Lilac's Sluts: Giana's 3 Tests


Sawyer announced he had to cum, and Ameldo relented. He allowed Sawyer to take control of Giana, rolling her onto her back and butt, then Sawyer straddled her huge fake tits and shoved his cock into her mouth. My girlfriend looked up at him in horror, her eyes wide open, just his cockhead inside her thin lips, and then she felt it. He was squirting semen into her mouth and throat, and there was a LOT of it. "Mmmmmm!" She tried to keep her lips around his dickhead while he unloaded in her, but it was too much, I saw sperm spilling out the corners of her mouth, around her chin, and she was gasping for air while she took more than a mouthful of his black-man's, white-hot cum.

Barely able to swallow, she choked down some air, then finally took the sperm into her stomach, looking at me with pain in her eyes, really gasping for air. Giana rubbed her pussy, it was so sore from me stretching it earlier and now Sawyer.

But she wasn't done. Ameldo moved over, and Giana dutifully rolled onto her back again, as the other naked black man mounted her petite Asian body. Again I nodded, watching Ameldo's fat, nine inches of dick jam into her wet, sloppy pussy, disappearing into her body, drawing more moans and grunts from my girlfriend.

Sawyer watched Ameldo start fucking her, and the former pro football player was duly impressed. "She can take cock, look at that," he reported to me.

"Yup," I mused, sitting back comfortably. My cock was hard in my clothing, but I was content to just let the two men use her; I had my fill of her earlier. "She's a hot slut, that's for sure."

And use her they did. Ameldo was so turned on, it didn't take long, maybe five minutes later he was ready to ejaculate too. Like Sawyer, he pulled out at the last second, tit-fucking her and jerking off his huge black meat to spray his seed all over her bountiful, fake D-cup tits, plus some sperm onto her chin to mix with Sawyer's cummy drool there. Giana was just a little woman with a very used body, an aching sore cunt and sperm all over her face and breasts. She looked so fucking wonderful!

By then, Sawyer was recharged, and she didn't have a chance to recouperate. His big penis was back inside her cunt doggy-style, then she had to ride him -- and wow, her little frame looked so fragile and miniscule perched on top of a muscular, athletic black man. Sawyer had Giana grope her own tits, smearing Ameldo's cum around them, and playing with her nipples while she bounced and slid on Sawyer's fat, long cock. Soon Ameldo wanted her too, and to my amazement, somehow the two men were able to squeeze their cocks into her cunt and asshole at the same time. "Owwww!" screamed my petite girlfriend, sandwiched between the hung black men plowing her cunt and butthole. I could barely see her face, she was writhing in pain, taking both big dicks into her twin holes simultaneously. Actually, I'm shocked they could get both fat poles into her body at the same time.

"Owww, owww, I'm so sore, I'm so sore!" she was screaming, allowing herself to continue to be jointly used by the men, "but don't stop, fuck me!"

She was definitely passing my test. The bitch was a slut with great stamina, wasn't she?

The guys took turns on top of her again, Sawyer first, then Ameldo. Then when Sawyer resumed fucking her, he had her ride his cock and put her hand on her flat little abdomen, feeling how deep he was inside her. She panted, all sweaty and dripping in cum too, feeling the man's dick so far up her teen pussy. He began to squirt semen inside her pussy, filling her up, making Giana scream and cum herself. Of course, next it was Ameldo's turn, and Giana had to get on her back and be filled with yet more black penis before he, too, shot a second load himself, deep inside her college vagina.

Barely able to pick her head up from the mattress, having just taken both those loads of cream in her cunt, my girlfriend had tears in her slanted eyes as she gazed over at me on the chair nearby. "Ohhh, baby," she sobbed, "this was sooo hot!"

"No, honey," I told her truthfully, "YOU are hot!"

And with that, I had to go to a meeting. I left the bedroom and my condo, leaving Giana to lock it up -- but only after Sawyer and Ameldo continued to use her achingly sore body for another couple of hours.

* * * * *

Second, I wanted to see just how playful Giana would be, when teased to the point of actually being tormented.

Giana was bisexual, which is really important to me. She loved big cocks the most, but definitely got off being licked by other girls, and eating other girls' twats herself. So when called and I invited her to join myself and a hot married woman for a threesome, Giana readily accepted.

Only, this was going to be a little different than she imagined!

