Like a Daughter to Me Ch. 03


"I don't need any of it," I assured her. "I'm fucking an insanely hot scene girl, what else would I want?"

She giggled and kissed my nose. "That's very kind, but I'd feel guilty if you didn't get some of it. Besides, it's just for the sessions you're involved in, not like it's a regular gig. Let me give you twenty-five, assuage my guilt, okay?"

"Fine, fine," I sighed, reaching down and caressing her soft ass cheeks. "The sacrifices I make for you."

She snickered and shook her head. "Besides, you'll probably end up just spending it on dates with me or Cait anyway."

"Well, I do like wining and dining you." I agreed, moving her on top of me and nestling my still-hard cock against her tired, gooey pussy before sliding it inside her and making her sigh.

She smiled tiredly and shook her head. "I should charge that money back as rent for using my cunt as a parking space for this dick of yours, mister."

"Best tenant you've ever had." I replied, smiling.

"On that point we agree." Anita purred as she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me tenderly.


Anita had made over two thousand dollars from that one session and, true to her word, had given me five hundred of it. I hadn't really given any thought as to what I'd spend the money on, while she had gone out to purchase some silk sheets for her bed. I'd offered to go with her, but she wasn't sure she'd be right back, so she set out alone.

I was sitting in my living room in my big Love-Sac chair and reading a book while listening to music when Cait came into the living room. She walked up to me and eased into my lap while I set my book aside. She looked up at me while she snuggled into my chest, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Love me?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Of course," I replied, wondering what was up. It was as if something was bothering her, but I couldn't tell what.

"Good," she said quietly, nuzzling her cheek on my pec.

"You alright, babygirl?" I asked, putting my arms around her.

"Yeah," she said, not looking at me. "I'm just dumb sometimes. I was worried you were ignoring me."

"Why would I be ignoring you?" I chuckled. "Did you put the albino squirrel in my tree outside into a wood chipper?"

"No, I wouldn't do that to Thunderhorse," she said, shaking her head, her head still buried between my pecs. "I'm just weird."

"Well, yes, but that's not a bad thing." I said as I kissed the top of her head and let her snuggle closer into me. "I love your weird self. Weird is good. Normal people frighten me."

"Nothing frightens you, you ridiculously oversized battle-mammoth," she almost grumbled. I was still no closer to ascertaining what was wrong, so I just held her. "I... was just worried I'd pissed you off somehow the other day when I texted you and you didn't get back to me all that quickly."

"When was that?" I asked.

"Last Wednesday afternoon." Cait replied.

"Oh," I answered, remembering exactly what I'd been doing at that time. "I was a little pre-occupied."

"I know," she moped. "When you didn't respond and I turned on Anita's webcam and-"

"Wait, what?" I interrupted, looking down at her in surprise. She realized what she'd said and I could feel her cringe and almost grow smaller in my lap. "Did you just say you were watching Anita's webcam show?"

"Yes..." she admitted in the tiniest voice. "I'm... I'm one of her regular viewers. I even donate a little bit sometimes."

"Well I'll be damned," I laughed. "Does she know?"

"Oh, no," Cait said, shaking her head. "No no no, and please don't tell her. Please?"

"I won't," I assured her, caressing her strawberry-blonde hair lovingly and making her relax. "So why do you watch her at all?"

Cait shrugged, still not looking at me. "She puts on a hot show," she offered as an explanation. "And you know I'm bi."

"Do you have the hots for my roomie?" I inquired, trying to keep the amusement out of my voice. It wasn't like my Cait to be this insecure-sounding.

"I mean, she's hot, yeah," Cait admitted. "But I'm not lusting after her. I have gotten off to a few of her shows, but it's not like I'm desperate to fuck her."

I focused back on her original statement, where she'd originally outed herself about watching. She'd been watching the webcam show where Anita was fucking me. I hadn't touched my phone for some time before or after that event. Cait had apparently text me and then found out why I hadn't responded by turning on Anita's webcam to pass the time. Lo and behold, she saw Anita and I, horizontal and superimposed.

But so what? She knew Anita and I were casual lovers. Had this made it real for her somehow and was she getting jealous?

I didn't pry any further but just held her, caressing her hair and kissing the top of her head. She sighed and snuggled, not feeling the need to say anything else for some time. Maybe ten minutes passed before she looked at me.

