tagIncest/TabooLighten Up Ch. 04

Lighten Up Ch. 04


Author's Note: If you've read my other stories you know I love dirty talking and dirty girls. This isn't real, it's just fun. If you don't like it, no problem, and if you do, please rate and leave a comment!


The plan to bring my mother into our depraved world of incest and pleasure started to come together relatively quickly, though in the meantime my father conspired to get her out of the house as often as possible, sending her on errands and service visits whenever he could to leave the house free for himself, my sisters, April, and I.

We put it to use. Whether or not we could get mom involved, it was already the best summer of my life. With my father's enthusiastic participation, my sisters seemed to really be open for anything. Both of my sisters enjoyed hours eating each other out, and April spent a sweaty afternoon guiding them through a lesbian show for my father and I, culminating with me fucking Rachel and dad fucking Lily while the sisters made out, April getting herself off with a thick rubber dildo. On another day Rachel got her first double penetration, sandwiched between my father and I while he fucked her ass and I fucked her pussy. Lily wasn't quite as fast moving, but she loved being fucked doggystyle so she could lick her sister's cunt. She laughed that she was worried mom would see the rug burns on her knees.

And April loved all of it, each day coming up with new ideas for us to try. We'd finish a filthy fuckfest and then she'd turn to me, her face sweaty and cum-glazed, her tits red from the manhandling she'd received, her cunt still dripping, and tell me that she'd never been happier. "I love your family so much," she'd say, her face glowing.

"We love you too, baby," I replied.

"Now when can we fuck your mom?" she'd ask.

I hoped the answer would be soon.

We started with baby steps. First, my sisters began dressing more provocatively around the house, with shorter shorts and tighter, more revealing tops. As predicted, my mother made a comment to my father at dinner about whether their clothing was inappropriate, and he said that no, the human body was beautiful and meant to be seen for the glory of God.

"In fact," he said, "perhaps the real sin is being ashamed of the beauty that the good Lord gave us. Perhaps you should let the girls makeover your wardrobe too."

She looked at him strangely, surprised by his answer. This was not the message she expected. "OK," she agreed slowly. "I guess I haven't gotten new clothes in a while."

My sisters couldn't get her miniskirts and tube tops, of course, since she never would have gone that far, but within a few days her skirts had gotten tighter and shorter, ending a few inches above her knees. And her tops were even better. My sisters found v-neck shirts and sexy button downs that accentuated my mother's ample breasts, and when I fucked Lily late that night she told me they'd managed to get her to buy some new bras and underwear too. Nothing too slutty, but sexier than the basic white support bras she'd been wearing previously.

We made sure mom knew that we noticed. "Wow, mom, you look awesome," I said the next day when my mother walked in with a tight red skirt and a black button down top.

"You do look beautiful, Eva," my father confirmed. "Though you could undo a button or two if you wanted." He winked at her.

"Rick!" she said, blushing. It was really cute. But I noticed a little later that she had indeed undone two buttons, allowing the deep valley of her cleavage to appear. My cock stirred as I watched the jiggle of the little flesh I could see. I really wanted to rip it off of her, send those buttons flying, and expose the enormous breasts underneath, but I knew to do so would ruin our plan forever---and probably get me slapped to boot.

But my dad had a little more leeway. I overheard them that night in the bedroom. He hadn't had a chance to fuck any of the girls in two days, so I know he was horny.

Their voices were muffled through the wall, but still clear.

"Eva," he said, "You really looked gorgeous today."

"Thank you, Rick," she replied. "I thought I'd be embarrassed to be in clothes like this, but I felt pretty attractive. Perhaps that was pride?"

"No," my father answered. "I know I said it the other day, but I've been studying a lot lately, and I have realized that we've been living like we were ashamed of our bodies for the last several years, but our bodies are God's finest creations. We shouldn't feel shame for what God has given us."

There was a long pause, and then my mother said, "I guess I've never thought of it that way. I always thought our bodies were sinful because they could inspire lust. Shouldn't we be careful of that as well?"

This was the tricky part, but we had decided what Dad would say already during our last orgy.

"Lust is just another word for desire, and desiring the beauty that God has created is no sin, I think. Your body is a wonder, Eva. If that inspires desire within me, that's all the more a testimony to the glory of God. By enjoying looking at you, I'm really praising Him. To deny that is to deny Him."

