Lilac's 18yo Friend: Vivian Swings


Right next to me, the brunette was blushing badly, her brown eyes flirtatiously glancing at all of the adults arrayed around her in the pool, knowing we were thinking very perverted thoughts about her.

Trixie saw Vivian's defensive grin, and wanted to prove her point. "Go ahead, Viv," said the woman, "just try -- name each of the men you've fucked at parties with me -- I know them, I think -- bet you can't even name all of them!"

"Ummm--!" The teenager pretended to think about it, then blushed again and giggled uncontrollably, clearly embarrassed. "Ummm -- well -- Dozer, um, Paul, and -- Mike? And, um -- what was his name -- ummm -- oh, Umberto, Charles, or Chuck or something, and then, ummm -- Greg, did I say? Umm--" Then, out of ideas, she stopped, and shrugged. "Well, like you can name them all?"

Trixie laughed at her. "See, told ya!"

Her ex-stepdaughter was trying to defend herself, laughing as she snapped back. "It's not my fault -- you made me do all of that stuff -- you invite me to your parties, tell me who to fuck!"

And the blonde shook her head, trying to convince us otherwise. "Well, I caught you fuckin' that guy in that shed the other time, he wasn't even here for a party -- fuckin' caterer or something -- kinda can't blame that on me, can ya?"

"Ohh, shit!" The high school brunette cackled at the mention of that incident. "Um, well, yeah -- but, I couldn't help it -- he had a nice smile, and a big cock?" She shrugged and giggled in Trixie's direction, as if trying to make a case for not being slutty.

Hearing what a little whore the 18 year old was, I just wanted to screw the little bitch right on the spot. I was guessing Thom and Rick were thinking the same things -- and maybe that little Giana too, she was a bisexual whore apparently. Trixie was only encouraging that belief, saying to the group, "She can't help it, she's as horny as her father -- the pervert is probably off cheating on his 21 year old wife right now, with someone younger, probably." Yeah, no sore feelings left over from that marriage, are there?

Trixie had seized the conversation, and her mention of Vivian's father put a sparkle in the blonde's eye. The ex-wife of Vivian's horny dad was exacting her revenge, it was clear -- not just by befriending Vivian, but by turning the guy's daughter into a depraved, whoring slut.

"Show us what a fucking slut you are, Vivian," said her ex-stopmom, speaking with a sharp, critical tone to the teenager, "go ahead -- you know you wanna -- go show your pussy to Thom over there, and ask him to fuck you -- right in front of all of us."

My instant thought: Dejection. Fuck! How did Thom get selected to nail her first?

But, Trixie's boyfriend and Vivian's first adult lover had a better idea. "Instead," said Dozer, correcting his woman, "even better, Vivian -- go ask Giana there to fuck you, with a strapon -- go ahead."

The Chinese girl with a skinny body and those fat, fake tits suddenly sat upright, hearing her name evoked. "Mmm!" she purred, smiling at Dozer, then at topless Vivian.

"Ummm--?" Vivian was sitting firmly in her spot next to me, smiling stupidly at Trixie and Dozer. She was waiting directions, wondering if this was serious.

Trixie liked the idea, and would have it no other way. Again, her tone was biting, even derisive. "Go ahead, you dumb cunt, show everyone what a whore you are -- go over there and beg that bitch to fuck you like a dog, maybe you're the bitch, c'mon, do it -- you know it would turn you on if you did."

I was hardly breathing, wondering if Vivian would do it. That sounded pretty humiliating; and Trixie wasn't saying it like it was a game to play, she was a little nasty about it. Or a lot nasty.

The teenager sat upright, staring still at Trixie. "Umm--"

Her hesitation earned another scolding. "Just do it," the blonde barked, "prove you're a stupid little cunt!"

The sudden, negative energy quieted the crowd, I think we were shocked to hear Trixie talking that way to the 18 year old. But a moment later, Vivian rose to her feet, showing not only her perky young breasts, but also her firm, small ass in her ultra-tight bikini bottom. She giggled and strode across the tub, heading for Giana, who was staring up at the slightly younger girl with an anxious grin. The girls locked eyes with each other, until Vivian was standing between Giana's open thighs. "Giana?" Vivian was like fulfilling a role that Trixie wanted her to play. "Do you wanna fuck me?"

"And," ordered Trixie, beaming with pride at the little slut she'd created, "prove her you mean it, show her your bald cunt, you dumb slut."

Shocking me further, next to me, my girlfriend Elan muttered under her breath, "This is so fucking hot."

Yeah, I agreed with that comment.

