tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 01

Lightning Crashes Ch. 01


Tanner Guildcross sat on the edge of his bed, his nerves rattled. He was already guilty. He knew it in his mind and felt it in his heart, even though he hadn't acted upon it yet. What had started out as mere curiosity had blossomed into fruition and he couldn't turn back now. Arrangements had been made, assurances had been given and Tanner knew that his life was about to change. How much, he didn't know but the very thought was tying his stomach in knots.

A knock on the door startled him and he nearly ran to open it, glad to see his colleague, Alan, standing there, Dewar's on the rocks in hand. "What's up, Al?"

"Just getting lubed up." The portly man boomed, already well into his cups. He strode into the room, picking up Tanner's Movado and giving it a cursory examination. "And speaking of lubrication, Harry, Mike and I are going to hit a couple of clubs."

"Clubs?" Tanner fixed himself a stiff Dewar's also and topped off Alan's glass. "What kind of clubs?"

Alan guffawed, slapping Tanner on the back. "Strip clubs, of course! I don't want to dance. I want to see some tits."

"Well, I'm sure there are plenty around."

"Want to go with?"

"Naw. I've got some work to do before we fly back tomorrow."

"You work too damn much, if you ask me." Alan finished his drink and helped himself to the bottle in the mini-bar. "You ought to take a break."

"I can't afford that, Al. You know how bad I want that partnership and you know it's really competitive. Right now, they're looking at everything I do and I have to make sure that they don't find anything out of place."

"So you work your tail off for free?"

"It's just a few hours here and there, Al. Nothing huge."

"Bet Jenny would beg to differ with that."

Tanner laughed nervously, thinking about his wife, waiting back home. "I'd bet you'd be right."

"Well, give me a call on my cell if you change your mind."

"Sure, Al, and thanks for asking."

With Al gone, his thoughts returned to the matter at hand. He had been thinking about it for a long time, had even talked about it with others in Internet chat rooms but had never done the deed. Tonight was different. Tonight, he was going to do it: he was going to fuck another man.

There. I said it. He took a breath and checked himself in the mirror. At thirty-nine, he was still handsome in a beat-up kind of way. A childhood love of boxing had left him with a cauliflower ear and a deep, well-healed cut that bifurcated his right eyebrow. The knuckles of his large hands were the stuff of conversation since he'd broken most of them at least once and his six foot frame still bore the thick pads of muscles that he'd worked out seven days a week.

He still exercised but only three times a week and his anticipation of an exciting fight was replaced with the exhilaration of winning a case. And after he'd gotten married, Jenny had become the center of his life, along with work. Except … say it. Just say it.

He ran a hand through his wavy black hair, staring into the reflection of his own green-blue eyes. Somewhere along the line in his storied development, he had discovered a curiosity about men; a curiosity that went past the simple show-me-yours-and-I'll-show-you-mine game of childhood. A curiosity that burned so hotly, he sometimes found himself rubbing himself, as he was now, imagining that his hand belonged to another man.

Tanner closed his eyes and unzipped his pants, pulling out a thickening length of meat and giving it a gentle squeeze. The effect was immediate: blood filled the flesh, highlighting the veins and muscle until it stretched its full length. He wrapped his fingers around the silky flesh, almost testing its weight before giving it a long, stroke.

In his mind, he imagined that the man was standing behind him, his naked body pressed against his back and his tool in the man's hand. Tanner was at his mercy, every nerve of his body tingling at his gentle, but insistent touch and he gave himself over to the man, letting him tease his nipples and bite his neck. God, he was so close and the man knew it. His hard cock rode the sweat-slick length of his ass crack and his hand stroked his cock, the man's grip firmer now as he hurtled toward release.

When it came, Tanner felt as if he exploded along with his cock, breaking into a thousand pieces in the man's arms, breathing into the man's mouth and sharing his passion. It was several moments before he returned to himself, gasping for breath, his flaccid but still dribbling cock in his hand. His semen had splattered on the mirror and floor and he cleaned it, after taking care of himself. He'd taken the edge off and now it was time to go.

With a sense of foreboding and the heady excitement of the unknown flowing through his body, Tanner took one last quick look at his room before closing the door firmly behind him.

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