tagIncest/TabooLilac's Sluts: Heather Does Daddy

Lilac's Sluts: Heather Does Daddy


If you don't like hearing why a middle-aged, married father ends up sticking his cock in his 19 year old slutty daughter, then don't read any further. Because this is what I'm going to tell you about.

Heather is fucking gorgeous, and the mere fact that I'm her father shouldn't discolor my objectivity in that regard. She's tall, had long, golden-blonde hair, nice C cup tits on a perfect slender, no-fat body, and thin, exquisite legs that make any man's mouth water. She's also incredibly fucking horny, she's in her sophomore year at college and it turns out she pretty much fucks any hot adult male or sexy female that wants access to her bald, shaved cunt. She's also sweet, adorable, funny, smart, and playful. I mean, who wouldn't say she's anything but gorgeous and, just, you know, great.

I'd been fantasizing about fucking her. Around the house the last couple of years, I found I couldn't take my eyes off her incredible, petite ass, her long legs, or those perky, round boobies of hers. But I never put a move on her, I wasn't even sure she saw me checking her out. And I had no idea she found me sexy, too.

So imagine my surprise that one weekend when I visited her campus, just to see a basketball game. The double-overtime victory over the #2 team in the country turned out to be the least memorable event of the day. Seriously, I mean, I got to fuck my hot blonde daughter!

* * * *

Everything happens for a reason. The roots of that February weekend on her campus started a long time earlier, but probably can be traced to three events: one day over Christmas break her freshman year, then a day just this past January, not even a month before I visited for that basketball game.

I'll explain what I know happened, based on what she's told me and shown me.

Last winter, when she came back from college, she was a horny little bitch. Eighteen years old and used to getting fucked by hung guys at college. We live a couple hours' flight time from her college, so the two weeks she was at our house, she was isolated from her friends at campus. We live in a pretty remote town in Oregon, and when it snows, the bigger college towns and cities are basically not accessible. She had friends from high school around, but she wanted those hot college boys to fill her wet teen pussy.

To satisfy herself, she turned to the Internet. Reading stories, some phonesex in her bedroom -- here, in our house! -- late at night. But it wasn't enough. Then, my wife's brother came over to spend a couple days. Jake. In a nutshell, Jake is the kind of older guy ever girl dreams about -- pretty well-off, does what he wants, world traveler, lives in the sun in Florida, pretty much fucks hot girls all the time. I'm jealous as fuck of him. At least I got to marry his pretty sister.

Well, Heather couldn't help herself. She hadn't seen Jake for years, so it was like a complete stranger came into our house -- a sexy, horny one. The fact that Jake was her uncle didn't stop the spark from kindling something. I don't know who made the move on whom, but during the few days he was here, Heather and Jake were getting it on like rabbits. Oh, I knew about it. I hid the facts from Heather's mom, so they got away with it. But I could tell, the way they looked at each other and disappeared time to time, that Jake was drilling his niece's tight teen pussy with his experienced, adult cock.

They must have really liked each other, because for her spring break that freshman year, Heather flew to Florida with her friend Jill, and stayed at Jake's house. It was, I have now heard, a week of sex. Just pure fucking. Heather fucked Jake, as did Jill, and screwed some of Jake's hot friends too. There might have been a couple orgies as well. When Heather first old me Uncle Jake invited her down for spring break, it confirmed my suspicions that the two were having sex together. Now that I've heard the details, I can see why my daughter was excited to visit Jake. She got fucked by a half-dozen men, and at least three or four girls too, that week.

I told myself, she's 18, she can fuck whom she wants. I understood her lust for Jake. Only -- yeah, I knew, I was jealous. She was my daughter, but she was also a hot piece of ass. If I knew a girl who looked exactly like her but wasn't related to me, I'd have fucked that clone girl. So, my libido was hot to fuck Heather, even if she was my daughter. Jake was the lucky one; I got to experience her sex only in my fantasies, using my hand.

That put the seed in Heather's head, and mine too -- the idea that, you know, a girl might want to fuck a close relative like her uncle. Or someone else she found hot.

[Author's note to my readers: The story of Heather with her Uncle Jake is separately posted. Many of you might already be familiar with it.]

So now, fast-forward to this past January.

Well, let me back up a bit. Heather had met some adult guy this year, her sophomore year at school. A married guy with a hot body. I guess he took her out on a date last fall, and things went well, and she spread her legs for him and let him fuck her. Ron was his name. Tall, manly, big cock, I heard. Heather had a great time with him.

