tagIncest/TabooLilac's Sluts: Roxy Will Do It

Lilac's Sluts: Roxy Will Do It


My 23 year old step-daughter Caroline Rae - "Roxy" to most of us -- proved to be the horny, slutty girlfriend I'd been hoping to have since I left my boring, prudish first five six years ago.

I discovered my sexual prowess a bit later in life. Married right out of college, I was shackled for 12 years to a lovely but sexually stilted bitch. I played the doting husband and didn't cheat on her, trying to be the good guy. The pervert in me wouldn't be retrained forever, so after nearly a decade of being repressed, I began screwing around with porn. That led to chatrooms, emails, sexting, webcam sex, and ultimately an overnight affair on a business trip with a slutty married chick. Her name was Kitty, she was a slim, petite Chinese-American fox, who fucked around with her husband's permission. The sex was unbelievable, I think I had five orgasms that night, the woman kept screaming, "Fuck me again, stud, I love your cock!" I realized my seven-inch prick was pretty good at sex, I kept it up for hours for the most part, and wore down the married cunt. I felt like Thor or Apollo or something, just a divine creature meant to put smiles on horny women's faces.

So six years ago, at age 34, I left my first wife, hoping to find bliss in sexual freedom. I fucked around with women I met on the Internet, having a decent time, but after a few years grew tired of waking up alone most mornings. Yeah, life as a sexy, horny 30-something bachelor wasn't all great. I had a couple women wanting to be my steady girlfriend or even second wife. I resisted their charms, but gave in when Amanda Rose bluntly demanded that I propose to her. While Amanda Rose wasn't the hottest woman I'd met and she was six years older than me, she was attractive and a total whore in bed. But Amanda Rose was also loaded -- family money -- and that attracted me as much as her shaved vagina or C-cup titties. Within a few months, we were married in Vegas.

Amanda Rose came with one adult child, Caroline Rae -- Roxy. She was living at college 2,000 miles away the entire time I was bopping her mom then getting married, so while I'd seen pictures of her, I'd never actually met her in person until after I'd moved in with her mom.

Roxy is decently hot. She's not a model, but if you looked just at her face, you'd want to fuck her. Nice round nose, wide brown eyes, thick cocksucker lips. Her hair was light brown, or maybe a very dirty blonde, something in that range. Her tits were awesome, too -- D-cups, bigger than mommy's, they looked through her clothing. The rest of her body was average, I'd say -- thick waist, sort of meaty buttocks, slightly flabby thighs. But she was tall, so it all worked for her. She didn't have studs hanging off of her, but from what her mom told me, she was doing alright with the boys at college. I mean, they are college boys, right -- if she was willing to suck them, she'd find an endless supply of boyfriends. Hell, it worked for her mother.

Unfortunately, you saw this coming I'm sure -- marriage to my second wife, even a horny one, wasn't satisfying my perversions. I was still secretly screwing around the Internet with other women, and arranged to cheat on Amanda Rose almost right after a year of being re-married. That time it was with a single, 25 year old graduate student who screamed like a banshee when I stuck her with my full seven inches of meat. As she arched her skinny back and her C-cups were bouncing around on her slim torso underneath me, I realized, hell I wanted to keep fucking other chicks.

Once I started cheating on Amanda Rose, I began getting a hunger for swinging. I'd known about it for years and the idea of exchanging sex partners with another couple sounded really fun to me, but I never went looking for that. Then, two months ago, I met this woman Alexis on the Internet. She was 33 years old and married, with a rocking, slim tanned body, long golden-yellow blonde hair, and round blue eyes. When she saw my fit body and sturdy cock on the webcam, she told me she definitely wanted me to fuck her -- but, there was a catch. She and her husband were swingers, so she'd fuck me only if I brought my wife for her husband to fuck.

Now that was a problem, see. Amanda Rose wasn't into swinging or cheating, she told me so several times. I actually broached the subject with her, now that we had a real opportunity, but my second wife laughed it off like I was joking.

Alexis's offer to swing with her husband, Billy, after all the years of fantasies about it, incentivized me to find a swing partner. I put ads on the Internet, asked women in local chat rooms, that sort of thing. No one was biting, however.

Out of nowhere, Roxy presented herself to me as the ideal candidate. She's finished college a year ago and been living in her own apartment across town, maybe 15 minutes away. She and I were friendly, in a very casual way -- she called me Rick, not Dad, and she and I never really had conversations together unless she was over at her mom's house and her mom wasn't around us for a few minutes. There was no sexual tension in our relationship whatsoever. I'd stare at her tits, but she seemed used to that. She wasn't flaunting herself in front of me, either. I kind of had the feeling, in fact, she wasn't really attracted to me.

