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Like Mother Like Daughter


As he exited the conference center following the welcoming dinner he notice a fine set of buns a few feet ahead of him. He didn't recognize them and was pleasantly surprised when the owner turned back to check him out. The attractive woman smiled and then slowed to allow him to catch up. He guessed her to be in her middle forties; her fit physique and broad smile made her appear much younger. He had just turned thirty.

She had a deep resort tan and a well maintained body for a woman of her probable age. As he drew closer he noted that she was a stunning woman. He decided that her body was the product of working out and fantastic genes---not surgical augmentation. In addition to the delectable behind the rest of the package was complete. She was around five foot five with long tanned legs and a pleasant swell under her thin sleeveless blouse.

"You're not with the conference, are you?" He said, looking for an opening to more prolonged conversation.

"No, I'm here with my husband for a long golf weekend----I don't play, but he's an addict. He and his golf buddies had a few too many and he's back in our room sleeping it off." She replied, checking out his fit form.

"He decided to flirt. "Well shame on him for leaving a beautiful young damsel to fend for herself."

"Oh, that's very nice." She said with that smile that lit up her beautiful face. "I'm Geena." She said, extending her hand.

He introduced himself, dispensing with the last name. "So, Geena, the evening is young---what are your plans?"

"I'm thinking a short walk on the beach. Would you like to join me?" She replied, taking his arm and moving her tight body close to his.

The beach was only a few yards away; the better condos opened to the ocean. They chatted aimlessly as they strolled at the edge of the surf. She asked which condo he was in. He pointed it out. She queried him about roommates---he had none. As they made their turn to return to the condo area, their conversation became more flirtatious and suggestive.

"How old do you think I am?" She asked.

"Not a day over thirty-five." He replied.

"You're too kind." She replied, hugging him playfully and brushing her lips across his neck. His manhood stirred in response to her intimate gesture.

As they approached his condo, Geena spun around in front of him and pressed her hard little body against him. She kissed him on the mouth. It was wet and warm and promised so much more. She pushed her mound into his crotch. She could not possibly miss the immediate result of her actions.

"Nice." She said, breaking the embrace. "Very nice." Her smile had moved from friendly to wicked. "Are you going to invite me in?" She asked.

He did so. They entered via the sliding door from the patio. As soon as they were inside she again pushed her body against his and began stroking his tight behind, running her hands under his loose shorts along the cleft of his ass. He responded accordingly, forcing his own hand down under her tight surf shorts and discovering her rock hard butt cheeks. She moved her hand to his front, moaning appreciatively as she stroked his fine young cock.

They fumbled with each others clothing and were soon naked and groping urgently in the moonlight. As he ran a finger down her anal cleft and found her tightest hole he was pleased that she again moaned appreciatively rather than telling him to stop. Geena quickly descended to her knees and took his prick in her warm, wet mouth.

Momentarily removing his hard organ from her lips, she spoke. "Would you mind if suck your big cock?"

Without waiting for a reply that was exactly what she did. His was obviously not the first cock she had serviced. She worked his boner with the sense of urgency and the expertise of a woman who loves a cock in her mouth and knows what to do with it. He had no idea how old her husband was but assumed that if you were going to marry a trophy wife---which she certainly was---you might as well marry one who was an excellent cock sucker.

Taking his rock hard tool to the back of her throat, Geena took his big load very quickly. She moaned as she used her talented tongue and lips to extract every last drop of his male essence.

"Now me. Do me. Eat my pussy." She commanded.

He was pleased to note that unlike many older women Geena had chosen to tightly trim her pubic region. As he fingered her surprising tight little quim he stopped his oral assault to speak.

"You have a very sweet pussy; I want you to cum for me—cum on my face." He said as Geena moaned appreciatively at the complement—and the slow finger fuck.

Going after her erect little clit with his best tongue action, he snaked a finger back to her brown hole. He rimmed the tight little muscle back there with his finger. Testing the terrain he gently inserted a moist finger into her anal orifice. Geena moaned again and began to slowly move her tight little ass in response to his digit. She was horny. She needed to cum. She did so very quickly. His oral attention to her feminine treasures continued. She came again.

