tagHumor & SatireLike A Virgin

Like A Virgin


Big-Boobied Bimbo Educator Hilda Humper fucks her students in: "Like A Virgin"

Written and edited by Victor C. Nathan

"Oh, yes!" Hilda Humper cried out in a bloodcurdling scream that caused the walls of her office to shake. "Oh, yes, Kenny! Come in me! Give me every fucking drop of you! Squirt your fucking wee wee juice in my fucking pussy, you ten inch teacherfucker! Oh, my long wee wee baby, I'm coming too, you fucking king of cocks!"

Hilda and her student Kenny Long writhed on the sofa in her office and their bodies moved together as they both reached a riveting climactic orgasm. Hilda's inner muscles squeezed and released Kenny's thick sausage of a penis as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her eighteen-year-old student exploded inside of her again and again, blasting his fluid far into the recesses of her tight vagina.

"Uuuuhhhhh! Uuuuhhhhh!" Kenny grunted as his ten inch phallus spit stream after stream of his thick sticky semen into her tunnel. "Mmmmmmmmm! Fuuuuuuuck!"

"Oh, my," the 38-year-old teacher whispered as her orgasmic enjoyment finally ended and a pleasantly faint afterglow of a tingle coursed through every fiber of her pussy. "You good, good fucker. Kenny, you've got one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. Only Henry is bigger than you are. That fucker of his gets so hard and long and thick and throbbing when I whip that motherfucker out of his pants and stroke the shit out of it and let him squirt his jizz all over my big damn boobies. But I can bet you that I will never fuck a bigger one than your ten inch hog. He's a big motherfucker, baby. He sure makes little Hildy's pussy happy as hell."

"Well, I just got lucky, I guess," young Kenny replied modestly as he slid his substantial cock out of the glove-tight sheath of her cunny and watched as she did her usual routine and licked it completely clean with her tongue. "Mmmmmmm. Now that feels good, Miss Humper. I'm obliged to you."

"Mmmmmmm," Hilda cooed as her tongue completed the job of cleaning off his slowly sagging pecker. "Gosh, your weanie tastes so fucking good. I just love the taste of cum in the afternoon. This just guaranteed you an 'A' for the semester. When I get dicked this good then you deserve a reward. When your dick goes in, then good grades should go out. Tee hee. When you get my pussy wetter, then your motherfucking grades get better. That's how it works, Cock King."

"Thanks, Miss Humper," Kenny said, grinning as she finished lapping all of the goo off of his schlong. "But I'm the lucky one. Big jugs and great sex with a pretty woman like you. I'm quite fortunate. I don't care about my grades as much as I care about a great fuck. My wee wee's been hungry for it all day. Even having your daughter suck me off in the janitor's closet after class wasn't enough to satiate my prick."

"Well, you got the biggest dick I've ever fucked," Hilda said, reiterating what she had just said a minute before. "Baby, I hate to do this and I wanted to hump one more time and maybe suck some cum out of your wee wee, but I have a new student that is just arriving at this school and I need to talk to him before the new semester begins tomorrow. Too bad I won't get to have that cock of yours in my pussy again today. Geez, it's so fucking huge."

With this remark Miss Humper kissed Kenny's sagging length and rose to put her clothes back on, retrieving her bra and panties from the pile of clothing that was strewn across the floor of the office. Kenny too began to slide on his underwear and then his pants. They both sighed from the heavenly fuck that they had just enjoyed. It was just another day in the life of Hilda Hannah Humper. She and Kenny romped in her office a few times a week. They would fuck everywhere. Desktops, sofas, the floor and up against the wall were all places that they enjoyed bumping pelvises. Sex was Hilda's lifeblood. It was what sustained her in her everyday life. It was her reason to live and move and breathe.

"Bye, honey," Hilda Humper softly intoned as she kissed Kenny and then rubbed his penis through the fabric of his pants as he placed his hands beneath her mammoth chest and sweetly cupped her boobs. "Fuck ya later."

