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Like Clockwork


Taylor stared blankly at the word document in front of her, journalists were supposed to have an innate talent for coming up with the perfect words...right? And usually she was great at that, but at the moment she was just too dammed distracted. By Daryl of course, it was always Daryl, ever since she'd met him on the first day at her new school. And now, at the age of twenty-four she still hadn't gotten over him... pathetic or what?

Taylor brought a cup of steaming hot coffee to her lips, and sipped slowly, praying for inspiration, when her doorbell chimed shrilly. Her hand jerked, and hot coffee spilled down the thin material of her shirt. Cursing vapidly, she pulled it off, but not before the coffee had scalded her snowy skin, turning it coral pink.

'Damn, damn...' she muttered to herself, before yelling out 'Hold on a minute' to whoever was at her door.

With a clean t-shirt on, she peered through her peep-hole, and froze. 'Speak of the freaking devil' she thought as she unlocked the door. Pulling the door open she had to crane her neck to look into a tanned face grinning down at her. Daryl's hazel brown eyes twinkled,

'Hey babe, hope I'm not interrupting.'

'Well actually....'

'Great!' Daryl breezed past her and immediately made a beeline for her couch, settling himself in exactly the same spot he always took. Taylor sighed, well, looked like her article was going to have to wait until tomorrow. It would be impossible to get Daryl out of her house now anyway, she knew first hand that the man could never take a bloody hint. They had been friends for eight years and he had never once admitted that he felt something for her beyond mere friendship, though he had definitely shown it plenty of times.

There had been times where they had both slipped up, ending up in each others' arms after a late night out, making out on her couch during a movie marathon....

Each time had blown her mind. Nobody but Daryl ever drove her that insane when just kissing. The last time had been nearly a year ago, but it was still burned into her memory. It had been a Friday night just like this one. Daryl had come knocking, as he always did when he wasn't in the mood to go out, but still wanted some company (the company in question was always her).

They had gotten drunk on the merlot her boss had given her for Christmas. Before long, they'd had their arms wrapped around each other and were feeding off each other's mouths, desperate to get skin to skin. Daryl had pulled her shirt off and was about to pull off her bra when the phone had suddenly rung. That was enough, immediately he was pulling himself away from her, apologising profusely. The same words poured from the lips she knew could still taste her.

We shouldn't have done this, we're friends...it's not right, this will never happen again.

But it always did. And she couldn't bring herself to regret it either. She would take every chance she had to be close to him, no matter how brief, no matter how much he regretted it, she would not.

Taylor sighed, there was no use harping on the past, not when the reason for all her grief was currently making himself comfortable on her couch.

'So, no plans tonight?' she asked.

'Well, I'm here aren't I?' he grinned at her, 'you're my plans for tonight....'

Taylor rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the smile that broke out. 'You need a girlfriend mate.'

Daryl just smiled lopsidedly at her, 'is that pasta sauce I smell?'

Less than half an hour later, they settled down to dinner. Working harmoniously, there was no need for words as they wove intricate circles around each other; they were so familiar with each other, that each instinctively knew what the other would be doing. Before Taylor could call Daryl to lift his plate, he was already in place holding the plate up while pouring Taylor's favourite bottle of red wine into her glass.

Like a well-oiled machine they worked, anybody watching them would have been amazed. But to them, it was the way they had always been...two halves of a whole, even if only one of them saw it.

They talked for hours, about mundane things, mostly how Daryl's business was doing and how Taylor's article was coming along. Taylor was currently working on a major article for her newspaper, a rather controversial article about the system of politics in the country.

After dinner, they cleared the table, and washed the dishes, the same system as always, Taylor washed, and Daryl dried and put them neatly away. Then, they took their glasses and the bottle of wine and settled on the couch.

Taylor snuggled in close to Daryl, and he obligingly put his arm around her as they sat in companionable silence. The giant grandfather clock chimed suddenly, signalling the arrival of the stroke of midnight.

'I should go,' he whispered, though he made no move to do so, 'you need your sleep.' He stroked her hair softly, the rhythmic motion so soothing, she was nearly purring in his arms.

'No, don't, just stay the night', she pleaded, her voice husky and as soft as his.

'Honey...' he protested.

'Just stay, you can have the couch...its too late anyway, you'll never be able to catch a bus home at this hour'

She saw him struggle a while more before he finally gave in.

Satisfied, that she'd gotten her way, Taylor settled down beside him again and felt herself being lulled to sleep.

She came awake slowly, only to find herself cradled in his arms as he carried her to her room. He smiled down at her when she saw she'd awaken. 'Hey, you fell asleep, so I thought you'd be more comfortable in your own bed.'

'mm-hmmm,' she murmured groggily as he deposited her on her bed with a gentle bump. Taylor grabbed a hold of his t-shirt as he made to leave.

