tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 07

Lightning Crashes Ch. 07


Tanner found himself gasping for air as Collin's oiled fingers slid along his ass crack, brushing against his sensitive ass hole several times before circling it carefully. Collin's words were soft and filled with love and care and Tanner leaned back against him, more for support than anything because his legs were shaking. Feelings were streaking through him like bolts of lightning and his body was responding with more passion that he'd ever thought he possessed.

He felt Collin's finger circle, then press in and he gasped, his body arching away from him but Collin's voice in his ear brought him back and his hand on his cock made him forget the pain. Tanner shook in his embrace, moaning as Collin pressed in, then pulled out slowly and rhythmically, his hand stroking Tanner's prick at the same time. The urge to cum was excruciating but Collin squeezed him, holding him back and inserted another finger into his asshole.

Collin pushed slowly, feeling Tanner's body react to the pain more than the ensuing pleasure. He whimpered, arching away again but within minutes, he was pressing back against Collin's fingers, taking him deeper into himself. A third, then a fourth finger followed, plunging deeply into Tanner's body and Collin expertly masturbated him, jerking his cock harder and harder until he was screaming in release, his cum splattering against the tiles while his anal muscles clenched against his fingers.

It was several long moments before Tanner could speak. His senses were swimming with so much pleasure that he could barely breathe. "Jesus." He breathed, shivering as Collin nibbled his neck and earlobe again. "Jesus." Collin pulled him backwards into the shower's warm spray and rinsed them thoroughly, turning the water off. Tanner turned in Collin's arms and shared a warm deep kiss with him. "That was incredible."

"Good." Tanner let Collin lead him out of the shower and into the bedroom, kissing him the entire way. This time, Tanner pushed Collin down onto the bed, attacking Collin's nipples and licking and sucking them while pinning his arms down. "Fuck, Tanner, that's not fair!"

"Of course it is." Tanner murmured, licking the side of Collin's neck and drawing a long groan out of him. "It's my turn."

Just as he started his slow, sensual attack of Collin, a phone rang and it took a few moments before Tanner realized that it was his cell phone. Collin nodded and Tanner fished his phone out of his pocket.

"Hi, honey."

Collin got up and went downstairs to give Tanner some privacy and busied himself with preparing a platter of tapas for them. His body was still aching with need for Tanner but he was surprised to find that he was jealous. He never expected that. He'd gone into this with his eyes open; he knew that Tanner belonged to someone else but he was having different feelings now. He wanted Tanner. He didn't know him that well yet but he knew that this was someone that he wanted to spend quality time with. So what am I going to do about it

Tanner's arms slipping around his middle startled him back into reality and he pressed back against him. "I'm sorry."

"No problem. We knew that was going to happen." Collin shivered as Tanner reached down and stroked his rapidly awakening cock. "I fixed some food for us."

"That's not what I'm hungry for right now." Tanner turned him around and kissed him deeply, moving his hips back and forth across his groin.

Collin groaned and grabbed Tanner, crushing him against him but Tanner broke the embrace, dropping to his knees and taking his cock into his mouth. Collin moaned, throwing his head back and gripping the edge of the counter as Tanner's lips and tongue moved over his prick, first around the thick head then up and down the throbbing shaft. When Tanner gripped his hips and started sucking him in earnest, Collin tried to push him away but Tanner wouldn't budge.

Knowing that Tanner was willing to swallow made him even hotter and he tightened his grip on the counter, gritting his teeth as the pleasurable sensations rolled up and down his spine in concert with Tanner's agile tongue, driving him closer and closer to the edge. "Tanner ... stop ... I'm going to ... "

Collin's roar preceded his first spurt of cum and Tanner moaned, swallowing as quickly as he could before the second filled his mouth again. A third and fourth followed and he drank all that Collin gave him, licking his cock clean and pressing a kiss onto the head, then slowly arose, his face wearing a look of uncertainty and smiled when Collin pulled him forward for a long, deep kiss.

"How was I?"

"Perfect." Collin gasped, leaning heavily against the counter since his legs were quivering like jelly. "Absolutely the best."

Tanner grinned like a happy child and Collin couldn't help but laugh. "Good. Now I'm hungry."

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