sure he would have kissed me before he left except by the time he had his clothes back on, my lips were otherwise busy. I was already on my knees between Clyde’s spread thighs and my mouth was stretched around my owner’s cock.


On my way to work my thoughts were full of last night. I must be making progress. Every male lights my fire now, even a not-yet-dry-behind-the-ears college boy that was only a snotty brat the last time I saw him. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel at all guilty about allowing the kid to fuck me. Of course I did so only because Clyde ordered me to, and I had no choice. Anyway, to know that my lover was there watching me get dicked was both comforting and a turn on.

Question: Has being fucked by a stranger turned the corner for me? Have I forever thumbed my nose at the Sisters of Mercy? I am proud of myself, and I think so..., and damn, how I did enjoy my ride on young Jason’s love rod. Do I have the guts to invite him over for a curtain call? That would be a test of my cure for sure.

Lost in my sexy thoughts, before I knew it I was in the elevator on the way up to the Law Office where I worked. As Clyde had ordered, I was again dressed as a slut, a short tight skirt, a loose blouse open at the top two buttons, a garter belt and sexy black hose without slip, bra or panties.

Clyde’s instructions are for me to give my poor boss a thrill again today. I’m not at all sure his old heart can stand it. Yesterday while he was staring down my dress at my bare boobs, his hands quivered, and he broke out in a cold sweat. I’ve never seen him shook up like that about anything before. The old bastard is a cold fish and I can’t say that I like him much, but I don’t want to give him a heart attack. Besides, I feel sort of bad about tempting him into something he otherwise might not do.

But, the exorcist of my catholic guilt has spoken. Clyde doesn’t like my boss at all, hates him in fact, and calls the old man a fraud and hypocrite. From the old fart’s reaction when I showed him my goodies yesterday, I guess Clyde is right on. A church deacon for thirty years, and a supposed gentleman, he shouldn’t be staring at a woman’s bare breasts down the front of her open blouse. It is no excuse that I was teasing him on. A truly moral man would have put me in my place and sent me home to dress properly. Aside from morality, my boss wasn’t being very smart. From the way I was dressed and acting, he had every reason to think I was putting the make on him, yet he let me show off my tits and ass without a word. Mr. Artimis is a lawyer. He should know better than anybody how dangerous it is to be messing around with a female employee. Sexual harassment law suits are serious business these days. Clyde must be right, even smart men sometimes think with their dicks rather than their heads. Today’s orders from Clyde are to step things up a notch. I am supposed to find some excuse to rub against that skinny frame, and subtly or otherwise invite him to grab a feel of my body. Whatever he does, I am to encourage and allow it. WHATEVER he wants! I don’t need to guess what that means. Clyde made it a very plain that if it comes to that, I am to suck him off or let him fuck me.

Going that far troubles me a bunch. After all, I may be horny, but I’m not a whore. Shedding the Sisters of Mercy is one thing, but to give an old man I’m not even attracted to the use of my mouth or pussy..., well that’s something else entirely. I wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing if I wasn’t so in love with Clyde..., but is that really what I am..., in love with Clyde and afraid of losing him? Or, am I anybody’s slut now? The jury is still out on both counts, but if I’m not really only a slut, why is my pussy moist from thinking about seducing my boss?

Mr. Artimis was standing by my desk when I came in the employee’s entrance from the hall. He gave my slutty blouse and skirt a long hard look before he said, “Miss Lombardi come into my office and close the door please. I need that same file I was working on yesterday. I put it back in the file cabinet before I went home last night.”

“Oh yeah,” I said to myself, “I’ll just bet you did. You want another look at the crack of my ass don’t you, you lecherous old bastard. And shut the door is it? Well, we all know this much don’t we, he has been thinking about me a lot since yesterday. I wonder what he has decided to do about me..., or to me?”

He took his seat behind his desk where he had the best view of my little show. Instead of squatting to open that bottom drawer as I had done the day before, this time I locked my knees and stooped way over. My skirt probably crept far enough up my ass to give him a peek at my bare pussy. At the very least he had a good long look at the choice flesh of my upper thighs and buttocks, all white and stretched tight, framed by pink garterbelt straps and dark hose.

“Bring the file over here to my desk and open it for me please Miss Lombardi.”

“Yeah,” I smiled at the thought. “Open it the way I did yesterday too, I’ll bet. Sure I will you old lecher!” He was so eager. I was disappointed and angry at him as my thoughts continued, “Why you old hypocrite. You’re so horny you stink! You want to drool over my tits again don’t you!”

I had the third button on my blouse undone by the time I circled his desk and laid the file open in front of him. I extended my arm by pointing to the page. That was my chance to press my blouse with a soft tit underneath against the side of his neck and face.

He moaned a little as turned his head toward me. His nose had no place to go but into my bare cleavage. I didn’t pull away. That gave him the courage to rest his hand on the back of my knee. Slowly he began to move it upward along my thigh. By the time he reached my bare pussy his tongue was licking me between my boobs. Now it was my turn to moan as a skinny finger slid into my wet slit,

“Stand up Miss Lombardi,” he told me, his finger still inside me. “Open your blouse!”

I did as I was told, and as my breasts fell free in his face, his free hand grabbed a fistful of tit. His lips closed over first one nipple and then the other. His finger was no longer just in my pussy, now he was frigging me with it, and pressing on my clitoris with his thumb. I couldn’t help myself. I moaned for a second time.

“You are a tramp, a dirty little whore, you do know that don’t you Miss Lombardi?”

“Yes Sir, Mr. Artimis, I’m a slut. What do you want of me?”

“Strip off that blouse and skirt Miss Lombardi. I’m going to give you what you have been asking for.”

I was in awfully deep, a lot deeper than I wanted to be, but I shrugged the blouse off my shoulders. He spun his swivel chair toward me, and took his hand away from my cunt. I opened the buttons on the side of my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I stood there quietly between his knees, naked now except for shoes, hose and garter belt. He was leaning back in his chair, looking up at me, his eyes feasting on my body, a leer on his lips.

Emotionally I was caught in the middle, on fire but holding my breath hoping that he wouldn’t go any farther. I knew, however, what was certain to come next. He was every bit as hot as I was, maybe hotter, and he clearly wanted more from me.

“Down bitch!” Take my cock out and suck me!”

Why did I keep on? I don’t know, but in lighting my fire, Clyde has indeed made a slut of me. I dropped to the floor, sitting on a hip, my upper body supported by my arms over his thighs. I unzipped his fly, and reached inside for a semi-hard, very long but thin, penis. I lowered my head and began to suck him.

I had promised myself last night that I wouldn’t let things go this far no matter what Clyde wanted of me, but here I was naked between the knees of a man almost twice my age giving him a slutty blow job. Next he meant to fuck me, and I was going to let him do that too. How did I get myself into this? Damn Clyde Horner. I love him so much, but sometimes I wish I had never heard of him.

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