Another long pause. I knew my mother was thinking.

"So, in covering myself and withdrawing myself from you . . . physically . . . in the last few years, do you think I've been committing a sin?"

I wished I could see as well as hear. I imagined my father walking up to her and taking her in his arms.

"Maybe, Eva. Maybe. But we can turn that around right now, if you're willing. We can rediscover this gift of God together."

My mother didn't answer, but within a few minutes the moans and whimpers I heard from the other side of the wall were enough to tell me she had acquiesced. I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it, listening to the sounds of their lovemaking. I wished April was here to suck it for me.

"Eva, you're still so beautiful. You have such gorgeous breasts!"

"Thanks honey. I...I've missed this."

My father had learned a few things over last few weeks, and I could tell he surprised my mother a few times. Her reactions alternated between surprise and pleasure.

"Mmm, Rick. It's been so long since you've touched me like this."

"I'm glad you're letting me again," he replied. "We have so much time to make up for."

"That feels good. I'm sorry for denying you for so long."

"It's okay," he said. "You can show me your penitence."

"Oooh, your tongue! Down there! Mmm! Oh, Rick, that's dirty!"

"What did we just say, Eva? This is a creation of God."

"But you're licking it!"

"I want you to feel all the pleasure that God designed our bodies for. That's why I'm licking you."

Slow down, Dad, I thought. Don't scare her off.

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmmm. Oh! God!" She wasn't scared off. She was loving it.

The next few minutes devolved into moans and groans while my father ate her pussy. She loosened up more and more as she reached higher and higher peaks of pleasure, telling my father how much she liked it and how good his tongue felt.

My mother's orgasm was soft, considering how long it had been, but it must have been satisfying. She let out a soft whimper and a groan, and then a pause before a final cry of "God yes!" I could almost hear her deep breathing, and then she said, "Oh Rick. I didn't know that could be so special."

"I can tell you liked it," he said. "I liked hearing your pleasure."

"Even though I took the Lord's name in vain?" she asked.

"Especially because of that. Making love is when we have permission to let ourselves go. Completely."

My father must have moved up her body, because the next thing I heard was, "Rick! You can't kiss me! You're all messy from down there!"

I was proud of my father for not losing it on the prude. After how nasty April and Rachel (and even Lily) allowed him to get, I'm sure mom's squeamishness was a turn off. But he continued to coax her. He knew what we all wanted. "It felt good didn't it?" he said. "Was it a nice orgasm?"

"It was lovely. Thank you, honey."

"So why are your pleasurable emanations something to be bothered by? You've kissed me with sweat on your lips? What are you worried about?"

"But, sweat isn't . . . that."

"OK, Eva. I don't want you to be uncomfortable. But know that these fluids are part of God's creation as well. They're nothing to be afraid of. Or ashamed of."

"Will you put your thing in me now?"

"My thing?"

"Your . . . penis."

My father laughed. "Yes dear. Get ready for it."

The moaning and groaning continued for a while. I knew my father would last a while---mom didn't yet have quite the skill that the other girls in the house did---but listening to my mother get release after who knows how long was still fantastic. And the longer they fucked, the more she seemed to loosen up.

After a few minutes, I heard her say, "Kiss me, lover!"

Dad didn't just do it. He wanted her to recognize every time she crossed a line she wouldn't have previously. And he let his language get looser while he did so.

"I thought you didn't want to taste your juices."

"I don't care. Your penis is driving me wild. Just kiss me."

"I will, if you don't call it my penis."

"Mmmm, ok. Just keep going! What do you want me to call it?"

"Call it . . . call it my shaft. Or my cock."

"Ok, kiss me! And keep your shaft inside me! God you feel good, baby! So good! So damn good!"

My father laughed and then there was another long pause as he drilled in deeper..

"Praise God, Eva! Look at your boobs bounce!"

I could almost see it. I wanted to see it. I would see it soon.

By the time they finished my mother said, "Why haven't we done this in so long?"

"I thought you were pulling away from me. I thought you didn't want to," he answered. "I've been lonely without you, I have to admit."

