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Lights! Camera! Action!


The recession was taking its toll. My boss had started to let people go and my wife and I were worried about what we would do if I lost my job. I was 31 and my wife Cathy was 28. We had a nice home in a San Diego suburb and my job paid well, but with the reduced the level of business at least three of the seven guys I worked with were going to be let go. In fact, one had already left. My wife and I talked about it all the time and tonight we were at it again sitting on the back patio and trying to figure out what we were going to do.

My wife asked, "Did you hear about Ray and Pam?"

"I haven't talked to Ray in a week," I said.

"They're going to lose their house," Cathy said. She looked like she was about to cry. "They're going back north to live with her folks."

"The last time I talked to Ray, he said they could not keep up the house payments. Their mortgage was under water. The market has gone down so much that the house is worth less than what they owe the bank. I'm not surprised that the bank's going to take it."

Cathy shook her head. "Pam should have screwed that bastard. It would have only been for a couple of months. He always moves on after a couple of months."

Cathy was talking about my boss, Paul, who was a notorious womanizer. His wife Debbie knew about it and didn't care. She had a big house, a new Benz every year, and anything else she wanted. She could have divorced him long ago and left with a bundle of cash but she preferred to stay married and ignore his women. It was easier and if she wanted to have an affair he would probably not object.

Paul had propositioned Pam, and she told him no, even though she knew it meant that Ray might lose his job. Ray had supported her decision. Pam was a good-looking woman about Cathy's age with a very nice figure. I thought Cathy was better looking and better built than Pam, but then I was biased.

Cathy stared at me as I sat there thinking. Then she asked. "What are we going to do when he hits on me?"

"I don't want you the fuck him," I answered. "Tell him no just like Pam did."

"And you lose your job just like Ray did. Do you want to lose our house?" Cathy replied.

"I don't want you to fuck that bastard," I repeated.

"I don't want to lose our house," she said. You know our mortgage is under water just like Ray and Pam. We have to keep making the payments. I am not going to lose this house!" She was emphatic.

I sat there and did not answer her. The thought of Cathy spreading her legs for Paul made me intensely jealous. He was a bastard. Arrogant and insolent. But he was my boss. I sat there getting angry -- at Paul, at Cathy, at the world.

She continued, "It would only be for a couple of months."


"At least think about it. I've seen his eyes. He likes my tits. I think he's going to hit on me soon. He's been fucking Sherry for two months now and Charlie doesn't care."

"Charlie does care." I replied. "He cares and he's scared and he's jealous and there's not a damn thing he can do about it. Charlie's helpless. He just has to let her fuck him and keep his mouth hut. Plus, all the guys and their wives know that Paul is fucking Sherry and how do you think that makes Charlie feel?"

"Paul fucked Lois and Larry didn't care."

"Will you just stop it already. Larry did care. He just couldn't do anything about it. He had to let her fuck him. He had no choice. And everybody knew they were fucking. Paul screwed her in the guesthouse at his place the same way he's screwing Sherry now. She would park her car in plain sight. Debbie knew every time she was there and she didn't care. Hell, everybody knew they were fucking."

Cathy looked at me and then as though it proved her point she said, "Paul only fucked Lois for about two months, then he moved on. Larry still has his job and Lois said Paul told her that Larry's job was safe. Paul's going to be finished with Sherry very soon and then Charlie will keep his job. It's only two months for God's sake! Joe, I'm telling you this and I mean it. I'm not going to lose our house. I'm gonna fuck him if I have to. "

I gave up and said nothing. I would watch her closely and when Paul hit on her, as I knew he would, I would tell her she couldn't fuck him and that would be that.

A couple of weeks later Paul and Debbie had a big party at the fancy house that Debbie loved so much. Lots to eat and drink on the big patio around the pool. That house was really something. I couldn't count the rooms or the garages. Back behind the pool was the guesthouse, half as big as our home. Everyone was having a good time and the wives ended up on the patio moving back and forth from sun to shade and sipping fruity vodka drinks. The guys collected in the den watching Sunday football on a big screen TV and drinking beer. I walked around and chatted with my friends, keeping an eye on Cathy. This would be a good time for Paul to hit on her and I wanted to be ready. I was not going to let it happen.

