tagIncest/TabooLike Mother, Like Son

Like Mother, Like Son


I had just turned 18.

I was graduating high school in a few months and I was pretty excited to say the least. No longer would I have to worry about waking up every morning to go sit in some dull classroom listening to some teacher ramble on about history, or math, or science with no real passion because they were making less money than most of their peers.

Nope, I was a few short months away from freedom.

It came as no surprise that I was being bombarded constantly by relatives and the parents of friends about college. If I had to hear one more time, "So, where are you going to college?" I was going to scream.

It's not that I wasn't interested in college -- I was. I just didn't want to go right away. I wanted to get out and live!

I wanted to finally move out from home and get my own place and be independent for awhile before I made that leap from high school to college.

I mean really, who the fuck wants to spend 12 years sitting in a classroom only to jump into 4 more years plus...

Definitely not I.

So, I decided to take some time to enjoy myself. Hell, I deserved it.

I got pretty decent grades. B average with a few C's and D's here and there wasn't too shabby.

I wasn't some whiz kid, to be sure, but then again I wasn't some stupid, lazy moron either. I was pretty middle of the road, and that's where I liked it.

Nobody really expected too much of me and at the same time I was doing good enough to stay out of trouble.

Needless to say, I WAS good at staying out of trouble. Not that I avoided it -- not at all.

In fact, I would say I sought trouble out more often than not.

I would go to parties every weekend like any normal high school kid and I would get drunk and play poker and smoke pot, but some weekends my friends and I would do stupid things like break into the school cafeteria and poke holes in all the milk cartons. I mean, nothing to go to prison over, but we pulled off some pretty elaborate pranks in our day.

One time we even managed to set up a webcam in the girl's locker room. It was quite a shining moment for us, even though nobody ever knew who was responsible.

But WE knew, and that alone was worth it.

And so all of this would soon be gone. My friends would go to college in various states across the country and I would end up stuck in this little town, working a dead end job just to make ends meet and pay for my studio apartment. But you know what, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be out on my own and work some shitty job and pay my own way.

It was what I needed to do. Since my dad died things had been pretty easy, financially, for my mom and I.

Dad had left quite a bit of money behind and his life insurance policy only added to it.

Mom wasn't too thrifty, but I never thought she really wasted the money. I mean she would go out and buy really nice things, like clothes, shoes, makeup and a new car -- but overall she didn't go crazy with it. I could tell she missed my dad, but I think she really wanted to find another guy who would sweep her off her feet. She was 36, so it wasn't like she didn't have something to offer men. I have to say, my mom was pretty hot for...well...being my mom.

Grandma always teased her about having me too young, but she said that she never once thought about having an abortion or giving me up for adoption. She said I was special and that she knew it from the moment she realized she was pregnant. I'm not sure if dad shared those sentiments, but I know he loved me.

My dad once told me the whole story about how he got mom knocked up when she was 17 after some dance. At the time he was a bit older than mom and so he got really scared when she wound up pregnant. 20 years ago it wasn't as common as it is now for a high school girl to be pregnant.

He said he was mostly scared of what my mom's dad would do to him. But my dad stepped up to the plate and married my mom. That's probably the only thing that saved him from the wrath of my grandfather.

When dad died it was hard on all of us. Mom did her best and after the past 5 years, I have to say, I think she did alright.

I mean, I'm not some junkie kid who's all fucked up because I'm the son of a single mother. I'm not all cracked out because my dad died when I was young.

I was actually pretty normal for the most part. I think sometimes that worried everybody around me. It's like they expected me to become a fuck up.

Let's just say I was very happy to prove them wrong.

Now all of this is great and all, but you're probably asking yourself, what's the point of this story? Well, it really sets everything up for what happened next.

Like I said, it was a few months prior to graduation and at the time I didn't really have a girlfriend. There were a couple girls I fucked around with at parties and shit, but nothing serious. I wasn't a virgin, that's for sure. I just didn't really feel that any of the girls in my school were really worth my time. Now that may sound a bit egocentric, but I think my dad's death really made me kinda grow up fast. In a way I became the man of the house.

