tagIncest/TabooLila's DiaryCh. 01

Lila's DiaryCh. 01


The brunette twins walked down the street, nearing home. School was over, and it was a beautiful Friday afternoon. They both had the whole weekend to look forward to, and were all smiles over the prospect. They both possessed poker-straight black hair, bright green eyes, and slender, nubile young frames, but beyond that, they were anything but TV-stereoptype twins. One of them, Lila Gibson, wore her hair long. Today she sported a long, flowing pair of pigtails that gave her an innocent, almost childlike look despite her age of eighteen. She wore a swishy blue skirt that bared her smooth calves, a white blouse that was buttoned nearly to her throat, and a pair of plain white tennis shoes. Her twin, Lola, projected a startlingly different image with her own style. Her hair was cut into a short bob, and her pretty face was framed by a set of Betty Page bangs. She wore a snug red t-shirt, a denim jacket, and tight, faded blue jeans that showcased her firm bottom and long legs. She wore ankle-high, black leather boots on her feet that clomped as she walked. Turning the corner onto their home block, Lola sighed with relief.

"Finally, almost home. I hate breaking in new boots." Lola said, trying not to wince at the soreness of her feet. "I think, if you don't need the bathroom right away, I'll take a bath and soak my feet."

"That's fine. I need to call Ian anyway. He promised me we'd go out for dinner tonight." Lila said with a nod, a visible skip in her step as she neared the door and opened it. "Okay, walking wounded first!" she joked, patting her sister on the shoulder as she entered the house.

"Ha, ha. Very funny, Sis. You know, we have the same shoe size. Why don't you try my boots on and walk around in them all day, and then I can pick on you?" Lola asked with a raised eyebrow as she balanced on one foot, then the other to tug off the boots.

They thumped to the floor, and she walked away slowly, wiggling her toes in the thick carpet of the living room. Lila rolled her eyes at her sister's back and bent down to put the boots aside neatly on the mat by the front door, then closed the door.

"You know I don't mean anything by it, Lo. It was just a joke." Lila said, her tone apologetic. When Lola turned to look at her over her shoulder, Lila had her lower lip stuck out in a cute pout that the whole family was well familiar with.

"Uh-oh! Here comes the lip!" said Lola, walking back to Lila and wrapping her in a warm hug. "I know you're not trying to be mean, but I'm just a little cranky for jokes right now. I promise I'll be my usual charming self after my bath." she said, rubbing Lila's shoulders gently.

"Okay. I should get myself ready for my date anyway." Lila replied, accepting the embrace and giving Lola a warm smile. "You just relax, and let your feet heal up. And don't worry about me, I know Ian's a nice guy. He'd never try anything nasty."

"That's how all guys come off when they want something from a girl. And they all want the same thing, you know." Lola said with a skeptical frown on her face. "I still don't trust them very much. Not after Brandon."

Lila nodded and gently released Lola, giving her a soft pat on the shoulder. "I guess I can't blame you, after what he almost did to you. I was so scared that you'd gotten either hurt or pregnant..." she trailed off, her eyes lowering at the memory of her twin sister's near-rape.

"Hey, forget about that. I have, almost. Even if I don't trust guys very much, at least I'm not out on the streets at night, playing Jane the Ripper. And besides, he didn't get what he wanted from me, and he didn't hurt me bad." Lola explained, her voice calm and her green eyes friendly again. "Now, you go pretty up. I hear a bathtub calling my name." she said, giving Lila a swat on the bottom and turning to head upstairs.

Lila yelped softly at the swat, and giggled. She waved to her sister as she went up the stairs, then headed into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a can of Mountain Dew. Cracking it open, she gulped it down thirstily, then licked her lips. Leaning against the fridge, she sighed and pitched the can at the recycling bin in the corner. It bounced off the edge and hit the floor.

"And she blows the free-throw! The coach can't be happy about that!" a deep voice boomed from behind her. Lila started in surprise, then turned with a wide smile.

"Daddy!" she chirped happily as she hugged her father tightly, nuzzling against him. He was a tall man with thick, brown hair and a solid lumberjack's build. He still wore his overalls from his construction job, and Lila didn't mind the smells of plaster dust and sweat that she took in as he held her.

"So, how's my little angel today, besides not ready for the WNBA?" her father joked, hoisting her off her feet and turning a quick circle with her. She giggled and held on for dear life, until he set her on her feet again.

