tagIncest/TabooLike Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son



Russell parked the car on the drive in front of his ex-wife's house, switched off the ignition and climbed out, reaching the porch of the house just in time to escape the first drops of a soft refreshing summer rain. Since their divorce, he and Sarah had remained on reasonable terms, allowing Russell to visit whenever he liked to see their son Liam whose mother had been granted custody of him at the time of the break-up.

That was four years ago and Liam was now a tall handsome and, it has to be said, very sexy eighteen years old whose body was finely honed by regular trips to the gym and playing football every week for his local Sunday League team. Russell had last seen his son a few weeks earlier on Liam's eighteenth birthday when he and Sarah had taken him out to dinner to celebrate and, for the few hours of that one single evening, they had been like a true family again.

Russell had been bowled over by how his son had grown, no longer a scruffy little boy but very much a man, doing well at his job in an insurance office, and gorgeous to look at into the bargain. Sarah and Liam were both aware that Russell swung both ways, in fact that had been the reason for the divorce. Sarah had turned a blind eye to her husband's gay activities for many years until she had come home early one afternoon and found Russell in bed - their bed - with some guy he had picked up while out cruising in the local toilets. Sarah had left then, taking Liam with her, but had decided to stay "good friends" with her soon-to-be ex-husband, simply for the sake of their son.

As Russell rang the bell to the house, Liam quickly pulled his shorts up and tried to set his mind into willing his hard-on to go down. As soon as his mother had left for the shops, he had gone downstairs with one of his favorite porn mags, dropped his shorts and had spent a happy half hour or so masturbating as he flicked through the pages, looking at one horny image after another. Liam loved his prick, it was his pride and joy and he never ceased marvelling at its power to give him so much pleasure at any time of the day and night, as and when he called upon it, and free of charge, too.

Liam glanced out of the window and smiled as he realised whose car it was parked in the drive. He was always pleased to see his father and for weeks now, whenever they met, hadn't failed to notice the lascivious looks that Russell was giving him. Liam was as proud of his dad as Russell was of him and he, too, had noticed what a great body Russell had, having really looked after himself and, at forty years old, had not an ounce of fat on him and was still as slim and athletic as his son.

Far from willing his cock to go down, Liam felt it getting even harder at the thought that he and his father were going to be alone for awhile. He had been harboring all kinds of erotic thoughts towards Russell for weeks. Once or twice on his birthday, when Sarah was visiting the ladies room, their eyes had met and knowing glances had passed between them but neither of them had acted upon the messages that were being clearly sent out. Now, however, Liam thought to himself, maybe that would change.

"Hi dad," Liam said, as he opened the door, "come on in out the rain. What brings you here on a day like this?"

Russell's mouth had watered immediately at the sight of his son in his tight white shorts and a matching bum-freezer vest and had not been slow to notice the bulge that was tenting out the front of Liam's shorts. It took him a few moments to recover from the sheer joy of seeing his beautiful son again before he was able to speak.

"Do I need an excuse to visit my own son?" Russell said, following Liam into the lounge. Liam had turned and preceded his father into the house so that Russell then had a completely unobstructed view of his son's spectacular shorts-clad ass and his mouth filled with saliva as his admiring eyes fixed onto the magnificent globes of Liam's ass cheeks, gloriously accentuated by the tightness of his shorts and highlighting the cleft of his ass crack. Russell's eyes had always been drawn to Liam's bum whenever he watched him playing football, running around the pitch with his ass cheeks rubbing together inside his shorts, but now the joy of seeing his own son's fabulous pair of buns in close-up, and with nobody else present, was completely overwhelming.

"'course not, dad," replied Liam in answer to his father's remark, "but there's only me here at the moment. Mom's gone shopping."

Even better, thought Russell, somehow reading his son's mind that he was thinking the same thoughts, too. Rusell always liked spending quality time with his son but it looked as if the quality of today's visit might be even more special than usual.

Liam had made no attempt to hide the porn mag he'd been thumbing through and it languished in full view on the coffee table. Liam parked his delectable ass on the sofa and glanced up at his father, smiling. Not only was the porn mag fully on view, so was the outline of Liam's hard-on in his shorts and Russell, who was wearing shorts too since it was a warm summer's day in spite of the rain, felt his own shorts instinctively start to bulge out at the front in response to the silent come-on he was getting from his son.