The other woman, Janae, was Asian too, also of Chinese descent like Giana was. Short and petite, with perky B-cup tits that looked actually a little oversized on her skinny frame, the long-haired 27 year old was as horny as they get. Janae was a part-time secretary at some company in town, and that allowed her to be a part-time, horny slut too. On days she didn't work, she could hook up with men she met on the Internet. She also liked the bar scene, where I met her, at happy hour one afternoon. I'd fucked her a couple times, and when I told her about an idea I had for my girlfriend Giana, Janae was game for it. Janae, like me, was married, and like me she enjoyed some extra-curricular sexual fun on the side without her spouse's knowledge. She got married too young, and although she was still three years away from thirty, she just couldn't contain the itch to keep getting laid by hot guys, and occasionally hot girls.

When Giana got to my fuck-place condo just after lunch on a weekday, I was already there with Janae, getting a little tit. As I led Giana into my living room, she was introduced to the married slut while Janae had her blouse and bra opened, allowing me to suck and fondle her sexy breasts while we waited for the college student to join us. Seeing how pretty Giana was, with her flowing, curly black hair, skinny body and oversized, fake D-cup tits, Janae didn't even bother to cover her breasts -- saying, "Hi, nice to meet you" to Giana, while both of her boobs were on display, her hard nipples pointing at Giana.

I needed Giana to get nice and horny, so Giana and I crawled onto the sofa with Janae. I let the girls get acquainted first, the two of them kissing nicely, then Giana licked Janae's titties while I made out with Janae. The younger slut took off her shirt and bra, so she could get both of her huge, silicone-swollen tits sucked by Janae and me; her face was contorted, she was moaning incontrollably, so horny having two adult mouths on her then-19 year old boobs. While we sucked those awesome melons on Giana's chest, the married woman was pawing at Giana's crotch, rubbing her coed cunt through her jeans, and soon Giana was standing up to strip completely nude.

"Not here," I told her, standing up myself, "let's go to the bedroom."

Relocating to stand next to the bed, Janae and I completed the task Giana had started, disrobing the college sophomore of her jeans, socks and thong. Giana's shaved, bald Asian cunt was dripping wet already, she was so horny for this hot sex with a brand-new female lover plus myself. But, see, she didn't know what was coming.

Quickly, playfully, giggling, Janae and myself encouraged Giana to sit on a comfortable, padded chair, conveniently facing the bed. With Janae leaning over Giana, rubbing her tits in Giana's face to hide what I was doing, I dropped to my knees by the chair and grabbed the soft, velvety ropes I prepositioned. Before Giana knew it, I'd just wrapped a rope tightly around one of her thin wrists, the other end of the rope fastened to the wooden armrest of the chair. Tugging the robe tightly, Giana's wrist was effectively glued to the armrest, her hand unable to do anything but swivel in a circle.

"Hey!" my young girlfriend blurted out, seeing me tie up her arm. "What the fuck?"

I smiled casually. "It's for fun -- you like being tied up, right?"

As I moved to her other hand, to tie that second wrist to the opposite armrest, Giana shook her head, smiling ear to ear. "No, I haven't," she told me, but playing along. In her horny state, she assumed this would be fun. She trusted me. Oh, it would be fun alright, but not so much for herself.

Janae and I then tied Giana's ankles to the front legs of the chair. The college girl was completely trapped on the chair now -- her arms and legs couldn't move hardly at all, and she couldn't stand up, except maybe lift her tiny ass off of the chair's bottom cushion. Nor could she touch herself, her hands were tied far enough away from her body -- and the chair was wide enough -- that the best she might do, if she strained, was scrape a long fingernail over the skin of her thigh. Meanwhile, with her ankles tied apart, her legs were slightly separated. Her bald vagina was thus on display, her knees spread open a few inches. She couldn't close her knees enough to hide her pussy, if she wanted to.

Grinning at how effectively we'd constrained my girlfriend, I nodded to Janae. "Looks like she's not going anywhere," I snickered.

Starting to unsnap her jeans, the married woman giggled to me. "So, that leaves just me -- what shall we do, Thom?"

I think, at that moment, Giana figured it out. "No, way -- Thom -- you asshole!" She started cackling, she wasn't mad as much amused and surprised.

Ignoring Giana's protest, I pulled the petite Chinese married woman into my arms, standing in front of Giana, and gave Janae a huge, tongue-filled kiss. Giana just stared at us, watching my hands massaging Janae's sexy, B-cup breasts. The married woman pushed her jeans and thong off, then began groping my 8 inch white meat inside my slacks. Soon I was having my pants taken off, and I pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in just my briefs. Janae took care of those, so the married slut and I were now completely nude.

