tagIncest/TabooLighten Up Ch. 02

Lighten Up Ch. 02


The first two days back at home I must have jerked off a half a dozen times. April had bought me a burner phone, loaded it up with pictures of her (in lingerie, naked, fingering herself, sucking on a dildo, covered in my cum) so that I could both call her and have something to think of her with. She'd given me a pair of her used silk panties too, and I wrapped them around my dick for friction.

It wasn't enough. My sisters were annoyed that I was using the bathroom so much, and my mother worried I had come home with some sort of illness. I came out of the bathroom after shooting a massive load into April's panties and found my mother waiting on the other side of the door. She pressed her hand to my forehead.

"Are you ok, sweetie? It sounded like you were moaning in there and your face is all red. Were you throwing up?"

This close, and with my eyes now opened to the world April had shown me, I took a close look at my mother. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, just like always, and the conservative blouse and calf-length skirt she always wore covered a lot up, but I noticed two things at the same time. First, my mom was really beautiful. I'd always known that in the way lots of boys feel about their mothers, but now I saw it for real, as a man looking at a woman. Her eyes had a few smile lines around them, but her skin was smooth and healthy, and her features (wide eyes, a dainty nose, pursed red lips) were actually pretty stunning. She never wore the make-up I'd come to love on April, but she didn't need it. She was a fox, and having married my father young, she was still in the prime of her life, not yet even forty years old. The second thing I noticed was that my mother's conservative clothing couldn't actually hide a couple of things about her body--namely, her tits and her ass.

Mom was stacked. I guess in my focus on righteousness growing up I'd never seen her as a "woman"---hell, I hardly saw the girls my age as women---but now that I had awoken to the pleasures of the flesh, my mother's sexy figure was undeniable. She was tall, nearly 5'10", just a few inches shorter than me, and the curve of her ass and roundness of her breasts was even more impressive than April's (something I hadn't thought possible). Her waist was narrow, and if she had a little more thickness overall than my skinny sexpot girlfriend, it was in all the right places.

"I'm ok, Mom," I said, instantly wanting to go back in the bathroom and jack it to fantasies of my mother, spread eagled, her cunt open to receive my dick.

God, these were incestuous thoughts! I should have been sickened, but I wasn't. I was turned on. I had descended so fully into the world of sin and lust that I barely even paused at the idea of fucking my mother. Of course, I didn't say that to her.

I left my mother and sought out my sisters. If mom was such a sexy babe, were my younger eighteen-year-old twin sisters as annoying as I'd remembered, or had they been transformed with my new fuck-vision too?

I found them in the basement, playing a board game, stretched out on the floor. I looked them over carefully.

"Fuck me," I whispered to myself.

They were knockouts too. They were both shorter than Mom but taller than April. They were identical twins, Lily with her dark hair in pigtails, Rachel with a single ponytail, both of them with smooth olive-colored skin and full, pouty lips. I couldn't totally get a sense of their bodies under their baggy clothes, but I could tell they weren't as curvy as April or Mom. They had smaller breasts, but I imagined sexy, firm figures underneath all the same. Their faces were stunning, and I just sensed that they had bodies to match.

"What was that Paul?" Rachel said, looking up at me and batting her long eyelashes.

"Oh, uh. Nothing. Just wanted to see what you guys were up to," I said.

This was going to be a long summer.

There was hope, though. When I arrived at church on Sunday I made my way into the congregation and noticed bright red hair in one of the benches. April had come to church. I slid into a pew next to her and whispered, "What are you doing here?"

She squeezed my thigh surreptitiously, her fingertips brushing against my crotch, and whispered back, "I missed you. I missed your C-O-C-K."

I laughed at the idea that spelling out what she wanted would stop nosy neighbors from knowing what she said. Fortunately no one seemed to hear. But how would this work? I couldn't bring her home; my parents would never let us be in my bedroom together. I thought through a plan quickly while I caressed her thigh.

"I have to go sit with my family," I whispered. "Then I have to help serve coffee at the mixer. Meet me in an hour in the storage room. It's behind the chapel. I can't wait to stuff you full."

She licked her lips. I stood up and walked back to my family, very aware that just being near April had caused my soldier to start to stand at attention. If anyone was looking at me closely they would definitely see the outline of my half-thick cock in my slacks.