The party went well but it was hard to keep track of Cathy. Paul had long ago disappeared after giving all of us the big welcome and showing us the bar. I tried to stay as sober as I could because I wanted to stay alert. I sat by the pool where I had a good view. Then I got up to get another drink and got into a conversation with one of the wives. When I got back to my chair, somehow Cathy had disappeared. Hell I was only gone for fifteen minutes, where did she go? She was not on the patio with the girls or in the pool. Maybe, I thought, she's gone into the house. I headed inside and checked out the kitchen first. She was not there. As I walked by the den I saw that the guys had changed channels. Instead of football they were watching a porn movie. It wasn't all that good. It was just some guy fucking this gal in the missionary position and her making the usual porn star sounds.

"You guys better not let your wives catch you watching that," I said, laughing at them. "Besides that's a pretty boring porn movie. There's usually a lot more action than that. Hell, that's just a missionary fuck," I said pointing to the big screen TV where the guy was still just pumping away and the gal still groaning just like when I walked in. All you could see was this guy's back covering some girl whose legs were up in the air bouncing as the guy fucked her.

"It's boring," I said.

"Depends on your perspective." said Tom. And for some reason I couldn't understand all the guys thought this was really funny and laughed.

I walked back outside and looked for Cathy on the patio. Finally I asked Charlie's wife Sherry if she had seen Cathy. Sherry looked uncomfortable and gave me a very strange look. Then she smiled reassuringly.

"I think she's gone into the house," she said.

"I looked there. She's not in the kitchen."

"Debbie said something about showing her the house. She's probably looking at the dining room or the master bedroom. That's what most girls want to see. She'll probably be back in a few minutes."

I nodded and walked over to fix a drink and wait for her. I sat down by the pool and nursed my drink, looking back at the house for Cathy to come out. I must have waited over a half hour and I was starting to get worried. I hadn't seen Paul. Was Cathy really with Debbie? I got up and went back into the house. No one was in the kitchen. When I walked by the den the guys were still watching their porn movie.

I stepped into the den and glanced at the screen. They were still fucking but this time the gal was on top. "Well at least they've changed positions," I said, looking around the room as they sat drinking beer and staring at the screen. "She's riding him pretty hard. What is the expression? Oh yeah 'Ride a cowboy and rest a horse.' That's what they say."

Again the guys broke out in a large burst of laughter. It was funny, but not that funny. The same thing had happened almost an hour ago when Tom had said "It all depends on your perspective." What the hell was going on? I couldn't figure why these guys had been watching a third rate porn flick for an hour as though it were an Academy Award movie.

"You guys are something else," I said. "I hope your wives catch you watching this lousy film. You deserve to get caught." They laughed again. I was wasting my time.

I started to leave and suddenly I heard a familiar voice from the TV speaker.

"Oh my God! Play with my tits. I'm gonna come. Play with my tits. Oh! God I'm gonna come. Oh!" Then there was loud moaning and groaning.

I spun around and in vivid color on the big screen was Cathy facing the camera and humping violently on top of Paul as a violent orgasm racked her body. Her tits were bouncing as she pumped her ass. I could see her tremble and I knew from first hand experience what the contractions of her pussy were doing to Paul's cock. Then she collapsed on top of him gasping for breath, sweat dripping from her body. I watched, wordless, as they rested.

The room was completely silent, everyone staring at the screen.

Then I heard my wife's voice again. "I told you I always come faster when I'm on top. And it feels better that way too. Damn it, Paul, you fuck like a stud stallion."

It was not until later that I learned that our computer guru, Phil, had hacked into Paul's computer system months ago trying to check out his job security. He had discovered Paul's collection of videos of the girls he had fucked. He figured the camera was behind a mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed because of the camera angle and the way the girls primped themselves as they were getting dressed. Later at a party he had sneaked into to the guesthouse to confirm this. There was a huge library of videos, each lasting one or two hours. Paul had edited some of these long videos into what he labeled "Highlights", each about ten minutes long and containing the best sex scenes with each gal. Phil had downloaded these to his office computer. Phil had not told anyone about it until today.

