tagIncest/TabooLike Mommy, Like Daughter

Like Mommy, Like Daughter


SUMMARY: MILF's ex-Mistress comes to claim her submissive & daughter

NOTE 1: Thanks to Kelly Winters for suggesting the original idea.

NOTE 2: Thanks to KatieTay, Estragon, MAB7991 for their dedicated copy-editing. Also, a thank you to LaRascasse for his plot suggestions.



Sandra didn't recognize the number on the cell, but answered it anyway. "Hi, slut, isn't today your daughter's eighteenth birthday?"

In one instant everything changed. Sandra had spent her last eighteen years protecting her daughter from her dark nasty past, from the woman on the phone, but in the blink of an eye everything had caught up to her.

Sandra stammered still praying she was wrong, "M-M-Mariah, is it you?"

"Isn't it Mistress Mariah to you, my long lost slut?" the voice on the phone questioned abruptly, even over the phone her tone rattled Sandra, bringing back emotions from times long buried.

Sandra looked to make sure her daughter wasn't nearby before whispering, "Hi, Mistress Mariah."

Sandra hadn't seen Mariah in over eighteen years. Sandra knew she had to break free from the life controlling power Mariah had had over her throughout her college years. The power that had reached its pinnacle when Sandra, eight months pregnant, bound and being fucked in the ass by Mariah's big strap-on, had promised Mariah that she would give her Mistress full control of any female children she bore. It was a ridiculous promise, but Sandra was a completely obedient sub back then. She would do anything to please her Mistress...ANYTHING. Christ, Sandra had gotten pregnant at a sperm bank a month after Mariah learned she was pregnant, just so they could raise their children together. It was ridiculous, so one night, Sandra fearing for the future of her unborn child, just up and disappeared, created a new identity for herself and her child in another country...Canada.

"Hi, slut. Miss me?" Mariah asked, her tone playful.

Sandra flashed back:

As much as she hated her past reliance on Mariah for all her sexual needs and the humiliation that always seemed to go with it, she had never felt even remotely as sexually fulfilled as she had all those years ago when she was a complete slave to her college roommate.

"What, slut? The thought of my pussy got your tongue?" Mariah snapped sarcastically.

"Sorry, I am just really surprised to hear from you." Sandra said, her head spinning with all the potential problems that came with this phone call, even as her pussy uncontrollably dampened.

Sandra flashed back:

Images of being on her knees between Mariah's legs while her Mistress wrote essays, while she watched TV and even under the table at a charity fund raiser meeting, came flooding back to her mind and simultaneously to her cunt.

"Well, you did run away from me," Mariah pointed out, not condoning but stating a fact.

"I had to," Sandra replied, determined to be strong.

Sandra flashed back:

To Mariah telling her how her child would eventually be my Mistress when she was old enough, (she knew she was having a girl), while she would be my daughter's Mistress (I too had learned I was going to have a girl).

"Why?" Mariah asked, although her tone implied she knew.

"To protect Kelly," Sandra replied, still determined to stand strong.

"From what?" the Mistress asked, innocently.

"From becoming like me," Sandra admitted.

Sandra flashed back:

To her freshman year living in a dog house in her dorm while training to be Mariah's perfect obedient pet.

"Well, that is impossible," Mariah confidently responded, "Like Mother, like Daughter, it is one of the only rules of evolution that matters."

"That is absurd," Sandra replied, praying it wasn't true.

Sandra flashed back to the first time she had submitted to Mariah:

She recalled the absurdity that started it all. Sandra had been watching TV in the common area with some other girls, when she returned to her room to find Mariah waiting for her naked and wearing a strap-on cock wrapped around her waist. Sandra was unable to take her eyes off her roommates' firm breasts. Sandra was still a virgin. She had dated a few boys in high school but never went further than giving a couple of blow jobs which she hated doing. She had wondered deep down if maybe she wasn't gay. Her late night dreams usually included girls and since moving into the girls' dorm, those fantasies had included her outgoing, voluptuous, pretty, aggressive, roommate Mariah. Her curiosity was about to be tested by Mariah who smiled at her shy roommate and ordered, "Get naked, Sandra."

"What?" Sandra gasped.

"Get naked, now," Mariah demanded, her tone aggressive.

