tagIncest/TabooLike Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter


Tom Pratt couldn't help the frustrated groan that escaped his lips the moment he glanced out his kitchen window.

He'd had to work a half-day that hot, mid-summer Saturday, as he did most weeks in his job as a claims adjuster for a major insurance company. He had just come home and pulled a beer out of the refrigerator. He had looked over at the kitchen table and seen the note from his wife that said she was going to be at the church all afternoon, as usual, preparing for some function or another. Just as he was about to open his beer, he'd turned and gotten a look outside at a sight that he'd been seeing more and more of lately.

Outside, on the deck that surrounded the aboveground swimming pool he'd put in three years earlier, a young woman lay on her back on a chaise lounge, motionless. She was quite pretty and very sexy, with fairly short, soft blonde curls that fanned back away from a pixyish face that was turned to one side. When standing, her blonde locks fell just about, but not quite, to her shoulders. The woman's face was highlighted by a small nose, lips that were pouty without being too full, and a cool pair of sunglasses covering her eyes. Her well-tanned body was sleek and trim, not too tall, not too small, with nearly perfect breasts that still sat up slightly on her chest, defying gravity. Her hips were narrow, her butt had just enough meat to grab onto, and long, slender legs completed a true vision of loveliness.

The fact is, the girl was a walking wet dream, especially in her current condition - oiled, tanned, and clad in a very skimpy bikini. And from where he stood, Tom had a dead-on view right between her slightly spread legs at the thin material that covered her crotch. And as he stared openly, was it his imagination that she slowly opened her legs a little wider, as if in a wordless invitation?

Tom groaned again, squeezed his eyes shut and gripped his rapidly stiffening cock to stem the tidal wave of lust that surged through his loins.

"God, why does she have to be so fuckable?" he said aloud, in an anguished tone of voice.

For a man should not be having the kinds of thoughts and fantasies about his daughter that Tom was having at the moment, and had been having for quite a long time, about the young woman by the pool, his 19-year-old daughter Julianne. As he walked back to his bedroom to change, he shook his head to clear it of the depraved thoughts he was having just then.

Julianne Pratt let a slow, languid smile cross her face as she watched through slitted eyes as her father turned away from the kitchen window. "Soon," she whispered to the wind. "Very soon."

Tom and his wife Rita had known each other in high school, although they weren't in the same class. Rita, in fact, was two years older than Tom, which hadn't meant much when they had met and married when he was 23 and she 25. But now, after 23 years of marriage, menopause had hit Rita like a ton of bricks, plus she had undergone a rather profound religious conversion five or six years earlier. So between her changing body chemistry, her changing religious attitudes and the time that church work took out of her spare time, plus her job as a nurse on the night shift, Rita had completely lost interest in sex. For awhile, about once or twice a year, usually on their anniversary, Rita would consent to have sex with him, but it had gotten so mechanical, and nothing Tom could do could reawaken her desire, so he had given up.

The thing was, Tom still loved his wife - still liked her, even - and he had remained faithful, hoping that something would give, and that Rita would again be the woman he'd fallen in love with and married. The problem was, Tom had a very high sex drive, and at age 46, it was as strong as it ever was. So he'd resorted to masturbation, a lot. The wonders of the Internet were quite familiar to Tom, and he had spent many nights over the previous four years sitting at the computer with his dick in his hand. When he couldn't access the computer, he had a bag full of magazines and videos that he would trot out when the need arose, as it did most days. Self-relief, and hugs, kisses and cuddles from his wife were about the extent of Tom's sex life, and he despaired that it would always be like that.

Julianne was never quite sure when she became fixated on her father as a sex object, but it had to have been sometime during the summer between her junior and senior years in high school. In truth, Julianne had always thought her daddy was the greatest thing on earth, and they had always been close, much more so than Julianne and her mother. Rita had loathed pregnancy, and had never quite lost all of the considerable weight she'd gained while carrying Julianne. As a consequence, Tom and Rita never had another child. Rita was a fairly distant mother, and her relations with Julianne had always been a little strained, almost formal, and as a result Rita had left most of the important parenting to Tom. They never fought exactly, but Rita and Julianne occasionally argued about things, and there was generally a separation, a personality conflict, between mother and daughter that could not quite be bridged.