I was as angry as I had ever been in my life. I was trembling with rage. I shouted "You guys have been sitting in here for an hour drinking beer and watching Paul fuck my wife?"

"It's better than watching the Colts and Vikings," said Tom and the guys burst out laughing.

"You bastards, why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Well she started off by sucking his cock and we thought you would not like to watch that with all of us here," said Tom. I had never liked Tom very much and now I liked him even less.

"God damn it! You bastards!"

"Dammit Joe, don't feel so bad," said Tom. "Phil showed us the highlights of Paul fucking Sherry and Lois. There were some very steamy scenes. Sherry is just like Cathy. She likes fuckin' better if she's on top. She told Paul the same thing Cathy did. She comes faster that way."

Charlie and Larry were both embarrassed and looked down at the floor.

That pissed me off even more. I leaned down in Tom's face and almost shouted, "What the hell are you going to do when Paul fucks Barbara? Watch him fuck her live or just wait for the highlight video?"

Tom got serious for a change. "Well, Barbara does not have the big tits that Paul likes. And she has a job. My mortgage is not under water, so we can probably make it if we need to. It will be tough but not as tough as having you guys watching him fuck Barbara for two months."

The bastard, I thought. He may be the only one of us who is safe. I liked him even less because of that.

"Look Joe," Steve said seriously. "We're all in a bad situation here. And there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Paul's got every one of us by the balls. Is there even one of us without a big mortgage except Tom? Kay and I have talked about it and we've already decided that if he hits on her she's gonna fuck him. It's just for a couple of months. I don't mind telling you, because you're gonna know it anyway when he starts fucking her. I don't like it, that he's gonna fuck my wife. I don't like it, that you guys are gonna watch him do it. But, I don't have a choice."

I turned to Phil. "What about you and Jan?"

"When he hits on her, and with her tits you know he going to hit on her, I've decided to show him copies of his video collection and try to ... well, I guess you'd call it blackmail ... to get him to leave us alone. Jan has talked about it with both Sherry and Lois and she knows the score. We don't know if that will work. She'll fuck him if she has to, but once I show him the videos at least Jan won't be on big screen TV."

"One thing's for sure," Steve said. "We all agree that it's best not to tell the girls about the videos. It's hard enough for us guys, I mean everybody watching your wife get fucked, but I don't think the girls could still be friends or continue their future relationships if they saw fuck films of each other."

Charlie and Larry were sitting there not saying much. God! I thought. Every guy here just watched the sexiest scenes of their wives getting fucked. They had to feel bad, and Charlie especially since his wife Sherry obviously had enjoyed fucking Paul on top. Shit! And Cathy had too, I thought, and felt a cramp in my stomach.

The guys were looking at the TV again. The guys just gawked at the screen. I looked back and Cathy was standing in front of the mirror buck-naked and primping her hair. She was a stunning beauty and the whole room suddenly became deathly silent.

"Jesus," said Tom, "look at those tits."

She had a rich tan except where her bikini top had covered her large breasts, which were velvety smooth and creamy white with luscious brown nipples. Her breasts swayed gently as she moved her arms adjusting her hair. Her belly was taut and richly tanned from the bottom of her creamy breasts to just above her thick, curly-haired beaver, which was so lush that you could barely see the top of her clit. Dripping out of her pussy and down her inner left thigh was a thick trail of Paul's semen.

"Look at that bastard's cum dripping out of her pussy," said Tom. "He really pumped a big load into her. And she liked it." I was going to hit that son-of-a-bitch in a minute if he kept this up.

Paul approached her from behind and put his arms around her and played with her tits, then slid one hand down her flat belly to her beaver and caressed it. Cathy laughed softly and turned her head back over her shoulder so he could kiss her. Then he turned her around and gave her a big slow kiss running his hands down her back to her tight little butt, which was silky white where her bikini had protected it from the sun. He pulled her closer to him pressing that thick hairy beaver against him. She stepped back from him and reached down with both hands and cupped his large testicles in both hands, bouncing them slightly as though weighing them.

"You've got he biggest balls I ever saw," she said, "but you emptied them out in me this afternoon. Will they be full again by tomorrow?"

"You better believe it," he said.