She giggled and cupped his groin area then kissed him again before he stepped from her office. Kenny Long smiled back at her and then turned and took off down the hall, satisfied with the afternoon's activities. His dick felt good. It always did after he left Hilda's office. Kenny felt placated and a good satisfying sense of cathartic release. Hilda was a prime fuck. He looked forward to every single day that he could get his ten inch cock up into her. Kenny especially loved when his teacher would suck him, and boy, oh, boy, did she ever like to do that. Hilda Humper could suck a golf ball through a garden hose and because of this he must have shot a gallon of cum into her stomach in the last month.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh," Miss Humper squealed, her face flushed as she used a vibrator on herself, her legs apart and resting on her desk. "Mmmmmmmmm, yeah! I love my fucking battery-operated boyfriend!"

It would be a few minutes before her new student would come to her office to talk to her and now she wished that she had kept Kenny around for one more quickie to pass the time. Hilda's pussy loved to fuck him, to have his wee wee overflow her snug slot with his abundance of fluid. Now she decided that she would pull the next male student that walked by her office door into her office so she could fuck him real quick. The 38-year-old teacher opened her door just a smidgen and looked out into the hallway. She was scanning it for potential good fuckers. Just passing her office at that very moment was timid student Jeremy Peters. Hilda had heard from the grapevine that Jeremy had a small penis and she wanted to find out for herself.

"Come here, sweetie," the big-boobed vixen huskily invited him as she grabbed the edge of his shirt. "I want to talk to you, dear."

"M-m-m-me?" Jeremy stammered nervously as he gave her a surprised look, his eyes shyly taking her and her bulbous boobs in. "You need to talk to me, Miss Humper?"

"Yes, Jeremy," Hilda replied, giving him a devious grin as she yanked him into her office and slammed the door behind him. "I need to have a minute with you."

"Am I in trouble?" Jeremy asked her softly, his eyes falling. "What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing," the educator said dismissingly, seeming to ignore his questions as she stroked his arm. "Now let's see what we have here."

Hilda went to one knee and began to undo his belt and then unbuttoned his pants. Next she unzipped his fly and slid down the young boy's blue jeans.

"What are you doing?" Jeremy asked in a voice that could safely be described as frightened. Hilda knew that he had to be a virgin. She eased his briefs down and lovingly reached for what was indeed a small stub of a penis.

"Here is what I was looking for," Hilda said in a soothing voice that she hoped would calm the shy boy as she gingerly touched his genitals. "You ever had a girl see this cock of yours, Jeremy? Ever whipped your wee wee out in front of someone of the fairer sex, someone with some ladybumps?"

"N-n-n-no," Jeremy Peters stuttered and then looked down at his teacher with astonishment as she ran her palm over his private parts. "Never have at all. None of the girls want to date me."

"Well, Hilda would sure like to help your little dick out, sweetie. Can she do that for you? She would enjoy it too. How about letting her make it feel good? Would that be okay, hon? I'd love to play with your pee wee."

"Yes, ma'am, Miss Humper," Jeremy said with a smile as he glanced down the blouse of the kneeling buxom teacher to admire her mountain tits.

"Now don't be scared," Hilda reassured him as she lowered her head and gave his little dick a kiss on its head. "I'm just going to start out by sucking on him a little bit. I promise it'll be fun. Hold still, sugar. I'm going to suck ya."

Miss Humper took the short stub of a pecker into her mouth and gently but skillfully applied pressure to it. She did it slow so as not to astonish the boy or frighten him. Hilda knew he was not at all experienced. Then she stopped.

"If I keep doing this then your penis is going to start squirting," Hilda said, talking to him like a child. "Have you ever had that happen when you were rubbing him, honey? Ever had Mr. Happy to spit?"

"Y-y-y-yes, ma'am," Jeremy Peters uttered abashedly, feeling his wee wee tickle pleasantly. "Once or twice I did."