"I'm okay, Daddy. Lola's fine too, but she went upstairs for a bath. Her new boots still hurt her feet, so she's soaking them. I just needed a little boost before I go out with Ian tonight. I won't be here for dinner, because he wants to take me to that new pizza place on Third Street." Lila explained, brushing plaster dust from her blouse. The gesture made her firm breasts bounce slightly, bound as they were by her bra. Her father seemed not to notice, nodding his head softly.

"I see. Well, you just be careful about this Ian boy. I'd like you to have a few dates in public places before you entertain the idea of going to his house, just so you can be sure of his intentions. If I find out that all he wants is to treat you the way your sister got treated last year..." he said, his voice turning into a warning growl. He cracked his knuckles loudly and flexed his fingers. Balling his fists, he mimicked a boxing stance. "I'll have to ask you to invite him back here, to meet my other pair of twins!"

"I promise, Daddy. We'll have dinner, I'll laugh at his jokes, see if we actually have anything in common, and then I'll come back home. I think he'll end up waiting for a goodnight kiss from me, though." Lila answered, then bent over to pick up her can. She dropped it into the bin, and straightened up with a bounce on her heels. "Two points from downtown!" she said, holding up two fingers to him.

Mr. Gibson applauded Lila's score. "Well, looks like I'm just cooking for Lola and myself, then. I guess that means the barbecue ribs can wait till tomorrow, and we'll just split the leftover chili." he said. He opened the fridge and started to rummage through it, seeking the fixings for dinner.

"Well, time to go put on my face. I still need to call Ian, so I have to hurry!" Lila said after a glance at her watch. Her father waved to her as he set the Tupperware bowl of chili on the table.

"Remember, be home by nine. Have a nice time!" he called after her rapidly moving form, then shook his head. "Ah, youth...if only I could bottle all that energy." he mused to himself as he set to work preparing dinner.

The bathroom was lost in steam from Lola's bath. Vague silhouettes could be made out, but fine details were gone without squinting. She laid back in the tub, her arms floating lazily on the surface of the water. She sighed as the heat of the bath relaxed her muscles all over, and soothed her sore feet. She drew her hands up to her shoulders, rubbing gently at her collarbones and the muscles of her upper chest. They tingled from the combination of heat and massage, and she let out another sigh of contentment. She ran her hands along her own body gently, looking down to admire herself. She was just as slender as Lila was, and the same dress size. They even wore the same size bra, for that matter. She and Lila were of different opinions about one thing, where their bodies were concerned. In some of their private girl-talk, they had both confessed their feelings about how similar they were in that regard. Lila had been happy with herself as she was, and denied that she'd change a single inch of her body. Lola, however, had admitted that she'd like to be a bit fuller than a mere B-cup, because it would give her a more womanly look. "But you're not a woman yet, Lo, you're a teenager." Lila had said back then. Lola remembered her reply well, and smiled as she cupped her perky breasts in her hands, making them seem bigger from her angle. "I'd rather be a teenager who looks like a woman, instead of a woman who looks like a teenager."

She giggled at the memory of her sister sticking her tongue out and blowing her a loud raspberry, and rested her palms on her breasts lightly. Her pink nipples began to stiffen from the contact, and her eyes drifted half-closed in the first trembles of pleasure. She palmed her nipples gently, biting her lower lip and shifting her thighs together as her young body responded to her ministrations. She was feeling a different heat now, running through her veins and bones. Even the hot bath couldn't reach places like the ones that were coming quickly alive now.

As she let her left hand switch between her breasts, squeezing and gently plucking at her stiff nipples, her right hand drifted lower, rubbing a warm trail down her smooth belly. She teased her way along one thigh, then back up and around her most sacred place. She massaged her other thigh with a soft groan, her toes curling as she teased herself. She shuddered and leaned her head back, letting out a soft gasp as she finally opened her thighs and settled her hand over the soft, downy mound that craved attention. She could feel herself pulsing softly down there, in rhythm with her own heartbeat. Her fingers gently petted her mound, rubbing it all over before one finger slid down, rubbing along her nether lips and worming between them to open the snug folds.

