tagMatureLike Father, Like Son & Son

Like Father, Like Son & Son


My older brother Dean has always looked out for me. He's three years older, wiser by a decade and always handling problem situations.

Blood is thicker than mud, especially when Dean was involved. He'd gotten me out of numerous jams over the years.

He took care of me this summer, but in a very special way. You see, he'd been working for Mrs. Bennett for several summers on breaks from college. He actually was heading out of down after graduation, and started bringing me along to his summer job with hopes of me taking over for him when he had left.

The work was pretty simple. Odd jobs around the house, taking care of the lawn, lots of painting and some other errands that took time but weren't all the difficult. Mrs. Bennett was a good looking mature woman in her early 40s. Her husband was a local businessman who spent hours at his three stores and weekends at the golf club.

The first time Dean brought me along we worked in the back yard, cutting back an overgrown tree and disposing of the branches. Then we worked on the lawn. When Mrs. Bennett called us to the back porch for ice cold drinks I remembered once more why Dean loved the work...she paid us weekly and was very attractive.

On this day she had on her tennis outfit, a loose fitting white blouse, blue tennis shirt and sneakers. She wore a headband to hold her long brown hair away from her eyes. That night I fantasized looking into The Bennett's bedroom and watching them screw.

I didn't think of it at the time, but one of the things that looking back should have been a tell tale sign of something was the fact that at some point in our visits Dean would work on some special project for Mrs. Bennett.

We'd do some work together as a team, then he'd head off to do this or that while I worked on some other project outside. I never thought a thing of it until a couple weeks before Dean's departure for his new job several states away.

"Hey punk, remember the time when dad was pissed off about the missing twenty from his wallet?" asked Dean one day on a break from yard work at The Bennetts.

"Of course, I mean, I don't remember anything about any missing twenty."

"Right answer! I have to say, you always could keep a secret. I mean, you could have gotten me into real trouble with dad on that little escapade, or the time we borrowed some beers from the house down the street or even the dent in the car that I said was a hit and run. You could have busted me, but you didn't."

"No reason to, those are things between us."

Dean went on for a while, reminding me of how our brotherly bond included secrecy like a secret agent. Of course I agreed. He was my brother, and there wasn't anything I'd do to drop a dime on something he did or did not do.

At the end of our little conversation he smiled, shook my hand, and said he'd always been able to count on me and visa versa. I wasn't short what was actually happening but there was no reason to worry, Dean would never harm me.

That day we did the lawn at The Bennetts and then we started painting the outside fence that divided the back yard from the front. I think it really was to keep people away from the back yard, but whatever.

We worked together for about a half hour before Mrs. Bennett brought us soft drinks. Just before we were getting back to work she asked Dean if he could help her with a plumbing problem upstairs, and he said he'd be right there.

"Hey punk, I'm heading in and will need some help in about 15 minutes. Just come in and find us, okay?"

"Sure Dean, I will finish this part of the fence, put the paint brushes into the turpentine and then come in and help."

Little did I realize the kind of help that would be needed, but it was out of my mind as I restarted my painting activities. I had finished one stretch of the fence and wanted to get inside to help Dean so I washed off on the outside spigot and dropped the brushes in turpentine. I called from downstairs but didn't get an answer so I walked up a couple stairs.

"Hey Dean? Mrs. Bennett? Still need some help?"

"We're upstairs, come on up," said my brother. I walked upstairs, looked around, saw the bedroom door open and walked over.

When I got there and looking into the room I stopped in my tracks.

Mrs. Bennett was performing fellatio on my brother, right there in her bedroom. My eyes nearly popped out while watching Mrs. Bennett on her knees sucking my brother's cock. He had his hands on her head, gently guiding the woman up and down on his throbbing monster.

"Hey bro, come on it and sit down," said my brother with a huge smile.

Stunned, I couldn't move. I had never seen a blowjob in progress, other that in dad's magazines that he hid downstairs in the basement. And Mrs. Bennett, well, she was so perfect in every way. She was beautiful woman who in my mind would never, ever, suck on a cock.

Yet she was worshiping Dean's dick. Not only that, she had to know I was there watching. One hand was jerking Dean's cock into her mouth, while the other was caressing his thigh.