Tom and Julianne thus became unusually close. Not only did father and daughter have the same tastes and compatible personalities, it was Tom who took his daughter to plays, recitals and school events, and it was Tom that Julianne came to for answers to the tough questions, particularly where sex was concerned. That began at age 11, when Julianne had asked her mother where babies came from. Rita had hemmed and hawed, then tried to give her the clinical answer, which was no answer at all. But when she asked Tom, he told her straight up about sex, and he was fairly explicit. He understood, if Rita did not, that Julianne was a very intelligent, very aware young girl, and that she could handle the truth.

After that, Julianne kept waiting and waiting for puberty, but for some reason, she matured very late in life. She didn't have her first period until she was almost 14, and all through middle school, she'd been a scrawny, flat-chested little girl. Because of that, the fact that she was one of the top students in her class and the fact that she had no siblings, and thus was something of a shy loner, she was an easy target for ruthless teasing from classmates, especially the boys.

That began to change during her sophomore year of high school. Like the proverbial ugly duckling, Julianne blossomed that year, as her frame began to fill out. That summer, Tom and his brother had put in the pool and the deck, and Julianne, in her methodical way, quickly made use of it, first as a way to shape her body into what she wanted it to be, and as a social tool, with her friends. That was also the year she discovered drama, and acting quickly became her consuming passion. She loved the idea of playing a role at odds with her personality, and getting up on stage helped Julianne overcome her shyness. Also, being with the drama students gave her a social group where she easily fit in.

As her junior year progressed, many of the high school studs started sniffing around, to Julianne's immense amusement. She had always been cute, in a tomboyish sort of way, but by the time she turned 17, Julianne Pratt was a knockout, with a tart body to match. So the jocks and the other so-called studs of her fairly large high school started paying attention to her, but she brushed them off, preferring the drama and band "nerds" as her friends and dates. And she enjoyed dating. The fact was, with maturity came a sharp spike in Julianne's interest in sex. One of her girl friends, on a sleepover, had showed her how to masturbate and reach an orgasm, and once she made herself cum, Julianne was hooked. She knew sex was something she wanted to experience, and she wasn't about to wait for marriage, as her mother insisted.

But she wasn't going to throw herself at just anyone, and in her methodical way, she began to lay the groundwork for her introduction to sex. After practicing with her girl friend, and learning the basics of sex, Julianne was ready for the next step. Early in the spring of her junior year, Julianne met Clayton Denny at a drama festival at the local college. Clayton was a sophomore at the college, very handsome, very nice, very cool, and Julianne liked him just about the first time she saw him. She knew it wasn't love, but she knew instinctively that he would be the one to take her virginity.

In the meantime, Tom's sex life had just about ended, and he was spending a lot of late nights in front of the computer. It was on one such night that he and Julianne took the first step toward a sexual relationship. Julianne had an inquisitive nature and she liked to plunder, and one night she had stumbled upon her father's stash of porn. Instead of being shocked, she was turned on by what she saw, the images of people fucking in a myriad of ways. Soon, she was swiping magazines to look at and masturbate to.

So she knew a little something about what her dad was up to, but it wasn't until late one night that spring, when Rita was at work, that she actually caught him in the act. She had studied hard that night and fallen asleep with her books. She had awakened to use the bathroom and get a glass of water, and as she passed the den, she heard a low groan. She peeked in quietly and saw Tom furiously fisting a large, fat cock as he clicked on various web pages. Julianne was mesmerized by her father's dick, which she immediately understood was bigger than most, even the ones from the magazines. As she stared open-mouthed, Tom jerked heavily and shot a huge cumshot all over his chest. Julianne slipped away without being seen, crawled back in bed and masturbated like a demon.