"Oh, Rick, I'm so sorry. I thought I was helping you get closer to the Lord. But instead I've just been denying us both natural pleasure. We won't make that mistake again. I promise. Your shaft . . . your cock. It makes me feel filled and whole and complete in a way I haven't in years. Let's do it again!"

My father laughed, "Well damn, Eva, you've got some fun in you still! There's the girl I married. Just give me a minute of downtime to get this thing hard again."

"I can't wait," Mom pouted. And when Dad encouraged her to suck his dick to help him get ready to fuck again, she agreed.

Amature. I would have been ready to go again right away. The advantages of youth.

At any rate, phase one was complete.

The next day my mother was dressed in a skirt and a v-necked tank top that revealed even more cleavage.

"Mom, you look great! And you seem so perky today!" I said.

"Thank you dear," she replied. "I got a very good night's sleep. Like I haven't in a long time."

We initiated phase two that very day. Now that Mom had rediscovered sex, we needed her to start thinking about the rest of the family in a sexual manner. And since we didn't know if she had any bisexual tendencies, that meant thinking about me.

Rachel helped me time it. She heard my shower end and watched me tiptoe across the hall to my bedroom. I stroked my cock, thickening it up, while Rachel went to her bedroom and called for mom.

"Mom, I can't find my purse. Will you check Paul's room while I check my bedroom?"

"Why would it be in Paul's room?" she asked.

"We were talking yesterday when I came home from choir. But my room is a mess, so I'm tearing it apart if you'll just check his room."

"OK, dear," my mom replied.

I heard her coming and lifted the towel to my head, covering my face and pretending to dry my hair, facing straight at the door. My cock wasn't fully hard, but it was semi-erect, thickening up and getting longer. I'd trimmed the pubic hair down, so it looked even bigger. I heard the door open and a sharp intake of breath, but the door didn't close. I scrubbed the towel around my head, shaking my body a little more than natural as I did so, feeling my cock flop from side to side. I wanted to give her a show.

I dropped the towel to the floor, moving toward my dresser, and for a moment I pretended not to see my mother standing in the doorway, her mouth wide open. Then I turned and caught her.

"Mom!" I cried. "What are you doing in here!" I might not have won any academy awards, but in my mom's shocked state she didn't notice.

She tried to recover quickly, putting her hands up to cover my eyes, her face turning red. I knew that from the door opening to her hands rising, though, she had spent about fifteen seconds staring at my dick. I tried not to smirk when she said, "Paul! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in here!"

Yeah, right.

I grabbed the towel off the floor and held it loosely around my waist. I let it dip low so that my hip bones and the top of my pubic hair were still visible if she looked closely.

"Ok, I'm covered up," I said. She lowered her hands from her eyes. "Sorry, mom. Hope I didn't embarrass you too much."

"Oh, no, Paul. I'm your mother, you don't have anything I haven't seen before. I used to give you baths, you know."

Right, I thought, but my cock was a lot smaller then. Her eyes kept darting back to my towel-covered crotch.

"Did you need something, Mom?"

"Your sister lost her purse. Did she leave it in here by any chance?"

I looked around the room. I could see the edge of it sticking out from under the bed, where we'd planted it.

"Here it is," I said, reaching down to pick it up, and "accidentally" losing my grip on the towel in the process. It was just a short flash this time, but it was enough to make the blood rush to my mother's cheeks again---and with luck, it was rushing to her pussy as well.

"Sorry mom!"

"It's your bedroom, Paul, I can't be too annoyed. I'm the one who should be apologizing."

At that moment she closed her eyes and bit the corner of her bottom lip, but the moment passed quickly.

"I'll get this to Rachel," she said, taking the purse from my hands. "You put some clothes on!"

She shut the door behind her.

Nothing happened for another week. My father and my mother made love every night, each time getting a little wilder, a little dirtier, but mom didn't do anything noticeably different in her interactions with my sister and I. Sure, I caught her looking at me once or twice, but she was never inappropriate and never gave any indication that she was actually thinking about me sexually.

Of course, it was April who figured out how to get things moving again. When it came to sex, my slutty little girlfriend knew how to get what she wanted. Whereas she approached my father as a filthy whore who could fulfill all his fantasies, she knew that wouldn't work with my mother. She needed a different tactic.

"Invite me to dinner," she said. "Tell your mother you want her to meet your college girlfriend."