It was now or never, Russell thought, did he let this moment pass or risk responding to the messages? The porn mag languished on the table and provided the answer to his question as he picked it up and began to thumb through the pages.

"Been wanking over these pics, son?" said Russell, taking the irreversible decision to confront the moment head-on. It would either kill their relationship stone dead or lead it on to dizzy new heights.

"Sure, dad," Liam replied, "what's wrong with that? All men of my age masturbate."

"I never said there was anything wrong, son," Russell replied, now as horny as fuck. "In fact, I would be really worried if you didn't."

"Why is that, dad?"

"Son, you've reached the age of ... well, judging by that bulge in your shorts, you don't need me to tell you."

"No dad," said Liam as Russell still thumbed through the porn mag, an engrossed look on his face.

"These are good pics," said Russell, "I'm glad you like seeing men in action."

"Hey, dad," said Liam, now taking up the initiative, "why look at pics? I've got the real thing here."

Without giving Russell a chance to reply, Liam pulled down his shorts, exposing the full beauty of his impressive hard-on and a set of pink sweaty balls. "I saw the way you looked at me at my birthday party," Liam went on. "I think we both knew what we wanted but couldn't since mom was with us. Anyway, I've shown you mine, why don't you show me yours?" he finished, giggling.

Russell smiled, grateful that the ice had finally been broken. He quickly dropped his shorts, letting his own formidable package come into view. A momentary feeling of embarrassment came and went very quickly as Russell realised what he was embarking on. This wasn't just incest, which was frowned on by society, but gay incest though there was no question of Russell abusing his son, this was entirely mutual and they were both consenting adults.

"Let's get undressed, dad," said Liam, standing and pulling his shorts off and lifting his vest over his head and Russell did the same so that both father and son stood naked together, smiling at each other with their cocks so hard they pointed up to the ceiling, their knobheads peeping out of their foreskins.

"You look great in the nude, son. Just hope your mother doesn't walk in and find us like this," said Russell, "it was my gay side that got us our divorce."

"Dad, stop worrying, mom won't be back for hours yet," replied Liam, "you know what women are like once they go shopping, it's a whole day's outing for them."

"Yeah," said Russell, "I've never been able to understand how they can idle their lives away walking round shops all day. I get what I want and then get the hell out the place."

"Don't worry about that, dad," Liam said. "Come on, put that fucking porn mag down and let's have some fun before mom does get home."

Russell threw the porn mag down on the table and dropped to his knees in front of Liam who was proudly displaying his thick rod directly in front of his father's eyes. Russell shivered with excitement, his whole body trembling, as he took in the view as Liam peeled his foreskin back as far as it would go, fully exposing his pink bulbous knobhead which was smeared in a thick gob of pre-cum.

"Not yet, dad," said Liam, as Russell opened his mouth, "let me suck you first. I've wanted to taste my daddy's dick for ages."

Russell shrugged and got back onto his feet. Having waited months for the pleasure of having his own son's cock in his mouth, a few more minutes wouldn't make much difference. He likewise peeled back his foreskin, his knobhead equally glistening with pre-cum and waited for Liam to give it his attention.

He didn't have to wait long. Liam was quickly on his knees, gazing admiringly at the stiff pole that had helped to create him. The sleazy porn mag that Liam had enjoyed looking at earlier and which Russell had found difficult to put down was now completely forgotten as it lay discarded on the coffee table and, as Liam had said, they got down to business with the real thing ...


"Wow, dad," said Liam, "that stiff cock of yours is fucking awesome."

Without saying another word, Liam opened his mouth and engulfed Russell's aroused prick, sliding it deftly over his tongue until the head reached the back of his throat.

"Mmmm," Liam murmured, "feels great in my mouth," he said, relinquishing it to speak and then quickly swallowing it again.

"That's the way, son," said Russell who was enjoying discovering just what a great cocksucker his son was proving to be. "Suck your daddy's dick, it feels just as great for me, too."

"Mmmm," Liam managed to murmur again as he gagged on Russell's rod, devouring hungrily like a thing possessed.

"You're right, son," said Russell, "the real thing is much better than looking at porn mags. But, then, I always knew that and you are one hell of a cocksucker."