With all eyes on her, Vivian pulled down her bikini thong, and I could now stare at her nude, 18 year old ass -- those perfectly small, lush cheeks, heart-shaped, just divine. I wished I could see her bald pussy, though. The brunette giggled at the long-haired, slim Asian with the jet-black hair. "Do you wanna fuck me?" she asked again, loud enough for everyone to hear the question.

Giana glanced anxiously at her boyfriend Thom, then I could see her slanted eyes riveted at the sight of the teenage pussy standing right in front of her. "Yeah, you slut," sang the 20 year old college girl, "you look like a hot little fuck!"

It was like the show was staring. Trixie already had a strap-on pre-positioned beside the tub, as if she knew it would come in handy. Or, maybe it was just already there anyway, who knew. But she gave the 8-inch, black-plastic dildo to the petite Asian, who stood up and put the strap-on device over her bikini thong. Meanwhile, Vivian was dutifully crawling out of the hot tub, lying on the deck's top even with the top edge of the tub, spreading her tanned thighs. Now I could see her cunt from across the tub, and it was delicious: pink, bald, soft, very wet. My mouth watered for it.

I only saw that teen twat a moment, however, as Giana was crawling onto the bench of the hot tub, directly in front of Vivian. Seven adults around the tub were staring at the action, as Giana had this huge fake penis sticking out of her flat abdomen, somewhat like the big, fake tits exposed on her tiny torso. Grabbing the strap-on with a fist, Giana reached down to rub Vivian's cunt with her other hand, making sure it was moist, then prying open Vivian's pussylips. "Here, baby," giggled Giana, rubbing the fake dick over the girl's hole, "you want some big black cock now?"

The aroused voice of the 18 year old left no doubts. "Mmm, yeah -- fuck me!"

Sitting on my spot in the hot tub, I just stared at the action, as did the other three men. Vivian was already squealing, feeling that thick, 8 inches of heaven piercing into her little teen cunny. Giana's tight ass clenched, as she worked the strap-on expertly, pushing it in and out of the younger slut like Giana was some kind of male herself. I found myself rubbing my dick, watching the 20 year old bone the 18 year old on the hot tub's edge, shoving it in deeper and deeper.

Well, the guys were now thinking about having sex, not just watching it. Sitting immediately next to where Giana was fucking Vivian, Thom looked to his other side and made eye contact with Rick's step-daughter, Roxy. "You wanna see this up close?" asked Thom, reaching out for the curvy light-brown haired girl's hand, pulling the 23 year old into his lap. Roxy was kneeling next to him, facing the sight of hot Giana dildo-fucking younger Vivian, with Roxy just watching the two girls go at it. The woman's tits were in Thom's face, and the rich guy started sucking them, while rubbing Roxy's pussy through her string thong. The somewhat fat chick didn't move away, she sank into Thom's lap, still watching Giana fuck Vivian, but allowing Thom to mouth both her tits and masturbate her vagina.

It was like a domino effect, as neither other guy wanted to be without pussy at the moment. Rick, having just lost the attention of Roxy, made eye contact with Trixie. The 52 year old strode across the tub from my right to my left, joining the 27 year old, worn-out looking blonde near Dozer. Trixie welcomed him with an instant French kiss, sliding their tongues together. Then Dozer, not wanting to be alone, made eye contact with my girlfriend, and he moved from the left side of the tub to the right side, on Elan's other side from me, putting an arm around her. "Why, hello, precious," he said to my girlfriend, kissing her neck, getting a giggle out of her. I saw her reach under the water, undoubtedly to find out what size boner he had for her. It must have been a good one, because my swinging girlfriend began kissing our host, and they were definitely on their way to sex.

Well, that left me with no pussy for myself, but my eyes were enjoying the sight of the big-titted Asian Giana pumping the strap-on dildo into the slim brunette teen's cunt from the backside. I quickly scampered across the hot tub, kneeling right next to the two sluts. Giana looked sideways at me, snickering, then both she and I gazed at the sight of the fat dildo probing into Vivian's tight little cunthole, with Giana's slim hands holding the slightly younger girl's hips to keep her steady. Vivian was moaning in lust, gasping each time Giana pushed the huge, fat dick into her cunt.

Everyone in the tub was a pervert, so I didn't feel I needed to ask permission to join the two young sluts. First, I untied Giana's bikini top, exposing her massive, paid-for tits. Damn, they looked good, and the girl let me suck and lick her nipples while she fucked Vivian with the strap-on. Then, after peeling off my trunks to expose my very erect seven inches of manhood, I crawled out of the tub onto the desk. With the tub sunk into the deck, the deck was level with the top edge of the tub -- allowing me to sit on my back, my cock jutting upright out of my crotch, right underneath Vivian's face. The teenager was leaning over the top edge of the hot tub, taking that 8 inch plastic dildo into her cunt from the backside, her jaw trembling and eyes rolling. But as soon as she saw my adult penis, she went for it -- lowering her mouth, sucking my big shaft into her lips, forming a tight, warm vacuum on my penis. "Ahh, yeah, baby," I growled, pushing her dark hair off of her face, watching her teenage lips taking my grownup penis into her face, "that's it, you like my big dick, huh?"

