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Like Mother, Like Daughter


It was New Year's Day. I had slept in. No heavy partying the night before, I had seen enough New Year's Eves to figure they were pretty much the same. So I was rested, with morning wood; ready for the kind of party I really want.

Getting up and getting online, I scanned the escort ads on a big Internet site. It's usually bottom feeding. Most of the postings are trashy to the point of being repellent, and the ones that look good, are probably too good to be true. Finding something interesting was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

One listing caught me eye. "Mom and daughter combo," it said. I clicked. What I saw riveted my attention. "Connie's baby girl is in town."

I knew mom. I double-checked the phone number; it was a gal I'd seen before in a blue-collar part of town.

Connie is a mature woman; the way escorts over the age of 30 are usually described. But she's slender and fit; she works out regularly. I had learned quickly that her specialty is giving blowjobs.

I knew how she steered guys into it. The first time I went to see her, I rang her phone as I got there. I told her I was outside, in the parking lot; she gave me her apartment number. Then -- in an apologetic tone that sounded a bit too practiced -- said, "I'm out of condoms."

I'd never heard that line before! Hell, I thought, let's cut to the chase. "That's okay," I said, sounding sympathetic. "Maybe you can just give me a blowjob." She laughed. "Maybe I can do that."

And that's what she does, every time. The routine is familiar. I go in, we hug and kiss like old friends. Then to the bedroom; I take off my clothes and lie on the bed. She takes off her clothes, curls up next to me, and sucks my cock. She sucks it till I'm completely finished off, having me blow my load in her mouth, and swallowing every drop. She doesn't let go till the throbbing of my organ slows down and finally stops.

When I saw the ad touting mother and daughter together, I jumped at it. Snowflake, the girl was called, 18 years old. There was a picture of her face; a cute strawberry blonde. And she looked like her mother. I couldn't wait to see if she was just as petite.

I called their number and left a message. Snowflake called me back. We made a date for noon, just enough for me to shower and drive down there.

Snowflake opened the door with a smile, a pleasant-looking young girl. Her mother was there, bundled up on the floor, watching television. I went to say hello; she got up and greeted me warmly, a hug and a kiss. I whispered to her that I hoped she had taught her daughter well. She assured me she'd taught her everything she knew. Then I looked around. "Where's Snowflake?" I asked. "She's gone back into the bedroom," her mother told me. I smiled, excused myself, and went back to join her.

Snowflake was dressed nicely, in jeans and a casual top that showed the straps of her lime green brassiere. I made some small talk, and then took off my clothes. I hardly needed to prove I was legit; I'd been in that bedroom many times with her mother, who was back to watching TV in the living room.

But I felt bad for the poor girl! She looked exhausted, yawning over and over. She said she had been up till 9 a.m. -- all of New Year's Eve -- and had had only had a couple of hours sleep. I figured, without saying anything, that she'd been up all night servicing guys.

I lay down. She sat on the edge of the bed, gently manipulating my cock; she made no move to undress. Finally, I said, "You know, your mother's specialty is giving blowjobs." At that, she brightened; "That's what I do, too." She went on to say, "The guys I've seen say I give better blowjobs than my mom. They want to come back and see me instead of her."

Well, I was glad that was settled! I smiled and said, "Cool. Let's go for it." She began sucking my cock. Her technique was exquisite; she stroked it gently with her dainty fingers, working the head with her mouth. It was very, very stimulating; I knew I couldn't hold off for long. I told her "Sweetheart, if you keep doing that, I'm going to cum in your mouth." She paused, nodded, and said, "That's what I want."

Ah, well, so be it. It was clear, the gentlemanly thing to do was to finish off what I came to do and let her get some rest. I sat on the side of the bed and had her kneel in front of me so I could watch her face, see her youthful body. The working of her hand and mouth together was superb. Showing her experience, she ratcheted up the intensity to bring my excitement to its natural consummation. And if truth be told, it was especially exciting to feel my cock in that cute young girl's mouth, as she worked expertly to make me release, thirsting for my life essence.

She was in control; within moments, she had pulled me past the point of no return. I came hard and long; my sperm flooded her mouth before I was done. She stayed on my cock till the dry spasms had stopped. Then she pulled her mouth off slowly, carefully, so as not to leak a drop of my seed. When my cock finally slipped out her mouth, she swallowed my entire load in one gulp.

I dressed quickly, giving her a press of the hand and a peck on the cheek. On the way out, I saw her mother again. We hugged goodbye, and I told her "Your daughter is wonderful. You should be very proud of her." And she said "I am, sweetie, I am." She added, "Snowflake's going back to college soon. But I want you to come back here and see me." I said, "You can be sure I will," adding "with pleasure."

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