Like Mother, Like Son


With a chuckle in his voice he spoke to her.

'Hi mom. Where is my paper?'

'You know damn well that I forgot the key!', she responded angry.

As soon as she saw Nicos face turning serious she knew she better hadn't said that.

'I'm sorry honey. I shouldn't have said that. I'm just a little frustrated at my own stupidity.'

She was glad to see him smile again.

'Come over here mom.'

With a few steps she stood next to him. He started rubbing her cunt.

'I think you liked that. Your pussy is so wet!'

'Yes apparently I did.'

Nico rubbed her cunt faster and inserted two fingers. His mother pushed her mound against his hand as she was approaching orgasm. Suddenly, Nico stopped.

'Tell me mom, do you have any toys for when you are horny?'

With a reddened head she shook her head yes.

'Well bring me the biggest one!'

Elke ran inside to get the dildo. She was so horny that she only imagined how her son would fuck her with it. Little did she know that he planned something else. Soon she was back in the garden with a 10inch dildo in her hand. She handed it over to her son and waited next to him.

'Can it vibrate?'

'Yes you can turn the handle to switch it on.'

'Ok, spread your legs.'

Elke wanted to lie down but Nico stopped her.

'Keep standing.'

She moved her legs further apart and bend her knees a little. Nico stroked the fake dick along her slit to get it slippery with her juices. Then he pushed half of it inside.

'Uhhh that feels so good!'

Elke expected him to fuck her with it but as she opened her eyes she saw him staring at her. She was confused. Nico wanted to humiliate her in the worse way possible and see if she would let him.

'On your knees. I think you know what to do.'

Eager to please him she did as he asked and soon was sucking his cock. But as hard as she tried she could get him only half hard. When Nico saw her confused face he had to suppress a chuckle. He grabbed her hair and moved her head away.

'Want a drink?'

Still confused she didn't understand him immediately but when she figured out what he wanted she got a glazed look in her eyes. When she had read the stories on the net she had noticed that there were a lot with watersports in them. She had the same fetish as her son but had never met anyone with whom she could share this. Now finally her fantasy would be realised.

'Oh yes, please. Give your mother your golden drink. I want to taste you so bad!'

With that Nico let go. He peed all over her face and hair until she was drenched. Elke tried to get the jet of urine into her mouth but ne moved away. After he had drenched her tits he finally aimed at her mouth and his mom gulped his piss down. He moved forward to let his mother drink from the source. She accepted his peeing dick with pleasure. As his bladder got empty his mother sucked the last drop out of him. Now his cock grew stiff in seconds and started to fuck her mouth. Watching his mother showering and drinking his piss made him so horny he came in a minute. As he felt his cum rising he pulled back and shot all over her face and hair. As she opened her eyes she saw Nico with the keys of the letter-box in his hand.

'Now you piss drinking slut, get my newspaper. And while you walk over there I want you to play with the dildo in your cunt. When you are back, all 10 inches have to be inside you!'

She couldn't believe her ears. Did he really wanted her to go to the street in the nude, drenched in piss and cum, fucking herself with the huge dildo while anyone who happened to look could see her? What if someone walked by? What if that someone knew her and even worse, knew her husband? But the need to please her son was greater than any humiliating she might face. She took the keys and walked away with trembling legs. She had to spread them otherwise she couldn't use the dildo. So running was out of the question. As she walked past her car she had to hold on as an orgasm was striking her.

'Ohh god, what's happening to me? Am I really such a dirty slut?'

She had to cover her mouth with her hand otherwise she would scream out loud. Slowly she walked on. With every step she took she knew the chance of being caught would rise. To her surprise she felt another orgasm approaching fast. She just made it to the box in time to hold on as her body again shuddered with her climax. This time she let out a loud groan. She tried everything she could to suppress it but lost the battle. When she could see straight again she tried to enter the key into the keyhole but do to her shaking hands she had to try several times. Finally she succeeded and quickly took the paper. As she raised her head again she saw a car approaching. 'Oh god no. Please let it be a stranger!' She closed the box and to her shock she saw the car slowing down. She could recognise a woman behind the wheel and strangely enough she was glad. The woman was looking in her direction and as their eyes met she climaxed again.

'Wow, where did that come from?'

But quickly her thoughts were back at the car. The woman had stopped and was getting out. Elke started to panic but couldn't move. As the woman approached Elke she felt herself blush and lowering her face in shame. She knew that she must look like a cheap whore and smell even worse.

As the stranger stood in front of her she could feel her eyes roaming her body. She even heard her sniffing. She never felt so humiliated in her entire live as she did now. The woman extended her hand towards Elkes chin and pushed her head up until their eyes met. Elke expected to see disgust or anger in her eyes but instead saw only lust. The woman scooped up some of the cum of her face and licked it off her finger.

'Hmmmm tastes good!'

After that comment Elke felt much better. She even began to use the dildo again. The stranger watched how Elke fucked herself to another orgasm. It was even more intense than the previous. Her knees went weak and she fell on the ground. The woman smiled down on her then took something out of her pocket and gave it to Elke. It was a business card and she could read that the strangers name was Emmy. As she looked up again she saw that Emmy had raised her skirt and was fingering her cunt. Again Elke was shocked but couldn't keep her eyes of the stranger masturbating above her. She wore a black string so Elke couldn't see that much. Emmy was speeding up her effort as her own orgasm approached. Suddenly she stepped over Elkes head and moved her slip aside. Before Elke could take a good look she had to close her eyes. This perfect stranger pissed all over Elkes face and body as her orgasm hit her.

'Open your fucking mouth and drink it slut!'

Obediently she did what was asked of her and as soon as she tasted the womans golden liquid mixed with her cuntjuice Elke orgasms again. When she opened her eyes again the woman was gone. 'Oh God, I hope none of my neighbours saw this!'

As quickly as she could she stumbled back to the house and into the garden. Nico was waiting behind the door and grabbed her when she entered. He put her on the ground moved between her legs and replaced the dildo with his own cock. He had seen everything through the window and was hard as a rock again. He pounded furiously into his mothers cunt. Elke was babbling as one orgasm after the other rocked through her body and when she felt her son climaxing in her she saw lightning flashes in front of her eyes before she passed out.

When she came back to her senses her son carried her into the bathroom. He had filled the bathtub so they both could wash themselves. When he put her down she finally spoke.

'That was so incredible. I never came like that before! Thank you son.'

They kissed and Nico could taste Emmys urine in his mothers mouth. He didn't care.

'Come on mom. Lets get into the tub.'

'Go ahead honey, I'm right behind you. There is just one more thing I have to do!'

As Nico sat down he looked at her questionably. Elke stepped inside as well but didn't lowerd herself. Instead she spread her legs and began to piss over her sons head.

'Uuuhh I can't wait until you are my slut, son!'

As he moved his mouth towards her pissing cunt he replied:

'Any time mom, any time!'

Over the next couple of weeks they acted out every fantasy they had and even called Emmy to join them.

To be continued...

Please let me know what you think of this story and if you want me to continue.

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