The petite, brown-eyed 18 year old sneered up at me. "Mmm, luuuv it," she panted, tracing the shape of my shaft and cockhead with her pink tongue, while her shoulders and ass were shaking each time Giana thrust forward, shoving more dildo into her cunt.

The sexual predator in me wanted to fuck the 18 and 20 year old bitches by myself. The tub was full of nude men; it's not like I'm a homophobe, and while being nude around other men is an occupational hazard of a swinger, I'm just not that into seeing other guy's dicks. I don't do DP, or share a girl, if I can help it. It's just not my style. So, spying a leather-padded, outdoor sofa against the far edge of the stone patio deck, I decided to get some private time with Giana and Vivian. I climbed to my feet, pointing to the sofa, encouraging the two sluts to consider relocating. Giana nodded, and she pulled out to climb out of the water. I led the sexy ladies arm-in-arm across the patio; Giana removed the strap-on, and peeled off her thong so she was nude like Vivian and myself.

Heaven on Earth, people: a threesome with two bisexual sluts, aged 18 and 20. The two girls were exceedingly amorous, taking turns kissing me -- and kissing each other. They jointly shared my dick, running their pink tongues simultaneously up and down my shaft and around my helmet and balls, then Giana climbed aboard me. The Asian with the smoking-hot little body and fat, jiggling boobies began screaming, feeling my manhood stretching out her shaved cunt. The high school whore kissed me and sucked Giana's tits, then went down and licked and fingered the girl's butthole while I was fucking her. Giana screamed even louder, cumming a couple times, shrieking each time Vivian's finger was deep in her asshole pressed against my boner, stuck up her cunt, just some thin flesh between us.

Then the girls switched positions, and finally, I was fucking Vivian!

I almost ignored the Asian hottie, concentrating on Vivian's sexy, innocent-young face. The high school senior was in lust with my dick, her eyebrows raised and eyes heavy with satisfaction, and her petite jaw and lips trembled with the battering I was giving her. Staring at her proportionate, natural boobies and slim little hips, I bounced the hot brunette up and down on my lap, filling her cunt with my erection, pressing my big hands into her hips to sink my meat all the way up inside her cunt. Now it was Giana's turn to finger-fuck Vivian's asshole, too, and with me sucking Vivian's hot teen titties -- damn, those hooters felt awesome in my mouth -- the brunette white chick was having a series of cums, hard, really screaming from the climaxes Giana and I were inducing in her.

At some point, the host of our sex party, Dozer, came over to retrieve Giana from me. I mean, my dick was buried inside Vivian's amazing cunt, and I guess Dozer had been eyeing Giana's hot body all day anyway. I ignored the guy, continuing to fuck hot little Vivian myself. But not even a minute later, we were joined by Dozer's girlfriend and Vivian's ex-stepmom, Trixie. The nude blonde, her pussy filled with Rick's semen, came to sit next to Vivian and me on the outdoor sofa. "Mmm, make sure you fuck her REAL good 'n deep," panted the blonde, putting her hand on Vivian's soft young butt and feeling her riding my cock up and down. "She likes 'em big and deep in her little pussy, doesn't she?"

The depths of Trixie's sexual relationship with Vivian were starting to be revealed. Snatching the brunette's long hair in her fist, the adult blonde rose to her feet to stand next to the nude teenager, so she could put her face into Vivian's eyesight. "You fuck him good, right, bitch?" Keeping control of Vivian's head and torso by yanking her hair almost at its roots on her skull, Trixie forced Vivian to lean backwards, sticking her tits forward, and shoving them into my face. "Make him suck those teenage tits, I know he loves them, all men do -- they're made for men to suck, let him enjoy your boobs, you bitch!"

Enjoy them I did, opening my mouth, gladly slurping one of those 18 year old hooters into my wet lips. Her nipples were fucking hard, the skin of her boobs unblemished and soft, the tits were perky and round, filling my mouth as I slobbered on both of them, back and forth. Meanwhile, Vivian kept riding my penis, humping me up and down, I could feel her cuntjuices dripping down my cockshaft, over my balls. Horny Trixie kept standing next to us, yanking Vivian's hair to get the girl to yelp in pain a bit, moving her body around so I could suck the girl's breasts and her tight cunt sank down on and swallowed my large erection. Trixie even smashed Vivian's face into mine, ordering her ex-stepdaughter to kiss me and prove that she loved sex with me. The girl sure could make out, I French-kissed the hot brunette while continuing to fuck her.