The sermon was almost tailor made for irony. I don't know if my dad was distracted by April in the audience, her tight green dress and fiery hair somehow drawing more attention to the deep valley of cleavage in her low cut top, or if he had planned a sermon on the temptations of the flesh from the beginning, but it seemed like everything he said was about the wickedness of the world and the lusts of the devil. I wondered if I would feel guilty, but all I could think about was April's round little ass and how my cock was going to feel deep inside it. I spent most of the sermon with a hard-on. And was it my imagination or did Rachel's eyes keep darting to the rising tent in my pants? I held a hymn book over it. I may have become a depraved fuckbeast, but I wasn't quite yet ready for a full flagpole in the middle of my father's parishioners.

I got control of my cock by the end of the sermon so that I wasn't too embarrassed to stand up and serve coffee, greeting the old ladies of the congregation politely, telling them how much I had enjoyed college. I could see April out of the corner of my eye, watching me and laughing--I was acting like the naive little virgin she had so utterly destroyed in the mountains. I'm sure it gave her a thrill to know how the little churchboy was going to ravage her in a few minutes.

That was one distraction. The other was to realize that, for every six or seven stuck up old people and middle aged prigs, my father's congregation also had some serious talent. Mrs. Jones had lips that looked custom-built to be wrapped around a cock. Jane McGee was no older than my sisters but already had cans that rivaled April's. And Widow Harrison had one of the ripest bubble asses I'd ever seen wrapped up in a tight flowered skirt. I envisioned her with the skirt shoved up around her waist, bent over at the table in front of me, my thick dipstick plunging deep in her fuckbox.

These were waters that had been waiting for me to dive in if only I had noticed. And on the serving side of the table with me were the best looking women in the room--my mom and twin sisters. Dressed for church in knee-length dresses, I finally got a better idea of their bodies. My sisters were thin, with tiny waists and a nice curve at their hips--nothing like the absurd hourglasses of April and my mom, but certainly goddamn sexy all the same. Their chests were smaller too--a large B or small C cup, but their taut little bodies still were incredibly inviting, especially when paired with their gorgeous, angelic faces. Rachel was a little thicker than Lily, but both of them could have been models.

And mom--she was the real prize. Her shirt wasn't even tight, but her breasts strained against the fabric, the effect even stronger by how her belt cinched her waist in tight. She was a bombshell, no doubt, and since Dad encouraged them to wear makeup to church (the only time he encouraged it), her lips and long eyelashes looked even sexier. How did Dad keep his hands off of her?

And I'm pretty sure he did. The thin walls in our house meant I could overhear most conversations they had in that room from my bedroom, which shared a wall with theirs. I heard them pray and read scriptures and talk about church functions, but I never heard any sounds of passion. What the hell was wrong with the old man? Had church repressed him so much he wouldn't even fuck a grade-A piece of ass like my mom? If my sisters could have been models, my mom looked like she should have been a porn star. Why weren't they fucking like animals?

I shook my head as the hall began to clear out. My family got ready to head home, and I put my plan into effect. I volunteered to stay late and put the chairs away from the social, telling them I'd either walk back (we only lived a half mile from the church) or maybe stop and visit some congregation members for my first Sunday back in town. I told them they didn't need to worry about me, but that I'd be home in a few hours.

A few hours I planned to spend balls deep in April's wet cunt.

When the church cleared out, I bid my family farewell, locked the door, and hurried back to the storage room behind the chapel. It was where my father kept old furniture, choir robes, crosses--all kinds of stuff that had been moved out of the church's two main rooms and small classrooms. I knew there was an old couch that he'd moved out of the foyer, and I thought it'd be the perfect spot to reacquaint myself with April's sweet pussy after our days apart.

I opened the door and almost laughed. April had ditched her dress and underwear (if she'd even been wearing any) and pulled on one of the choir robes. It was open, her round tits exposed, her flat belly clenched tight as she sat on the couch, plunging a thin altar candle in and out of her cunt like a dildo.

"I got started without you, waiting for all those fuckers to leave," she moaned. "Your daddy sure talks a lot about sinning. Think he has any idea what he's talking about?"

I shook my head as I undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor and shutting the door behind me. "I'll bet he hasn't gotten his dick wet since my sisters were born. He has no idea what he's missing. Especially with a woman like you."

