tagIncest/TabooLike Mother, Like Son

Like Mother, Like Son


I stumbled wearily into the front entry, frustrated by another fruitless "date". I should have given up long ago, but when my well-intentioned workmates try so hard to hook me up, I feel like I owe it to them to at least give it a go. I can't remember the last time I actually had a good lay, or even a good conversation, during one of these nights out. So like many middle-aged women, who are in their sexual prime, I resort to my toys, my imagination, and my understanding of what makes me feel good. I kick off my heels on the entry rug, hang my purse up on the hook, and let my hair down as I bump into the hallway walls on the way to the kitchen. I had already drank too much tonight, as the schmuck who I was with tried to get me loose enough to take advantage of. It almost worked, as I am so desperate that I would let almost anyone fuck me, even without the benefit of alcohol. But poor George is even more of a lightweight than I am, and he passed out cold before he even had all my clothes off. So I tucked him into his king sized bed, buttoned back up, and left a lipstick note on his mirror to not bother calling back.

Two things I like about driving at three a.m.: there is hardly any traffic, and there are hardly any cops. So I made it home in one piece, even if I did run a couple red lights and drove up on the curb a few times. Sometimes I stay the night at the guy's place, but mornings are just too awkward, and they seem to think that I really want them if I stay over. I made it home just before dawn, but I didn't want to press my luck trying to squeeze into the garage, so left my Audi in the driveway, behind a pickup that I didn't recognize. In the familiar environs of my kitchen, I pour myself a glass of iced green tea and pad out to the patio, intending to kick back on a comfy chaise lounge and play with my poor neglected pussy. Our home sound system is tuned to a mellow jazz station, like it usually is after dark. Above the music I can hear voices and laughs coming from the hot tub in the middle of the back yard. It's not the first time I have heard Tommy with a girl friend out there.

He wanted to stay with me during this summer break, after his sophomore year at the U, as he and his dad had a falling out last year. Not surprising, as Nick is so damn uptight he has a falling out with everyone he knows, sooner or later. I don't know why I put up with his shit so long, but once I left him I felt like I was born again socially, spiritually, and sexually. I made a promise to myself to live every day to the fullest, so I would not have to look back on my life with any regrets. I tried explaining my decision to Tommy, once when he confronted me about my late nights and drinking, and my immodest dress. He seemed to understand, and I have even noticed him relaxing in many little ways since that conversation. I hope that he is able to get in touch with his true self while he is still young, before he gets stuck in a career or a relationship that limits his freedom.

I stand at the edge of the patio, my elbows on the redwood rail, and try to hear what they are saying out in the spa. I hear moaning above the sound of the jets, and I feel my twat tingle, I can't resist sliding my fingers under the hem of my thin summer dress. I hardly ever wear panties any more, in case I need to offer someone easy access to my treasure, but I do wear a garter and thigh-high fishnets on most of my dates, trying to make my intentions clear, but alas... The voices get louder from the middle of the yard, but I can't make out any female ones... hmmmmm, interesting! I suspected that Tommy experimented with other boys during high school, as he attended an all male boarding academy, and you know what they say goes on in those places... hormones going wild and all. But I have seen him going out with some cute girls this summer, and I even catch him checking ME out when I wear my shortest skirts or lowest cut blouses. Maybe he is taking my "lectures" to heart, and not limiting himself to one gender...

I try to respect Tommy's privacy and space, but my legs propel themselves out into the yard, so I have no choice but to follow. The spa is covered by a redwood gazebo roof, but is open on all four sides. Several bushes and a fountain are scattered around the acre, while dense vines climb the fence around the perimeter, secluding my yard from the neighbors' lawns almost entirely. I have caught the boy on one side, and the landscaper on the other, eyeing me at times when I sun myself nearly nude on my grass. So I try to give them a show to remember me by, I want to keep them "cumming" back for more, right? This morning I sneak up on my son and his companions, moving from bush to bush, silent in the damp grass, until I am about twenty feet away. The underwater lights cast a wavy blue glow on the naked wet flesh, and through an opening in the bush that separates me from them, I see four male bodies. All young, all muscular, all nude, and all very sexy! I left my tea back on the rail, so now both hands are free to pleasure myself, and they know what to do.