Then one night, just over a month ago, she came over for a late evening supper on a hot spring day. It was early May, but the weather was fucking hot, and even at 9 pm it was over 80 degrees outside. Her mom, Roxy and myself were sitting around a backyard patio table drinking some wine, then doing some shots -- and Amanda Rose was having too much of the alcohol. From the heat of the day, and nearly a bottle of wine plus four or five shots of Tequila, Roxy's mom disappeared into the house at one point and didn't come back. Roxy went looking for her mom, then came out of the house and announced, her mom was passed out, drunk to her eyeballs, on a sofa inside. It wasn't the first time that had happened.

Caroline Rae was a little tipsy too, but could hold her alcohol better than her more petite mom. The alcohol lubricated her sensibilities, however, and we got to talking about boys and sex.

I don't recall how we got into it, but I she was asking if I'd been screwing around on my first wife with Roxy's mom. I was partially inebriated, I proudly told the 23 year old how I was banging a bunch of women, including married women. She didnn't seem upset about it, and in fact, she asked if I was still banging women besides her mom. Big moment, right, was I going to admit that I was cheating on her own mother? I played coy, smiling about it, and I asked if she'd be upset by anything I said. Roxy shrugged, she was worldly and said, I don't want my mom being hurt, but, what she doesn't know can't hurt her?

Still, I wasn't about to admit I was fucking other women, so instead of answering, I turned tables. I said, I'll tell you who I'm fucking these days, if you tell me who you are fucking?

Roxy sighed, her tone revealed disappointment as she responsed. She said her most recent boyfriend wasn't good in bed, and she was trying to hit on some handsome hunk at her new job, but he was engaged and wasn't returning her affections.

"So, what are you looking for -- a boyfriend, or just a good fuck from a handsome guy?" I asked her with someone in mind, but no, it wasn't me, serously.

Giggling like a 23 year old female who'd had too many shots, Roxy tossed her long hair back and blushed as she shrugged. "Either, I guess," she answered honestly. She's not much of a player, this Roxy.

Something in me told me to plunge again, that it was alright, even though this was the daughter of the women I wanted to cheat on some more. I asked Roxy if she knew about "swinging." The big-titted girl said yeah, sure, everyone has. Fueled by lust and alcohol, I just put it out there. Are you interested in a chance to swing with another couple, and get a real good fuck from an experienced older guy? The 23 year old looked at me like I was crazy, but she wasn't mad at me asking.

I described the situation, I knew a married women with a hot husband who want to hook up for some sexual fun. Switch partners, in separate rooms, have a lot of fun. Nothing serious, just two or three hours of stripping and slamming, with a hot married couple.

Leaning to her shoulder, I nudged her as I asked, "Interested? You'd have lots of fun!"

And my step-daughter almost grew embarrassed, her fleshy cheeks turning shades of crimson. "Ummm -- yes?" Her response was a question, as if asking if it was permissible to be interested.

So, thanks to the alcohol, I found my swing date, Roxy!

After all of that, of course, it turned out the afternoon with Alexis and her husband Alan was ironically different than I had hoped.

We needed to find a common weekend afternoon when we were all available, and that didn't happen until two weeks ago, a Sunday afternoon. My wife Amanda Rose thought I was going golfing with a couple buddies from work. Instead, I picked up Roxy at her apartment, and headed off to the sex event. Roxy was quiet and nervous, but giddy with excitement. She'd seen pictures of Alan by then, and liked what she saw.

When we got there, we four sat around the couple's living room -- Roxy next to me, Alexis next to her husband Billy, just talking. Alexis was actually a little reticent at first, finding out that Roxy and I weren't actually a "couple" in the normal sense. Alexis said, she and her husband (well -- more her) had a rule against unmarried couples, or a married guy with another woman. It somehow wasn't proper "etiquette" in the swinger's world, I guess. Whatever. Her husband liked the piece of ass he saw sitting next to me, so after some flirty chatting back and forth, we switched partners. Roxy cuddled into Billy's big embrace, and the slut I met on the Internet came to sit next to me. Maybe not even fifteen minutes later, Billy proposed we go into separate bedrooms, and the sex could begin.

