tagLesbian SexLilac's 18-year-old Friend: Kaeli Goes Bi

Lilac's 18-year-old Friend: Kaeli Goes Bi


I could tell stories about my married lover Kim, but what you REALLY want to hear is the story Kim told ME, about the hot 18 year old dancer Kaeli who Kim got to fuck in an afternoon of delicious girl/girl sex.

Kim related the tale while she was licking and jerking my very fat six and a half inches of swollen cockmeat. It made her horny to see my reaction, and I heard all the juicy details about how she seduced and fucked a high school senior at the end of this past summer.

It was October, I hadn't seen Kim in the couple of months, she and her husband moved about an hour farther away from where I live. We'd been trading emails and texts that we needed to get together and fuck again, we usually hooked up about once a week or every other week at least.

I'd been fucking Kim for six years, since I first met -- and fucked -- her when she and her husband did a foursome with my wife and me. My wife Ginger and I have been on the swinger scene for a decade, I'm 38 and she's 41, so over time I've had the pleasure of sticking my dick in about two dozen slutty women. Kim is one of the sluttiest. Pardon the terminology, but frankly, Kim is what you would describe as "white trash." The only people who hate the term are, well, white trash, but if you are, you are. She got knocked up in high school and although she's only 29 years old, her oldest daughter is already 13. It happens. Fortunately, marrying her boyfriend right away, her husband turned out to be a bright geek and makes decent coin doing computer shit for a big company. It allowed Kim to move away from her small rural town, out of their pre-fabbed trailer house, to the more swanky suburbs where I live.

So, right, Kim and her husband Jimmy were into the swinging scene too back then, six years ago, and we had a raunchy foursome in my bedroom one night. My wife Tina didn't like Jimmy much, so we never did the foursome thing again. Kim and me, though, hit it off, and we've been cheating on our spouses ever since. She was practically my second wife, at periods, I even bought her Christmas presents more expensive than the shit I got Tina. That was a few years ago, not so much recently.

Kim's hot, too. She died her hair blonde, but sometimes like these days left the roots dark, which is very sexy with her big, full head of hair. She keeps herself in decent shape, she's like a size 6 or 8, with hot C-cup tits and a round butt, and not much flab on her tummy. Kim loves to be tan, using tanning salons all the time, and wears tons of cheap jewelry and bling all over her fingers. You can take the girl out of her white trash home, but you can't take the white trash out of the girl, you know.

Anyway, with us having gone a couple months without fucking, we just had to hook up. I got a motel room one afternoon near her new house, told my wife I was driving out to check out a guy's motorcycle I might want to buy, and met Kim in the parking lot. She was hot for sex the moment we saw each other, making out in the parking lot by my car, with her grinding her abdomen against the tent in my jeans. Even though it was a cool October day, the slut was wearing a sundress that had a low, scalloped neckline, exposing some of her fleshy cleavage. Her clothing didn't much matter, she wouldn't be in them very long.

As soon as we raced into the motel, we stood there making out and swapping saliva, while taking off each other's clothing. "I wanna fuck you bad," Kim was moaning into my mouth, groping my penis even before she had my underwear off, "I'm so hot for it, I need it good today."

We didn't do any foreplay, we just jumped into the bed and started fucking. I screw my pretty wife regularly, and have another married woman I bang somewhat frequently, so it wasn't like I hadn't had sex in a while. But Kim is just a hot fuck, she screams and begs for it, she has that slutty, hungry look in her blue eyes, and she talks so pretty when she cums. "Ooooh you're making me cummmm -- ohhhh fuck it's a goooood one -- ohhhh stick me deeper, ohhhh bang this hot bitch, I'm sooo horny for you, Kent!" Makes me fuck her harder, hearing her say those things when I'm "sticking her deep."

After a while of short but really intense, sweaty sex, we were lying nude on the bed catching up. Kim shaves her married cunt bald, as I do my married dick, so we both had lots of sweat, juices and sperm on our genitalia, while sitting there and chatting. As we talked, my hand was rubbing the liquids around her crotch and thighs, and Kim's hand -- with wedding ring -- was stroking my boner back to size, groping my fat, hairless balls too.

With her stroking my cock, she was asking who I'd been fucking lately. No one really, I told her truthfully, just Lisa (the wife), and a week ago my other married mistress, Janae, a secretary at some company downtown. Kim snickered, as if she knew something I didn't, while her blue eyes watched my sloppy cock returning to its full, ready-to-fuck girth. "Sooo," she purred in her slight rural twang she still maintained, "wanna hear something hot?"

