Lil Bunny

byMy Erotic Tail©

She walk by the bed briskly, as she turned her head and saw "Lil Bunny." Lil Bunny was just sitting there with his usual smile, among the furry friends section of the bedroom. His long ears and whiskered nose, in his poised, upright sitting position. As if he was saying, "Play with me."

She smiled, went over and picked the pink bunny up. Curled it into her arms as she gave him a hug. She swung her body back and forth as she relished in his soft fur, with petting strokes across its back. Lil Bunny smiled at this attention.

She thought about a guy she had seen earlier that day. His strong build and large frame. Sweet smile and perfect hair. The smell of him as he walked by. She recalled his bodies form as if he was standing right in front of her. Lil Bunny just snuggled in close to her. She was rubbing her breast, thinking that he might rub her this way. Her hand went up her shirt as she squeezed her breast and thought of this man. She was getting worked up, so she laid on the bed and unsnapped her pants. Lil Bunnies ears perked up to the sound.

Her hand went to her puss and she rubbed her self wet. "Well this was going nice," she thought. So she laid the pink bunny on the bed, removed her clothes and got under the blanket.

She picks up the little bunny and gives him a kiss. Lil Bunny wrinkles his nose and kisses her back. His whiskers tickled her cheeks. She wiped her face from the sensation of his little whiskers.

She moved the little stuffed animal down to her neck. Rubbed it along her chest and breasts. His soft fur felt good along her body. Teasing the nipple and then rubbing circles around her breast.

"Here Lil Bunny, want some milk." She put the bunny's mouth to her nipple. Of course Lil Bunny lapped at the milk and suckled the tit. His long whiskers tethered the soft mound, his nose pointed at her breast. She pushed his nose into her hard nipple, as she moved him from tit to tit.

"Which one taste better, Lil Bunny?" She asked. She laughed at the thought of a talking rabbit. Putting him to one tit then the other. Lil Bunny says, "They're both scrumptious."

The little pink bunny hopped up and down her body with his soft fur. She starts to get hotter, so she takes the stuffed animal for the grand tour of her body. Down the valley of cleavage, between the mounds of nipple peaks. Along the little tummy trail and dips him in the shallow pool of navel.

His little whiskers tickled her skin. Lil Bunny caught a sniff of something wonderful. "Sniff sniff." She darted the bunny back and forth as if he were looking for the source of this smell.

"Sniff sniff," she said again. She giggled while walking the little bunny over to the little bush. Now little bunnies love it in the bushes. But this was more like short grass. Where Lil Bunny nibbled at the pubic hairs that were trimmed up nicely. "Somebody keeps the grass cut," thought Lil Bunny.

"Oh no, here comes the big bad wolf Lil Bunny, run." She took Lil Bunny for a visit to the little bunny hole. "Here Lil Bunny hide in here," she says. She puts the bunny to her pussy. Her hips came off the bed as she humped up at the great feeling of the fur on her puss.

Its softness, she rubs around her pussy lips. While her other hand fingered circles around her clit. She spread her legs fully, allowing Lil Bunny to caress her sensitive skin. Lil Bunny notices that the holes as pink as he is and smiles.

Now Lil Bunny has a gift. You turn him on and he dances. Well in this case vibrates. She turns Lil Bunny on and I'm quite sure that this bunny is turned on, with his wet nose at her puss and starts his lil dance. The motor inside him hummed as his little legs did their repetitious paddling motion.

Now she is really stimulated by his motion at her sensual spot. She fingers her self while her partner, does his little dance in the bush. She moans lightly as she deeply penetrates herself and pushes Lil Bunny at her harder. Tough love huh? Lil Bunny don't mind, he keeps dancing at the hole. They hump each other. Her humping up, while bunny hops and wiggles his feet paddling, as he vibrates.

Now Lil Bunny likes carrots. So a treat to eat about now would be nice. She pushes Lil Bunny into her clit and he waddles away at her hooded nub. His little whiskers gently scrap her pussy as his nose is pushed into her sensitive bump. "Like that carrot?" She asked Lil Bunny. Lil Bunny didn't say anything, he had his mouth full. Eating the clit carrot.

She reached into the drawer next to her and pulled out the orange colored dildo. She puts it at her hole and tells Lil Bunny, that's his carrot. Well Lil Bunny don't know the difference. He's as happy as can be and so is she.

She turns the carrot on. Lil Bunny nibbles the clit and carrot. She is filled with ecstasy with her little partner dancing around his little carrot, in his little bunny hole. While the carrot works away at her slit.

Lil bunny bounces at the hole. His wet nose sniffs the hole. Lil Bunny is turned on, full blast. She starts squirming as she starts to cum. But Lil Bunny didn't run. No, he stayed at his hole till it started to rain orgasms. Harder she pushed, till Lil Bunny just about fit inside that hole. Lil Bunny was just dancing away as her juices started to flow.

She lays Lil Bunny down and finishes her round, of intense penetration as she squirts a blast of cum. Pulling the dildo out and places it next to the stuffed animal. "Yummy yummy," said Lil Bunny as looked at the wet carrot.

She picks him up and flipping the switch to turn him off. Gave him a hug and licked her fingers. "Here Lil Bunny, want some too?" She put a finger to his mouth. Lil Bunny took a lick or two from her finger and smiled as he always does.

She gave him a hug, rolled over and turned out the light. Curled up with Lil Bunny's soft fur next to her naked body. She snuggled up in the bed and pulled the covers up around her neck. "Night night Lil Bunny."

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