After all that time and effort to hook up with Alexis, she was completely disappointing. Maybe I should have figured that. She just wasn't a good fuck. She wanted to suck my dick a lot, and oddly, it didn't turn me on. She was slow about it, the blowjobs bored me. Bother her cunt and ass had funky odors to them, which made doggy-style sex less than preferable. I didn't want to eat that smelly twat either. Basically, it seemed, we did about half the things that I'd normally do with a women on a bed.

But meanwhile, Roxy apparently had the time of her life. Billy boned the girl every which way, cumming several times, he had way more stamina than any of her previous boyfriends had demonstrated. That really impressed her. I guess, in retrospect, she had low expectations of the day, particularly because she thought older guys wouldn't be good at sex (not youthful, all that). Fuck, was she wrong. In the car driving home, Roxy was grinning ear to ear. She didn't want to talk about the details with her mom's husband, but she did tell me that, on a scale of 1 to 10, her hour with Billy deserved to rate an "11." Then a moment later after further thought she revised to, "a thousand!" Damn, the guy was good, it seemed -- at least, good on Roxy's relatively inexperienced scale.

So that's how I got my new swing partner. Roxy liked it so much, and I was hot to find more horny women to fuck, that Roxy readily agreed to me finding more swinger couples we could fuck together. All while Roxy's mom remained totally ignorant of what her relatively new husband and her own daughter were doing together.

We had two more hookups with other couples after that first time with Alexis and Billy. Ever heard of the "U" curve, that things need to get worse before they get better? That would describe the three hours Roxy and I spent on this boat with an allegedly swinger couple, Umberto and Lupe. Latin couple in their 40's, lived an hour away on the waterfront, she had big tits and a young face (most Latin women do!) so I suggested to Roxy, after exchanging emails with the couple, that we do another switcheroo. The date would be on a boat on the water. Roxy wasn't keen on it, because she wasn't comfortable fucking a guy in front of me, her mom's husband. She didn't care I was fucking another woman, she just didn't want to do it in person. I told her that we could be separated for the sex -- one in the cabin, one above on the deck -- and that satisfied her.

The whole thing was a big mistake. Umberto was a prick, really full of himself, and he took Roxy down to the cabin about ten times -- ordering me and his wife to "watch the boat." I proceeded to get a sunburn. Didn't much matter, his wife was having her period that week, and she wouldn't give me more than a couple blowjob. I left that boat roasted and toasted, let's say. But Roxy? Oh, she had a great time, of course. Umberto was apparently one hell of a cunt-licker, and she told me it was more fun than with Billy. Grinning ear to ear, she said, everytime down in the cabin was like a trip to paradise. Yikes. And, I later found out, it was so good that she had some side dates with Umberto, just the two of them, to dinner and then for sex at her apartment.

Okay, this wasn't going the way I wanted. I was glad to be finding men to fill Caroline Rae's tight pussy, but I wasn't getting my fair share of it.

Third time was the charm, of course. Trying to do my homework well, I found a married couple that liked to swing in their condo downtown, and the wife guaranteed me in emails (with pictures) that she loved to fuck, would do me however I wanted to, and her husband would give Roxy the time of her life. She didn't mind that Roxy was only 23, when the wife was 38 and the husband 42. The wife, Crystal, was maybe not the first kind of woman I'd imagine to be a swinger. She was really short, rather plump, long platinum-blonde hair and DD tits, and a thick Southern accent betraying her roots. See, most swinger couples aren't Hollywood material -- if you like sex with another woman, you can't hold out for Jessica Alba each time, or you'll get blue balls quickly. So I agreed, and didn't have to convince Roxy very hard to join me at their place.

That afternoon was why I wanted to be a swinger. We got there, and the slutty, curvaceous wife Crystal was totally naked except for a see-through negligee. Her husband Greg was a bit plump around the tummy, but had a nice, confident swagger about himself, and showed a huge bulge in his tight jeans he was wearing. Roxy took to him quickly, and we hardly needed any getting-to-know-you time. Within maybe ten minutes of getting there, I was making out with the hot wife on the sofa, sucking her tongue and finger-fucking her wet pussy, while on the other sofa Roxy was already getting ready to suck Greg's fat dick. So much for Roxy not wanting to get it on in front of me. For over an hour, I was boning the slutty blonde while, while Roxy was being stuck deep with Greg's penis, and we were in the same room watching each other.