There's just enough light for me to make out what is happening, and it soon becomes apparent that my son is on his knees in the middle of the spa. He is sucking on one cock (quite skillfully, I must add) while stroking another hard-on that is pointed at the side of his face. Meanwhile his ass (a nice muscular one) is being pounded mercilessly by a third piece of hard meat! Wow, I am so turned on by now that my twat is gushing, and my ass hole is quivering with desire. I shove three fingers in my quim and reach behind with my other hand, working two fingers in my butt. I try to keep quiet, but the young men in front of me are so into what they are doing, making so much noise, that I have nothing to worry about.

I hear one of them shout "Switch!" and the three rotate one position clockwise.

Tommy doesn't move, just reaches down to fondle his own boner, begging them to give him their cocks back, and groaning lustily as his mouth and ass are simultaneously stuffed again. His enthusiasm is palpable, obviously enjoying being used by these strong studs. The one in his mouth holds him by the hair while he fucks his face, the one getting a hand-job reaches back and holds his ass cheeks wide apart, the lucky stiff behind him pistoning in and out of his slick ass like a machine...

"Oh, yeah!" one of them hisses," You're a better slut than my girlfriend, and she is a hot one!"

Another one adds, "Yeah, you should teach my girl how to suck a cock, you're the best I've ever had!"

"Mfff, thank you!" Tommy responds, taking the cock out of his throat momentarily, and then swallowing it deep.

"Where do you want your reward, Bitch?" the other asks.

That makes me cringe a bit, but my son doesn't seem to mind. I confess to being a slut, but a bitch is something else entirely, I hope he will realize the difference someday. Society tries to make us ashamed of being sexual creatures, but I reject that idea. I am fully free to explore my libido and my fantasies, and am proud of who I am and what I am, even if most people think a slut is a bad thing. I am happy to be one. I believe the world would be a better place if more people were honest with themselves and people around them. Lots of girls dress provocatively just to get attention or gifts from men, while inside they still hate sex, guys, even themselves. Not me, I like the attention (and even some gifts) but I like to share what I have. If someone can be encouraged or inspired by me showing off my body, then great! There doesn't have to be any touch, or even talk. Sometimes I can connect with a person (man, woman, teenager or toothless old geezer) with just a quick look. I can see it in their eyes. I might seem like I'm teasing, but if I can tell that there is some interest, I try to let them know I'm available. I smile, sometimes I'll wink, sit down or stand next to them, and strike up a conversation. Usually we just end up chatting over a drink or a coffee, but occasionally it will go to the next level. I love to have sex in the outdoors, sometimes in semi-public places. Parked cars, horse-drawn carriages, taxis, elevators, restaurants, subway stations, churches, parks, wherever the desire gets too strong to resist...

So it seems like Tommy, my only son, is a lot like me.

"Cum on my face, my chest, I don't care, just give me your cum...!" he says, "Cum!"

And they do, the cock in his ass pulls out and stands next to the one who was in his mouth. Three big hard cocks are all pointed at his face as they start to shoot almost simultaneously. Soon his face is covered in the rich sticky juice, and it drips off his chin onto his pecs and washboard abs. Smiling through the coating, Tommy leans back and strokes himself furiously until his own load shoots up and lands on top of the rest. He lays back and rubs the lotion into his tan skin, from his legs up to his face, finally licking the remnants off his fingers. The other young men slowly get out of the spa and chuckle nervously, furtively glancing at each other. As I head back toward the house, I hear my son panting.

" Well, was I right? Am I as good as fucking a girl?"

A moment's silence and then all three answer at the same time.

"Yeah, you were right"

"I gotta admit, it WAS hot"

"I wish my girl would let me try her ass for a change"

"I'd love to d p my girl, or at least spit roast her, but she won't consider another guy"

"I never thought I would enjoy sex with another guy, but this was fun"

"So are you gay, Tommy? Does this mean we're all gay?"

"Aw, come on guys. Don't get hung up on a word," Tommy answered. "It's just a label, it doesn't tell the whole story, right? I mean we all have girlfriends and all, so..."

"So what are you then, if you're not gay?" one persisted.

"I am bisexual, I am a...."


"Yeah, that's it, a man-slut... and proud to be one!"

"Well, I won't argue with that, and I won't hold it against you either," another laughed.

