tagMatureLike a Daughter to Me Ch. 03

Like a Daughter to Me Ch. 03


Disclaimer: All the usual, all the people portrayed herein are at least 18 years of age at the time of portrayed sexual congress, blah blah blah bling bling blah. If you're looking for something younger, you're using the wrong interwebz. Scram.

Chapter 3- About Effing Time

I had been asleep so I didn't really hear my door open. I was vaguely aware of someone crawling gently onto my bed and kneeling by my thighs. I smiled to myself, still not really awake, but this was far from the worst time that Anita had crept into my room in the morning to wake me up with a blowjob. I slept naked and above my covers most of the year, so she could see all of me.

I could feel her lean in and her warm breath over my cock and dreamily looked forward to delightful wake-up sex.

Maybe not.

The mouth over my pressed down suddenly and blew a very loud and jarring raspberry on me. Every synapse in my body exploded and I jolted upright, shouting in shock and panic, my arms almost flailing and my unseeing eyes wider than dinner plates.

My head was still spinning as the sound of cackling reached my ears. My eyes snapped into focus and in the dim light of my bedroom, I could see Cait lying on her side on my bed, laughing her ass off about what she'd done. I gaped at her, my mouth moving, but no sound coming out.

"Omigod," she sighed, wiping a tear or mirth from her eye as she saw me looking at her. If she couldn't hear my heart thundering in my chest, I'd be amazed. "Oh, the look on your face, Trekkie..."

"Why?" I asked in a voice rife with hurt and betrayal, none of which fazed her, seemingly. I finally noticed that she was nude, having left her clothes in a puddle at the door.

"Oh, you know you love me," she said in a somehow cutesy-yet-smug tone as she knelt and sidled into me, her breasts pressed to my ribcage while her arms went around my shoulders. "You know you do."

"I must," I sighed, finally composing myself. "That's why you're still breathing."

"It's your fault, really," she pointed out, wiggling her tits against my chest to distract me while she straddled my thigh. "If you didn't leave your door unlocked, people wouldn't be able to just wander in and raspberry your dick at will."

"I can leave it unlocked because everyone else in the neighbourhood is terrified of me," I grumbled. "They all know I have swords, Chinese halberds and bat'leths lining the walls of my house, so they don't dare."

"Well, first, I'm not from your neighbourhood," she stated, smiling at me. "Second, you'd never hurt me, you love me too much."

"Gnnnrrrrrrr, you insufferable wench," I grumbled, putting my arms around Cait to hug her. She squeaked in giddy joy at my acceptance of her and she nuzzled my neck, as if she was leaving her scent on me. "Why in God's name are you here at this ungodly hour anyway?"

"I was driving by, thought I'd wake you," she replied, smiling at me. "Mission accomplished."

She then unstraddled me and sauntered back toward my door, a little wiggle in her step. At that moment, Anita came out of her room, clad only in skimpy panties, rubbing her eyes sleepily- probably to see what all the yelping on my part was about.

"Boob smoosh!" Cait cheered as she grabbed Anita by the waist and pulled her close and began squirming their tits together. Anita's eyes widened in shock and she stared dumbly while Cait violated her for several seconds before letting go, picking up her clothes and skipping downstairs. My roomie turned her head to look at me in confusion, but I was already laying on my back, staring at the ceiling and trying to calm my heart.

"Not sure I'm gonna survive you two not fucking for much longer..." she muttered before turning around and heading back to her own room.


"Hey, everyone," Anita said to her webcam as she sat on her knees with her hands in her lap, perched atop her plush bed. She was naked but her arms covered her most treasured assets teasingly. "So, I've got a special treat for you today! I brought along a helper! Wanna meet him?"

She beckoned to me and I stepped into the view of her camera. I was already naked, as she had insisted I be, and the only thing I was wearing was the demonic mempo mask from my set of Japanese armour, specifically a somen-variety mask that covered my whole face, rather than just the bottom half. Taking my hand, she turned me toward the camera and introduced me.

"Just my way of keeping things funky-fresh, he's going to fuck me," she announced, smiling to her audience and caressing her hand over my washboard abs. "Or I'll be fucking him, depending on how you like to look at it. But the important thing is that I'm doing what you requested and you'll get to see me fuck a live dick."

