Lila's Gift


The night after I broke up with that turd Mike, Lila gave me a penis. I didn't really understand what she was doing at the time, as we were both drunk. It's funny what a couple or five bottles of cheap cabernet will do to a girl's judgment.

We were on our third or fourth glass when she brought it up the first time. She'd been talking about her work and being a good friend, I listened. After all, she listened to me bitch about Mike's cheating for the last hour. She said stuff they'd made in the lab with nanotech was incredible; she was regrowing kidney tissue and they'd given a woman her uterus back after cancer. That last part was so awesome it made me tear up a bit, as my mom had died from ovarian and uterine cancer a couple of years ago.

'Yeah, we have even been talking about just adding stuff to people who want it. Think about it - people could buy an extra nose, or maybe later on when it gets better, eyes in the back of their head. I could give you a gigantic cock right now, then if Mike came back, you'd be doing all the fucking,' she'd said.

I laughed and then 2 bottles later, she had my panties down and was injecting my clit with this brownish-green stuff. I was a bit worried, but I think the wine and the breakup had made me bolder, even adventurous. After she gave me the injection, she gave me a little kiss down there. I'm not sure why, well I wasn't then, and then shined a weird light at my ladyparts.

'This will turn them on,' she told me. 'If you keep your mouth down there, It won't be the only thing turned on,' I replied.

She gave me a really serious look right then and said to me, 'lets wait and see what this does, Janice.' She gave me a smoldering sexy, heavy-lidded look right then and I was suddenly a bit misty down there. I gave her a quick kiss on the mouth, then we went back to bitching about Mike.

Only I spent the last night with her pointing that flashlight at my cooch and my panties down, getting blind drunk and giggling about the situation.


I woke up Sunday afternoon with a hangover from the wine and morning wood from the green goop. Yeah, morning wood, right?

I yanked my panties down and looked and sure enough I had a nice, somewhat thick dick. It was pretty and uncircumcised - about 8 inches long and almost too big around for my hand. I touched it tentatively, running my nails along the far side - on the vein like Mike went crazy for and was rewarded with a gigantic bead of delicious (I tasted it right then) pre-come. I moaned and shuddered and started to tease it more.

I ran my nails along it, then played with the tip. I got my fingers wet in my pussy and combined it with the pre-come and tasted them together. I gripped the base tightly, then released it a few times. I flicked my fingers lightly against the middle and tip, hurting a little but it felt amazing.

I must have had foreplay with myself for a half an hour, teasing my new dick before finally getting 'down to business.' I gently gave myself the best handjob I'd ever given at that point, ending with the most mind blowing orgasm I'd ever felt. It shot rockets and ropes of boy-goo all over my stomach and chest.

I sat there and stared at the pearly stuff for like a full minute before giving it a taste too, using two fingers to shovel a bit in my mouth hungrily. The taste made me a bit crazy and I'm not sure why, but I started masturbating again immediately. I grabbed my new girl-dick by the base and ran my hand slowly up and down the length of it, stopping each time i got to my super sensitive tip to play with it. My other hand continued to scoop up my cum and shovel it in my face until my stomach was gone.

That was when I remembered I still had a pussy. I took my gooey fingers and began teasing my slit, getting her lips all dewy and moist. I ventured another taste, this time of my girl juice.

I'd eaten a lot of my own wetness before, but today it was delicious. I'm not sure if it had changed in flavor in light of my new 'boy' parts, but I was alternating between ramming three fingers in my pussy, licking them clean and teasing my lips. All the while, I was slowly stroking my girl-cock.

This continued for fifteen minutes, maybe longer. I remember looking at my clock, but it wasn't until after i sent another, slightly smaller load onto my chest and chin that I peeked again at the green glowing numbers. Sure enough, fifteen minutes of rubbing one out and my second tit-shot of the day.

She (my girl-cock) slowly deflated and I sat up to get a good look at her. I was enormous. Six or seven inches, semi-hard and probably eight or nearly nine hard. My hand barely fit around her and even soft, it felt so good. I nearly started to jerk it again when i heard my phone vibrate on the night stand.

I picked it up, grinned and placed the warm, vibrating back against the front base, right where she emerged from where my clit used to be. After a moment of savoring that, I looked at the screen. Lila's picture grinned at me, doing that stupid duckface shit. I answered.