He flaccid penis began to swell and it was clear that he was about to get hard again. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Cathy started to laugh. "Just for a minute," she said as she dropped to her knees and took his cock fully into her mouth and started to suck it. As it got bigger and bigger she was able to hold less of it in her mouth and soon she was sucking only on the bulbous head that crowned what had to be a magnificent eight-inch cock. It was thick and rock hard. Her head moved swiftly back and forth and then, suddenly, she stood up laughing.

"Jesus," said Tom. "Look at the size of his cock."

"That's all you get till tomorrow," Cathy said, looking down at his hard cock, which was standing straight out and quivering with his eagerness.

"That's a cock to match those big balls," Cathy said looking down at it.

"Have you ever seen a bigger one?" Paul asked.

"Never," she said.

"What about Joe?"

Cathy started to laugh shaking her head from side to side. "You're twice his size, baby. That's why it feels so good inside me."

I felt my stomach cramp again. There was nothing to say. At least Tom did not laugh at me. Cathy picked up her bikini bottoms and started to wiggle the tiny garment up her thighs.

"I hate to see you put that beautiful hairy thing away," said Paul.

"You'll see it again tomorrow, baby, and you'll probably use is as hard as you used it today. I certainly hope so."

Then she reached for her bikini top and asked Paul to help her. She moved out of view, but we could hear them moving around, as Paul got dressed.

"Okay guys," said Tom. "There's going to be another show tomorrow afternoon. Phil's got it rigged so we can watch it on his computer screen in his office. It won't be a big screen but the fuckin' will be just as good."

"You bastard!" I said. The thought of them crowded around Phil's computer watching my wife fuck my boss caused pain in my stomach.

Tom just looked at me and chuckled. "What was it you asked me? Oh, I remember now. I'll ask you the same question. Are you gonna watch your wife fuck the boss live or wait for the highlights?"

There was nothing I could say. I headed for the door and got to the patio just in time to see Cathy walk carefully down the stairs into the pool keeping her hair dry. There wasn't a hell of a lot I could do about this situation now. Cathy swam around in the pool, which I'm sure felt good after her exertions. At least, I thought, it washed Paul's cum off of her thigh. When she got out and dressed it was time to go home. We said our good-byes.

As we walked away the last thing I remember was Tom staring at Cathy, his eyes hungry for her. I knew he was thinking about watching her fuck tomorrow and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. I was helpless.

In the car on the way home I said, "You fucked him didn't you."

"Yes," she answered in a soft voice. "I had to. He's finished with Sherry now."

"He's finished with Sherry and he needs some new pussy!" I said harshly.

"He only keeps a girl for a couple of months."

"Sherry knew you were fucking him didn't she."


I remembered the look on Sherry's face when I asked her about Cathy. She was surprised that I didn't know they were fucking in the guesthouse. That's why she didn't tell me. She was waiting for Cathy to tell me.

"So when do you fuck him again?" I was mad as hell and I already knew the answer, but I tried to stay calm.

"Tomorrow afternoon in the guesthouse."

"While I'm at work, right? At work at the job you think you're saving for me."

"At the job I am saving for you! And it's just for a couple of months."

There it was again! She said a couple of months over and over, as though it wouldn't hurt me so much. What hurt me was my wife fucking my boss and everybody knowing about it. What hurt me was my buddies watching her suck his cock and play with his balls. What hurt me was everybody knowing that when he got tired of fucking her, she would have to blow him until he got tired of that. What hurt me was that the bitch got horny and enjoyed fucking him and my buddies knew it. What hurt me was thinking about tomorrow afternoon when the guys would crowd into Phil's office the watch her enjoy fuckin' him again.

"It doesn't hurt any less because it's only two months," I said.

She looked over at me as I drove and said in a soft voice, "Darling, I want to save our home. I'm just doing what I have to do. I'm doing it for your sake. I'm doing it to save your job and our house. It's not something I want to do or something I enjoy doing. I'm just laying there, doing it because I have to. Somehow I'm gonna get through all this, for you and for our future."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No, of course I didn't enjoy it. Why would you think that?"

"Did you suck his cock?" I asked.

"No! Absolutely not. Of course I didn't suck his cock. What do you think I am?" He voice was angry and her tone arrogant.

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