"Can we cuddle naked?" she asked. "I'm just feeling insecure for some reason and want some comfort from my Ludo."

I nodded and helped her strip out of her t-shirt and capris, leaving her clad only in a frilly blue bra and matching panties. I used one hand to unclasp her bra and she giggled and called me a man-whore under her breath while she slipped off her panties. She then pulled my shirt over my chest and then made me lift my hips so she could undo my belt and pants, pulling them off. Lastly, she removed my boxer shorts, smiling up at me.

"I promise not to raspberry you this time," she said, winking. "I'll be good."

Now that we were both fully naked, she clambered back into my lap, her arms around my shoulders. Her smooth pussy pressed against my cock and we looked into one another's eyes, smiling. We'd been naked together often enough now that I didn't get an instant hard-on every time our genitals touched. Mind you, if she squirmed even a little bit, I'd be swelling up like a water balloon. She sighed happily and snuggled into me, enjoying the warmth of our skin meeting.

We didn't really say anything, just snuggling together, her forehead pressed to mine softly. My hands caressed her sides gently and held her in place. Finally, she moved her face to my neck, nuzzling me and giving me a small kiss. Some minutes passed before she looked into my eyes.

"Can we go snuggle in your room?" she asked. "I know this is plenty private, it just feels more private and safe up there."

I nodded and she got off my lap and led me upstairs, holding my hand. She kept looking back and me and smiling. I'd never seen her quite like this before, seeming demure and almost tentative. We made our way into my room and got onto the bed, stretching out and then embracing one another, our naked forms entwining. She sighed contentedly, as if something was right now.

"Mmmmm, I love you, Trekkie..." she mumbled, snuggling her head against my chest.

"Good to know, since you're willingly forming a naked pretzel with me." I replied, caressing her back and finally reaching down to give her cheeks a gentle squeeze, making her giggle. She wriggled around until she was on top of me, her lovely breasts squashed to my chest and her pussy pressed down on my cock. She rubbed her nose against mine as she smirked.

"Admit it, you love it."

I squeezed her butt cheeks again and rotated them a little, making her shiver involuntarily. Her hands gripped my arms a little more tightly. Cait began to squirm ever so subtly, saying nothing but looking down into my eyes. Not surprisingly, my cock pulsed slightly and began to slowly grow. She said nothing, but also did not stop her gentle undulating. I could also feel her pussy starting to get wet.

We still said nothing, looking at one another intently. Soon enough, I was hard, my manhood pulsing beneath her wetness. She was breathing as if she was trying to control herself, her fingers flexing on my arms. My hands were still on her butt and she squirmed back against them. The tension between us was now palpable.

Her face moved closer to mine, her blue eyes smouldering with a barely-contained intensity. Her lips hovered right above mine and her sweet breath caressed my senses, turning me on even more. My fingers gripped her ass cheeks even tighter and she shivered, letting out a subtle gasp. Her pussylips were now sliding wetly up and down my shaft- slowly, almost imperceptibly, but it was deliberate, no doubt. I could even feel her clit throbbing.

"Michael..." she whispered. She almost never used my actual name. It sent a shudder through me.

I rolled over on top of her and her eyes were glazed with desire. I began moving my hard cock against her sticky pussy, sliding it up and down between her netherlips, splitting them. The head kept dragging over her clit and she shivered with each stroke. Her hips began squirming back against me while her hands rested on my back, holding me to her.

We said nothing, just looking into one another's eyes. Our squirming rhythm intensified, both of us getting more aroused by the moment. We were both breathing heavily, waiting to see if she indeed was ready for me to fuck her- so very close, but waiting for that last sign.

She spread her legs wider slowly, my hips sinking between them and making her shudder as my cock pressed against her public bone. Her fingers were flexing on my arms again, her skin warm and damp and her face flushed. I still slid my member up and down her slit, which got wetter and wetter with each passing moment. Then her legs slowly hooked around behind my waist while she looked up into my eyes.

I could feel her subtly push her hips up, the head of my cock now pressing against her tight entrance, about to penetrate her...

My phone buzzed on the night table beside us. Both our heads snapped over to see what the interruption was. It was my younger brother. He never called long-distance. Ever.

Well, our mother was nearly eighty.

"It's my brother," I panted, trembling with the effort of not sliding deep inside her. "I gotta take this, babygirl."