So that was the first time she had actually thought of her father as a sexual being, but she hadn't yet articulated her desire for him. Her relationship with Clayton progressed nicely from that point on; she knew sex was something she needed to experience. She didn't want to rush into sex, however, so she started out with blowjobs, and they went oral for awhile, as she became more comfortable with sex. She was using what she'd learned one night that summer in Clayton's car when Tom came home a little early from a visit to his favorite pub. He'd seen Clayton's car parked on the street, with Clayton in the front seat. Then, as he'd pulled into the driveway, he had glanced back, seen his daughter's head pop up, and he knew precisely what she had been doing. Tom was what was called a happy drunk, and he rarely went over his limit. And that night, he had had just enough to drink to be a little garrulous, so when Julianne came in hurriedly a few minutes later, Tom had sat his daughter down for a frank discussion that had turned quite ribald.

Tom knew himself, and he suspected that Julianne had inherited his high sex drive, so he wasn't judgmental in the least, and he knew she wasn't going to hold off sex for marriage. But he had to warn her about the pitfalls of sex, and he did in his easy-going way, then, a few days later took her to a gynecologist to start her on contraceptives.

Not long after that, on her 18th birthday early in her senior year, Julianne let Clayton fuck her, and over the next few months, he taught her everything he knew about sex. Clayton was an attentive lover who taught Julianne well; the problem, in her mind, was that his cock in no way compared to the beauty she'd seen in her father's hands. It was at that point that she definitely felt her attraction for Tom, and began to wonder what it would feel like to fuck her father. And that feeling intensified when she realized that her parents were no longer having sex, which explained why Tom masturbated like he did.

At some point, then, Julianne decided that if her mother wasn't going to let him have a regular sex life, then she would. What could be more perfect? She would get a well-endowed, experienced lover, Tom would get all the fucking he deserved from a sexy young woman, and the family unit would remain intact.

But Julianne knew she couldn't just throw her father down and fuck him. Tom was too decent a man for that. He would resist, so she knew she would have to seduce him, slowly and carefully. So, over the next few months, through her senior year and beyond, Julianne had conducted a methodical teasing campaign. She started dressing more provocatively in front of her father, especially in her swim wear. Always a hugger where her father was concerned, Julianne began to let those hugs linger and she began to press her hot young body to his, letting him feel her tits digging into his chest, especially when she wasn't wearing a bra.

It wasn't just sympathy that was fueling Julianne's desire. Tom was, in fact, still quite sexy for a man of 46. He was quite good-looking, with sandy-blond hair flecked with gray and a rakish mustache; he kept himself in reasonably good shape and he was fun to be around. More than one of her friends had often commented about what a cool dad she had.

It took Tom a while to start catching on to what his daughter was doing. At first, he thought it was just a phase of maturity, but as time went on, and Julianne's seduction gathered steam, he began to suspect that there was more there than just the usual daughterly affection. Things had really picked up after Julianne went to college. Naturally, she chose to attend the local college and live at home. The school did, in fact, have an excellent drama department, but living at home also allowed her to stay close to her father. She would periodically sneak in and watch him masturbate, and she began to let him get little glimpses of her naked body.

Things had begun to head up a couple of months earlier. Julianne was starting to get a little impatient that her father wouldn't pick up on the hints she'd been leaving, the ones that broadcast her availability to him. Throughout this period, she had been sexually active, honing her fucking ability with the college guys. She wasn't what you would call promiscuous - she never fucked a guy on the first or second date - but if she met a guy she liked, it wouldn't take long before she had him.

It was while she was with one of her boyfriends that she maneuvered it so that Tom could "catch" her in the act. She brought a young man home one Saturday night when Rita was at work and Tom was at the bar. After pulling out one of her dad's videos to watch, they had begun to get hot and heavy before Julianne dragged him to her bedroom. She purposely left the door open just a crack, and timed it so they were well into their fucking when Tom came home.

Tom couldn't help but hear what was going on and when he saw his daughter's door ajar, he couldn't help himself. He peeked in and saw a sight that burned itself on his memory. Julianne was on top, naked, facing away from her lover, her head thrown back in passion as she rode him. From where he stood, Tom could see everything his daughter had to offer, and how she was using it, and his cock practically burst through his pants.