Onto the bed Janae and I went, with Giana basically unable to do anything but sit there and watch. Oh, and what she saw!

I was making out with Janae on the bed, while our hands roamed each other's bodies. Her soft, bald vagina was squishy-wet, and two fingers in it felt extremely tight. Her small hand, with her wedding ring glistening, was stroking my engorged penis, while our mouths moaned together and we sucked tongues. Soon the hot slut was kissing down my hairy chest, until my penis was inside her warm, inviting mouth. I glanced over to make sure Giana was watching, and the college girl was doing that, but frowing too. Giana was so horny, seeing the sex, but she couldn't get any relief to her wet pussy, it just had to drip there on the chair as she watched.

This was really fun. "Doesn't my dick look great in her mouth," I said to Giana of the bitch sucking me off, "can you believe she's married, look at her suck my big dick."

"Mmm!" Janae giggled at me with my penis still inside her lips, then she pulled off to say something. "Your cock is so big, Thom -- I fuckin' love it -- so much bigger than my hubby's."

Giana wasn't saying anything at that moment, just watching, probably jealous as shit, but very, very horny.

The married slut sucked and licked my dick for a while, coating it in saliva, even stuffing my huge cockhead a bit into her tight throat. That hurt, basically, my dick was too big for her throat. I rotated the woman around to squat over me in the "69" position, and with Giana watching every motion and smelling every aroma, I began licking Janae's wet, bald pussy and tight little asshole, while the married slut kept sucking and licking my pole. She was jerking me good, while I had my tongue buried into her cunt. Then I looked over at Giana, seeing her staring at Janae sucking my cock, probably imagining the flavor of the penis she'd sucked many times before. "What do you think," I said to Giana, grinning, "should I cum in Janae's mouth, or start fucking her little married cunt?"

"Mmm!" My college girlfriend savored the options. "I think you should squirt it all over her face, put your mark on her that she's your little slut!"

Hearing that answer, I laughed. See, Giana wasn't mad. She was horny as shit, and playing along!

So I did as suggested. I pushed Janae onto her back and straddled her chest, tit-fucking her soft breasts a little bit with my huge erection, then having her jerk me off while I pointed my tool at her pretty Asian face. Her big, slanted eyes stared at my cock, knowing what was going to happen, until finally I roared and spurted out my first glob of semen. Oh, I was so turned on, ejaculating a torrent of sperm onto the married woman's face. She milked my dick, drawing out every last drop, while I coated her face with my hot, gooey jism, pools of it dripping down her eyelids, nose, forehead, and lips.

"Mmm, she looks sexy," Giana grunted from her chair, watching me blast the other bitch's face with cum. "Ohh, fuck, I'm so wet, Thom, you asshole!"

I laughed. "Well, we're only gettin' started."

Keeping Janae on her back, I went down on the woman's shaved pussy again, licking it furiously. The stench of sex in the room already must have been something powerful to Giana, making her cunt want attention so badly, but unable to touch it. I spread open Janae and just drove my tongue into her as deep as I could, and soon the woman started having a series of orgasms. Her cunt flooded my mouth with three cums in a row, over and over, she was so turned on too, having naked Giana sitting there as our forced audience. By that point, I was certainly hard again to give Janae what her cunt really wanted, and with the woman just finishing another cum, I crawled over her and stuck my married dick into her married cunt, making her scream in delight feeling that we were cheating on our spouses again.

"Ohh, shit!" Giana almost sounded like she was crying. "Fuck!" She stared at my erection inside the married slut's shaved cunt, seeing a good three inches already in that tight hole, undoubtedly wanting that herself.

I gave Janae a seriously hard fuck. She likes it rough, so I first just gripped her knees and bent her creamly, light-tan legs all the way back, boning her juicy vagina hard. Sinking most of my 8 inches into the whore, I let her feel my thickness and length, and she was having orgasms from just that deep-dicking. Then I started pumping her, pushing her around, and I gripped her neck with a firm hand to keep her in place. It almost bent her over, the force of my pelvis jamming my dick into her twat while my hand was pinning her shoulder to the bed. I could see her skin around her neck and shoulder getting red, I was gripping her so hard. But she loved it, moaning and gasping, her eyes closed, cumming.

Making it even more rough, I told Janae to look at me, and when her slanted eyes rolled up lustfully gazing up at me, I instantly SPIT on her face -- my saliva mixing with some of the hot cum there. Then, flattening my hand, I SMACKED her cheek, sending some of my sperm on her face flying, making a loud cracking noise as my hand hit her skin. "Say it," I told the married sex toy, "say it, you're my little slut, you wish you were married to me, so you could fuck me every day."

