tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 12

Lightning Crashes Ch. 12


Collin had just finished lighting the last candle when Tanner's knock rang on the door. He blew the match out, dropped in the ashtray, checked his hair in the hall mirror, then went to answer the door. He didn't remember grabbing him but Tanner was in his arms and he pushed him against the wall, thrusting his tongue into his mouth while reaching down and giving his cock a gentle squeeze.

Tanner answered passion with passion, groaning and ripping Collin's shirt from his bronzed body, then biting his neck. Collin roared and roughly kissed him again, trying his best to meld their mouths together. It was several minutes before either could part and they stood gasping for breath, staring at each other.

"I like how you say hello." Collin grinned and Tanner laughed, happily falling into his arms. The embrace was a long one, deep and heartfelt. "God, I missed you. It's only been a few days but it seems like it's been weeks."

"For me as well."

"Good." Collin pulled back and gave Tanner a deep kiss, running his fingers along his jaw. "We'd better get your things out of the hallway."

"Yeah, I guess we'd better." Tanner whispered against Collin's mouth. He tasted his young man a few more times before he moved to pick up his bag. Collin helped, giggling as they unpacked Tanner's things, putting socks into drawers and hanging suits in the closet. He couldn't believe that he'd let Collin talk him into staying.

"I've got a present for you." Collin opened a drawer and pulled out a blue velvet box, tied with a curly pink bow. "Open it."

Tanner accepted the jewelry box warily and flipped the lid open, smiling so wide that his face hurt. Inside was a hand painted wooden toothbrush with Collin's distinctive signature on the handle and decorated with hearts. "Oh, Collin, this is beautiful!" He smoothed the varnished wood. "But I can't ever use it!"

"I thought you'd say that." Collin pulled a brand new toothbrush out and handed the plastic package to Tanner.

"Am I that transparent?"

"Happily, yes." Collin smiled. "I just knew that you'd want to save it."

Once Tanner's things were properly put away, Collin ordered Tanner to take a shower while he set the table for dinner. Tanner did so, luxuriating in the crisp, hot jets and lathering up with Collin's green apple body wash. He alighted from the shower and smiled when he saw the towel and new robe that Collin had left for him. He hurried downstairs, pausing at the bottom to marvel at the romantic change in the room. Candles had been lit and the petals of roses covered the floors and the countertops.

"You like?"

Tanner had been so drawn to the beauty of the arrangement that he had missed Collin standing anxiously at the side. "Oh, yes, Collin. It's lovely."

Collin grinned, walking around to pull out a chair. Tanner sat and turned his head to accept a soft kiss. "Be right back."

He brought out two plates and carefully set both on the table, watching Tanner's expression. A nice, large filet mignon steak rested in the center, covered with thick sliced mushrooms and a glistening dark brown sauce with mushroom bits floating in it. Two spoonfuls of roasted garlic mashed potatoes rested on one side, a group of blanched baby carrots on the other side and steamed and buttered asparagus on the other.

"Wow! Did you make this?" Collin nodded and Tanner smiled, throwing his napkin onto his lap and digging in. The beef was perfect, pink on the inside and well-roasted on the outside and the buttery asparagus just melted on his tongue. "That was so good."

"Glad you liked it." Collin took the plate away, smiling to himself, then returned, bringing Tanner a warmed goblet of amaretto liqueur. "Tanner, I … " He caught his lover's eyes, blushing unexpectedly. "I thought about this for a long time and I can honestly tell you that I've never done this before." Collin reached across the table and touched Tanner's hand. "I've never felt like this before and I'm not sure what to do."

"Neither am I." Tanner turned his hand over and slipped his fingers between Collin's. "Being with a man had always been a fantasy of mine but now … "

Collin waited for him to speak. "But now?"

"What I felt when we had sex the first time … I knew it wasn't just the sex. I tried to convince myself that it was but I couldn't. Somehow, you got inside me and I can't get you out."

He heard the despair in Tanner's voice and tried to pull his hand away but Tanner held him fast. "Tanner … "

"And the thing is, I don't want you out. My heart knows that you belong there." Tanner searched Collin's eyes and he took their intertwined hands and placed them over his heart. "My heart knows, Col. And I know."

Collin felt a deep tremble begin in his body and it was followed by the burning prick of tears. "Tanner, please don't tease me. Don't tell me what I want to hear … don't break my heart."

"I'm not, Collin. I'm telling you what's in my heart. I don't know how it happened so fast but I love you and I want to be with you." Tanner cupped his face gently, pulling him forward for a kiss that deepened gradually to a soul kiss.

"Then where do we go from here?"

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