Cait watched in utter shock as I pulled myself off from on top of her and picked up my phone, heading out into the hallway and then to the bathroom. I didn't look back at her, I could feel her goggling at me from the bed in disbelief. I couldn't believe how difficult that was. If it had been Anita, neither of us would have blinked. Our coitus was casual and for fun, and it could be interrupted if necessary.

The call turned out to be an update on our mother, yes, but nothing too urgent, just my brother telling me about knee replacement surgeries she was going to be having soon. I guess my mother had been on him about keeping in touch.

In my bedroom, I could hear an urgent panting and gasping, along with decidedly slick and wet noises of a pussy being thoroughly ravaged. I drew out the conversation until I heard Cait moan languidly for several seconds and then the sound of a body flopping back onto a bed. The call ended and I steeled my nerve and went back into my bedroom, ready to have my head ripped off my body by my spinal column.

Cait was lying on the bed and smiled at me tiredly, giving me a little wave.

"Hey, Trekkie..." she purred. I guess I wasn't about to die?

"I'm so sorry about that," I said, going back onto the bed and joining her. Without any hesitation, she snuggled back into me, her incredibly sticky pussy nestled against my swollen, but mostly calm cock. "It was my brother, he never calls."

She nodded, her eyes still closed. "No worries, you can make it up to me later. And I know how."

"Oh? Do tell."

"I'm auditioning tomorrow out at the Peninsula Players, they have an opening for an alto for the summer. Wanna come with me into NorDoor and make a day of it? I'm kinda nervous and you cheer me up like no other."

I considered for a moment and then nodded. "I can certainly do that. I'll treat you to one of my favourite places to eat in Fish Creek after you're done."

"That sounds wonderful," she sighed, nodding as she snuggled me. "I wubs you, Ludo."

"Will you be spending the night here, or do you need to go home and prep?" I asked, caressing her back.

"Unfortunately, home," she said somewhat glumly. "My parents know I'm auditioning and they'll wanna spend time with me. But if you are gonna go with me, I'll come by and pick you up early. Sound good?"

"Of course it does," I said, smiling and caressing her face. "Time spent with you is always the best thing ever. Tomorrow's going to be wonderful and you'll knock 'em dead."

She looked like she might just melt on the spot at my words. She took my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me while her body melded into me. She kissed me for several seconds before she sat up and sighed. "I suppose I'd better get back home and prepare some stuff. I'll swing by about eight tomorrow, but I'll be texting you a lot tonight in case I get nervous."

She was supposed to be getting ready to go, but instead she just hugged herself to me for several minutes. I let her snuggle a while longer, stroking my hands from her neck, down her back to her butt. Finally, I kissed her forehead and told her to scram, before I did something to her. She giggled and kissed my nose before gathering up her clothes and getting dressed. I escorted her down to my door and gave her a final kiss on the forehead before she left. I rubbed my hands over my face and went back upstairs for a very badly-needed cold shower.


Cait texted me only a few times that night and showed up just before eight the following morning. I was waiting outside my door as she pulled up and she squealed in delight as I clambered into her car, throwing herself against me and hugging me tight. She gave me a big, wet kiss on the cheek and grinned at me as she crawled into my lap in the passenger's seat. She was wearing a light, flouncy summer skirt and a cheerful halter top.

"I am so stoked!" she said excitedly. "Not only about the audition but spending the day with you! Spending time together is one of my favourite things!"

"Mine too." I said, rubbing my nose against hers, which seemed to be a thing of ours now. "Spending the whole day with you and not having anyone else around is perfect."

"Mmmm, but can you drive?" she asked, pressing her boobs to my chest and squirmed them back and forth to coax me into doing what she wanted. It was her standard go-to move to gain my compliance. "I want to be rested and focused for the audition. Is that okay?"

"Of course," I said cheerfully. I attempted to move into the driver's seat but Cait giggled and pinned me down with her body, wiggling her butt as she smirked at me in amusement. She seemed intent on not letting me move, so I reached up and pinched her nipples through her halter-top. She squealed in shock and thrashed, trying to escape, but I held on to her until the material of her bra slipped out of my grasp. She clutched her hands across her chest and looked at me in shock while I grinned at her.