"This is absurd," Sandra said, standing up to go to her room.

"Stop, or else," Mariah threatened.

Sandra stopped, startled by the threatening tone and turned to look at her roommate. "Or else, what?" Sandra asked, nervously.

"You don't want to know," Mariah said, her glare daring her roommate to challenge her. Mariah knew that Sandra had been drooling over her since they met and even though Sandra herself wasn't sure of her sexuality, Mariah already knew. Sandra was a lesbian and Mariah was going to seduce her and slowly turn her into a perfect pet plaything. Mariah confidently walked over to the deer-in-the-headlights co-ed.

"But...." Sandra attempted to rationalize, frozen.

"But nothing, unless you want this in your butt instead of your cunt," Mariah smirked, playing on the word but. Stepping near Sandra, Mariah began to unbutton Sandra's blouse, the excitement adding to the wetness of Sandra's already damp vagina.

"No, I...." again Sandra tried to reason, but her resolve was weakening. Her roommates' breasts looked so appetizing and the plastic penis poking at Sandra's vagina had her head spinning.

"Look, Sandra," Mariah began, as she pulled off her blouse. "You are a lesbian. I know it and you know it. And starting right now, you are going to be trained to be my personal pet."

Mariah's words were absurd, but her touch had Sandra weak. Mariah unclasped Sandra's bra. "Such small titties," the seductress pointed out. "You could almost be a boy."

The criticism shamed Sandra, who had always been self-conscious of her small breasts, but she just stood there paralyzed as her vagina got wetter. Mariah yanked down her pet-to-be's skirt, pulling her panties to her ankles and aggressively bent her over the couch. Mariah rubbed the plastic cock head up and down the dazed co-ed's wet vagina until she asked, "Do you want me to fuck you, Sandra?"

Sandra involuntarily moaned, her mind a fog of conflicting emotions. Yes, she had a secret crush on Mariah and wanted desperately to have her approval, but she had always been a romantic and, well, this was not romantic.

"All you have to do Sandra is ask me to fuck you and you are mine," Mariah promised.

The dominating woman's hands grasping Sandra's hips and the teasing of her virgin vagina was too much and the virgin whimpered, "Please."

"Please what?" the temptress asked, tapping her cock on Sandra's very wet pussy lips.

"Please have sex with me," Sandra weakly got out.

"Don't you mean fuck you?" Mariah asked, crudely.

Sandra was a shy, reserved girl and wasn't much of a swearer and Mariah knew that, but Sandra's desire to lose her virginity overpowered her usual high morals and she begged, "Please, fuck me, Mariah."

"You want me to shove my cock in your wet cunt?" Mariah asked, relishing her power as she pushed her cute, submissive roommate down a road of lesbian domination.

Mariah's plastic cock now between Sandra's suddenly eager pussy lips was too much for the virgin who ignored the alarm bells in her head that screamed 'run' and instead begged, "Yes, Mariah, fuck my cunt with that big cock, take my virginity."

Mariah plunged the cock deep inside her slave-to-be and Sandra's descent as a submissive slave begun. Sandra had never forgotten her your first time and her first was the beginning of a long transformation from sweet, shy Sandra to submissive, slut Sandra.

A part of Sandra she didn't know existed was awakened the second her pussy was filled by the plastic cock. This part came alive in a heartbeat, the sexual side that had lain dormant for the majority of her life other than small pleasures she had given herself. The real thing though was so different and so electrifying Sandra felt alive for the first time in her whole life. Her pussy was being ravished and she wanted more.

Reserved Sandra gone, horny Sandra moaned and begged, "Oh God, yes, more, Mariah."

Mariah smiled as she watched her shy roommate transform in front of her eyes, knowing it was only a matter of time before she had her own live-in pet. Mariah didn't make love to Sandra, she fucked her hard, with each forward thrust her entire body collided with Sandra's. The slapping sounds of two bodies meeting echoed through the room, as did the increasingly loud moans of the no-longer-a-virgin Sandra.

Not surprisingly, all this time of pent-up desire exploded into one intense, body numbing orgasm in only two or three minutes as Sandra screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm coming."