"I don't know," April said. "Your mom's pretty hot. Maybe she just gives him everything he needs." Her breasts jiggled and bounced like jelly as she worked the candle inside her. I wanted to just sit and watch her. God, she made me hard.

I walked over to her and pulled my hard cock to the side, letting it loose to smack her cheek with the thick head. It left a little spot where a drop of precum hit her. She grinned, turning to kiss my cock.

"I'm not so sure she does," I said. "But I know you're going to give me everything I need, aren't you?"

She nodded and kept one hand on the candle in her snatch and used the other to grab my dick, licking it like a lollipop and then running the head all over her face, a smear of precum leaving a wet trail from cheek to forehead to the other cheek.

"That's it, you sweet little slut," I said. "Suck away."

She grinned wickedly. She left the candle buried most of the way in her cunt, bu tit slid out when she brought both hands up to my ass, gripping it tightly and pulling me toward her. Her mouth opened wide and soon my cock was halfway down her throat. God, it felt so good. Her tongue swirled around the head, tickling the nerves on the underside of my shaft. It was warm and wet, and my toes clenched as a shudder passed through my body. April was a talented little cocksucker, her eyes meeting mine as she gave my dick increasingly deeper strokes and harder suction. I wanted to let it last forever, but her ministrations made me want her more urgently.

"Swallow it down, baby," I said. "Take it deep." I put my hands on the back of her head and pulled it towards me. She got louder the deeper I sank. She took deep, ragged breaths, and then silence and a choked whimper as she filled her throat with my dick. Her wet gagging only served to make me harder. Usually this is why I liked her hair in pigtails or braids, handles to hold onto, but since she'd worn it down for church I just wrapped her red hair in my fists and pulled her deeper onto my cock. Her moans were like sweet music.

"Gggh---gggh----gggh" she grunted, reflex groans as she stuffed her mouth full of cock to the point of choking. I pulled her back to allow her to take a breath, she looked up at me with watering eyes that left a few streaks of makeup running down her cheeks. Her lipstick had gotten smeared too, some of it on my dick, some of it messy around her mouth. The fuckdoll look only increased when she said, "Fuck my mouth, Paul. Slap your balls against my chin."

I pulled her face back onto my dick savagely. My repressed upbringing was a frequent topic of conversation between us, and I think it did a fair job explaining why I came tearing into the world of hardcore fucking without a second glance. I didn't know yet what background April had that made her love getting degraded so much, but I loved it. She looked so innocent and sexy on the outside, but she was all filthy bitch inside. She wanted to be used and abused anyway we could think of. It only served to make her pussy wetter. She had an insatiable appetite to be handled like a piece of fuckmeat.

I felt like such a lucky man. The beast could come out to play.

I facefucked her hard. We'd fucked so much over the past few months that my stamina had developed pretty well, but feeling her deepthroat my rock hard flesh pipe still brought me to the boiling point quickly. The sound of her noisy choking, the tears streaming down her face as my thick cock cut off her air made me sneer with pleasure. I reached down and pinched her nipples, then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her face with it again.

"You're such a good little fucktoy, April. I fucking love you."

She was too caught up in the moment to smile, with saliva, tears, and makeup streaming down her face like a whore, but I knew she loved to hear those words, just like I did. She'd first told me she loved me a week earlier when I had my cock buried deep in her ass. She'd looked over her shoulder at me and groaned, "Fucking bastard, pound my ass! I fucking love it! I fucking love YOU" and then had frozen. Somehow, in all the nasty shit we said to each other, THAT had embarrassed her. It wasn't until I'd plunged my cock in harder and pulled her arms backwards, forcing her to lift her chest up, her tits jutting forward like a proud bitch on the prow of a ship that I'd replied, "I fucking love you too you filthy angel!" That set her off over the edge and she'd cum like a banshee. Now we had the assurance that love was just as much a part of our sexlife as lust, but it didn't get in the way of treating each other like raw meat.

"Yeah, Pauly. I'm your little fuckbox." She reached down and slid the candle back into her cunt, in and out a half dozen times, then she pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth, sucking her juices off the wax. "So get down here and let me ride that thing."

