tagRomanceLike Dust Beneath the Stone Wheel

Like Dust Beneath the Stone Wheel


The stone wheel rolled, coated with fine powder, grinding the corn. It rumbled as it rolled, though worn smooth, it sounded rough as it circled the base. As Anton ground the corn, dust seeped into everything, weeping into every sound like tears, flooding the endless cracks and indentations in the walls. He waited silently for her, watching out the tiny, dust coated window.

The street choked in the heat, even during the rainy season it was hot, the sun reflected off the plaster walls and burned into the cobblestone streets. Footsteps echoed down alleyways, voices curled around corners, sweat dripped from the people.

When Santina arrived, the dust in the room parted like sunlight breaking through clouds. She paused a moment in the light, then walked into the dusty fog. As she looked for Anton she felt the fine powder permeate her, just as he permeated her. Whenever she walked, she thought of him, as she spoke she recalled his voice and before she slept she would dream of him. She knew when she returned home she would need a bath, she would need to scrub the powder from her. She knew she could never scrub all of Anton from herself.

Emerging from the shadows he touched her, his fingertips marking her like footsteps in the snow. Floating into the back room, their clothes dissolved and suddenly naked, they came together. A temporary warmth settled over them as their skin heated and sweat trailed rivulets in the white. His lips imprinted her breasts as her touch painted him in fine powder. Her fingers slid over the length of him, her thumb circling the head, coaxing the first droplets from him.

Anton's fingers found her and gently parted her, she moaned as the sensations entered her, his dry fingers into her moist softness. Opening her legs wider, her heel marked a dustless trail on the floor, their bodies painting strange shapes in the powder. She wanted him, and reached to pull him to her.

Dust danced in sunlight as his shadow covered her. She felt his weight descend upon her, her breasts molding to his form, her legs opening to him, her thighs clamping onto him. She felt him enter her, the slight pain as his dry skin caught hers, but then, the wave as she coated him in her wet. She unfolded around him, taking him in, drawing him into the depth of her. Breathless she arched into the light, feeling his strength seep into her every heartbeat.

Their motion sent clouds whirling around them though the sunlight. and The rays angled though the dusty window, warming their bodies. Their sweat glistened for a moment, then caked in the fine white powder as their love covered each other. Feeling the urgency, now, her arms closed upon him as she felt his weight grind down upon her. Together they moaned in a final thrust, a final gasp as they strained for depth, and then they lay motionless, separated only by the dust.

The stone wheel rolled endlessly, grinding the corn beneath its powdered surface. The world returned to their room as the sunlight patterned shadows upon them. Santina watched the sparkling dance hovering in the sun. Tiny bodies joining and parting, whirling about. As she moved beneath Anton, he softly spoke her name. In that moment she became dust, weeping into his whispers, lost in the infinite closeness.

In a tender silence they dressed, covering the marks, the fingerprints and the drying wetness. His scent pervaded her, as she knew she was on him. In these moments they shared each other completely, Santina buttoning Anton's shirt, he fastening her blouse.

They walked into the front of the shop and the soft grinding of the stone grew louder. She watched him glance out the window and carefully unlock the door. No longer whispering, he handed her the flour and she paid him.

"When will you need more," he asked, gazing into her eyes.

"Soon," she answered, "So very soon. I will bake today and think of your flour."

"And I will dream of yours," he replied.

Then she floated away, opening the door and stepping through it into the street. She settled onto the sidewalk and slowly walked towards home. Looking back through the window she watched him as he listened to the stone wheel grind the corn. He looked at her and shyly waved. She nodded, gripped her package tight to her breast and turned the corner onto her street. In a few minutes she reached her house, slowly climbed the steps and unlocked her door. She placed the flour in the kitchen and headed to the bath to try to wash him from her once again.

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