Sandra had brought herself to orgasm before, but apparently she hadn't been very good at it. The orgasm that was currently riddling her body with pulses of pleasure from her head down to her toes was like nothing she had ever experienced. The pleasure kept coming in wave after wave after wave and she almost passed out when she forgot to breathe, being so overwhelmed by the pleasure cascading through her body.

Mariah smiled as she knew her pet was experiencing a newfound pleasure and knew that the first step in the lengthy training process was completed. Mariah pulled out of the still quivering roommate and left, leaving her pet-to-be wanting more and knowing when the orgasm had subsided Sandra would be riddled with insecurity, self-doubt, shame and craving...the perfect mixture needed to manipulate her later.

"Oh, we will see," Mariah said, her tone so confident and foreboding, a chill went up Sandra's spine. "Now go get yourself off, slut. I know you are about to burst at the seams just from hearing your Mistresses' voice."

Thankfully, there was a knock at the door, even as Sandra's hand moved under her sundress to her wanton pussy subconsciously obeying an order. Realizing what was happening, she said, using all her will power to prevent herself from obeying an order, knowing how easily she could fall and be back where she had been all those years ago, a submissive slave to Mariah. "Someone is at the door, I have got to go. Please don't call again." Before Mariah could respond, Sandra hung up and took a deep breath using her yoga breathing to calm herself after the stressful phone call.

A second knock at the door brought Sandra back to reality and she went to answer it.

Opening the door, Sandra froze. There she was...Mariah, looking just like she did all those years ago. Her blonde hair straight, her blue eyes piercing and her smile disarming.

Mariah asked, her smile smug, "Are you going to invite me in or what?"

Sandra stammered, shocked to her core as all her memories of her past flooded back like a never ending tidal wave, "W-w-what are you doing here?"

"Is that any way to greet your Mistress?" Mariah asked, with a smile.

"Sssshhhh," the rattled ex-sub whispered, "my daughter is upstairs."

"Well than you better be a good kitty and fetch my things," the blonde bombshell ordered, pointing to her car. She thought to herself, assessing the black haired sub, 'The slut is just as cute and innocent as ever.'

"What?" Sandra asked, praying she wasn't implying she was staying here.

"Taylor and I will be staying here for, well, indefinitely," Mariah shrugged.

"You can't!" Sandra gasped, petrified with the thoughts of what Mariah might do.

The Mistress's tone shifted in a heartbeat. "Look slut. Either you be a good sub and do as you are told or I go find your daughter and make her my slut this second."

Fear growing as Mariah was not one to bluff, Sandra panicked. "OK, OK, I'll get your things."

"Good girl," the Mistress smiled, knowing the domme-sub relationship from years ago was going to be easier to re-establish than anticipated, her harshness gone as quick as it had arrived. Mariah said, sweet as honey, "And you must be Kelly. I have heard so much about you."

Sandra turned to see her daughter, Kelly, in a t-shirt and short shorts walking towards them. "Um, hi," Kelly politely greeted the stranger, her facial expression showing confusion.

Mariah introduced, "Hi, I am Mariah, your Mom's old college roommate...your sweet Mom has offered to let my daughter and I stay here, while we look for a place to live."

"Well it is great to meet you," Kelly smiled, warmly like she always did, hiding the fact that her Mom hadn't mentioned this before, which was strange. Her mother and she had an amazing mother-daughter relationship, so this was totally out of character for her mom not to discuss this plan before now.

"You as well," Mariah replied, giving Sandra a look that said 'go get the bags', as she pulled Kelly into a hug. Sandra sighed, not wanting to leave her daughter alone with such a predator, but feared the consequences of disobeying Mariah.

Kelly was surprised by getting a hug from a stranger but had been brought up to respect her elders and just went with it.

Outside, Sandra's mouth dropped open when she saw a younger version of Mariah. Taylor was leaning on the car, dressed in a skimpy sundress that hid very little, that she must have known would have every guy in the world drooling and every girl calling her a slut.

Taylor looked up as Sandra approached the car. Taylor making a statement with her first words, assessed, "Well, you are cuter than I thought you would be, slut."

Sandra gasped, shocked that this eighteen year old would be so disrespectful and forward. "Excuse me," she said.

Taylor smiled, looking her over, "I think I was pretty clear. I was just assessing the merchandise."