Mom paid the bills and made sure everything was taken care of financially, but when it came down to the big decisions, it fell on me.

Mom was always the kind of woman who needed a man to take control. She wasn't dumb or weak by any stretch of the imagination, but she just grew up where her father was the head of the household and I don't think that ever left her.

About a year after my dad died was when mom really came to me and said that I needed to step up. At the time I was just kind of gliding through life and livin' off the money my dad left without really taking any responsibility for anything. I don't think my mom liked that too much because she basically told me if I didn't change my behavior she was gonna cut me off financially.

It wasn't until a few months later that I really understood her motivation for saying that, and I have to say, it changed my life.

I knew that shortly after that talk with my mom I became a man. And my mom could tell too. She would always make comments about me being the head of the household and what a macho man I was when I would make decisions. She always gave me this smirk and I never really understood why until the few months before graduation.

It was a normal enough day, I got home from school and went up to my room. Mom wasn't home, as usual, so I figured she must be out shopping again.

I turned on my computer and checked my Facebook and popped on my iTunes. I was just randomly looking through websites when I started to get horny.

And I don't mean just a little horny, I mean, my cock was rock hard and I really felt like I was going to burst through my pants.

It was the type of horny that you have to take care of right then and there. So I did what any average teenager would do in that situation.

I went for my downloaded porn.

I had quite the collection. Anal. BDSM. Lesbians. Cheerleaders. Hardcore. Gonzo. Asian.

I had accumulated a mini library of pornographic movies over the past couple of years and it had become my go-to stash when I was feeling like I did that day.

So I skimmed through and nothing really caught my attention. I had seen most of the videos so many times that I could literally recite them line for line and move for move.

It was boring. I wanted something new. Something different.

A friend of mine sent me a beastiality link one time and I checked that out for like a minute and I just couldn't get into it.

Something about chicks fucking animals just didn't sit with me well. I think I felt bad for the animals.

So I started Googling for something new. I came across fetish sites, but I just really wasn't into feet or girls eating shit and getting pissed on.

Just wasn't my thing. By now I was getting really frustrated because my cock was about to explode and I needed to find something to jerk off to.

I knew if I waited too long my dick would go limp and a serious case of blue balls would ensue.

Finally I typed in the word INCEST.

I'd never really seen any incest videos, it all just seemed a little too weird for me. But this time I pulled up a website and it showed some guy fucking this older woman that was supposed to be his mother. I didn't see any resemblance.

I skimmed through the website until I saw a pretty hot chick getting fucked by what was supposedly her father. It was a bit arousing, so I looked for better quality.

I finally came across a site called MotherFuckers.com. Don't look for it, it isn't around anymore, but at the time it had these gorgeous older women who were fucking and getting fucked by these young guys who, in some instances, looked like their real sons.

I know I shouldn't have, but for a fleeting moment I thought of my mom. I mean I had seen her walk around in bikinis by the pool and every once in awhile she'd walk out of the shower in a towel, but I never really paid that much attention to it. She was my mom for christ's sake.

But as I looked through these images I came across one woman who looked a lot like my mom. For a second I thought she might even BE my mom, but I knew that wasn't the case. But I couldn't stop myself from looking at the photos of this chick. She was in her late 30's and, like my mom, had a body to die for.

I mean, I had never thought of my mom sexually, but I always joked with her about being a MILF.

The first time I said that she looked at me like I was crazy. She was like, "A MILF, what's that?" I explained it stood for Mom I'd Like To Fuck.

I swear she turned beet red and walked out of the room, saying "Jason, you're terrible."

Ever since then I called her a MILF whenever she looked good and she would always give me that same sly smirk.

So as I sat there with a cock that could break rock, I looked at these photos of this woman and I started thinking about my mother.

I tried not to, but I couldn't help it. Her full breasts, round ass and long legs were implanted in my mind instantly.

I was pretty deep in thought about it all when I heard my mom's voice behind me.

"Jason, what are you doing?!"

