tagMind ControlLil' Wizard Ch. 2

Lil' Wizard Ch. 2


Wizard-Chapter Two: Paul Discovers the Magic Wand

I was flabbergasted by my evening visitor. So was I a wizard? I mean I had read all the fantasy work out there and was fond of 99% of the work out there, but surely this didn’t happen in real life. There weren’t any real wizards were there, and if there were, would they be so infatuated with sex? The story continues:

I fell asleep that night after hitting the bong pretty hard, and just knew that she would be there to see me that night. I couldn’t help reaching below the sheets and grabbing hold of my unit for a few nice long strokes. I decided that I didn’t want to shoot off though, since saving it for my midnight teacher was so much more intense.

Sleep came quickly, but not deeply and when the mattress moved, I knew that I wasn’t alone. Her tongue circled my nipple, and my eyes fluttered open.

“You said I was a wizard?” My erection began to grow almost immediately as I smelled her aroma and looked into her eyes.

She reached down and ran her fingernails along the underside of my dick, which made my head lull back. “You will be a great wizard, a sex wizard unmatched in this century. I was sent to make sure you trained properly.”

“And this is how we train?” I noticed for the first time I was able to move, so I rolled onto my side and embraced her. Her image immediately changed into that of Michelle’s mother and I giggled. “You must learn how to control the moment, the very essence of time, then you can control them all.”

“Just chicks, or do you mean everyone?” I sat up in bed, at least it seemed that I did. In truth I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or awake. Nothing seemed to be completely real; the bed even seemed to have a sensation of being far away.

“That will be up to you, but the great ones have been known to rise” she gave my cock a strong squeeze, “to great power. Merlin was one of the finest, and look how long his memory has lasted.”

A vision seemed to slip into my mind of an older man seducing a beautiful woman dressed in a long flowing gown. “Watch them,” she commanded me.

It was much more than watching; it was like I stepped next to them. I could feel the summer sun and smell the lilacs in the air. Close by a horse sniffed at the air, then continued to pull at the grass. The man’s beard was long, as was his hair. The woman lay on a blanket beside a stream and her hands were busy, wandering underneath her gown. The man stepped out of a long set of robes, and to my surprise he wasn’t wearing any undergarments. Then again it made sense since it was so warm outside. The mans hair and beard nearly covered his upper torso, and had his hair not been tied back it would have hidden the strong lengthy muscles of his back and shoulders. “Do it again my love, for me” The woman pouted her lips and looked longingly at the older man. He grabbed his own shaft and stroked it gently, allowing his eyes to wander over her still clad body. “It is not safe” he responded. She pouted more, and lifted her dress over her head. “Please Merlin, for me.”

MERLIN! I couldn’t believe it. I started to look around expecting to see Lancelot or Arthur running towards us. But there was nothing but these two lovers. Merlin ran a hand along his beard in a look of concentration. Merlin turned and seemed to notice me for the first time. My heart jumped, as I knew I was busted. To my surprise he merely smiled and nodded at me. He turned his attention back to the lady, and then I got the shock of my life. He dropped down between her legs and began eating her slowly, but as he ate and her head rolled back, his face changed. It changed into a creature I had never seen before, almost cat-like. I could hear him growl as he lapped at her pussy, and reached up with furred hands to gently rub at her nipples. I stepped closer and gambled on her not being able to see me. Which she couldn’t, but Merlin definitely could. He snarled at me, and then gave a short laugh before returning to his task. Screw it I thought, time to chance it. I removed my clothes and lowered my cock till it touched her lips. She was so enthralled with his licking that she never opened her eyes, but her mouth opened all the same. Her tongue was perfect as it rolled around and around my shaft. I looked down to see Merlin staring up at us, staring at my prick disappearing into her mouth. Time for a little magic of my own, “expandonosiesis” I intoned, not knowing where the word had come from.