"Thanks, guys!" I heard my son say. "That was about the hottest night of sex I ever had, but I am totally spent, I gotta crash now, and if you all wanna stay here, the family room's all yours..."

I had slipped down the hallway to my bedroom, as the boys filed into the kitchen.

"Thanks, I probably AM too beat to drive home," one sighed as I heard the fridge door open. "I need a Gatorade or two after that workout"

"Yeah, me too, and another beer would taste great now."

I hear bottles being opened and being guzzled.

"Okay, g'night, Tom-boy!"

"See ya in the morning, more like afternoon!"

"Sweet dreams, boyfriend!" they all teased. I heard him stagger closer in the hallway, and as he passed my open door, froze in his tracks.

"Mom!" Tommy whispered, "When did you get home?" He must have seen my silhouette against the brightening eastern sky.

"Oh, about an hour or so ago," I whispered too, so his friends couldn't hear, pulling Tommy into my room, quietly closing the door.

"Then did you see anything?"

"Oh yes, I saw and heard it all, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I was so horny..."

"I'm sorry, Mom, I didn't mean for—horny, you say?"

"Yes, turned on like you wouldn't believe, and I am so proud of you!"

"Proud? Of me?"

"Absolutely, you are learning about what you like, going out and getting it, being honest with yourself and others, taking chances, enjoying life, expanding your horizons, the future is bright for you! I wish I knew what you know when I was your age."

"I guess you have a point there, you really got me thinking lately, and I've been watching you and learning from you..."

"So, are you really too beat to play any more...?" I couldn't help asking, just in case. I had one hand fondling my son's soft (but still respectable sized) cock, but it refused to rise to the occasion.

"Yeah, I am afraid so, can I get a rain check? Those guys really did me in just now!" Tommy explained, letting his hands travel down my scantily clad body.

The digits of one hand worked all around my soaking cunt, while the others explored my ass crack and wiggled their way up my dark hole.

"But I bet those three could get up for another round, if you want to..."

"Aw, they wouldn't be interested in an old lady like me, would they?" I ventured hopefully.

"Are you kidding? You're hot, Mom, and if I weren't so damn tired and sore I'd do you myself right now! I've heard them compare you to their girlfriends, always favorably, I might add... if you get in there soon, I'm sure you could have some fun before they all pass out," he prodded.

Seems like he really wanted me to go and take care of his friends, or maybe he wanted me to enjoy myself, it doesn't matter much, as I could think of no reason not to do both. I thanked Tommy with a hot, deep, soulful kiss that left my knees knocking, sent him to bed, and took off towards the family room. When I entered, the guys were clad in their swim trunks, laying around on various couches and groggily replaying the events that had gone before. I took a deep breath and strode into their midst, rendering them momentarily speechless.

"What have you boys done to my son?" I demanded with a gleam in my eyes, "He is unable to keep his eyes open, let alone give his poor mom the fucking she deserves and needs..."

The look in these youngsters' eyes was priceless, and I couldn't help but notice the growing bulges in their shorts.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Henderson," one of them pleaded.

"Not as sorry as I am, but you have a chance to make it up to me now, if you can..." I coaxed.

"What can we do for you?" another inquired.

"Get those damn shorts off and FUCK ME!" I cried.

In a flash they were all nude, their hard cocks pointed straight at me. I suddenly felt over-dressed, but only for a second, as I felt my damp dress being lifted up, exposing my bare ass first, then my back and then it was over my head and cast aside. My long brunette curls hung down to my tits, tickling my nipples as they stood out begging for attention.

"God, you look so fine!" I heard one of them gush.

"Stockings and garter belt, so classy," his friend added.

"You look more sexy than my girl by a long shot!" the third one commented.

I felt so alive and appreciated as the center of attention here, basking in their admiration.

"You all think my Tommy is a slut? Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet, boys... He got that way from my genes, but he doesn't have my experience, not yet anyway!"

They all grinned stupidly while I knelt down and grabbed two of their throbbing pieces, guiding them in front of my face. I alternated sucking and stroking them while I felt a pair of hands and a mouth on my butt cheeks. I looked back for a few seconds, watching as the young stud rimmed me and massaged my glutes energetically.

"Oh yeah, get me ready for your hard cocks, big boy!"