She then trailed her hand down to my cock and began stroking it slowly, making sure that I was starting to get aroused. My member began to swell. I'd fucked in front of a camera before, and I was wearing a mask that concealed my identity, so there was no embarrassment on my part. I stood still and looked down at my roomie, who went about her business readily.

Anita and I had discussed this a few days earlier while at a seafood restaurant, allowing her to fuck me on her webcam as a way of boosting her viewing numbers. I thought it might be counter-intuitive, a cam-girl fucking in front of a mostly male audience, since one would think stupid jealousies would arise, but she seemed confident that this was a good idea, so I readily went with it. Who was I to object? I was already fucking her and Anita always met her rent and utilities obligations. How could her making more money be a bad thing? I enjoyed having her as a roomie, so making sure she stayed by becoming an indispensable part of her shows was logical.

"Just remember, folks," she said as she wrapped her dainty hand around my member and began massaging it in earnest. "My mouth might be full, so I might not always get to thank you immediately if you hit the donation button. But afterward, I'll be going through the session script and thanking everyone who donates to me."

As if in response, her laptop began chiming intermittently- people were already donating to express their approval of this idea. She smiled slyly as she looked at my swelling cock. "Mmmm, guess you guys like my idea, hm? How about this?"

She now leaned in and swirled her tongue around my cockhead as she held it up while her free hand used a tiny remote to zoom her webcam in on the action. I'd seen the little device on her desk before and knew what it was, but clearly it came in very handy for gonzo shots during her sessions.

She pushed her mouth down the length of my member and seconds later, her laptop was chiming nearly constantly as donations kept coming. I felt her shiver in delight, probably not because my cock was in her mouth but because of the money rolling in. She moaned around me, sucking a little harder before she began to bob back and forth, her eyes looking up at my face, which was off-camera. She was the focus, after all.

I closed my eyes and listened to the wet noises her warm mouth was making as she sucked on my cock eagerly. Her hand pumped along behind her lips, making a gentle twisting motion on my soft skin. I noticed she had put down the remote and her free hand was now massaging her breasts, teasing her audience. She moaned audibly around my dick and I could feel her skin getting warmer as she pressed against my thigh.

"Mmmmm, I'm getting so horny, guys," she murmured, pulling her mouth back and squirming while she kept pumping her hand on my throbbing cock. She then sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide and zoomed the camera in on her wet, pink pussy, which she parted the thick lips of with two fingers. "See?"

Her laptop was ringing nonstop now, and she turned to look up at me, smiling slyly. Still sitting, she pushed her mouth back onto me and continued sucking while she masturbated for the camera. A sheen of sweat glistened on her skin, and I could feel the heat of her body and smell the scent of her arousal.

"Mmmmm, is it time to let him fuck me, folks?" she asked her audience. "Do I put this big dick inside me now?"

The comment section of her window was a scrolling blur of messages, doubtless asking her to do more. Thirsty motherfuckers out there.

"The masses have spoken," she said breathily, looking at her camera again. "So, I'll fuck him, and you guys decide where I let him cum, okay? When I give the word, the biggest donation gets to choose where he cums- in me, on me, whatever. Let's get this party started!"

And with that, my scene girl roomie gently lowered me onto my back on the bed, my legs over the edge so I was close to the camera. She then clambered over me, straddling my hips and facing down my body. Her hand massaged my pulsing member and she teased it along her glistening slit, shivering and whimpering. Her computer continued to chime incessantly.

"Ease him in, guys?" she asked, her voice betraying her need. "Or just spike myself on him in one brutal push? Uh-huh, okay. And full body shot or zoom in for the money shot when he penetrates me?"

I could no longer see the screen, of course, since Anita was straddling me and blocking my view. Not that I cared, mind, because all I could see was her slender body and my hands caressing her shapely ass. Her pale skin shone with sweat as she squirmed on me, awaiting her audience's decision. Clearly, she was really excited about the results of the experiment and playing it up for them.

She held my cock steady for half a second before she sank down onto me swiftly, letting out a loud groan as she did so. I moaned myself, suddenly rocked by the pleasure of being deep inside her tight, slippery pussy. My fingers gripped her ass cheeks as we became one and I bottomed out in her.