But there right in front of me Dean was getting his cock cleaned by the pretty woman. She sucked and slurped the knob and by the way she was acting it wasn't the first time.

She didn't even make an attempt to move away from my brother when I came into the room. It actually looked as if she liked sucking cock. I was truly amazed.

My brother told me to sit down and get comfortable, and I somehow found my way over to a chair and sat. How do you get comfortable watching two lovers? I sat and gawked.

I watched as Dean rocked back and forth with Mrs. Bennett taking his cock deep into her mouth then slowly letting him pull it out. His pants were around his knees and she was fully clothed. Still, it was a beautiful sight.

It was so very erotic, and I thought my eyes might pop out watching the action. She bobbed her head on Dean's knob with finesse and flair. I mean, she wasn't just going up and down on it, she would suck, bob her head, suck some more. Taking most of his dick in her mouth then slowly releasing it.

The sight was amazing, but the sounds really made things. She sort of hummed a little, making little noises and the dick pounded her face. Slurping sounds could be heard as the saliva from her mouth greased the sock. Some slipped out of her mouth in little dribbles.

It was an amazing sight and I couldn't help fondling my cock through my pants.

"Hey bro, ever have your cock sucked?" asked my brother, talking as if Mrs. Bennett wasn't there. I swear she pulled back a little when he said those words but she level let his cock out of her sucking wet mouth. "Come on over and get a better look."

I stumbled over to the two lovers, watching intently as the woman sucked my brother's cock. "Drop your pants," said Dean. "Let's get that cock out in the open."

Totally embarrassed, I looked quizzically at him. He nodded his head yes, and as if in a trance I unbuckled by belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. Mrs. Bennett reached over with one hand and .pulled my throbbing cock from my underwear, stroking it while sucking on my brother. The feeling was superb.

"Why don't you suck him," asked my brother, and Mrs. Bennett didn't miss a beat. She removed Dean's cock from her mouth and replaced it with mine.

Oh my, it was beyond unbelievable. Nancy, a former girlfriend, had jerked me off. But she drew the line there. I'd never had a mouth on my dick. Mr. Bennett, though, used her wet lips around the tip of my cock in practiced fashion and then slowly made their way down the shaft. All the while she was jerking off Dean.

As quickly as she started, she stopped. We both groaned.

The woman looked up at us from her kneeling position and smiled. "Lie down on the bed, boys, side by side."

We did, out cocks standing full, pointed toward the ceiling. Mrs. Bennett stood at the end of the bed, admiring us. Then she scooted up onto the bed and knelt with one knee between each of our legs. She reached out, grasping our dicks, one in each hand, and began to stroke them.

The sensations were exquisite. My dick was enjoying a wonderful hand job from the pretty mom. Dean reached up and began unbuttoning Mrs. Bennett's blouse and she made nary a move to stop him. Soon it was fully open and he reached over and unhitched the front clasp bra, baring her full and firm breasts to our view. Her mounds were slightly jiggling as her hands moved up and down on our cocks.

She worked the dicks in time with each other, pumping both up and down about the same time. I watched as she did it, and it was as if she was concentrating on doing the up and down together.

All of a sudden Mrs. Bennett bent over and began licking my shaft and with equal suddenness I exploded all over the place. I could not help myself. Just like that cum shot everywhere, up in the air, onto her face, onto her hands. Thing is, her hand never stopped stroking Dean. She kept jerking his dick while licking my cock and tasting some of the sticky sauce that had shot out.

"Yum, you taste so good, so hot," said the woman. Damn, I was embarrassed for shooting fast but euphoric about the hand job turned lick job turned explosion.

She kept her hand on my dick and began working her mouth on Dean's dick. I watched as she bobbed her head up and down his cock while jerking it from its base. My breathing came under control, but Dean's was increasing.

His hands moved again to her head and guided her up and down on his cock exactly how he wanted it.

"Oh yes, baby, yes, that's it. Do it Mrs. Bennett. Suck my cock. Oh!"

With that warning I saw Dean's dick pulsate and soon he was cumming in her mouth. The woman never lifted her head off his cock as his cum sauce joined my in her mouth cavity and soon her stomach. All the while she jerked my dick with on hand while milking his dick with her mouth.