"And it felt good, didn't it?" Hilda replied, rubbing what was a rapidly swelling penis. "I'll bet it tickled your little dinky too. It looks like I got you tickled right now when I started licking and sucking on your peter."

And she had. Hilda grinned a grin that was toothy and wickedly seductive as she rubbed a cock that was growing to a surprising five inches.

"Oh, baby," Hilda sighed breathily as she planted a kiss on the end of Jeremy's planting tool. "Look at you! You are getting so big now!"

"Mmmmmmmmm," was all the lad could manage as the astonishment of what was happening finally set in. "It feels good, Miss Humper."

"It's going to feel so much better," Hilda said forcefully as she raised her dark skirt until Jeremy could make out her blond patch and sweet pussy just below it. "We're going to do something very secretarial. It is the good old fashioned, tried and true quickie. Mr. Happy is going to take a little trip to Cunnyland. How would you like to be my lover, my boyfriend, for fifteen minutes? You want to fuck my funny cunny with your grown up pee wee, baby boy?"

"Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh!" Jeremy Peters practically cheered as his cock had reached its fully erect apex and was rigid and ready for her. "This is my first one, Miss Humper."

"It's okay, Jeremy," Hilda said coyly as she stretched out on her desk and removed her blouse and any other encumberance to full access to her watermelon-sized jugs. "I'll be the teacher and guide you into the gates of pleasure. Come to momma. Come fuck me, sweetie. Put pee wee into pussy."

"Don't have to call me to dinner twice," Jeremy said in a voice that was deeper and braver and more confident than it had been minutes before. "Oh, Miss Humper, I can't believe this is really happening."

"Believe it," Hilda spoke quickly as the youth moved towards her and she rested her legs on his shoulders. "If we do it this way, it will let you get your dick deeper inside me. I'll get you so far in there and pump and squeeze that little sucker until he'll never want to come out."

Young eighteen-year-old Jeremy was positioned in just the right spot at the end of the desk and he slid in between his teacher's fleshy legs that perched on his shoulders securely. Then Jeremy slid forward. Reaching down, Hilda guided his swollen cock, positioning it just right as he moved against her and slid into the tight tight sleeve of her hot and soaking wet pussy.

"Oh, my!" Jeremy naively cried, sounding like a child enjoying the newfound thrills of a merry-go-round. "It's so tight and so hot! It feels great Miss Humper, just great!"

"Aaaaahhhhhh!" his teacher cooed as her pupil's pecker slid its way home. "You're bigger than I thought. That feels fucking amazing, baby. Now use it, new fucker."

Hilda gave him the cue as she moved her hips and her pussy gripped his shocked stick. She could feel Jeremy throbbing inside of her. Then this first-timer began to slowly thrust. Jeremy wasn't sure of himself at first, but he finally found his rhythm. He grunted and moaned with excitement and his eager hands grabbed the bouncing bazooms that were moving like quaking mountains on Hilda's full- fleshed frame that was outstretched on the cold oak desktop. The harder he rammed against her, the higher they leaped up at her face, which was by now a mask of pleasure.

"Oh, fuck me, baby! Give me that happy fuckstick of yours! Make him boom, sweetie! Make that fucker boom inside me! I'm on fire, you hot fucker! Fuck the shit out of me! Make me come! Make my fucking pussy come! Oh, fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Hilda Humper's erotic screams were wall-shaking and her words were as lewd as they always were when she was in the heat of passion. Jeremy felt his johnson tense and knew from the tingle that he was just seconds from squirting inside his horny hellcat of a teacher's fuckhappy pussy.

"You want me to come, Miss Humper?" Jeremy asked as his plunges grew more frenzied and Hilda's hips jolted with her rhythm.

"You bet your sweet fucking prick I want you to come!" Hilda cried out as she felt the ridge of the boy's penis head swell inside her. "Give me every fucking drop you have, baby! Flood me! Flood me!"