Sandra ignored the teenager's crudeness and went to get the bags, her worries of Mariah now doubled with Taylor in the picture. 'Like Mother, Like Daughter' Mariah had mentioned on the phone minutes ago. She grabbed a couple of suitcases.

As Sandra began walking back to her house, Taylor asked, "I see Mommy already has you doing her bidding, slut?"

Sandra's cheeks went red as she ignored the shot by the teenager. Back in her house, her daughter was unwrapping a present even as she protested, "You shouldn't have."

"You only get one eighteenth birthday," Mariah smiled, befriending her future pet, while giving a quick glance to Sandra.

Sandra put the bags down and walked to the couch to see what Mariah thought would be an appropriate present for her eighteen year old.

Kelly pulled out a gorgeous gold dress. "Oh my God, it is beautiful," Kelly gasped excitedly, shocked by such a nice gown.

Mariah, her smile seemingly genuine to Kelly but fake as could be to the observing Sandra, "Isn't prom soon?"

"Yes," Kelly squealed, realizing the dress she had purchased for the event was now redundant.

"Oh there is more," Mariah purred.

Kelly looked in the box and pulled out a package of mocha thigh highs which surprised her. Pantyhose were so 1980s.

Mariah pointed out. "I know, I know, pantyhose are out, but stockings are so in. Trust me, the boys will be drooling."

"Really?" Kelly asked innocently, unsure the difference between stockings and pantyhose.

Sandra sighed to herself, knowing that Mariah's fetish was stockings.

Sandra flashed back:

For all four years of her humiliating sub life she wore a garter belt and stockings, thigh high stockings, or crotchless pantyhose every day. She licked Mariah's stocking feet practically every day when she returned from school. Since breaking free from Mariah's clutches, she had not once worn stockings of any sort. Not once!!!

Mariah looked down at Sandra's legs condemning her without a word before turning back to Kelly and explaining, "Trust me. Boys love stockings."

"OK, Aunt Mariah," Kelly replied, although she was skeptical.

Sandra gasped, "Aunt Mariah!"

Mariah again gave a look and Sandra quickly went to fetch the rest of the suitcases.

Mariah pointed out. "If you look at my legs in dark brown, called mocha, my legs come alive. While if you check you're Mom and her white pale legs they are less appealing. With a pair of stockings they would come alive with some color."

Kelly looked at the older woman's legs and had to agree the dark color seemed to really accentuate her legs. She wondered if the stockings would do the same for her.

Mariah, as if reading the girl's mind, offered, "Why don't you try on the dress and stockings? You can see for yourself what stockings can do, plus I want to make sure I got the right size."

"Sure," Kelly said, excited to play dress up. Her mom was much more a jeans and t-shirt type and thus Kelly had become similar in style. This was like a Disney movie for Kelly, an opportunity to play princess. She was Cinderella and Mariah was her fairy Godmother.

Outside, Taylor continued her verbal assault on the MILF she knew would soon be hers. "So Sub-Sandra, are you happy to see your Mistress again?"

Sandra was mortified that the young girl knew about her dark past, but decided to just ignore her.

As Sandra pulled the last two suitcases out of the car, Taylor walked in front of her. Her smile, a virtual replica of her mother, spoke volumes. "You know what my Mother gave me for my eighteenth birthday?"

"I have no idea," Sandra said flippantly, trying to go around the blonde beauty.

"Stop, slut," Taylor snapped, her tone identical to her mother's. Sandra instantly froze in her tracks out of both shock and fear. The young Domme's tone instantly turned soft as if talking to a small child as she praised the older woman. "Good girl. I am hoping you will not cause me trouble because my birthday present was you and I have had to wait over a month to receive my present."

"Pardon?" Sandra asked shocked, even though she completely understood what the teenager had said. Mariah had given her as a gift. Her mind spun at what this meant.

"Isn't it clear? Mom is going to take your daughter as her new slave so she is giving me her old one. But instead of getting a old car like most eighteen year olds get, I am getting an old woman."

At forty-one Sandra felt old sometimes, but being called old by a teenager who was acting like she owned her hurt. But realizing her situation was way direr than she originally thought, instead of fighting her, Sandra asked, attempting to buy herself some time, "How is this going to work?"

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