It was quite the erotic sight, and I just laid back and enjoyed the sensations. After a bit I felt movement on the bed and saw Mrs. Bennett getting up. She had a look of concern on her face.

"I can't believe I just did that," said the woman.

Dean told her not to worry, everything was fine, and that it was our little secret. She got up and went into the bathroom, brushing her teeth, while Dean and I dressed. He told me to get back downstairs and he'd join me in a minute. No questions asked, I zipped out of there still on my orgasmic high.

A couple minutes later Dean joined me downstairs. The look on my face must have asked many questions, and he told me to relax. We touched up a few spots and then cleaned up the utensils before starting out way back home. Along the way we stopped at a park and sat down.

"Kid, what happened was between us. I trust you not to say anything to anyone about it, just like we've kept secrets in the past. If you mention a word I will not only kick your ass, I will make your life miserable. Got it."

I nodded yes. "But..."

"No buts about it. It's a total secret. Mrs. Bennett has a lot to lose, and that's never going to be an issue. What happened today is a total secret, our secret, right."

We shook hands on it as I said "Right."

Dean knew I had questions. He told the tale. It was quite a story. He'd been working for Mrs. Bennett around the house since a senior in high school. Nothing ever happened, at least not until he graduated. And that was only because he found a diary. Dad's diary. Well, not a diary, but a date book.

In it he found details that dad, our dad, had dated the then Jackie Bigalow, in high school. He and Jackie were close, very close, and so close that dad had a little method of recording his conquests of the girl. And X was apparently sexual intercourse, an O was oral sex. There were lots of Xs and Os but mostly Os.

"It took me weeks to figure it out, but when it came to me it was obvious. Dad was a horn dog in the day," explained my bother.

Dean knew the lady as Mrs. Bennett, but somewhere along the line he came on to the fact that her maiden name was Bigalow. And he put two and two together when one day Mrs. Bennett said something about Dean being just like his father.

Then came the day he caught her crying, that she'd found out her husband had an affair with his secretary. She was pissed, but forgave him. Heck, she had to, her husband was a powerful man with a lot to lose but a stable of lawyers that would ensure he wouldn't. She was accustomed to living a life of luxury, even if it mean her husband strayed from their marital bed.

But one thing led to another as Dean consoled her and told her how pretty she was and how her husband was a bastard. That was the first time she blew him, right there in her husband's study, supposedly to get "even."

They had a regular dalliance since. It was an intimate relationship, nothing else. No love, although he said she was special to him and visa versa. But he was going away for work and he knew she had needs. Today was planned on his part after they had fantasized about her being with two guys.

Today was the beginning of something new, and I was the benefit of things.

"Like father, like son," said Dean. "And another son!"

* * * * *

What a week it was. How can I explain it?

One week before that magical weekend day I had only dreamt about getting my cock sucked. Now, in the days after joining my brother Dean in Mrs. Bennett's bedroom, I was no longer the same. I had been given oral sex by a wonderful married lady.

My brother had been sucked off as well on the same bed as we each watched each other's erotic behavior. Mrs. Bennett was the perfect hostess, sucking each of our cocks off. And we loved it.

Dean told me time and again that week about this being our little secret, and I knew he was right. First off, why mess up a good thing. Second, I didn't want him to kick my ass. Third, if Mr. Bennett and his violent temper found out, heads would roll. No, this was going to be a covert operation.

Still, I wondered what was next. Would there be a second time? Dean said to calm down, that what would happen would happen, but I'd like it.

Fact is, be was moving away for work. Mrs. Bennett liked the prior arrangement in my brother and had expressed interest in me as his successor. The fact that many years before our father had also sampled her charms made it all the more erotic.

The next Saturday we arrived at her house, a pleasant colonial set off from the street with about a half acre of yard, all excited. I think we both were hoping for a repeat of the prior week's activities. Dean said he'd direct the action, and that nothing was a sure thing. We would see what would happen.

It didn't take long to find out.

We were clearing some overgrown brush when Mrs. Bennett brought out some cold drinks, a nice blue sweater top and a knee length black skirt. She looked so sexy, a real MILF.