The buxom Miss Humper ground her hips against his five inch boner that was slid, buried, rammed to the hilt inside of her pussy. Her cries were more like whimpers at this point and young Jeremy smiled as he felt her sopping insides grip his penis like a rubber glove. Jeremy Peters was about to blast. He felt gratified knowing that at last he had finally gotten to have sex. A virgin no more! His hands went to Hilda's hips that were moving against his pressure-filled phallus. The moment of truth had arrived and this high school student felt the back-up of fluid growing in his testicles and creeping, sneaking up into the tube of his pecker, yearning to shoot a stream of liquid satisfaction into his teacher's vagina. Jeremy thrust only two more times and then held his dick fully inside of her as he felt himself let go and the tingle of orgasm shoot like a laser down the inside of his cock as he ejaculated mightily.

"Oh, yeah! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Jeremy groaned, moaned and growled all simultaneously as he gripped Hilda at the waist, big boobies still flopping, and felt the first powerful stream of jism gush in a tickle from his organ and cream the deep inside of her lush pussy. "Holy shit! That feels good!"

"Yes, honey! Give it to me so........Aaaaahhhhh!" Hilda's screamed instructions were interrupted by the otherworldly orgasm that took over her body and ran through it like a strong volt of electricity. Her inner muscles contracted and loosened, contracted and loosened as she reached her heavenly delight. Jeremy squealed and cried like a child naive in the erotic arts as his penis continued to fire squirt after squirt of cum into Hilda's currently receiving cunny.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fucking shit!" Hilda screeched, her eyes taut shut and her body flailing and jostling as the climax claimed all. "Come, baby, come! I want you to remember this one for the rest of your little life!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you, Miss Humper!" Jeremy hollered as his penis seemed to keep spurting for an eternity, making up for eighteen years of no sex and two balls filled with a lot of pent-up cum. "Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!"

Finally the student's peter stopped its fire hose mechanism of ejaculation and sputtered at last to dormancy. Mr. Peters was spent. Hilda swayed and bucked on the desktop as her sweet sensations subsided, her pussy being turned momentarily into a little piece of erotic paradise. It was tingling and so wet that the oak wood beneath her was sticky with her pungent juices that she had produced in such abundance. The twang of her sweet smelling pussy was intoxicating in its odor.

"Wow!" Jeremy said in astonishment as he came back to earth at last, his eyes wild and full of life. "Miss Humper, that was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!"

"Oh, baby," Hilda spoke softly as the boy pulled his prick out of her wet crevice and fell into a nearby chair. "You were amazing! That was a doozy of a fuck! I am so happy for you! Congratulations, baby! Want me to clean that manly cock off for you before you go?"

Hilda sat up on the desk, her bosom jarring before him and smiled a broad smile that was filled with warmth. She softly touched Jeremy's rapidly shrinking penis that was so sticky with the mingling of their juices that were still fresh on it from their fuck. Then Hilda went to her knees before him and guided his member to her lips.

"Happy first time, baby," she gingerly spoke as she looked up into his wide gimlet eyes for just a brief few seconds. "Let's get the big boy cleaned off. Gosh, you're a good first time fucker."

Hilda Humper lapped all the sticky fluid off of Jeremy Peters' proud peter before she handed him his underwear, let him get dressed and walked him to the door. When he departed, she smiled broadly.

"That was fun," Hilda said to herself as she sat at her desk wearing nothing but the green panties that she had decided to put on. "I love to fuck and I love breaking in the young cocks. He walks in a virgin and walks out a man. Tee hee hee. He was fucking the shit out of me. For a first fuck, that was one for the highlight reel. Sometimes I forget how important education is. Students need to know two things. They need to be erudite and they need to know how to fuck a pussy. Tee hee. Educate 'em, fellate 'em and fornicate 'em. The ABCs of motherfucking learning."


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