I literally jumped out of my skin. I hadn't heard her come home and I had no idea she was behind me.

I turned around quickly, trying to block the computer screen from her view, making sure not to let her see my erection.

She looked at me with an expression of confusion.

"Nothing, what's up? Where were you?"

She knew I was looking at porn, but she just rolled her eyes.

"I was taking a nap in my room. I didn't hear you come home."

"Where's the car?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"It's in the shop today. Lisa gave me a ride home."

As soon as my mom said that I instantly got an image in my mind of my mom riding me like a cowgirl.

I must have blushed because she suddenly looked at me with a concerned expression.

"Are you feeling ok?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I said, clicking off the porn site and pulling up my iTunes browser. She walked over to me and put her hand on my forehead.

I was sweating not only because of my embarrasment, but also because of the erection in my pants that instantly twitched when her hand touched my skin.

Her hand felt so soft on my forehead. It was really smooth and I swear I could have came right then and there.

But I didn't. I tried so hard to control myself.

"Feels like you have a fever..." she said.

"No, really, I'm fine. I was just playing some video games and I get all stressed out. You know, first person shooters and everything..."

She looked at me strangely.

"Are you sure you're ok?"

I nodded yes.

"Mom, I'm fine, seriously. It's just a little hot in here." I took my jacket off and let it fall down over my waist, hiding my hard on.

Maybe it was my state of mind, but I swore my mom glanced down at my cock before turning to leave.

"Oh, by the way, don't make any plans. I got that movie I want to watch tonight and you said you'd watch it with me, remember?"

I smiled,

"Yeah, for sure. I wasn't going to do anything but play video games anyways."

"Ok, good. Seems like it's been forever since we actually spent some quality time together."

'I'll give you some quality time...' raced through my mind. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was thinking of my mom as a sexual being now.

I was looking at her and thinking about her like I did the girls at school. I literally had to bite my tongue before I said something lewd.

After a brief pause I said,

"I know. Time flies, huh?"

I sounded like an idiot. I seriously felt like I had just made an ass out of myself in front of a girl I was trying to mack on.

My mom looked at me curiously.

"Are you sure you're ok?"

I hesitated.

"Mom...seriously. I'm fine."

She hesitated at my door. For an instant, when she turned, I saw a flash of cleavage and I thought my cock was going to jump out of my pants and attack my mom.

I quickly turned around and went back to my computer.

"Ok. Movie starts at 8. Don't be late!"

"Ok, I won't."

My mom walked down the hall and down the stairs towards the kitchen.

I just sat there, dumbfounded. I could not believe I was having these urges and feelings about my own mother.

And the thing was, I wasn't creeped out by it at all, in fact, I was extremely turned on. All I wanted to do was pounce on my mom and fuck her.

There, I said it.

In my mind, I said what my body was feeling. I couldn't really fathom it completely, but there it was.

My rational mind tried to justify these feelings as simple biology.

'Come on, you were horny, you saw a hot chick on the internet who happened to look a little like your mom and when she surprised you it was some kind of transferrance or something....it doesn't mean anything. Just jerk off, cum and you'll forget all about it.'

That's what I tried to tell myself.

So I did just that. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet and started rubbing my cock.

The problem was, as soon as I closed my eyes all I could see was that flash of cleavage in my mom's blouse.

I seriously tried not to....but I could not stop my mind from replaying that brief second of skin over and over.

Even as I tried to fight it I kept stroking my cock harder and faster.

My mind was swirling with images from the internet and my own mother. I kept seeing her bending over in her bikini.

All the nuances I had ignored previously came rushing back to me, clear as a bell.

Her hard nipples through her bikini. The lips of her vagina when she would bend over by the pool.

The curve of her ass and the way her tits would bounce when she'd hop across the hot concrete.

All of these things I never paid attention to, but now, in my bathroom, with my hand wrapped tightly around my cock, it was all I could think about.

Suddenly I was exploding. My cum shot across the bathroom and hit the door.