'Stay with me,' she pleaded.

'Tay, I can't, we're both a little drunk, and....listen I'll just take the couch and....'

'No, damn it Daryl, I'm not asking you to do anything, just... spend the night with me, please, I...' her voice cracked, 'I don't want to be alone tonight.'

Daryl's eyes softened, 'oh Tay,' he whispered. He pulled her into his arms as he settled into bed with her. As if their bodies were made for each other, her head immediately found the hollow at his neck and she snuggled in, trying to climb inside his skin. Daryl pulled her close, allowing their legs to tangle and entwine themselves around each other, locking them together as one. And for this one night, he wouldn't try to ignore how well they fit together.

Hours later, Daryl woke all of a sudden as surge of arousal brought his entire body to full attention, and he groggily opened his eyes. Realising that there was a girl in his bed, he vainly tried to remember who the girl was, who had he brought home that night?

He looked around and suddenly it hit him. This was Taylor's room, and the one in his arms was none other than Taylor herself.

Daryl felt a sudden surge of tenderness as he watched her sleep. Her chest rose and fell rhythmically, and every once in a while her ass would wiggle against his raging hard-on. Daryl groaned silently as he tried to put some distance between their bodies.

Her close proximity was driving him insane. The smell of her perfume was invading his nostrils, and underneath it all was the musky scent that was uniquely Taylor.

Blood began to pound in his head. His ultra-sensitive skin could feel the warmth and softness of every inch of skin that was in contact with his. His arm was securely wrapped around her slim waist, just an inch higher, and he could fill his hands with her full breasts. He imagined cupping their softness, weighing them in his hands, suckling them into his mouth....

Fuck. He was dying to get inside her, to stroke and taste every inch of all that soft, snowy white skin. Every time he had come close to taking her, he had somehow managed to stop himself, but now... he doubted god himself could stop him. Arousal was a razor-sharp edge in his body, as he turned her onto her back and pressed his body into hers.

Taylor's eyelids fluttered open as sudden movement pulled her from sleep, only to have Daryl's mouth come crushing down on hers. Taylor struggled at first, thinking to push him away, but then she just couldn't anymore. She had wanted, no, needed this for far too long.

On a moan of surrender, she parted her lips, letting his tongue surge hotly in to explore every crevasse of her willing mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held on for the ride, as his strong arms wrapped themselves around her and lifted her into his embrace, forcing their bodies together as closely as possible. Every thought ran screaming from her mind, as she felt his crotch press intimately to her core. He was hard beyond belief, and everything that was feminine inside of her went liquid at the feel of him.

Taylor tore her mouth from his, gasping for air. Daryl paused for a moment, his eyes trained on her ruby red mouth and the high colour in her face. For a moment, he wavered between taking her mouth again and directing his attention elsewhere, then his eyes caught sight of her heaving breasts and his mouth watered at the thought of tasting those generous mounds. Lowering his head, he scraped his teeth roughly along the side of her neck, smiling to himself as a telltale shiver shook her slender body.

He brushed wet, open-mouthed kisses all along her neck and collarbone, knowing full well that anticipation was making her body more sensitive, exactly the way he wanted it. His fingers made quick work of her blouse, with a single quick motion he tore her blouse open, uncaring of the ruined material and the buttons that popped and rolled noisily to the floor. Taylor gasped, sensing that he was on the ragged edge. Her breasts were on display in a black lace bra, beautifully held up. Unbuckling the front clasp he parted the cups and felt his breath leave his lungs on a whoosh. Her breasts were beautiful white mounds topped with mouth-wateringly brown nipples that looked like melted chocolate.

There was nearly no control left as his hands ran up her back to fist in her hair. Ruthlessly he pulled her head back, forcing her breasts up to his mouth. Taylor whimpered, unable to believe how turned on she was by his rough treatment. She knew he would never hurt her, but the tiny fission of fear only added to her rapidly growing excitement.

He lowered his head and pulled an aching nipple into his mouth, sucking strongly, taking complete control, needing to be in complete control.

Taylor went insane; the heat that already simmered in her body from the alcohol and initial arousal turned into a full-bodied flame as he suckled her roughly. Her hips ground helplessly into the hard ridge of his cock, struggling to get some sort of release from the pain of intense arousal. Daryl groaned and ground back, their bodies moving in perfect synchronization as the rough material of his jeans rasped roughly against the thin material of her shorts.

She could feel liquid heat seep from the confines of her body, drenching the folds of her core. Amazingly, she could feel her orgasm begin to build, and he hadn't even touched her pussy yet. Taylor struggled against him, trying to fight the sensations that built way too quickly. Like a tidal wave she could feel it rising in her, her breath caught, and her body arched....trembling...waiting...