That wasn't the whole plan, of course, and when April explained what she was thinking I realized it had the chance to either work or backfire spectacularly.

My mother was visibly upset when I told her I had invited my college girlfriend for dinner. Not because she didn't want April to come over, but because she didn't know I had a girlfriend.

"How long have you been dating this young woman, Paul?"

"A while now," I admitted. "More than six months."

"And you never thought to mention it until now? Didn't you think I'd want to know? Didn't you think I'd want to meet her? I know if you're dating her for that long it must be getting serious."

Kids at my church tended to marry young and fast, since we had been told we should only date in groups until we were ready to settle down so as to avoid the temptations of the devil. At twenty, I was right in the marrying range for our congregation, and I have to admit, I didn't hate the idea of having April in my life forever. I knew we would never be bored, sexually.

At any rate, this idea that we were close to getting married played right into our plan.

"It is getting serious. That's why I'm telling you now," I said.

My mother put her arms around me and pulled me to her. I could feel her soft, round tits press against my chest. I wanted to feel them so bad. Hell, I wanted to fuck them. And with any luck, I would be, soon.

April arrived in a sexy but chaste short sleeved dress. It was short, hitting her mid-thigh, but it wasn't overtly obscene, though of course everything looked a little dirtier on her thanks to her big breasts and her sexy red hair. My mother looked her up and down and seemed to approve.

"April! It's so nice to meet you! Paul's told me so much about you! I wondered who the pretty new girl in the congregation was this summer!"

"Nice to meet you too, ma'am," April said. She gave me a quick peck on the lips as she walked in, and I could see Lily trying not to laugh out of the corner of my eye. This was so unlike April's usual arrival at our house.

Dinner with April and the family was in part totally natural and in part utterly ridiculous. Five of us around the table had seen each other naked and fucked the shit out of each other repeatedly. Yet in putting on the show for my mother, my sisters and my father had to pretend to be meeting her for the first time.

We made small talk all through dinner, with April doing a lot of the talking about her family, her college major, her plans after school. She made a good impression, which was important for the plan to work. She even helped my mother do all the dishes, smiling and laughing together like two school friends. I could tell my mother really liked her, and she even whispered to me as I put away the leftovers, "I really like this girl, Paul. She's special."

She is indeed, I thought. Specially fuckable.

Rachel spoke up when we all got to the living room. "Dad, can we go get some ice cream now? I'd love a hot fudge sundae!"

"Oh, yes, daddy," Lily said. "That sounds great! Will you take us to Coldstone?"

"Coldstone!" my mother said. "That's a half hour drive from here! Why don't we just run to Dairy Queen instead."

"Oh, come on, Eva," my dad said. "The girls want Coldstone, and I love to give my girls what they want."

Rachel snickered.

"Tell you what, dear," my father continued. "Why don't you stay here and entertain Paul and April, and I'll take the girls to Coldstone. I'll even bring the cooler so I can get you a treat, and you won't have to leave the house after all the work you did to prepare the meal."

She hesitated for a moment, but when she realized we'd have to take two cars to get there anyway, she finally agreed. "I'll see you in a bit," she said, as they left.

"Don't expect us back soon!" Lily called out, smiling happily.

We watched them pull out, and I wondered if Rachel would make good on the fantasy she'd told me about the night before and give my father a blow job while he drove. I wouldn't put it past her. She was almost as uninhibited as April.

I wondered, as we moved into the last phase of the plan, if mom would end up more conservative, like Lily, more adventurous, like Rachel, or would simply throw us out of the house.

This is it, I thought, here goes nothing.

"Mom," I said, sitting back down on the sofa next to April. "I'm actually glad they all had to take off. April and I had something we wanted to talk to you about."

My mom sat in the armchair and smiled. Her big breasts were straining against the white button-down shirt she wore, and her grey skirt pulled tightly across her lap. With her blonde hair up in a messy bun, she looked for all the world like a sexy librarian pinup. She just needed glasses.

"Sure, dear," she said. "What's going on?"

I feigned nervousness and looked at April. The redhead played along too, wrapping one tendril of her hair around her finger, as though she didn't know what to say. Here went nothing. With any luck, we'd be fucking my mom within the hour.

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