My usual nine inches expanded, and I was quickly growing to almost twelve inches, and my girth was beginning to look almost like an arm. She could no longer take me all the way into her mouth. I took her hands in mine and guided them to my cock. She opened her eyes at last and noticed that there were two of us giving her the attention she craved. She paused for only a minute, and that was to look at my unit with awe. Merlin continued to growl and his tongue had likewise grown. It was a monstrous tongue that wasn’t only lapping at her lips, it was entering her rhythmically. The lovely lady was certainly enjoying our little competition, but she soon received an even better reward. Merlin allowed his transformation to continue, into what ever this cat creature was. He sat up onto his knees and his cock changed with the rest of him. It was long and slim, and it curled upwards. But it seemed to look more animalistic than human. He literally pounced on her, but managed to enter her slowly. She removed my cock from her mouth long enough to gasp and let out a long sigh, and then shoved it back into her mouth with a whimper of delight. He pumped into her like a wild beast. It looked painful from my vantage point, but she continued to squeal and moan with each thrust. Merlin pulled himself out of her completely and indicated that it was time for a change up. I chose a different mode, as I allowed myself to relax and took Merlin’s place guiding my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. I pushed in until I was bone to bone with her, then I willed the swelling. Gently and ever so slowly I allowed my cock to swell until it was stretching her insides to a capacity they had never felt before. Without stroking even once, she began to orgasm and spasm and scream with more passion than I had yet to hear come from a woman. I pulled out slowly until only the head was in, then quickly thrust back into her; she orgasmed again, this time spraying fluid up and against my stomach.

Merlin assisted me as I flipped her over so she was on all fours, then I slid beneath her and put my dick back into her well-soaked pussy. Merlin straddled her from behind and his slim creature cock wormed its way into her lovely little ass. She was now filled and her body continued to shake and spasm, she began to cry and I was concerned that she was in pain. I started to pull out, but she sank her nails into my chest and gave me a look that definitely meant that I was to hold my position. She began to rock back and forth on both of our cocks, and the most unique sensations were awakening in my own body. Her pussy was so wet and smooth around my cock, and at the same time I could feel Merlin’s cock moving above me through that small membrane that separated us. On and on we continued to ride this beauty, until her chest and ass were red with her passion. I took her nipple into my mouth and this sent her over the edge yet again. This resulted in a huge domino effect as I felt my load sneak up from my toes, all the way into my groin and finally blasting out of my cock with shot after shot, and spasm after spasm. Merlin let out a roar like a beast in the jungle and he filled her ass with his own mighty load. As my cock wilted, it pulled out of her with a pop and a flow of my cum seeped out. She reached her hand down and scooped up the white juice and licked it off her fingers with a smile. Merlin returned to his normal state and looked at me with a smile. “Only remember lad, too long in the shape of the beast and you will be doomed to stay in that body forever.”

I was back in my own bead with a flash of blue light, and my midnight lady was still sucking on my cock. “Did you understand the lesson?” she whispered to me.

“I think so.”

“Did you learn of the magic wand then?” She stroked my cock slowly, squeezing it and she pulled down, then twisting as she let it slide back up.

“Wand?” I wasn’t completely paying attention, as she was completely in control of the situation.

“That was sex magic you saw, but you can’t use a traditional wand for that type of power” she chuckled and nipped at my inner thigh.

“You mean?” So that’s why Merlin was yanking on his cock with that beauty right under his nose. Now this was something I had to try.

She must have understood my desire, as she slipped out of my room. I noticed that this was the first time she had left without making me cum first.

I looked out of my window and thought of the neighbor next door. I had seen her outside washing her car or working in her garden. She was one fine woman, but had tended to be a bit of a bitch with my mum and dad. It was so easy, as if I had taken lessons for years. I got out of bed so I could see her bedroom window. Glancing at my clock, almost one in the morning, surely she would be in bed at this time of the night. I visualized her in my mind. Those strong thighs and perfectly round ass, her stomach was flat and her breasts filled her DD cup so nicely. Her husband would be lying beside her, but that was no matter for me now. I reached out my thoughts to her, and entered her mind. She was indeed sleeping, and dreaming about a new car she hoped her husband would buy her. I sent an image of her garden into her mind, and I wasn’t really shocked when I mentally felt her rise from her bed.