Liam continued to suck his father for a good ten minutes until he needed to take a very necessary break for air. "Fuck, dad, that was so good," he said, standing up.

"Yeah," said Russell, "and now its my turn. Don't stop me this time."

"I won't dad," replied Liam, "it's all yours. Suck it hard."

Russell loved sucking cock as much as he did licking pussy but this time it would be even better since it was not any cock, usually some stranger's he'd met while out cruising, but that of his own horny handsome son. Russell cupped Liam's balls in his right hand and, reaching round with his left, grabbed his son's ass and drew him closer to him. Liam's eyes rolled in his head as Russell took his son into his mouth and soon increased the pace while their combined grunts and groans of pleasure grew louder.

Liam placed his hands on his father's head and smiled down at him. "Can't believe we're actually doing this at last, eh dad?"

"No, son," replied Russell, letting Liam's cock fall out of his mouth, "I'm pleased you're really into it as much as I am. Let me see your ass."

Liam turned to show his father his tight naked buttocks. "You've got a great looking ass, son," Russell said, "I couldn't take my eyes off it when you had your shorts on and it looks just as great bare."

"You've got a pretty good ass yourself, dad," replied Liam, "and I'm pleased mine turns you on so much. I want you to lick it."

"Get on your hands and knees, then," said Russell.

Russell feasted his eyes on Liam's bum directly in front of his face. "Beautiful, son," he said, "those cheeks of yours are magnificent. The best ass I've ever seen."

"You're only saying that 'cause its mine, dad," laughed Liam.

"Yeah, well, of course I'm biased but I really mean what I say. You've got the best ass in the world."

"Thanks, dad, that makes me feel great. I want you to stick your tongue up it."

"Spread your cheeks, son, let me finger it first. Get it loosened up a bit."

Russell watched fascinated as Liam clasped his buns with his hands and prised them apart, exposing his pink gaping asshole. Another series of shivers coursed their way through Russell as Liam worked his ass muscles in and out, winking his hole as Russell worked the index finger of his right hand into his son's asshole.

"Like having your ass stretched, son?" asked Russell, his index finger being joined by his third finger as he went in as deep as he could.

"Yeah, dad," said Liam, his voice dripping with enthusiastic lust, "feels really great."

Russell continued fingering Liam for a good five minutes, then withdrew his fingers and put them in his mouth to taste the intoxicating scent of Liam's asshole left behind on them. "Mmmm, that's nice," murmured Russell, "your cute ass has a lovely taste."

"You can taste it even better if you stick your tongue up it," said Liam. "Come on, dad, don't keep me waiting, I really need a good rimming. Then you can fuck me as well."

"Have you been rimmed and fucked before, son?" asked Russell.

"No dad," said Liam, "at least not by a man."

Russell was pleased to hear that Liam liked the straight stuff too, a real case of like father, like son. Russell's paternal pride increased tenfold, however, in the knowledge that he would be the first man to lick out Liam's asshole and plow its depths with a nice hot incestuous gay fuck.

"I'm pleased you like my ass, dad," Liam said again, "now quit speaking and get licking."

Russell didn't need any further encouragement, he stuck out his hot wet tongue and dived straight in, sending it deep into the gaping hole that Liam was still displaying, his spread cheeks still clasped in his hands and now as far apart as nature allowed. Russell was and is an experienced rimmer and was determined to make his son's first experience of male ass licking as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

"That is fucking brilliant, dad," Liam said, once again reading Russell's mind as he complimented his father on his rimming skills, "your tongue feels real good up my ass, so nice and hot."

"You sure are a piece of hot ass," said Russell, momentarily coming up for air after ten minutes of continuous rimming, "can't wait to fuck it."

"Let me go get some KY," said Liam, standing and moving over to the door to the hall. "Back in a mo'".

Russell watched Liam's bare ass cheeks working together as he walked away and lay back on the carpet. Any doubts and fears he had had at embarking on an incestuous relationship with his own son had now completely disappeared and he could hardly believe his luck, especially having never expected it to happen when he set out from home, expecting instead to find both Liam and Sarah at home and the three of them just sit around chatting and drinking coffee. He laughed to himself as he thanked his lucky stars for Sarah's unwitting perspicacity in making herself scarce for the day ...