"Perv!" she hissed, trying not to laugh. I pulled her to me and hugged her tight, kissing her cheek before moving myself over to the driver's seat while she settled into the passenger's. She settled back into the seat and sighed as I pulled out and began the drive to our destination. I knew she wanted to rest, so I kept metal off the playlist, settling for light jazz. It was a beautiful, sunny day out and perfect weather for a trip into NorDoor.

The county was a collection of small towns, the largest of which, Sister Bay numbered a mere eight hundred year-round residents. Fish Creek, my favourite, barely cleared two hundred, while others such as Egg Harbor, Bailey's Harbor and Ephraim numbered even less. By county by-law, no large corporate chains were allowed within its borders, to protect the small artisan communities and shops from being run out of business. You wouldn't see a Wal-Mart or a McDonalds anywhere once you crossed the bridges over the river through Sturgeon Bay. Yes, it was a little bit tourist-trappy, but still inexpensive and lots of fun. I'd worked a season as a server in a few of the resorts some years earlier with my ex-wife and made a lot of money. Good memories, except for her plentiful psychodramas.

Cait was quiet as we drove, rarely talking and simply keeping her eyes closed. I knew she was getting ready for her audition, so I did as little as I could to bother her. The trip into the county took maybe two hours, so I drove casually and let her rest.

Eventually, I heard her hum and her hand started to pull her skirt hem up, finally exposing her light blue panties. I had to make sure to keep my eyes on the road, but sighed inwardly as her hand began playing with her pussy beneath the fabric. Her eyes fluttered open and she turned her head to look at me.

"Mind if I?" she asked almost sleepily. "It'll help me relax and you're pretty much the only person I could do this around."

I nodded and she smiled in gratitude before sinking down lower in her seat and started to play with herself in earnest. I could only spare a few glances, since there was just enough traffic to warrant caution. Cait moaned and squirmed, her hand now down inside her panties, her fingers sliding in and out of her increasingly wet slit. The scent of her desire began to permeate the air, giving me a raging hard-on.

She made little whimpering and moaning sounds until she strained, pressing her hips off the seat and against her hand, finally cumming. She then collapsed back into the seat, breathing slowly. She kissed her fingers and sucked on them before smiling over at me.

"God, I needed that," she purred. "I'll be good and ready for my audition now."

"At least one of us is relaxed now." I muttered, making Cait giggle and reach over to place her hand on my crotch and give it a gentle squeeze through my jeans. She then wiggled around and stripped her soaking panties off, tossing them in the back seat and slipping on a replacement pair, purple in colour this time.

"Good thing I thought to bring a spare set, right?" she said cheerfully, stretching now.

"As long as you're convinced a single spare set will suffice for the rest of the day." I replied.

"Oh, no worries there," she assured me. "As soon as I'm done with the audition, I'm going commando for the rest of the day."

I said nothing, keeping my eyes on the road, but nodded. Cait giggled and settled in again, relaxing for the rest of the journey. Concentrating on driving allowed my cock to finally subside and not strain awkwardly against my pants. We passed through Sturgeon Bay, a city technically part of the county, but not subject to the corporate by-laws I'd mentioned earlier. At some ten thousand people, it was by far the largest settlement in the county. We zipped through and passed over the bridges, into NorDoor.

Pretty much everything changed, then- the highways were narrower, meaning that traffic was not overwhelming the tiny peninsula. Beautiful rock formations and walls, carved out by the recession of glaciers during the last Ice Age, guided us northeast into the county. Small settlements, little more than hamlets, dotted our route.

We passed through Egg Harbor and Cait made me promise to take her shopping in several of the quaint little shops the town was famous for (as were all the other towns in the county). Lake Michigan now surrounded us on two sides as we went farther into the ever-narrowing peninsula, heading to our destination.

The Players' property she was auditioning at required a turn down a small road off the highway- it wound and snaked through the towering deciduous trees that the county was famous for. Sunlight pierced the almost solid canopy of green to touch the car as we drove and I could tell Cait was getting nervous and excited.

As out of the way and counter-intuitive a route as this seemed, the Peninsula Players' locale made it a destination for tourists, who loved turning off the highway and winding and twisting their way into the forest to arrive at the venue. The parking lot was little more than a huge sward of flat land, covered in worn grass. A prominent wooden building and several smaller satellite buildings stood off to the side, consisting of a large theatre, two smaller ones and several rehearsal spaces. I parked in visitor parking and turned off the car. Cait fidgeted and got out of the vehicle.

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