Just as she gasped again, her finger teasing the fleshy hood that hid the most delicious bundle of nerves she'd ever discovered, the door opened. The steam began to pour out, and cold air rushed in. Lola sat up with a gasp, her arousal winding tightly inside her like a spring as further pleasure was denied.

"Lo, have you seen my hairbrush in here? It's not in my room anywhere!" Lila asked, peering through the haze of the bathroom. She walked to the vanity, waving steam away with one hand, and looked around its' top.

"Sis! Dammit, don't you knock?" Lola asked, startled, frustrated, and angry at the interruption. She covered herself modestly with her hands, then caught a whiff of her own scent on her fingers and put both hands underwater with a splash.

"Sorry, but I'm almost late! Daddy said he's making up the leftover chili for the both of you, by the way. It'll probably be done soon. Bye!" Lila replied, taking her brush and dashing off, oblivious to just what Lola had been up to.

The door slammed after her, and slowly the chill in the room started to ebb. Lola let out a deep sigh of frustration and shook her head. She took several deep breaths as she felt her pounding heart begin to slow, and gradually she relaxed. Laying back in the tub again, she closed her eyes and tried to forget the sudden appearance of her sister. She formed an image of herself in her mind, only older and more developed, and felt a smile start to stretch her lips. She squeezed her breasts in her hands, as though offering them to an invisible lover.

"You love them, don't you? Show me..." she whispered, and imagined that her hands were this mystery lover's hands, caressing her, worshipping all of her favorite places as skillfully and sweetly as anyone could dream of. Her breath deepened as her hand slipped between her thighs again, rubbing at her virginal folds and the stiffening little bud of her clitoris. Gritting her teeth, she decided that there was no time for teasing now. She worked her fingers quickly, her other hand still squeezing at her breasts intently. As two of her fingertips claimed her clit and gave it a firm squeeze, she brought her other hand to her mouth and bit down on the knuckle of her first finger to stifle the cry that was fighting to get out of her throat. Her orgasmic moans were soft and strangled, but they sounded loud and echoing in her own ears.

As she finally came down from the heights of her ecstacy, she hoped that Lila hadn't been passing by the door at that moment. The last thing she needed was her twin sister's accusations of being 'pervy'. Lola knew for a fact that Lila wasn't as innocent as she seemed to everyone else. She'd discovered this by accident, when she'd had a bad case of insomnia for a couple of months. She'd walk the house, looking around for things to do to placate her restless mind while her sister and father slept. Sometimes she'd read some of her father's old sci-fi paperbacks, or go into the kitchen to try the old milk-and-cookies treatment. That even worked, once in a while. Every night, she'd walk the hallway and pause at the bedroom doors. She'd take comfort in her father's low, deep snores. He sounded like a badly-tuned chainsaw, but Lola found it sort of endearing in a way. One night she'd stopped at Lila's door, and she hadn't gotten to hear her usual soft, cute snores of sleep. Instead, she'd gotten an earful of her sister's gasping breaths and whispered beggings for more, as she imagined some fantasy lover of her own. Some movie star, probably, Lola had thought with a smile, even as she blushed at the fact that just behind one door, one barrier, her own twin sister was masturbating. Lola had found herself rooted to the spot out of both curiosity and the stirrings of sympathetic arousal. Only after she had heard Lila's breathy gasps of delight did she pad off down the hall, as quiet as a cat.

That night, she'd laid in her own bed, legs spread wide and hands busily working as she tried to imagine just what her sister had done to bring herself such pleasure. She couldn't have seen, but her young imagination was working overtime with possibilities as she helped herself to her own bliss, and slept better that night than she had for a long time. Lola remembered these things and smiled as she got out of the tub. She towelled herself dry, then wrapped her towel around herself for the walk to her bedroom. She saw no trace of Lila, but heard the front door slamming. That would be her leaving, she decided. She'd be an hour late to her own funeral, as their departed mother would have said. Lola never had any trouble with getting somewhere on time, but Lila was constantly flirting with tardiness whenever she had to be somewhere.

Lola entered her bedroom and paused at the window, watching Lila dash down the street to the bus stop. "Have a good time, Little Miss Innocent." she murmured to herself with a quiet snicker. She turned away from the window and picked out her clothes for the evening. A comfortable white tank top and a pair of black cut-off shorts would do, she decided. She dressed, then slipped her feet into a pair of fuzzy white slippers, and padded down to the kitchen. The smell of dinner beckoned to her, just as she heard her father calling that the soup was on.