Liam returned a few moments later, his cock still hard and his scrotum swinging hypnotically like a pendulum as he walked towards Russell, a tube of KY in his hand. He unscrewed the cap and smeared a liberal helping onto his fingers, then worked it into his asshole.

"Want some, dad?"

"Thanks, son," replied Russell, taking the tube and greasing his prick before handing the tube back to Liam who smeared some more into his ass as he got onto his hands and knees.

"That's enough lube, son," said Russell, "I think you're just about ready for me now."

"Sure fucking am, dad," replied Liam, "I've wanted this for so long. Fuck my tight ass with that hot daddy prick of yours."

"You've really never had your ass fucked before?" asked Russell.

"I told you, dad, no," said Liam, a note of impatience creeping into his voice. "Apart from some woman I went with once who did me with a strap-on. But this is going to be much more exciting, taing my own dad's prick up my ass."

Russell felt more excited than ever as images of his son being fucked by a woman with a strap-on appeared in his mind's eye. It spurred him on and, without wasting another second, Liam's request was finally granted as Russell tentatively placed his cock at the entrance to his son's anus.

He let it rest there for a few moments, nudging the entrance gently, then he slowly pushed in, little by little, inch by inch, until he was in all the way up to the balls. Liam sighed happily as Russell began the fuck with slow intense thrusts before quickening the pace until he was pumping his son with gusto, his big balls slapping against the insides of Liam's thighs.

"Oh yeah, dad," breathed Liam, "this is so exciting knowing the cock in my ass is my own father's."

"You like having your daddy's dick in your ass, eh son?" said Russell, rhetorically, "the look on your face says everything."

"No need to ask, then, is there? Just keep going. Don't stop."

"I can tell you're not a virgin, son, the way you take my big prick up your ass. I'd love to see you get fucked by a woman, sometime."

"Maybe," Liam managed to say as he pushed his ass back to meet every thrust, "but this is the best fuck I've ever had."

"Couple of real pervert sluts, ain't we?"

"Yeah, dad, and who cares? If this is perversion, then so be it, beats being fucking normal like those boring farts who try to tell us how to run our lives. They can all sod off and mind their own."

"You make me feel really proud, son," said Russell, "so proud, I ain't gonna last out much longer,"

"Cum in my ass, dad," said Liam, "let me feel that hot spunk of yours flooding my asshole."

"Aaaaagh!" Russell cried, moments later, as his orgasm caused red hot flames of passion to course through every crevice of his sexed-up body and he shot spurt after spurt into Liam's asshole, milking his colossal cumshot for all he was worth.

When it was finished, Russell pulled out and smiled at the sight of the last drops of his spunk seeping out of Liam's asshole. He fell back on the carpet and rested his elbows on the floor, resting his back up against the sofa as they both started to get their breaths back.

"Bloody hell, dad," said Liam, "d'you always cum so much?"

"Always," replied Russell, "and this lot was all yours."

"Sure was," said Liam, "and now its my turn to return the compliment. I ain't through yet and I bet you'd like a good fuck too, eh? I've fucked plenty of pussies and female asses but I've never fucked a male one before and you, my dear father, are priveleged to be the first."

"Sure is a privelege, son," said Russell, "the highest any loving son could give his proud father. Let me sit on it."

Liam lay down on the floor, his hard-on undiminished since he'd first started wanking on his own before Russell's arrival, sticking up like a ramrod and only too eager to stick it into his father's ass. Russell stood and moved over and placed his legs either side of Liam's prostrate body, Liam looking up to watch Russell spreading his ass cheeks as he lowered himself slowly and impaled himself on his son's prick.

"Gee, dad, your sweaty asshole is just as tight as mine," Liam said as the walls of Russell's ass clamped around his stiff pole.

Russell sighed and sat there motionless on Liam's rod for a few moments as he got used to the taboo hardcore position he now found himself in, facing forward towards Liam. He leaned forward and kissed his son on the lips, their tongues snaking into each other's mouths as Liam started the fucking in the same slow deliberate way as his father had done to him. Very soon, however, Russell was fully acclimatised to the invasion and began posting up and down as Liam increased the tempo.

"Fucking hell, son," said Russell, "I never realised incest could be so much fun. This is the perfect way to thank me for all the years I spent before your mom and I parted looking after you while you were growing up. And, boy oh boy, have you grown, I always knew you'd be a big boy one day."

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