Fucking the sexy 18 year old, with horny Trixie standing next to us like a director in a porn movie, was getting me close to my first orgasm. I began moaning, wondering if I could squirt up the girl's pussy. But I knew better, and I looked at Trixie and grunted, "Where do I cum?"

Trixie sneered -- cackling, almost, really -- and answered me by spitting on Vivian's young face. "There -- put your seed on her face, she looks better covered in spunk!"

Vivian responded by grinning at Trixie, then at me, her eyes wide-open at the thought of receiving a facial.

Still twisting the girl's long dark hair around her fingers, Trixie made Vivian climb off of me, and kneel on the patio in front of me. I pointed my messy, sloppy penis at the brunette's very pretty, almost innocent young face, jerking hard. I spied the pool across the patio -- everyone else was in it, fucking in two-somes and three-somes. Elan was being laid, good for her, right. Turning my attention back to Vivian's face, I gasped and grunted, feeling an orgasm coming. Jerking faster, I rubbed my dickhead on Vivian's perky little nose and her soft, teen lips, then I let it fly.

"Uhhh, fuck, YES!" I bellowed, roaring, shooting sperm onto Vivian's face.

The girl turned her face to the night summer sky, letting it be a landing spot for my semen. I shot a flurry of white-hot goo, pooling it over her nose and eyelids, letting it drip down her cheeks. She kept her eyelids closed, but smiled throughout, and when the last few dribbles of sperm trickled from my penis onto her skin, she opened her eyes and warmly smiled at the mess I'd just deposited on her face. She was smeared with semen, all over, from eyelids to chin.

Trixie didn't let go of the girl's hair; instead, she yanked nude Vivian to her feet, leading her towards the hot tub. "Everyone," barked Trixie, "use this little slut for your cum -- I want all you guys to cum on her face!"

Walking bent-over, trying to stay on her feet with her cunt sore and Trixie holding her head to the side, Vivian made way to the pool, then climbed into it to sit on the bench, her face drooped backwards over the top edge. Dozer stopped fucking my girlfriend Elan, and much to my girlfriend's chagrin, the host of our party crawled over Vivian's body. Putting a foot on top of the hot tub, standing over the slut, he jerked himself off too, and soon was releasing a stream of his own semen onto her young face, mixing his fluids with mine.

Rick, who had been fucking Trixie earlier but now had been doing Giana in a foursome with his own step-daughter Roxy and Giana's boyfriend Thom, was nearing orgasm too. Trixie pulled back Vivian's hair, keeping her skull planted on the top edge of the hot tub, as Rick stood over the girl, kneeling on the bench inside the hot tub. He almost looked like he was peeing on her face, the way he was in front of her, like her face was a urinal. Only it wasn't pee he was shooting out; a stream of his white, gooey semen splattered onto Vivian's face, making even more of a mess. The teen just took it, smiling, licking her lips, tasting some of the cumsauce.

Being fucked by Thom nearby in the hot tub, Caroline Rae shrieked in shock at the mess of semen on Vivian's younger face. "Oh fuck," the 23 year old laughed hysterically, "you DO look like a whore!"

I don't think the woman meant it to be mean, and Vivian wasn't offended by it. The brunette teenager just grinned, nodding, acknowledging the truth.

At Trixie's demand, Thom pulled his cock out of Caroline Rae's body and made his way over to Vivian. Trixie had Giana sit on the patio deck, her ass against the edge of the tub and her thin legs spread open, so Vivian could turn around and lick the Asian hottie's 20 year old pussy. I watched Vivian rub her cheeks and chin against Giana's pink cuntlips, smearing the male sperm from her face into the girl's twat, then Vivian began licking it off. Now on her knees, her ass was sticking out of the bubbling hot water, and Thom could stand behind Vivian and begin fucking her. Trixie rubbed her own cunt, masturbating at the sight of Thom fucking Vivian, while the blonde continued to tell Vivian to get fucked like the slut she was.

Finally, Thom had to cum too, and at Trixie's suggestion, he spun Vivian onto her ass so that he, too, could ejaculate his semen onto the 18 year old's face.

When he pulled back, I found myself gazing lovingly at the hottest face ever: the very pretty 18 year old brunette, with so much male cum dripping down her cheeks and chin, over her forehead, smeared with some pussyjucies from Giana's 20 year old twat -- and one large, sex-crazed smile!

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