Turns out, Ron was not only married, but had a daughter who was 18 -- about a year and a half younger than Heather, a girl who was still in high school. Lilac was her name. Ron, apparently, really liked his petite blonde daughter, and Lilac was fully aware that her daddy was fucking other girls around her own age. Heather said, the first day she fucked Ron, she was on the cellphone telling Lilac all about it -- while Ron was still busy fucking her. Giving the daughter a play-by-play, essentially. Now, that is erotic, isn't it?

Now, we come to January. I'm told Ron lied to his wife, saying he was going to spent a week at a business meeting. Instead, he got a room at a local motel, and had his daughter come over for sex every day -- as well as Heather, and even some other girls Ron knew (friends of Lilac, I'm told). Talk about a lucky stud, he was fucking teen girls daily, sometimes more than two a day.

Heather, like I said, was one of those girls. She went to the motel mid-afternoon one day, when her classes ended. Heather said Ron met her at the motel room door, wearing only a towel. He took it off the moment she walked in, and she proceeded to immediately say "hello" to him by sucking his cock. She told me his cock tasted like a girl's pussy, I guess he had been fucking some other girl earlier that afternoon. Anyway, my cocksucking daughter delighted this guy with a hot blowjob, then they renewed old acquaintances by fucking on the motel bed. So Ron got to nail my daughter twice, once the previous Fall, then this past January.

That afternoon in the motel room took a very perverted turn for the better. Heather said this stud was busy fucking her on the bed, with him on top of her, when the motel room -- which had been locked -- suddenly opened. Into the room walks none other than the guy's small blonde daughter, Lilac. She had a second key to the room. She'd just finished her day at high school, where she was a senior, and came over to play with her daddy.

Heather wasn't expecting the guy's sexy petite daughter to visit. My daughter said to me, she was on her back looking down at Ron's hot body and his huge cock fucking her bald pussy, then she saw a motion to the side and looked over -- and there was the 18 year old, barely a 100 pounds if even that, with long blonde hair and still-tanned skin (even in January), staring and watching her daddy boning another teenager. The girl wasn't mad, she was smiling.

"Heather," the guy Ron said to my daughter, not stopping from fucking her, "meet my daughter Lilac -- honey, this is my friend Heather, isn't she hot?"

My daughter, while slutty, was taken aback at the sudden presence of the guy's daughter. Heather sheepishly said "hi," or something like that. Then, Heather found out a key piece of information. From the time of her first date with Ron the past fall, to the time in this motel room, Ron and Lilac had started an incestuous, daddy/daughter affair. So Lilac not only knew her father was fucking other girls, she was fucking him too!

Lilac just started stripping naked, saying something like, "Can I join you guys?" My daughter was already an expert at licking pussy -- as I later found out, her roommate Jill and she had been having torrid sex for over a year -- so Heather didn't object when the tiny, hot blonde joined her father and my daughter on the bed.

Heather told me the sex with both Ron and Lilac was hot, but the best part of the afternoon -- or, at least, the part that got Heather most excited -- was watching the father fuck his own daughter. When asked if it was okay, Heather readily agreed, sitting back and watching the daughter get on her back, spread her legs, and let her father mount her. The daddy drove his huge penis into his daughter while my princess masturbated, staring at the daddy-cock drilling the daughter-cunt, making the daughter scream and cum. Heather totally got off watching that, and kissed both the daddy and the daughter while they fucked each other. Heather said it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen -- ever!

And, Heather would later confide to me, it made her jealous. Lilac got to fuck her hot father; my daughter, up to that point, not so much.

Later that evening, Heather was in her dorm room, alone, her roommate Jill off someplace. Still horny, feeling Ron's sperm dripping out of her wet vagina and soiling her thong. Heather sat at her computer, wanting sex again. She wound up in her email inbox, and started sending a hot email to her Uncle Jake. They had kept in touch since the debauchery in Florida the past spring, and he came out to our house this past summer (and got to fuck her again).

