tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLila's First Hunting Trip

Lila's First Hunting Trip


Lila had never been to hunting camp, but thanks to Dale she was going to have the most awesome camp possible.

The fall weather was great and the campsite in the Canadian wilderness was picturesque. The setup was beside a river that had that glacial turquoise color to it. Beyond the river valley was a stunning mountain vista. Dale had been planning this expedition for a year, and wanted Lila's first hunting experience to be spectacular.

The couple had been dating about 18 months, and had been discussing moving in together. Dale was attracted to Lila's outgoing personality, intelligence, stunning eyes, DD breasts and exceptionally beautiful body. Lila loved Dale for his easygoing nature, friendly smile and his athletic body. The couple had also developed a game of finding the weirdest places to satisfy Lila's almost insatiable appetite for sex.

Upon arrival at camp, the couple quickly unhitched & set up the trailer. As usual, Lila was horny, especially after the 4.5 hour drive into the woods. And that is despite having fingered herself twice on the trip. So, of course, she wanted to break in the new trailer. Dale too was on edge, having watched her play with herself on the way up. So he was definitely a willing participant in a quickie.

Lila was naked within 3 steps of entering the trailer & Dale had her bent over the bed & had driven his ready pole into her by 5 paces. It was a fast, hard fuck and Lila rubbed her clit vigorously and was thus able to cum with Dale, within 3 minutes of their coupling.

After a short post-fuck nap, the couple began getting their equipment ready for hunting the following morning. They got their day packs ready, then began to shoot their bows. Having practiced the skill of not being distracted whilst shooting, Lila was used to Dale talking, telling jokes, and tickling her ribs. She was a good shot, even with these distractions happening. Today though, she didn't expect Dale to reach around her body whilst she was at full draw and play with her nipples. Despite moaning in appreciation, Lila still shot a bullseye.

Dale's shooting, similarly, was unaffected by Lila initiating a blow job whilst he was at full draw.

Of course they didn't shoot for long, as when Lila bent over to remove their arrows from the target, Dale flipped up her skirt and entered her from behind again. This was aided by her lack of panties. Lila just grabbed hold of the target & took the pounding Dale gave. Again, this was a short, hard fuck. Lila came quickly, then finished Dale with one of her awesome blow jobs.

The next morning (and three fucks later) was opening morning for the eager hunters. Despite their tiredness from playing half the night, both were ready to get out in the woods.

Their first order of business was a 5km hike up a mountain to view potential sites for elk activity, and look also for sign of other game for which they had tags. After a few hours on the trail, they took a break in a clearing where they could take a snack & glass the area. While they were sitting there glassing the countryside, Dale took a break admired Lila's camouflage covered curves. He just loved seeing ladies I'm camo, it was always just so sexy to him. Of course, it only took a few minutes of this to get him in the right mood again.

So Dale thought 'what a wonderful day to fuck in the woods!' With that, he moved behind Lila and started to nuzzle her neck whilst reaching around with both hands to hold a heavy breast in each. Lila always loved this attention and moaned while still looking through her binoculars. Dale spent five minutes just leisurely cuddling, nibbling her ears and neck, and bringing her sensitive nipples to full hardness. When Lila was squirming really good, Dale thought it time to get more serious about the boner this gave him.

He moved down in front of Lila who, by now, decided to take a break from glassing as well. He helped her to remove her form-fitting camo pants to reveal camouflage boy short panties. He didn't know about that - it gave his boner an extra jolt to see this too. He quickly removed it though and went down on her sopping pussy. The mixture of fresh sweat and her beautiful pussy flavor was awesome to Dale - he could eat like this all day!

But Lila wanted more. She vocalized her desire with one word: '69'. So Dale quickly removed his pants and lay down on his back on the soft grass. Lila swung her leg over his head and took his throbbing cock in her mouth. As he started to lick again, Lila began to deep throat his cock. ...that felt so good!

After five minutes of 69, they were both getting pretty close. Dale definitely needed a break, as he really wanted to feel that tight pussy wrapped around his cock again. 'Cowgirl' he said, and Lila quickly obliged by turning and impaling herself onto him in a swift motion. She rode Dale hard, as she was again super-horny and ready to get them both off. Dale reached up and gave her DD's a good rub as she bounced on top.

They were close. Dale humped up as Lila pushed down. Eventually the pressure on her clit was too much and with a moan she started to cum. Dale was cumming as well, because seeing any girl orgasm always set him off.

As they got dressed again, a big 6x6 bull elk passed by the bottom edge of the old logging block that they had just copulated at the top of. So it was game on!!! The bull didn't see or smell them. Luckily the wind was blowing uphill, as who knows what the smell of human sex might have done to the bull!

They watched the bull ease off the edge of the block and bed down quietly in a small area still visible from their vantage.

The couple were able to quickly back away out of his sight and plan a stalk on him. They left their day packs and after 30 minutes on hands and knees were close enough to strike. Their plan was to arrow the beast simultaneously to make for a fast, painless kill. Side by side the couple kneeled and drew their bows on the resting animal. Next there was a 'thwack', 'thwack' as two arrows found their mark. The majestic animal took one last breath then quietly expired in its bed.

The couple were alive with the massive adrenaline high that comes with a successful hunt. Their celebratory hug quickly turned into a passionate kiss. The kiss ended with Lila breathing 'fuck me NOW!' This copulation was animalistic; they were both so charged up that the felt sparks fly the second Dale's cock touched Lila's pussy. They humped like banshees for 2 minutes then both came & collapsed on the grass, exhausted.

Their rest had to be short though, as they needed to field dress the animal in order to best preserve the meat. While Dale started this job, Lila retrieved their packs and began reorganizing them to allow Dale to carry a heavy load of meat out, while Lila carried a lighter load of the other gear and just a little meat. Within an hour, they had their packs loaded with meat, had hung the remaining pieces high in a shaded area to cool and be inaccessible to other opportunistic animals. They began their slow hike back down to camp.

It took two more trips the next morning to bring the remaining meat & antlers back to camp. Thankfully the couple were fit & managed this task relatively easily.

Now, nine years on, their 3 little children just love to listen to the story of when mommy & daddy together took the elk that's mounted in their living room. ...of course, the kids get the 'G' rated version of events. :)

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