"Oh, that was nice." Geena said, languorously. "You made me cum again. Two for the price of one. I love a man who knows how to please a woman with his mouth."

It had been a couple of weeks since he had last gotten laid. He was young. His cock was still hard and grew more so as he contemplated her stunning body in the moon light.

"I want you to cum in my pussy" Geena said.

He slipped a pillow under her tight little ass, pushed her legs up against her surprisingly firm tits and began to tease her clit and labia with the bulbous head of his stiff prick. He started with little strokes at first---just enough to tease and excite. She moaned appreciatively but soon made it clear that she wanted her cunt filled with hard young cock.

"I want to be your little whore. Fuck me deep and hard." She whispered. It was an invitation he had no intention of refusing.

He took her deep and hard as she had requested. Her tight little behind rotated in perfect harmony with his thrusts. She took the word screwing literally. Having recently cum in her astoundingly talented mouth he knew he could get her off with his cock before drenching her pussy with a hot sticky load.

"You are a great little fuck, baby. I could fuck your tight little pussy all night." He whispered, receiving the appreciative response that told him she enjoyed conversation during copulation.

Treat me like your fuck-toy" She said. "You have a really big, long, fat cock; drive it deep. Make me cum and dump your juice in my hot little snatch. I'm really close baby. Hold off until I cum---then fill me with your stuff."

She started her trek to the top the hill; he held off as she had requested. She came with a long loud moaning growl, urgently smashing her little box against his pubic bone. Sensing he hadn't cum, she instantly flipped over on her knees and invited his cock into her steamy muff from behind, fingering her delicate little snatch from the front as if to say, here it is, use it.

He banged her hard and deep, working his thumb in and out of her other hole. Her ass was a vision of erotic beauty in the moon light. He slapped it several times, not hard enough to hurt but just hard enough to spur Geena on to the finish line. As he whispered a string of obscenities in her ear, her tight little rump rotated in perfect sync with his deep thrusts. Slamming into her talented pussy with animalistic abandon, He came with a roar, dumping a fresh load close to her womb.

They cuddled and resumed their oral exploration. He knew he would be able to perform again in less than thirty minutes. As Geena sucked his cock back to an erect state, he realized it would be sooner.

"Was my pussy tight enough for your big cock?" She asked, almost innocently.

"I could fuck your tight little box all night. You are one very sweet fuck." He replied, as he realized he was ready and she wanted more.

"My ass is so much tighter. I want you in my ass---now! Fuck my tight little butt---cum deep in my bowels. Make me your little anal slut. Stuff my sweet little chute with that fat cock." She whispered.

Geena had taken it up the butt before---that was obvious; he wondered if hubby had gotten any of it. Not having an appropriate lube, he began to lavish attention on her little anal ring with his mouth and tongue. She loved it. They rotated into a sixty-nine and she worked his dirty hole with her own talented mouth. While far from being a virgin, he had never gone to bed with any woman who excited him like Geena did. So far the sex had been beyond anything he could have imagined---and he hadn't even tapped her hot little rump yet.

"Nasty." She whispered. "I like it nasty. Suck my tight little hole. Do you like the taste of my ass? Are you ready to ravage my private hole with that big young cock of yours? Sodomize me you magnificent bastard. Make me your dirty little girl—your dirty little anal bitch. Show me how a real man makes a woman's his own."

He flipped her around and took her ass from the front in the same position he had nailed her hot little box. She neither seemed to need or want a lot of preliminaries. She wanted her ass filled and fucked and she wanted it now.

"Shove it in, baby. Don't fuck around. Make me your women. Jam that big cock in my dirty little hole. Ram it in till I can feel your balls slapping against me." She groaned.

There was nothing like taking a woman up the ass who craved it---needed it and demanded it. With two ejaculation under his belt he found it easy to maintain an even pace as he drilled this middle aged woman's tight little rectum. Many women give up there ass as they age because they are no longer able to satisfy a lover with their aging and less than elastic pussy. Geena's pussy was exceptionally tight---she simply loved it in the back door.