It was a game she and I had played in the past. "Fuck, no," begged the married woman, pretending to have some morals as she let me fuck her, "no, I can't."

She just wanted it. Looking at Giana a moment, ensuring I had her full attention, I took the back of my hand and painfully smacked Janae's other cheek on her face. "C'mon, you stupid, fuckin' bitch, tell me the truth, you wanna be my fuck slave, don't you?" I put both hands around her neck, squeezing nicely, not at all closing her throat but just gripping her enough so I had full control over her little body. Now I could pound my dick into her relentlessly, really giving it all to her, almost the entire 8 inches shoved inside her little body; the pressure against my cockhead, deep in her body, was unfathomable. "C'mon, you hot bitch, you know it's true!"

Janae's face was contorted in pain, sneering, her eyes rolling, gasping. "Fuck!" the woman shrieked, about to have another orgasm. "Yes -- I'm your bitch -- I'm your fucktoy!"

Not what I wanted. I let go of a hand around her neck, and smacked her face a third time. "No, you wish I was married to you, right you whore?"

Her browne yes looked up at me diffidently, she was completely giving into sex with me. "Yes, yes!" she roared, and suddenly the orgasmed. With her cunt spasming around my penis, her arms and legs stiffening, she started to growl while talking to me. "Uhhhhh, fuck, yes, I wish you were my husband!"

That made me laugh; it was just a game we played, that's all. I looked over at Giana, who was almost tearing she was so horny but couldn't give any relief to her drenched college vagina; she couldn't even squeeze her thighs together. In fact, wanting it so bad, she was humping the air -- circling her hips, pushing them off the chair, gyrating her cunt in circles as if I was fucking it, but in reality, nothing was. I said to her, "Don't you love Janae, she wants me so bad, doesn't she?"

I saw Giana stare at me, and that look was delicious. Lust, anger, playfulness. Giana didn't know what to think, being forced to watch hot sex while she could get nothing herself. But then she just played along. "She's so hot," my girlfriend said to me of the married slut I was fucking, "fuck the bitch -- fuck her brains out -- make her cum more, baby!"

Putting Janae on her knees and bending her over, I started giving it to the 27 year old tramp from the backside, shoving meat into her cunt while my thumb played with her asshole. Janae liked her asscheeks being smacked, too, until they were red from a dozen hard smacks of my hands on each side. Spreading her knees more, I held her little butt firm and squeezed my cock a bit inside her asshole. The woman never got it there from her husband, and she loved the feeling of her poopshoot being stuffed with dick. It hurt, she was so tight, but I gave her a few inches and slipped it back and forth a while, before going back to fuck her sloppy, messy vagina.

At some point, we ended up lying on our sides, me behind Janae, with the married woman's top leg raised, me holding it straight up to the ceiling, so my penis could enter her cunt from the backside. It provided a perfect view to Giana, who sitting there could see the top half of my awesome, long penis entering Janae's very pink, very wet pussy. Giana stared at it, and started babbling in her horny state. "Yeah, baby, fuck the bitch -- fuck that cunt -- fuck her deep -- make her fuck you -- make her your fuck toy, baby!"

With evil intent, I whispered something into Janae's ear, and the married woman cried out to Giana at my request. "Ohhh, his cock feels SO good!" said the married woman to my mistress, "I love fucking him -- too bad you can't get it -- I'm cumming so much!" She started to frig her own clitoris with a couple fingers while my cock was in her, and soon she was again cumming around my dick.

I had to cum again, and I rolled her onto her back, pushing my erection inside her twat. She put her feet on my shoulders, so my pelvis was smacking her buttocks lifted off the bed, and my dick was deep inside her. I roared, told her what was happening, and squirted another load of my gooey cum out, this time deep in the married slut's cunt.

Janae and I lounged on the bed a bit, kissing and cuddling, some post-sex entertainment, while Giana was just watching. But we weren't finished. Janae sucked me back to full strength, and I had her mount me cowgirl-style. Her petite body looked so sexy, I was staring at her slightly rotund boobs on her skinny frame, while she threw her head back and moaned at the ceiling. "Uhhh, yes! Yes! Yes!" Humping me up and down, her cunt sliding up and down my pole, she winced and screamed even more loudly when I reached up to pinch and twist her firm, brown nipples. The married Chinese woman started having more orgasms, just drenching my cock and balls with her cunt juices.

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