I felt her shiver and brace herself on my thighs. I'd fucked Anita so often that I knew the routine now. She would rely on me to not cum until she was ready, which was whenever her audience was ready. I'd quite happily do whatever it took to make this work for her, so long as she didn't try to put anything in my butt.

"Fuck, guys," she rasped. "He's really in there. Enjoy the show..."

She began sinking slowly up and down on my cock, and I tried to picture what it was the audience was seeing- depending on the zoom of the camera, they could be watching her lovely, pale body as she squirmed on me, or they might be getting treated to an up-close shot of her pussy greedily swallowing my member while she massaged her clit with her fingers. My hands squeezed her ass and massaged her lower back and she groaned in pleasure.

She was riding faster and faster, and I could see her ass cheeks flexing as she squeezed on me. It felt amazing, because she was so turned on, but I steeled my will, not allowing myself to go over the edge or even engaging in brinksmandship- I pushed my hips beneath her while she undulated and writhed. Aside from her moans and panting, and the sticky noises her pussy made, all I could hear was the constant barrage of donations she was receiving on her laptop. I was guess this was an extra-good night for her.

Anita leaned back now, her hands beside my flanks, doubtless giving her viewers a rather shameless shot of how she was impaled on my cock. She squirmed on me and squeezed me, her body growing warmer with each passing moment. I could feel her trembling and knew what was about to happen.

"Gnnnn, he's about to make me cum, guys!" she keened before her back arched and she groaned loudly, her black hair cascading over my chest. I felt her pussy clench around me fiercely as she came, bathing me in her sticky warmth. The laptop just kept ringing.

Finally, she calmed down and was sitting up, watching her screen again as she caressed her body and massaged her breasts, enjoying her post-orgasm glow. She read something on her screen and nodded. "You got it!" she said breathily before pulling herself off my cock and spinning around to look down at me. She smiled down at me as my hands found her ass cheeks and steadied her while she lined her wet slit up with my still-throbbing dick. She then pushed down onto me, sighing in pure pleasure. She leaned down more, pressing her breasts to my chest and whispering in my ear.

"They can't see you, I'm lifting your mask so I can kiss you as a thank you for doing this. I've already made over a grand since we started..."

She pushed my sonen mask up and pressed her lips to mine, humming quietly in secret delight. We didn't kiss often, because Anita generally thought of it as a great emotional intimacy, but sometimes she just felt it completed sexuality and went for it- our tongues tangled as she sank up and down on me, my hands holding her ass cheeks and pulling them apart so that her audience could really get a good view of the action.

I kinda pictured it looking to them like that one threesome scene out of Sex Asylum II from 1986 where Amber Lynn was boffing Tom Byron on the kitchen counter, except this was a hot scene girl instead of a plastic blonde. But you get the idea, right?

She kissed me for a considerable length of time, meaning she really appreciated what I was doing for her. I'm pretty sure being balls-deep inside her might have been playing a factor, but why quibble at a moment like this? We kissed heatedly while she fucked me and the donations kept rolling in.

"You just might have to become my semi-regular silent co-star," she purred as she kissed me. "Hope this doesn't bump me into a higher tax bracket..."

She now sat up and kept humping, her spine making an erotic snaking motion to keep her viewers enthralled. Her fingernails grazed my chest and she was breathing heavily, her eyes glazed with lust as she looked down at me. She was trembling and realized she was about to cum again. Making sure I was in control of myself, I smiled evilly, reached up and squeezed her tits and thrust deep inside her without warning.

Anita shuddered and cried out, her body seizing up as she started cumming, thrashing about on top of me. She was squeezing me so hard I nearly lost control of myself and came, but somehow, I held on. She heaved and thrashed above me until she sagged forward, breathing heavily, her body steaming.

"Don't stop," she breathed, her forehead against mine. "Put me on my back and fuck me again, I don't want their attention to wander. Please..."

I nodded, replaced my mask and sat up, keeping her pinned on my cock and laying her on her back, both of us now facing the camera. She groaned loudly as I began spearing in and out of her pussy, her breasts wobbling beneath me. Her head was craned over the bottom edge of the bed, her black hair cascading down and everyone could see her face- her eyes were closed in rapture as I fucked her, and her mouth was wide open as she moaned and gasped.