If anything her movement was more provocative and erotic this time. Most women work their love button with their fingers when being sodomized to help reach their peak. Geena was quite content to let the hard, greasy young cock rubbing the walls of her anal canal get her off. She came surprisingly quickly. The thought of this amazing women who could cum so quickly with anal stimulation alone brought him to the verge of ejaculation. Sooner than he might have liked he coated her rectal walls with his sticky fluid.

As his cock plopped from her dripping hole they caressed in post coital bliss. She eyed the clock on the bed stand and spoke. "I've got to go. Thank you for the astounding ass fuck---and the amazing job you did on my old pussy. I also enjoyed taking your hot load of young cum in my mouth."

As she retrieved her garments, she continued. "How long are you hear for?"

"Just through Tuesday night. I leave early Wednesday morning." He replied.

"Same here." She said. "Would you like to see me again?"

"Absolutely." He replied.

She eyed the room number on the phone. "I'll call you. It's better that way. Can you get away from the meeting during the day?"

"Most of the time I can. Many of the sessions are just optional." He replied, excited at the prospect of another round of wanton fucking with this delightful woman who had let on that she was fifteen years his senior. "I'll check for messages between meetings."

She kissed him goodbye and fondled his barely deflated cock one last time for good measure. "I'd love to help you get that big cock ready for another round---but not tonight." And with that, she was gone through the slider through which they had both entered.

He and Geena got together in his room several times over the next three days---often once during the day when her husband was playing golf and another late session while hubby was sleeping off one too many Martinis. She was nearly insatiable. She worked his young cock with her mouth as if she would die without receiving every drop of his precious fluid. They fucked in every position on every piece of furniture in the room. The slow steamy ass fuck from behind in the shower was one of many highlights of their three day romp. She was exceptionally experienced---even teaching him some tricks he'd never tried before---but definitely wanted to try again in the future.

As she prepared to leave his room for the last time in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning, he knew he would miss her. He'd gently taken her pussy one last time---they had made love. Had she been fifteen or twenty years younger and not married he might just have proposed to her on the spot. Sex for her was play---it was supposed to be fun and she wouldn't have it any other way. As he got to know her better over those three days he also discovered what a bright, well educated and funny woman she was. Without the incredible fucking, she would still have been a delight to do things with---to go out with---even at forty-five.

"Do you ever get to Atlanta?" She asked as she was getting ready to leave.

He was stunned and it showed on his face. "I'm from Atlanta. I live in Atlanta---or at least one of its many suburbs."

Now it was Geena's turn to be surprised. "Which one? We live in Duluth."

"I live in Duluth." He replied.

"Where? Which area?" She incredulously inquired.

He named an upscale gated community that surprised her on two counts. First, it was an extremely expensive area---homes started at $750,000 and went up into the millions. Professional athletes lived there. Entertainers had homes there. It was near the top of the food chain in upscale Atlanta living. The second count was as might be expected. She and her husband lived in the same development.

"You live there? Your parents live there---you live with them?" She inquired.

"No my parent retired to Naples. They never lived anywhere close to Atlanta---Michigan, actually. I live there. I own a house there." As he named the sub section of the development it became obvious to Geena that she and this young man she had been fucking for the last three days were virtually neighbors.

Geena was not a woman who was easily startled; with no further appearance of shock or surprise she got right back on the bicycle. "We'll have to invite you to dinner---very soon. I have a daughter. I think you'd like her. She just turned twenty-five and also lives in Duluth---but not with us. She's a commercial account executive with the phone company. Her name is Amanda."

Instantly, recognition hit him like a freight train. "Amanda is your daughter?" He asked, completely blown away.

"You know my daughter---have you dated her?" Geena asked, slipping off the bicycle again.

"No, no, we've never dated. I met her professionally. She sold me the phone system for my office---over six months ago---my God she looks just like you! How could I have missed it?" He exclaimed.

"Why didn't you ask her out?" Geena responded, back in full control.