She knew what she was doing, but never hesitated to wonder why she was doing what she was doing. She had slept in the nude since she was thirteen, and while not a prude she wouldn’t normally be caught walking around the house without at least her robe covering her. She went to her own bedroom window and raised the blinds so that I could see her shadowed outline. I sent her into the next room so that she wouldn’t wake her husband, and she obeyed immediately. Once into their guestroom I had her turn on a small table lamp so that I could see her more clearly. With gentle thoughts I encouraged her to explore her body. Several times I had to slow her down, and twice had to stop her completely from having an orgasm. Her eyebrows furrowed as I held back on her. I didn’t want her to go over the top, instead I would let her rub herself right to the edge, and then cause her to move her hands onto her pulsating stomach. It wasn’t that I wanted to be cruel to poor little Pam, I just wanted her ready. She was moaning so loudly now that I could hear her through both of our windows, even though they were closed. I lit a candle beside me, just so she could make out that I was watching her. Then I began to stroke my cock, making sure she could see the full length of my cock. Her eyes were screaming for me, and at this height of passion her mind was directly linked to mine. She was begging me for satisfaction, but I wanted more than this. I commanded her into her garden. I saw her leave the room and smile as she passed the bedroom where her sleeping husband slept unawares of his dirty little wife.

I had sent the initial thoughts, but the desire was all of her own now as she met me in the garden. “Please.” Was all she said as she lowered herself to her knees in front of me.

I grabbed my cock as Merlin had, and placed an image of myself into my own mind. I allowed the image to shift into that of a werewolf. I heard her gasp in fright as the transformation completed. I could feel the power in my body now and it was wonderful. There was a small amount of fear in her eyes, but she never took her hands off my cock. Time for another surprise I thought, and allowed my cock to change to match the rest of my body. In her hands it grew and twisted, large, firm, sizzling hot and with much more hair. She panicked for a moment and tried to run, but with a single thought she stopped. I leapt into the air and landed behind her. I ran furry hands down her naked arms, and felt the goose pimples raise on her skin. I breathed on the back of her neck and let my tongue lick up her spine. She melted in my arms, and pressed herself back into me. She wanted this. I led her into her garden and into the rows of tall sunflowers she had grown. I did as Merlin had shown me and let my tongue lap at her pussy, inserting it occasionally into her and rolling it around. I was amazed at the new tastes and smells as my animal instincts took shape and built. Her hips quivered with each lick and her hands were busy pulling at her hair, her arms twisting to rub on her nipples and breasts. I lavished her for an eternity with my tongue, growling occasionally to send vibrations through her body. Then I pinned her into the ground and entered her pussy. I could hear the squish of her juices as my cock slid in and out of her effortlessly. Her orgasms were coming deep and repetitively, she was so hot, her nipples stood a half an inch from her breasts. Her stomach quivered uncontrollably and her hips gyrated against me with passion. I howled into the night with my exhilaration. It caused her to panic again, but her passion was now matching my own. Then I remembered the farm, and what I had seen. Wolves have knots, and before I could complete the thought so did I. It slapped at the entrance to her pussy, and then entered her pushing her walls to the limit. Her body was on overload as began to fuck her with all the animal strength I could muster. Her hands were digging at the soil, and her body was covered in sweat. I could smell her sex and sweat mixing; it was too much for me. I came inside of her with another howl, baring my teeth as the wave overtook me. Filling her so that it ran out and along my shaft, her body jerked as she too began to cum, this time spraying the ground with her own juices. It was several long minutes before my cock relaxed and the knot pulled out of her. To my surprise and enjoyment, Pam turned and licked our cum from my cock. A flash of lighting lit the sky and I looked up at Pam’s house. Her 19-year-old cousin stood naked in the window, one hand on her pussy, the other on the glass holding herself up.

I threw Pam over my shoulder and prowled my way into the house with her. This night was not yet over.

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