I have now seen the email she sent her uncle. I am block-copying it for you here:

"Jakie: Howareya? You haven't called in a couple weeks! I miss you! We NEED to talk on the phone, SOON... when Jill isn't here... or, maybe, hehehe, when she IS. Wanna listen in? I KNOW you do!!! And cuz you'll ask, yes, Jill and I are regulars, we eat each other out a couple times a week, sometimes more than once a day, its happened. But that's not why I'm emailing you. I'm sitting here at my computer with my pants off and I'm rubbing sperm around my sore pussy. Guess what? I got fucked by an older guy with a HUGE penis! But that's not the hottest part of it! His DAUGHTER was there! She's 18, her name is Lilac, she has a hot thin body with sexy small tits and tight ass, you'd luuuuv her. Yeah, not only did I fuck Ron AND Lilac, but -- get this -- I saw Ron fuck Lilac too!!!! So you and I aren't the most perverted relatives in the world! Daddy fucked his daughter!!! It made me soooooooooooo SOOOOOOO hot!!!! Made me wanna fuck my hot uncle too!!! Wish you were here, you could stick that HUGE dick in my hot teen cunt, honey! Im soooo wet! So call me!!!! Love your hot piece of niece H.!!!!"

("Hot piece of niece." I loved that part.)

Jake replied later that evening, with a long message that is largely irrelevant here. It was interesting, to say the least, but I just block-copied the relevant part: "Not surprised seeing a daddy fuck his daughter made you HOT.... you get so wet when your uncle does that to you (sweeeeet!).... but tell me the truth, it doesn't make you wanna fuck your own dad? you know he checks out your body... you SURE you're not thinking about getting some daddy cock for yourself baby?"

Wow, just reading my brother in law write that to my daughter, gave me the chills. That other people were contemplating me fucking Heather, my own daughter, was scary. But also, horny.

The next day, Heather sent back a message responding to that last part of Jake's email. She was proud to show it to me -- recently, of course, not at the time she wrote it. "Well my dad is hot but I thought it was weird for a girl to want to fuck her dad, until I saw Lilac do it.... so now maybe I'm not so weird after all?" (When she recently showed me this email, Heather beamed to me, "See, Daddy, I've been wanting you a WHILE!" It was proof she wasn't making it all up.)

I was jealous of Jake fucking Heather; Heather was jealous of Lilac fucking her own daddy. Somehow, you know, things were bound to happen.

* * * * *

Ignoring of virtually all of this -- other than that Heather had been screwing her Uncle Jake the past year -- I came to visit Heather's campus this February. Her school's basketball team was hosting a conference rival who, at the time, was ranked #2 in the whole country. She was able to score a couple of tickets to the sold-out afternoon game, so my wife let me fly out to see the game with her.

I got in late on Friday evening, and arranged to see her for breakfast the next morning, before the game. Heather, of course, has plans on a Friday night anyway. Some plans! What I later found out was, the little slut was invited to -- are you ready for this? -- an off-campus orgy at some girl's apartment.

Yep, an orgy!

The things I didn't know about Heather, I never could have predicted. My own daughter was having sex with over a half-dozen naked people!

But, wait, it's even more erotic that you might think. The orgy was -- are you sitting down? -- MOSTLY GIRLS.

Yeah, as I'd find out about 24 hours later, she was at a party that had SIX girls from the college -- five of them blondes -- and two hung, adult, married men a married coach on the football team (not the big kahuna, but one of the assistants) and a married "booster" of the school (meaning, a rich alumnus). I couldn't have fantasized about something like that, it's true that truth is stranger than fiction. Two married, adult men, plus six horny, bisexual coeds, fucking each other for a few hours! Basically, my 19 year old princess got her brains fucked out, largely by other girls.

After the orgy -- the men had to return to their wives at some point -- Heather stayed overnight in tat off-campus apartment with two other blondes from the party. The three girls slept in the same bed, fucking each other into the night and in the morning. They wouldn't let her leave in the morning, and once the girl-girl-girl sex started up again in the morning, she found herself seduced to stay until the very last possible minute.

I'm telling you all this because its relevant to my breakfast with Heather. I met her at this restaurant at 10 am, and she was a fucking mess. Her hair was matted, she smelled like sweat and, frankly, pussy juice, and she didn't have on her usual makeup. She apologized profusely, but didn't really explain why she couldn't get ready on time. Woke up late, stayed up way too late, was all she said at the time.

I'm no dummy. I took one look at her, and I knew: She got fucked. Really hard, too, not just the night before, but that morning.

Frankly, knowing Heather was being a little slut, my cock got hard. She is so fucking sexy, with her hot tits and gorgeous butt and slim legs, and that beautiful, long blonde hair. Really, really fucking hot. I didn't know at the time who or what did her, but I was sure, someone was making my little princess cum hard.