A sensation like I had never felt before shook my whole body as I slowly stroked my cock up and down as my cum squirted out in three or four wads, until finally a thick strand of it seeped out of the tip and ran down over my fingers.

I laid back on the toilet, unable to catch my breath. My pants were around my ankles and my whole body felt numb.

I just sat there for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door!


"Jason? Are you in there?"

It was my mom. I just froze, unable to move. What if she opened the door? Did I lock it?

What if she caught me jerking off?

My God, I felt like I was 5 years old with my hand in the cookie jar.

I finally muttered,


"Are you alright? It sounded like you hurt yourself."

"I'm....fine!" I had to spit out the last word forcibly so she would hear it.

"Ok..." she said, sounding unconvinced. "You're not piercing your nose or something, are you?"

I almost laughed out loud. I held my tongue and finally closed my eyes with relief and said,

"No, mom. I'm taking a shit."

"Oh -- I'm sorry!" she said, sounding surprised and embarrassed. "I uh...I'll be downstairs..."

I heard her footsteps as she quickly trotted down the carpeted stairs.

I almost laughed. The sheer absurdity of the moment just took me over and I had to literally bite my tongue.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the damage.

I had shot cum from my cock all the way to the bathroom door.

There was a long stream of it running down the door and splotches across the tiled floor. I looked down to see it covering my fingers.

As I moved my hand the stickiness made me hold my hand in the air, afraid of getting it close to anything.

Using my clean hand I grabbed a huge wad of toilet paper and started wiping the cum off.

I slowly stood up, still feeling a bit weak in the knees from my orgasm. I grabbed a handtowel and finished what the toilet paper failed to clean.

I then bent down and started wiping up the cum on the floor and then slowly wiped up the door, just barely catching a droplet of cum that was about to drip to the floor.

I was impressed with myself.

It was definitely the hardest I had ever came, and even though I had never really seen how far I could shoot my cum during an orgasm, I just knew that at no time previously would I have been able to duplicate that range.

Even in my dazed state I was able to clean everything up. I proceeded to clean off some cum that had gotten on my pants and then washed my hands.

I took the cum covered towel to the laundry room and dropped it in the washing machine. It had become a ritual whenever I jerked off.

I usually would use my socks as it was easy to clean up and very convenient, and then I'd drop them in the washing machine, figuring my mom would just run a load of clothes, never being none the wiser about my jizz filled socks.

But now I imagined her finding them and sniffing them. The thought of that made my cock twitch and start to get hard again.

I quickly went to my room and tried to focus on something else.

As the time went by that night I pre-occupied myself with my Xbox. I played Gears of War for a few hours straight, uninterrupted.

I was pretty sure my mom was still embarrassed about the bathroom incident, and I wasn't complaining. The last thing I needed was for those thoughts to start creeping back into my brain. As I was playing I would have flashes of what would happen tonight.

I was hoping she'd be wearing something short and tight.

As strange as it sounded, I was thinking about movie nite with my mom like a date with a chick from school.

Finally 7:45 rolled around and I shut off my Xbox and threw the controller on my bed.

I just sat there, thinking.

I knew my mom was going to expect me downstairs any minute and I really wasn't sure how I was going to react throughout the night.

I finally decided that it was just a one-time fluke and that once I actually got down there and watched a movie with my mom, things would be pretty much back to normal.

I mean shit, we used to have movie nights every night after my dad died. It became a household ritual. I know it was mostly because my mom was lonely, but I think it helped both of us.

I looked at the clock: 7:51.

I took a deep breath and changed my clothes. I put on a fresh t-shirt and a pair of baskeball shorts. I instinctively reached for my cologne and stopped myself.

'That might be a bit odd, don't you think?' I thought to myself. I hesitated. Yeah probably not a good idea.

I was forcing myself not to think like I was going on a date.

It was not easy.

I sighed and walked towards the stairs. I could smell the popcorn as soon as I left my room.

I could look down to the couch from the top of the stairs and saw my mom already sitting there watching TV.

As I started down the stairs I noticed she was wearing her white tank top and pajama bottoms. It was her go-to comfort clothing.

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