"Gnnn gnnn gnnnnnn!" she groaned, wrapping her legs around my waist as she rocked against me. "Holy fuck!" Her fingernails dug into the sides of my biceps and she pumped her wanton pussy up against my hips. She was trembling again before long and then screamed, shaking almost convulsively through another orgasm.

Her body felt like a warm, wet dishrag beneath me, but her creamy pussy still held me in its velvety vise. Her eyes were barely focused as she opened them and whispered the word 'doggy' at me. I nodded and turned her over, hauling her onto her hands and knees, still facing the camera. I allowed her to steady herself before I pushed inside her, eliciting a guttural groan. Her screen was still a blur of messages and the contributions kept coming in.

"I think... this is the final round for now," she panted as she looked wearily at the camera, her lovely, pale breasts swaying underneath her with our motion. "I'm about to fuckin' die. I'm gonna cum, let him cum, answer the messages and pass the fuck out, folks. So... how- gnnnnn! Goddamn it! How do you want him to cum? Highest donation... starting now... wins..."

I regulated my pumping to let her watch her screen, but also decided to improvise to keep it interesting. After all, I didn't want her show to get stale, did I?

So, I smacked her across the ass. Anita stiffened and squeaked in surprise, looking back at me for a moment in shock before returning her attention to the screen. She had steeled herself now for the occasional smack, moaning when my palm cracked over her cheeks, leaving them a delicate pink shade.

Anita was gasping now, driving herself back against me urgently, needing to have one last, massive climax for her viewers before she let me cum. I thumped my hips against her strongly, driving myself deeper inside her until she was almost screeching, actually tearing at the light blanket of her bed with her teeth to keep from being heard across the neighbourhood. She churned and ground desperately on my cock, squeezing me harder than ever. She was so wet.

"Uh-huh!" she mewled, shaking. "Mulligan wins! I'm taking the cum shot in the face!"

She looked back at me now, her eyes pleading. "Make me cum one last time!"

I nodded and rammed inside her, my body overpowering hers and she shook violently and cried out, arching her back. She came so hard, her pussy almost squeezed me right out of its confines, in spite of my strength and position over her. She massaged me with her tight, slick channel until I was about to burst, my own body stiffening. Anita scrambled off my cock and sat on the edge of the bed, plunging her mouth down onto my throbbing rod while she massaged her breasts. She bobbed back and forth with a dreadful eagerness, humming around me. She skillfully used one hand to find the remote and zoom it in again on her face and my cock.

I groaned and pressed forward with my hips, letting her know I was about to cum. She pulled her mouth off me and pumped my shaft with her hand, placing her face right next to my pulsing head. My cum shot out in thick, pearly ropes, plastering her face. Anita moaned loudly for the benefit of her audience. I knew she wasn't all that crazy about getting her face napalmed, but if it made lots of money, she'd overlook the inconvenience.

She massaged my cock deftly, milking me of my creamy essence, most of it on her face, but also aiming a few shots at her lovely breasts, smearing my cockhead around on her silken skin and making me shudder.

We finally both relaxed, and I sank back onto the bed, my chest heaving. I looked down wearily and saw Anita zooming in the camera on her face, which I had just glazed so thoroughly. I think it was a testament to her how pretty she was and her innate attractiveness that she still looked so damn sexy, even though she'd just endured a bukkake routine. I could hear her giggling.

"So I think that's about it for now, guys," she breathed. "I'm gonna clean my face off before this stuff gets in my eyes and then start my thank-you correspondence to everyone who made a donation. Did you all like the show? If you did, maybe I'll invite him back, hm? Maybe next time he can take my ass? Love you all!"

She blew a kiss to the camera and turned it off before flopping back on the bed and sighing loudly. I gave her some time to recover. She reached over the side of her bed and pulled a conveniently-placed towel from between her mattresses. She began carefully wiping my cum off her face and chest before coming up and snuggling into me tiredly.

"Thank you so much," she mumbled. "I don't know the exact figure, but I'm pretty sure I made well over two grand for that session. Hope you're up for more of them on occasion."

"I'll happily help you out," I said cheerfully, putting my arms around her. "You just tell me when."

"Mmmm, I'm glad," Anita murmured, wiggling against me. "So what should your cut be for those? Twenty-five percent of my take-home?"

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