Throughout breakfast, I was totally distracted by her sexuality. I could see her nipples in her tight blouse and bra; I could smell the aroma of wet pussy on her, plus sweat, plus I thought musky male sperm. (That, probably, was just my imagination adding in those flavors.) We talked about dumb stuff -- school, home, my work -- but all I could think about was Heather having sex. I was picturing her nude, spreading for a cock, or riding some hot stud. I was jealous, yes, but honestly more turned on by the idea of her having a wonderful, sexual time.

I must have been staring too much, because my thoughts were on my face. I asked her an innocent question, one that any father would have asked at the time. "What did you do last night, did you go out, have fun?" But, given how she looked and how I was staring at her, Heather read that question as follows: "Gee, honey, who fucked you last night?"

So, instead of giving me an honest answer, she gave me an honest comment that laid the groundwork for her answer. "Daddy?" Her voice had dropped, she was leaning across the table in the busy restaurant, biting her lip, wanting to say something. Then she just blurted it out. "Um -- Daddy, you know I'm not a virgin, right?"

Wow, my hard cock got even harder. Hearing her admit it? To me? Very sexy!

She put her cards on the table, so I did the same, mostly. "Well -- I assumed as much. But look -- I mean, it's not really my business, you're 19, and as long as you're having fun -- just take care of yourself, be careful, but -- if you have a smile on your face, who am I to complain?"

My beautiful blonde daughter grew a wide smile on her dimpled face. "Yeah -- I'm having LOTS of fun -- it's okay, as long as it's fun -- right?"

Gulp. My daughter was basically asking for permission to have sex? Not that she needed my permission, but I wasn't going to deny her happiness. "Yup -- that's right."

Her next question threw me into even more of a tizzy, almost making me light-headed hearing the question. Peering at me quizzically, she put both her elbows on the table and leaned all the way forward. "So Daddy -- are YOU having fun these days?"

Damn, was she asking if I was cheating on her mom? "Heather -- dang it, I'm married!"

The blonde teen laughed, leaning back in a more relaxed posture. "Oh, well, I mean, I've known a few married guys who have fun -- I mean, to each their own, right?" (She was referring, I know now but didn't at the time, to Lilac's father Ron, plus the two adult men she just had an orgy with the previous evening, a coach and a rich alumnus).

I just shook my head and stood my ground. "I'm married, sweetheart!" I realized that didn't answer the question, but it was all I wanted to give her. I felt guilty even addressing the topic with her -- while there was nothing to feel guilty about. I hadn't cheated on my wife, ever. So I clarified. "Well -- officially, I'm having fun with JUST your mom, if you HAVE to know."

"Ewww!" It wasn't what my daughter had in mind, she scowled and made a disgusted look on her face. "But -- ok, not about that -- like, ewww! -- but, how about unofficially, hmm?" She stared at me with her blonde eyes, grinning playfully, wanting to hear about her old man's sex life.

There was, unfortunately (or fortunately), nothing to tell. "Um, I shouldn't answer that -- but, actually, yes I can, there is no 'unofficial' story -- just the boring answer, nothing to say."

"Awww?" My daughter reached her petite, soft hand across the table, touching my hand. I almost wanted to pull it away; a shiver shot up my spine. I felt nervous, not as in cornered, but guilty -- doing something wrong. "Well, Daddy, I don't mind if you have fun -- you deserve to have fun, too."

I couldn't repress a laugh. I looked around the pancake restaurant, at all the families having breakfast and coffee, and found it surreal my slutty teen daughter was telling me I could fuck around on her own mother. "Again, baby -- married, right?" I pointed to my wedding band, as if she needed proof.

My daughter gave up, laughing at me. "I know, I know -- well, alright."

Shaking my head, I put on a fake scowl. "You are so BAD, honey -- is this what they are teaching you at this college?"

The slutty teen blonde sitting across from me withdrew her hand from mine, sitting back in the booth, and shot me a curious grin. "Daddy, you DO know what they call this place, right?"

"No, what?" I had no idea what she meant.

Heather snickered. "Fuck U. -- as in, not 'fuck Y-O-U,' but as in, "Fuck the-letter-U-with-a-period."

Okay, that made me snicker too. I hadn't heard it before. "No, I didn't know that -- that's hilarious." Great, I sent my horny daughter to Fuck U. for an education. She wasn't getting her brains filled with knowledge, she was getting her cunt filled with sperm.

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