"She had a big rock on her hand. I found her very interesting and attractive—the ring cooled my ardor. I'm funny that way." He replied.

"Oh, that's long over---thank God. She finally figured out what a loser he was. I knew, but I never said anything---she had to figure it out on her own." Geena replied.

"I see." He replied, more than a little befuddled.

"Look, what time does your flight leave? Ours is at 8:15." She asked.

"Same flight." He replied. "Are you taking the hotel van?"

"Yep. We'll be riding together. I'll introduce you to my husband---tell him where you live, that you've met our daughter---that we met in the bar and got to know each other while he was golfing. Then we can nail down the dinner date." Geena calming responded.

The three of them not only rode the van together but had their first class seats changed so that they could chat. Her husband was a really neat guy. He was a little over weight and fifteen years older than Geena, but every bit as charming. As he grew fond of Geena's husband he felt a twinge of guilt.

When they got to Atlanta, Geena and her husband had planned to take a limo home. He had his car and offered to drop them off. As he and Geena's husband chatted amiably in the front seat, Geena flashed her tits and pussy at him in the rear view mirror. She had removed her panties before they landed and just didn't need pantyhose. As he said goodbye to them in their driveway---six houses away from his own home, Geena wrote down his phone number and told him she'd call to firm up dinner as soon as she checked with Amanda. It was a bizarre end to a rather fantastic few days in one of South Florida's premier golf resorts.

Two evening's later he walked the six houses to their house. They were big lots and big houses, but it still couldn't have taken five minutes. Amanda met him at the door. She could have been mistaken for her mother's sister. If anything, he found her more attractive. He recalled that she was tall, easily two or three inches taller than Geena---five eight or even five nine. Her breasts were certainly larger than her mothers, but in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. All of the additional height had gone into legs---fantastic legs---perfectly displayed in a short, stylish business skirt. Her hair was longer than her mother's. Her face, he remembered, was angelic---her voice seductive. If anything nature had started with her mother's great genes and gone one better.

She remembered him well and instead of the expected hand shake gave him a Miss America smile, a big hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. She was truly a knockout. As he was to discover during the evening she shared her mother's quick wit and delightfully easy manner. He was smitten before desert was served. He really enjoyed her dad; he was every bit as bright, charming and interesting as his wife and daughter.

As they were finishing up, he chose to help Geena clear the table rather than join or interrupt an intense political discussion between Amada and her dad. Geena---with help from her Amanda---proved to be an astonishing cook. He was impressed that unlike many in this neighborhood they did not feel the need to hire help to cook for a guest.

As they were loading the dish washer, Geena spun around and kissed him warmly on the mouth. He felt her tongue enter his mouth as he also felt her hand grope his cock.

"You and Amanda make a really cute couple. I hope you hit it off. If you do, if you date---or more---than what we shared in South Florida comes to an absolute and forever end. I love your cock and you are an amazing lover, but I'm not going to fuck my daughter's beau. I win either way. I think you'd make a great son in law---if it goes that far. If not, if you're not interested in pursuing Amanda---she is interested in pursuing you, by the way---then I'd enjoy continuing what we started at the golf resort."

Geena had more surprises. "By the way, Amanda and I share a lot. I think she has guessed that I need to get my itch scratched now and again. I've given her some advice over the years and am confident that she is a very talented lover---but I doubt that she loves to take it in the rump---like I do." She stroked his rapidly expanding cock one more time, spinning around to the dishwasher just as Amanda came into the kitchen with the dessert dishes.

Geena, ever the matchmaker, suggested that he and Amanda go grab a drink somewhere. Amanda kidded her mom about her matchmaking tendencies but instantly agreed. Since he had walked, they left after fond farewells in Amanda's late model BMW. As they cleared the neighborhood, Amanda spoke.

"I'm not really much of a bar person, but in any event if you want to go out somewhere, I need to change out of my business clothes. I came over right after work. I have some single barrel bourbon, a decent wine selection and beer. I live about five minutes away. Are you game?" He agreed without hesitation, trying to avoid watching her fantastic long legs as she had pulled her skirt to mid thigh to drive.

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