Yeah, Roxy saw her step-dad fuck another woman. She saw how big my penis was, watched me squirt jism all over the wife's huge tits, and observed me in my finest, kinkiest moments -- licking Crystal's clean, puckered asshole, fucking her throat deeply, treating her like a little whore in front of her horny husband. But I will admit, I was fucking hard because I got to see Roxy nude and getting laid. My step-daughter, while not model-pretty either, was really pretty and cute, and she looked damn good naked and with a penis stuck up her twat. And she cried out so elegantly when she had multiple orgasms from Greg's sex.

Watching Roxy fuck Greg, and knowing Roxy didn't mind seeing me have sex, I knew right there in that condo that I needed to find a way to get my dick inside my step-daughter's vagina too.

My chance came yesterday, although by accident. Amanda Rose had some home decorations she wanted to give to Roxy. I was headed out to hunt for a new grill for the backyard, so out of the kindness of my heart -- seriously, with no ulterior motive -- I offered to drop them off at Roxy's apartment. I wasn't even sure if Roxy would be there. Her mom gave me the key to the apartment, so over I went.

No one answered when I knocked on Roxy's door, and I couldn't immediately spy her car in the parking lot (although, to be fair to me, there were dozens of cars in the lot). So, I used the key and let myself in. It was three o'clock in the afternoon, and I found her place quiet. The living room and kitchen were unoccupied, most of the lights were off, it really looked like Roxy wasn't home.

Then, I heard noise from the bedroom. Water running; a shower. Roxy was in the shower.

Schwing! went my cock in my shorts. The pervert in me said, go check it out?

I called her name, loudly, a few times, so I wouldn't spook her. Into her bedroom I went, headed for the bathroom door. It was partially shut, and I saw light from the crack and confirmed the noise of the shower going. I didn't hesitate to push the door open more, shouting really loudly, "Roxy, it's me, Rick!"

From behind a closed shower curtain, I heard my step-daughter's voice. "Rick! What are you doing here?" She didn't sound mad, more surprised.

I told her I left off a box of stuff her mom wanted her to have. She replied, "Oh," like that was the most boring thing I could possibly say. I stood there, in the doorway of her bathroom, my penis hard inside my summertime shorts, staring at the closed curtains of the tub, knowing my slutty 23 year old step-daughter was nude in there. I knew the right thing to do was to leave her alone.

Instead, I went for it. Without her able to see me, I ripped my shirt off, kicked off my sandals, and peeled down my shorts and underwear in one swoop. My seven inch penis was fully engorged, sticking ahead of me, wanting pussy. I walked over to the shower's curtains and, remaining hidden from her as she was from me, I moaned, "Nothing like an afternoon shower to relax, huh?"

Roxy yelped again. "Rick -- I'm in the shower!" She sounded playful, but still surprised.

"Yeah, you are." As I said that, I pulled back an edge of the curtain and stepped into the shower. My naked step-daughter was standing there, her meaty tits glistening in water, her long hair dark and flattened against her head and back, suds running down her shoulders and spine. "And now, I'm in the shower, too."

Her eyes stared down at my erection, while I gazed at her hairy pussy. Roxy's mouth grinned with an evil desire. "Rick -- what ARE you doing?" Her eyes didn't come off of my penis, just as she'd stared at it at Greg and Crystal's condo.

"I thought maybe I'd help you shower." I stepped up to her, taking the soapy sponge out of her hand. "Turn your back, let me wash you off."

"Rick!" She shrieked again, crossing her arms to hide her huge tits from me, but she turned her back to reveal her nude, round ass. Looking back at me and my firm, hairy chest, her voice continued to squeal with surprise. "Rick, what the fuck are you doing?" Again, it wasn't an accusatory tone, she was laughing.

She let me rub the soapy sponge around her shoulders and back, then I traced the sponge around her meaty buttocks. "Mmm, aren't you clean now," I muttered, wanting to fuck her so badly. I pushed my hips forward, my dick hanging in the air, and I rubbed my erection against her buttcrack, nestling it vertically in the soft valley of her ass. "Nice and clean, nice and clean." I put a hand on her hip, holding her there, while my other hand kept rubbing the sponge around her back. The soap and water was cascading down her back, lathering my penis and her buttcheeks, it was very sensual. "There, you like your step-daddy cleaning you?"

Roxy felt my erection firmly against her butt, and instead of pulling away from me, she pushed her hips backwards and swayed slightly, so I was grinding against her ass. "Ohhh my gawd," she gasped, "what ARE you doing?" She looked back and snickered, telling me she knew exactly what I was doing, and she wasn't really stopping me.

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