It was later in the evening when the front door opened, and Lila returned from her date. The smile she wore threatened to take in her ears, and she did a giddy little pirouette before closing the door against the chilly night wind. Lola looked up from where she sprawled on the sofa, reading a magazine. The girls' father was sitting in his recliner, watching a sitcom on TV. He looked up as well, and smiled as he saw Lila's entrance.

"Well, it looks like someone had fun tonight." Mr. Gibson said as Lila entered the living room.

"We had a great time! It turns out we even like some of the same books and bands, and he offered to loan me a couple of his CD's!" Lila gushed happily, clasping her hands over her heart with an ecstatic sigh. "I think I'll enjoy seeing more of Ian McCullough!"

"Well, everyone puts on their best face for a first date, you know. Don't be too surprised if he starts to show his true colors over your next few get-togethers." Lola said from the couch, a clear 'humph' expression on her face. She laid her magazine down over her belly, still open, and stretched lazily.

"Jealous, party of one! Your table's ready!" Lila retorted with a giggle, and stuck her tongue out at Lola teasingly. Lola returned the gesture, then laughed softly.

"Listen, I could get a date from any one of a dozen boys at school if I wanted to. I just don't want to yet. So, no, I'm not jealous of you spending time with this guy Ian." Lola explained.

"And we understand why, Lola. I'm sure your sister's just still up on Cloud Nine from her date, and doesn't mean any harm." Mr. Gibson said, turning to look at Lila as he spoke. Lila nodded quickly, walking over to the couch to give Lola a pat on the shoulder, then she paused at her father's chair to give him a quick hug.

"Well, it's been a long day and a fun night, and I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go to bed a little early." Lila said, waving as she approached the stairs and started up them.

"Kind of early, isn't it?" her father asked, looking at her over his shoulder from his chair. "Maybe do some reading or something first, otherwise you'll end up getting up before the sun."

"Well, I do have a couple of things to do, but I just wanted to let you both know that I probably won't be back downstairs tonight." Lila said as she paused on the stairs. "Goodnight, Daddy. Goodnight, Lo." she said with a wave. Her father returned her goodnight, and Lola grunted from behind her magazine and tossed a distracted wave her way.

In her room, Lila changed from out of her clothes and into a pair of soft, pink flannel pajamas. She let her hair down from its' pigtails and combed through it with her fingers, admiring the shiny, lush length of it in her mirror. Turning from the mirror, she went to her desk and took a hardcover book out of a drawer. She opened it, revealing pages of hand-written notes, sketches, and doodles, with dates entered neatly in between entries. Her diary was the one secret that not even Lola knew about. She sat down and took out a bright pink Hello Kitty pen, then started to write. her toes tapped happily as she hummed, recounting the highlights of her date. She lovingly detailed Ian's shy smiles and self-deprecating humor, and the quick way he'd offered her a napkin when he'd noted a dab of pizza sauce at the corner of her mouth.

Finishing her entry for the day, she signed her name with a flourish, as she always did, and leaned back in her chair. She smiled as she thought of the kind, sweet, almost coy boy that she hoped to see more of in the future. She got up from her desk and went to turn off her bedroom light, then crawled into bed. Laying on her back, she daydreamed happily about Ian, until her eyes grew heavy from all of the day's activities. Soon, she was snoring cutely, curled up on her side like a cat and snuggled deeply into her thick blanket.

Sleep was harder in coming for Lola than it had been for her sister that night. She tossed and turned under her blanket, dressed only in her panties and an oversized KMFDM t-shirt. Her mind stubbornly refused to slow down and let her rest.. Thoughts, questions, and images all flickered through her consciousness, racing by at a near-blur. She couldn't have admitted it aloud, but she was feeling more than just a little jealous of Lila's effortless way of making friends. Add her new romance with Ian to the mix, and her frustration doubled. She lay on her back and folded her hands behind her head, her brow furrowed in thought.

"It's so hard to keep my guard up all the time...so tiring. But I don't know if I can trust the boys at school, no matter how nice they seem. Not after that bastard Brandon. So, how do I get over this? How do I stop this lonely feeling without risking being hurt?" she whispered to herself, her green eyes starting to let slip warm, salty tears down her face.

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