We made small talk for a bit before she said there was some work to be done in the house, and asked Dean to handle it. She turned and left us, and my brother merely told me to keep working and he'd let me know what was up.

I found it odd that Mrs. Bennett could look us in the eyes, smile and act if there had never been an intimate moment between us. Yet I hoped there would be more in our future. I continued to work in the yard, but, quite frankly, I didn't get much work done. I kept listening from my name to be called.

It seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only 15 minutes, when the kitchen window opened and Dean called for me to come inside and help. I didn't need to be asked twice, running toward the back door. I figured he'd left Mrs. Bennett upstairs but figured wrong. I hadn't seen her from the outside, but once back in the kitchen I saw her with her head down on the counter and Dean banging her from behind.

I was staring at her pretty ass bouncing against the counter and rebounding back toward him as Dean screwed her. Mrs. Bennett's skirt was lifted, and her panties were draped on one ankle. Her legs were spread wide apart and her midsection flexed.

"Oh, oh, oh," said the woman, oblivious to my entrance. "That's soooo good. Don't stop baby."

Dean merely smiled at me and asked me to come over. "She has a nice ass, doesn't she?" asked my brother as he continued to rut against the woman.. "Go ahead, feel it."

I fondled her ass while he kept his rocking inside the woman. He banged her from behind while I rubbed her ass. What a perfect ass, I thought. Firm, soft and oh so attractive. And my brother was flailing into her pussy from behind, feeling that ass with each stroke.

It was awesome, but Dean had other ideas.

"How about sucking us, Mrs. Bennett," asked my brother, moving out of the woman, his dick giving a little plop. The woman didn't hesitate, as she quickly stood then got down on her knees, grabbing a dick in each hand as if in a trance. I remember looking down and seeing her smile as she grasp our dicks.

We stood side-by-side as Mrs. Bennett alternated kisses and sucks on each cock, using her hand to stroke the guy she wasn't blowing. Damn, it was hot. She would work a bit on one cock, licking it, kissing it then sucking it, and the moving her head to taste a new slab or meat. I marveled at how she took the cock seconds after it was firmly situated in her snatch.

Her head had bobbed on each of us for a while before Dean reached over and lifted first her sweater top and then her bra off her tits, unleashing the woman flesh to our eyes. She made quite an impression, on her knees with her tits bouncing as she moved up and down on a cock.

Then a miracle happened. She grabbed a cock in each hand and jerked at the same time while looking up at us. "I want to try something guys, how about it. How about making my fantasy come true?"

Dean mumbled something like yes but I think he was game for anything. I was merely along for the ride and would agree as well..

The woman pushed us close together and then pulled each of our cocks toward her mouth. She opened wide and slipped Dean's dick in her mouth. But unlike the week before this time she grabbed by cock and pulled me closer.

She wasn't going to, she couldn't? She could! Soon she had each dick into her mouth at the same time!

It felt so wrong and weird, there we were, side-by-side. Each of us her his dick in her mouth. I felt Dean's against mine in her mouth. Soon that thought left me as I felt her tongue licking the underside my by prick while her lips grabbed the sides of our cocks.

Looking down her cheeks bulged as our cocks invaded her mouth.

I couldn't help for stare at the erotic sight. She couldn't really blow us, she merely mouthed our two dicks at the same time. The feeling was incredible.

With a gasp she pulled them out and smiled. "I did it, I got both of your monsters in my mouth," said the woman with a big smile. That did it for me, as I shot several spurts of cum all over her face. Just like that.

I couldn't help myself, and fell into a kitchen chair as Dean was moving Mrs. Bennett back around and over the kitchen sink.

Soon he was fucking the woman from behind again, and I watched as she rubbed my cum against her face while taking Dean's cock from behind. He didn't spare much, as he banged the woman hard and fast.

I heard her moan and groan while Dean dicked her, faster and faster, until I heard him grunt and shoot his load into the married woman's pussy.

They rocked together for a minute before Dean slipped out of her, and Mrs. Bennett responded by performing more oral on my brother. She downright cleaned his cock like a pro.

Looking in amazement, I knew I was in for a wonderful summer. Like father, like son and son.

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