I laid back flat on the soiled bedsheets of the cheap motel room, my legs flat too, my erection protruding from my crotch in Kim's wandering hand. "Sure," I laughed, my hands under my head, elbows to both sides.

Kim kept gazing at her hand stroking my penis, then she looked at my face and blushed. "You wanna hear, I fucked an 18 year old GIRL a couple months ago, right before we moved."


Already nearly at full size, my cock instantly seemed to double in stiffness, suddenly aching in Kim's hand with a pain for attention. I knew Kim had been bisexual back in her days as a swinger, but those days, she had said, were long gone, since her oldest daughter turned 9 four years ago. I hadn't realized she still got it on with other females, or at least, hadn't heard about that for a long, long time.

"Sounds fucking hot, you nasty slut," I giggled at the teasing, cheating whore with me, "who was she, tell me about it?"

Kim, ever so playful, crawled between my legs, bending down, staring at my dick. "Mmmm," grunted the horny married woman, sticking her tongue out, licking some of the messy juices off of my shaft. "Ohhh, good, you're hard again." She swallowed my cockhead and rolled her tongue around it a little, then pulled back to stroke me. "So, I knew you'd like it."

I couldn't wait to hear. "Who was she?" I shifted my weight and propped my head and shoulders up with pillows behind me, so I could watch her toy with my erection while she told me about this hot sex with an 18 year old girl.

My mistress was snickering at my enthusiasm. "Relax, baby," she ordered me, gathering some pillows herself so she could lean her chest on them, as her face hovered above my pelvis and her mouth and hand entertained my dick and balls. Licking around my cockhead some more, she lifted her head up and just stroked my boner a little before relating her tale.

Kim said the girl's name was Kaeli. She was 18, one of the regular dancers at the dance studio where Kim's 13 year old daughter Agatha was taking classes. Kaeli apparently wasn't exactly what you expect in a dancer -- she still had some "babyfat" on her face, butt and thighs, so she wasn't as sleek like normal dancers. But it was her thing, she was a teenager going into her senior year of high school, she liked to dance and so she did. Took a lot of classes at the studio, even taught some of the little kids.

Over the past summer or so, Kim had gotten friendly with Kaeli. Talked to her a lot around the studio, just bullshitting with other moms and students, that sort of thing. But Kim, always so horny, found herself liking Kaeli in sexual ways. The girl had nice big tits, her slightly rounded face was pretty, she always smelled sweet, and apparently she looked dynamite in her skimpy dance outfits. Great curves, Kim explained. Long, dirty-blonde hair, a natural blonde unlike Kim herself, but Kaeli was playful and would switch up her looks time to time -- going goth-black for a couple weeks, then washing out the color and showing up for a few days with hot pink stripes in her hair, even blue-tinted edges to her hair, that sort of thing.

Over the course of a couple of months that summer, Kim found herself striking up a friendship with Kaeli, slowly, but with sexual intentions. Took her out for coffee. Took her out for lunch one day, while Kim's kids were in a dance class. Then even made a "date" with Kaeli, although it was a "shopping day" at the mall, not exactly what a guy would find fun. They window-browsed, got some food, just walked around.

Through those times together, Kim was getting close to Kaeli, let inside the girl's world. Kaeli and Kim talked about guys and sex -- what girls don't? -- but, sometimes, got descriptive. Kim told Kaeli about the times Kim was a swinger, fucking other married couples, which both freaked out but also impressed Kaeli. With Kim so open about sex, Kaeli explained back how she had only had two boyfriends, neither relationship went well. Her parents didn't like the guys, apparently they were really strange dudes. One was a college guy, even. Kaeli told Kim she didn't have a real boyfriend, "unless you count the guys on the Internet."

The no-secret girl/girl talks brought them close, meaning not just in terms of their friendship, but physically too. "We were hand-in-hand," Kim blushed, speaking of the end of their day together shopping at the mall, "you know, kind of secretly holding hands, so no one could see." Her blue eyes staring at my face to be sure I was paying rigid attention and her tongue teasing my pulsatingly hard cockhead, Kim then said with a whisper, "I even gave her a good-bye kiss, on the lips -- not a smooch, just a nice, friendly kiss."

Sexy image, the idea of Kim kissing a long-haired, voluptuous 18 year old. "Nice," I admired, my dick wanting more attention but my ears liking the story more, "so then what?"