That was the last words from me for a while, as my head was yanked back to the boners before me, and I was ruthlessly face fucked alternately. Someone was mauling my hanging tits, while the guy with his tongue up my anus switched from kneading to spanking my jiggling ass cheeks. I nodded my head in agreement, smiling around the potent prong that was buried in my throat. The tongue abandoned my rectum, leaving a gaping void I couldn't abide, but only for a second or two. A thick cock head took its place, worming its way past my rubbery sphincter aggressively.

"What a SLUT!" He shouted behind me as he drove his long ramrod down my barrel.

I fucked back onto him, feeling his cum-filled balls bouncing against my drenched pussy and clit. I clenched my anal muscles around the welcome invader, glad that I keep in shape with my toys, even through the long droughts of real cock. The poor youngster didn't know what he was getting into, and in less than a minute he bellowed that he was cumming. I relished the sensation as the first two blasts bathed my colon in liquid warmth, before I pulled away, reaching back to hold his pulsing member, aiming it at my cheeks and crack until spent. The exhausted boy collapsed on his back with a thud, chest heaving and eyes closed, an ear to ear smile covering his face.

"One down, two to go," I thought aloud.

Guiding one of them, supine, to the lush carpet, I followed closely until my hungry cunt hovered just above his shiny, engorged cock-head. Using all my will power, I hesitated there, guiding his friend around behind me until I felt his missile aimed at my oozing back door. Pulling him into me, while at the same time dropping myself onto the thrusting cock under me, I felt my own orgasm building with the double invasion I was experiencing. Closing my eyes I let the waves wash over me, letting the strong boys use my body as they wished, wanting them to have a taste of the joy I felt. Not realizing that my body still had an unfed hunger, I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a cock rubbing against my face. Thinking that the third young man had revived for a finale, I opened my mouth to let him fuck my throat. When I opened my eyes and looked up, however, I found my own son gazing down at me with a smoldering look.

"I just couldn't sleep, knowing you were out here having fun like this, and making so much noise..." he explained as he fed me his perfect penis.

I tried to keep my eyes open as the waves kept crashing over my body and soul, but it became harder to stay conscious as the storm intensified... Unaware of time and place any more, all I could feel was cock, sex, pleasure, joy, fulfillment, energy, and cum. Delightful, delicious, desiring, firing, exploding, shooting, blasting, wet, warm, white, sticky, slick, dripping, oozing, pooling, puddling, cuddling, raining, draining, smoking, stroking, fading, wading, darkening, dropping, dreaming, grounding, surrounding, soothing, blissful basking, spreading, shedding, fingering, lingering, flowing, glowing, swirling, unfurling, shrinking, winking, blinking, faintly thinking, deeply drinking, squeezing, breathing, writhing, resting, sleeping, snoozing, covering, hovering, lifting, drifting into outer space, falling into the abyss... And after what seemed like eons, a brilliant light, from the distance shooting toward me, almost blinding and searing, bolting, jolting, jabbing, stabbing, trying, prying ...

I woke with a start, the bright mid-morning sun making me squint. Momentarily disoriented, I looked around the brightening room and saw four nude young men sprawled out on the furniture and the floor, breathing softly. My sore pussy and ass-hole throbbed numbly, my long dark hair was caked with dried sperm, my skin tight from the dried cum of my four virile lovers. I smiled to myself as I stood up, stretched my weary back and legs. Unclipping my garter belt, I lazily slid it and my stockings down my firm legs, and strolled out to the hot tub. Easing my abused bones into the therapeutic water, I lay back and let the jets do their magic on my tingling pores, letting my mind travel back a few hours to relive the excitement... Proud of how I handled those young studs, apprehensive of how they might see me the day after, but eagerly anticipating our next time together, if they will... My fingers tweaked and twisted my erect nipples, sliding down, gently stroking around and in my happy honey-pot, one hand wandering back to soothe my satisfied sphincter, I found myself amazingly becoming aroused yet again.

"You really ARE a slut," I chided myself, "a wanton, insatiable, unbridled, unreformable, unapologetic slut!"

Feeling rejuvenated, I pull myself out of the bubbly spa and strut back toward the house. I hear a rustling in the greenery along the fence line and, knowing that I am being spied on, I shake my butt temptingly at my unseen fan.

"Someday... I will have to do something about him..." I muse.

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