I sat on the old couch and she slouched off the choir robe. She stood on the edge of the couch and leaned over me, hanging her tits down in my face. This was still one of my favorite positions, letting gravity hang those big round funbags down into my face. I latched onto her left tit and sucked, rolling the hard little nipple under my teeth. She moaned and lowered herself down onto my shaft, squatting down and then shifting to her knees.

"Oh, fuck, Paul," she moaned.

No matter how wet she was, I could never plunge right in. I was still too thick around, not to mention too long, for her to take me all in one go. It was too bad, I dreamed of just shoving all of it in in one massive thrust, but as much as I loved degrading April, I didn't want to hurt her. I let her work herself up and down a few times, deeper and deeper each time, knowing to expect the mini-orgasm when she hit the halfway point every time. Her squirting juices ended up lubricating things just enough, and it would just be another minute or two before she bottomed out.

While I waited I enjoyed the pressure of her cunt on however much dick she had inside and suckled on her tits while listening to her babbling profanity. "Oh Jesus. Oh God. Mm, fuck! Mm, fuck! Mm, fuck!! Ooooo, fill my cunt you dirty bastard. Make me see God you thick-dick motherfucker. OH HOLY SHIT!"

Right as her thighs touched mine and my big balls felt the pressure of her ass that told me she'd bottomed out, the door to the storage room opened, and there standing in the light was my sister, Lily. Her eyes got huge as she looked at April impaled on my cock, and I stared back at her.

We were frozen, locked on each other's eyes.

I didn't know what to do. For all my thoughts earlier, I didn't expect my sister to actually find out about my new life of sin and debauchery. I was afraid she would go tearing out of there, screaming for dad, and I couldn't let that happen. At the same time, goddamn did April's pussy feel good. I didn't want to stop either. I couldn't stop. April's pussy was like a drug, and I wanted my fix.

I wanted, I realized, to blow a huge load of cum up April's snatch while Lily watched me.

But I knew it would never happen. I stopped April's bouncing and said, "Shit, baby, stop. We've got company."

April turned her upper body, exposing her tits to Lily as she looked behind her, and then in an instant she was off my cock, her hand around Lily's wrist, pulling her inside. She shut the door to the storage room and stood in front of it, buck naked, her glorious tits pressed against my sister's back.

"Who the fuck are you?" she demanded. Lily stood open mouthed.

"It's my sister," I said, reaching for the choir robe to cover up my rockhard cock--the cock, I noticed, that my sister was now staring at. "Lily."

April pushed her toward the couch and Lily sat down hard next to me, her mouth still open in shock.

"Paul, what are you doing! This is a sin! Daddy's going to kill you!"

April didn't even try to cover up her nude body. But she grabbed Lily by the hair and pulled her head back. Her voice, when it came out, was ice cold.

"Daddy's not going to kill him, bitch, because Daddy's not going to find out."

Lily looked at me, eyes wide. "Paul, who is this harlot?"

April and I both chuckled at that. It was so true.

"This harlot is my girlfriend, April. I didn't mean for you to meet her this way, Lil. April, let go of her hair."

April looked disappointed when she loosened her grasp. She still didn't try and cover up though. She let her nakedness--and her round, luscious tits--intimidate my sister.

"Your girlfriend? But you're not supposed to . . . do . . . what you were doing . . . until you're married!"

April laughed. "Oh my God, she's a girl you! From when we first met! So naive and innocent! It's adorable!" She reached down and stroked Lily's cheek, and Lily flinched away. "Stuck up little bitch, though," she added.

"Lily, I'm sorry. I didn't want you or anyone to find me like this. April and I met a few months ago, and we're in love." I paused, awkwardly. What was I supposed to say? "We have a very physical connection."

"But Daddy said it was a sin!" Lily cried.

My heart went out to my sister. I didn't want her to think less of me, and I wanted her to understand.

"It's not a sin."

She stared back at me, eyes open wide.

"Or maybe it is, I don't know. I know this is hard to understand, but I think Daddy's wrong," I said. "It's not bad. It's good. Our bodies were made to feel good and to make each other feel good. If that's not from God, I don't know what is!"

Lily looked so confused.

"Sorry, little sister, I know this probably seems terrible. I know you think it's wrong, but it's so right. I can't explain it. Just go home, don't say anything, and we can talk about this later."

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