After that, whenever he stroked himself, it was that image that made him cum like a rocket. He realized that he wanted to fuck Julianne so bad he couldn't stand it, but he knew it was wrong and that just increased his frustration.

So as he went back to his bedroom that afternoon, his cock still stretching his khakis, it was with utterly wicked thoughts in his mind. He toyed with jacking off right then, but decided not to just yet. In fact, he made a fateful decision. For it was at that moment that his resistance finally shattered. As he squeezed his cock, he made up his mind that if Julianne was bent on seducing him, he'd let her. His need had become so great that it overcame his failing objections. So he stripped, grinning to himself as he saw the head of his cock covered with pre-cum, put on his swimsuit and joined Julianne by the pool to see what happened. He took a beer out to the deck, set it on the table and dove in.

Julianne was ecstatic when she heard the back door open and saw Tom striding out in his swim trunks. By now, she had become so fixated on her father, that the sight of him in his state of undress made her pussy wet. She bit her bottom lip intensely as she watched him swim a couple of laps in the small pool. Would today be the day? She decided then, that if her father wanted her right then, today would be the day she'd let him fuck her.

"Hey, Daddy, how was your day?" she asked in a sultry tone, after Tom climbed out of the pool, dried himself off and laid back on the other recliner to sip his beer.

"Not bad for a Saturday," Tom replied. He was feeling better about himself, now that the cool water had dampened the heat in his cock. But that changed when he looked over and saw that Julianne had rolled onto her side, toward him, which made her straining tits push her hard nipples into the material of her bikini top.

As they chatted idly, Tom had to fight the urge to simply walk over, rip Julianne's suit off her hot little body and fuck her right there in the open. And that didn't escape Julianne's notice, either. She saw the bulge in his swimsuit, the effort he was making to conceal it and the desire in his eyes as he gazed at her while they talked. She could almost feel his cock sliding into her pussy, but just then they heard Rita's car pull into the driveway, and the moment was lost. Julianne had to quickly dash inside to change before her mother saw the skimpy suit she was in and threw another fit about her "scandalous" dress, and Tom had to hurriedly jump back in the pool to cool his rampant cock. Nevertheless, they both knew now that it was only a matter of time.

The time came sooner than they expected.

Rita bustled in with important news. Her younger sister from upstate had called that morning, and told Rita that she had to have some fairly urgent surgery a week from the coming Monday, and would need some help with her school-age children. Rita's sister was a single mom, and thus had no husband to take care of the kids. Naturally, Rita had volunteered to drive up and spend a few days helping her sister out. Rita would leave the following Saturday and would be gone about a week, taking a couple of holiday and vacation days off from work.

As soon as they heard the news, Tom and Julianne gazed at each other for a pregnant second, and a slight smile crossed each of their faces. They knew now that the time was rapidly approaching for them to take that fateful step.

The next Saturday seemed to never arrive, but finally, early that morning, Rita kissed her husband and daughter goodbye and left for the 4-hour drive to her sister's house, blissfully unaware of the sexual tension that was mounting between her husband and her daughter.

Tom had to work that Saturday, which left Julianne in a frenzy of frustration as she imagined what her father was going to do to her that day. It seemed like she was in a perpetual state of high arousal as, first, she lay back on her bed, napping in readiness, then, later, as she sunned herself by the pool awaiting her father's arrival.

Work was torture for Tom that day. He knew what was going to happen, and now that he had made up his mind that he was going to fuck his daughter, he was eager to get to it. On the way home from work, he picked up two steaks and a six-pack of Shiner Bock, his favorite beer. He also stopped by his best friend's house and bummed a big fat, juicy bud and a couple of papers for the party that he anticipated he was going to have at home. Tom had always enjoyed the occasional doobie, and he suspected that Julianne, the college girl, wouldn't mind sharing a joint with him to enhance the mood.

When he pulled into his driveway, Tom saw his daughter lounging by the pool, once again clad in her skimpiest bikini. This time, though, Julianne got up off the lounger and greeted her father.

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