Kim knew she was moving at the end of the summer, in a couple of weeks. She would only be an hour away, but they were leaving the dance studio, so if anything was going to happen, she had to make it happen soon. Just before the summer ended, the studio was putting on a show for the parents of young kids who'd taken summer classes. There would be a full dress rehearsal, apparently several hours long. Kim would drop her kids off at it, then have three hours to herself that day.

When Kim found out Kaeli wasn't going to be in the recital, the opportunity present itself.

Blushing a little as she continued to suck and stroke my married penis, Kim told me about the eventful moment. "I called Kaeli up, I had her cell number, I was like, when I drop the girls off, I have a few hours -- wanna get together again, go shopping or something?" Kim smirked, jerking my stiff boner a couple times, slowly, before going further with the tale. "But, when we got in my car at the studio, after I dropped off the girls -- I said to her, like, I don't really wanna go for coffee or shopping."

She paused, merely continuing to masturbate my erection, and her anxious audience didn't like the stoppage. "Okay -- so, what?"

The married dyed-blonde slut laughed again at how she had my full attention. "Well, she was like, okay, so what do you want to do? And I just told her, sitting in my car, my house will be empty for three hours -- let's go back there together."

I grinned at the idea of what the girl's response would be. "Did she say, yeah let's go fuck?"

"Uhhh, no," giggled my girl friend, "but, it was implied -- she was, like, sure, why not." She sat upright more on the motel bed, pumping her fist with her wedding ring up and down my penis. "So we drove to my house, even holding hands again."

I let out a moan, loving where this was going. I asked if Kaeli had ever been with another woman, and Kim told me no, she hadn't -- but, she had been curious, she'd seen the porn of it, and she was a free spirit who liked to try new things.

I guess they ended up on the sofa in Kim's living room, a place I personally knew well, having jammed my erection into Kim's slutty cunt on that sofa many times in the past. I had Kim skip the boring details of whatever conversation took place, and just get to the hot part. Sitting close, touching hands, and at some point with Kim's hand on the teenager's shoulder, their lips drew together like magnets. Kim made the move, Kaeli didn't stop her, and the 29 year old married slut was making out with the 18 year old high school senior-to-be.

"Full tongue?" I asked, dying to know all of the details, my cock leaking streams of precum as I heard about the girl/girl affair and was getting jacked by my nude mistress with the hot tits.

"Yup, full tongue," Kim admitted, snickering proudly. "Right off the bat -- she was a good kisser, too."

They made out on the sofa, holding each other's bodies at first, arms around one another's shoulders and backs, sitting side by side on the sofa, facing each other. Kim started moving her hands around Kaeli's soft backside, then casually sliding them around to the girl's chest, and without ending the wet, tongue-filled kiss, Kim began pawing at Kaeli's boobs through the girl's shirt and bra. Kaeli didn't stop her, allowing the married woman to grope and squeeze her apparently quite ample breasts through her clothing.

"Wow," Kim told Kaeli excitedly, "you got nice big tits."

I loved hearing what Kaeli said back. "Thanks, glad you like them," the teen responded verbally, and also physically by reaching to Kim's shirt or whatever, and squeezing those C-cup too. "Yours are nice and big too!"

But I loved Kim's slutty response even more. The horny married blonde friend of mine said, "Let me see yours, you can see mine," and she just immediately pulled off her clothing so she was topless, showing off her tits to the teenager.

"And what did the girl do?" I asked, almost breathless hearing the story.

Kim grinned. "Oh, she took her shirt and bra off -- and arched her back so I could suck them." Which is what Kim did, mouthing the teenager's twin orbs, salivating all over them, sucking hard on the girl's large, stiff nipples. Kaeli was moaning in delight, eyes fluttering, feeling her breasts sucked deep in an adult woman's mouth. Kim went for it, sliding her hand between Kaeli's thighs, rubbing the teenager's crotch through her shorts. Increasingly horny, Kaeli spread her legs for the woman, but moaned in a nervous whine, "I've never been with a girl!"

"That's okay," Kim snapped back, "I have, I'll show you what to do."

While I had my penis stroked rhythmically, Kim related what happened next. Kaeli laid back on the sofa, allowing Kim to unzip and remove her shorts and panties. The girl had a trimmed cunt, sort of a landing strip above her pink teen cuntlips. She hadn't been licked very well in the past, so she wasn't sure what to expect. But Kim said, so proudly, like the experienced cunt-eating slut she was, that she gave Kaeli the best fucking orgasms of her life to that point. Kim first ate the girl's clitoris, sucking and licking it, until the teenager was screaming and climaxing with her first cum of the day. Then Kim slid her tongue down to the teenager's cunt hole, shoving tongue into it and expertly reaching her tongue-tip deep inside, while Kim's hands played with Kaeli's big boobs and also teased the girl's tight little butthole. All that attention made Kaeli cum a second time, then a third -- she was multi-orgasmic, for sure, squirting mouthfuls of juices down Kim's throat.