As if he knew, Daryl suckled harder, and his fist in her hair tightened as he drove her higher.

No...no...She thought...too much, just before her mind went blank and her orgasm hit her. A scream tore from her lips as her body endured wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure.

Daryl watched as Taylor's eyes went blind and felt an immense wave of satisfaction. Her trembling ceased by degrees as she drew in breath after breath, struggling to calm her body. Loosening his fists from her hair, he waited until she opened her eyes before he pulled away from her and stood by the side of the bed.

Her gaze was glassy and unfocused as she watched him. He smiled at her, and pulled off his shirt. Taylor smiled back..... Daryl had finally decided to stop running from what was meant to be. She watched as he unbuckled his pants and slid it down his hips, followed by his dark blue boxers. Her eyes widened as his long, thick cock came into view. She had suspected he was big when he had been grinding his pelvis into hers....but this, oh my. Her breath caught once more as excitement surged through her.

Daryl reached down and in one swift motion pulled off her shorts, leaving behind the black lace panties riding low on her slim hips. Taylor lifted her hips towards his, a silent plea, to take off the final barrier between them. Daryl just gazed hotly at her, and shook his head. He lowered himself between her legs, and pressed his mouth desperately to hers, sucking at her luscious lips and letting their tongues tangle together. His skin was in contact with every inch of hers, except for that flimsy scrap of lace that covered her deepest, wettest, hottest, secrets.

Taylor moaned and arched her body, grinding her pelvis into his. In response his hands sneaked down past her luscious breasts and flat stomach before he encountered her lace-covered mound. Teasingly he pressed his fingers against her slit; Taylor mewled and arched against his hand, silently begging for more contact.

With a low growl, Daryl pulled his lips from hers only to kiss his way down her body to her waiting pussy. Without permeable, he tore off the offensive piece of material and spread her legs wide in front of him. She blushed hotly as she felt his breath on her most intimate flesh. Slowly, Daryl lowered his head and licked her pink, wet flesh, savouring the tangy sweetness.

His mouth explored her pussy, but his eyes never left her face, watching with satisfaction as each lick and nibble on her sensitive flesh made her quake and tremble.

Taylor let her eyes sink close, and bit back a moan as Daryl teased her unmercifully, licking and sucking at the flesh all her around her aching clit. Then, he finally allowed his eyes to focus on the little swollen pearl, just begging for his attention. Watching Taylor carefully, Daryl slipped her clit into his mouth and sucked.

As if a bolt of electricity had been run through her, Taylor's body arched and her mouth opened in a silent cry as she came hard, bucking against him, trying to get away from the alleviating pleasure as Daryl continued suckling gently. He pinned her hips down easily and only when she finally began to come down from her orgasm did he pull away from her.

She lay there, watching him through hooded eyes, as she panted for breath. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, letting their tongues tangle... and letting her taste her own spicy essence on his lips. Taylor groaned and wrapped her legs around his hips.

Slowly, sensuously, she began rocking against him, letting him feel the wet heat of her core against his straining cock.

And just like that, Daryl snapped. With a low growl, he grabbed her hips and aligned her right at the tip of his cock and held her there. His fingers dug so deeply into her hips that he left bruises, but at that moment, neither cared. Holding her gaze, he pressed forward, sliding his cock torturously slow into the wet, hot, depths of her cunt.

Taylor's shuddered as he buried his entire length in her....and then pulled out before thrusting roughly back in again.

Again, and again, they rocked against each other, she arching her body upward as he thrust down, each time sending them both spiralling, gasping in pleasure.

His thrusts became harder, faster....it was all Taylor could do not to scream as she climbed to orgasm once more. Her nails dug desperately into his shoulders...leaving bloody half-moons. Gasping for breath, she cried out his name as her world exploded.

Daryl was on the verge of insanity as Taylor pulsed around him, milking him as she came again and again, as each thrust sent her into new convulsions.

'Taylor....' He ground out her name, as he braced himself for his orgasm.

It hit him with all the force of a mach-truck, sending unbelievable waves of pleasure through-out his entire body as he endured the longest orgasm of his life.

Finally, exhausted, he collapsed onto her body and buried his face in the sweet curve of her neck as he struggled to get his breath and some form of composure back.

He had never, ever, felt anything like the ecstasy of having Taylor as his lover. Nothing he had ever experienced had come close. Just knowing it was Taylor had made all the difference. He loved her. There was no more running from it, he loved her..... he'd always loved her.

Lifting his head, he whispered it, lovingly, softly into her ear among tender endearments. And as he looked into the face of the one he loved, as he watched her eyes fill with joyous tears, and heard her whisper that she loved him too....Daryl knew, he had finally come home.

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