Kim bothered to ask if Kaeli had ever thought about having a girl eat her out. Kaeli admitted she'd of course thought about it, seeing the porn of lesbian sex online, but never really thought it would actually happen.

I was getting so turned on hearing all about this girl/girl sex, I had ideas to stop the blowjob and start fucking Kim. But I wanted to hear it through to its completion. "So -- what next?"

Next, I was told, Kim began teasing Kaeli's pussy in other ways. Kim used fingers in her, able to get two fingers inside the tight teen twat, twisting them around while rapidly licking Kaeli's clitoris. That brought yet more orgasms. Then, Kim rubbed her own nipples against Kaeli's nude cunt, both kissing her nipple to Kaeli's clitoris and then pushing her nipple a bit inside Kaeli's pussyhole. The married woman even licked Kaeli's butthole, which Kaeli had never had done to her before.

By that point, Kim had soaked her panties. Just to get comfortable, she had to stand up and strip nude, showing off her shaved snatch to the teenager. With Kaeli spread wide open on the sofa, Kim climbed over her, rubbing her nude vagina against Kaeli's cunt, and the girls started to get off on each other, grinding their cunts together. Kim put her fingers between their pressed-together pussies, frigging both of their clitties almost simultaneously, while the two bitches screamed at each other in ecstacy. Both of them had orgasms that way.

Sexy, slutty Kim really put the full-court press on Kaeli, giving her all the fixings of good sex. Kim got one of her vibrators, having Kaeli buzz her clitoris while Kim was licking Kaeli's open slit. The vibrator worked magic, the teenager, apparently, had a solid wave of cums, one after another, making her tear and cry by the end -- a good ten minutes of virtually endless spasms.

"I can make a girl cum like no guy can," my mistress mused, probably not entirely wrong, making her overflow with hubris.

Then Kim needed some attention herself. She told me, they switched positions, with Kim sitting back on the sofa, legs opened to the sides, and Kaeli was kneeling on the floor in front of her. Kaeli was facing another female's wet cunt for the first time ever, and according to Kim, she didn't shy away. She'd seen enough porn movies, I guess to know what to do for another girl. Kim said Kaeli stuck her tongue out and went crazy, licking Kim's wet clit and pussylips, and shoving tongue into her hole. Her inexperience was made up for by youthful vigor; as Kim put it, Kaeli certainly knew the equipment so she knew what would be effective, and she put all her energy into it. Kim grabbed the girl's blonde hair and tugged Kaeli's mouth hard against her cunt, forcing Kaeli to bury her tongue up Kim's twat, until Kim was having orgasms in Kaeli's mouth, a couple of them.

That wasn't it. Kim got the other girl in a "69" position on the floor, with Kaeli on top. Kim handed Kaeli the vibrator and let Kaeli use the toy on Kim's pussy, while Kim ate out Kaeli again. Hearing it, and picturing it, I was going crazy myself, my cock was pumping Kim's hand as she stroked me on that motel bed. I sure wish I could have been there, watching an 18 year old do the lesbian thing with my married fuck buddy. It sounded so fucking hot!

"Know what then?" teased Kim, licking some of the precum off of my aching erection, seeing how nuts the story was making me. "I was so hungry for her, I wanted her to cum so bad -- I put her on her back, I didn't care about myself, I just ate her cunt until she had, like five or six more orgasms -- we'd lost count -- I just licked and ate that teen cunt, until Kaeli was crying and couldn't breath, she was so fuckin' wiped out!"

"Damn, bitch!" I was in admiration of Kim, so fucking aroused at how she got to bang an 18 year old female. I didn't want the blowjob or handjob any more. No, I wanted her cunt again. I snapped upright on the motel bed, pushed Kim onto her back, and mounted the married slut between her tanned, creamy thighs. She laughed, spreading open for me, letting me use her twat again for my pleasure.

As I felt my penis sink into Kim's cunt, I gave her my thoughts on her sx with the teenager. "You wanna give me the girl's phone number?" I asked, wondering if the high school senior might want some married cock someday in addition to the married cunt she fucked.

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