She didn't even wait for me to talk, 'so, did it grow in?'

'Oh my god yes. What have you done, Lila? I have a ginormous dick. It's huge and it feels soooo good to play with it. I totally get teenage guys now.'

'Is it fun? Oh god, I want to see it.'

'You want to see my dick? What the hell, Lila? You're not going to come over here all drunken text and beg to suck me, are you?'

'What makes you say that? Do you do that?'

'Shut up and get over here. If you bring me some Naprosyn, a big bottle of water and some Hunan pork from Number Seven, I'll let you gawk at her. She's a giant.'

'She? Your dick is a girl?'

'Hell yes, she's a girl, get your ass over here, mad scientist.' I hung up and started to tease myself again.


I got up and the very first thing I did was stand up to pee. I peed in my toilet, I peed in my sink, and I peed in my shower. I almost peed on the mat just to do it, but living alone I would've had to clean it up myself. I paraded around singing a song about standing up to pee and went into the kitchen still dancing.

Apparently last night, I'd stopped on the way home for a brat from Mr. Tony's. Go figure, I'd gotten two wieners last night. I threw out the rancid, half-eaten brat and made myself a big cup of water.

I threw on a tank top and some pajama pants and sat down in front of the TV. I wondered if my new cock would want to watch something dude-y, like ESPN, but thankfully she was just as into the cooking channels as I was. We watched most of an episode of Super Chef before Lila let herself in.

Lila had on her hangover shades and a fuck-me outfit. I sat and stared for several seconds wondering why the hell she would wear that before she pranced over and placed a bottle of pain reliever in my hands.

'Your drugs, m'dear.'

'Oh Lila, you're the best girlfriend ever,' I deadpanned.

She passed me a wide plastic container with a clear top. Spicy chicken bits and veggies sat on top of soggy, sauce-infused rice. I shoveled six forkfuls in my face before she stopped me.

'Can I see it?'

'Can I eat?'

'You ate some, if you eat more you're going to barf. Let me see my awesome handiwork.'

'You're conceited when you're all mad science-y.'

'Janice, I want to see your giant dick.'

'Oh Lila, you're the queen of dirty talk foreplay,' I again said in a monotone, but obliging, I reached behind me and dropped my trousers.

'Oh holy shit, I did it. You've got a huge dick, Janice.' She stared at it, getting closer and closer, eventually reaching out towards it.

I scampered back, spilling some Hunan sauce on my shitty old sofa.

'Can I touch it?' she looked up at me, grinning madly.

'Why? For science? I think you've done enough science to me. If I let you touch it, will you take it off?'

'You want it off?'

'OK, let me play with it a few dozen more times, then yes.'

'Can I play with it?' she asked. Her face was a bit red.

I turned red too. I suddenly wanted her to play with it. A lot. I gulped and my mouth went dry. She woke up very suddenly, twitching a bit. I could feel something stirring in my lower belly, sort of like it felt when I had a rough period only it felt good.

I looked in her eyes. Neither of us blinked for a while. She crawled towards me. I somehow, if it was possible, got harder. She leaned forward and looked at me, questioning.

I nodded. I wanted her to.

She stuck her tongue out and ran the tip from just above my little butt-hole, up my slit, and up my girlshaft. I shuddered and moaned. Lila grinned.

She did it again, this time even more slowly. When she got to the tip, I'd started to leak. She flicked the bead of it off of my tip. I nearly blew my goo in her face right then.

'Holy shit Janice you look so fucking sexy. It's like a cute boy times a thousand. I wish you could see your face.'

She wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked a moment then let them off with a pop, leaving a ring of lipstick around it.

Why was she wearing lipstick?

She did it a few more times, each time latching on a bit longer. Sometime around four or five, her tongue got involved, circling my tip. I started to buck a bit and shoved her down Lila's throat. Lila choked a second, then grabbed my ass and deep-throated me. She held me to her, my cock buried in her mouth for half a minute. Her tongue went wild around my shaft and I started to get weak in my knees.

She let off and smiled at me, drool connecting my tip to her ruby red lips. She looked so gorgeous. I'd never been seriously attracted to girls before, but right now my girlcock was making me a gigantic lesbian. She smiled a sexy smile and opened her mouth, licking her lips.

And I fucked her mouth. Hard. I grabbed her hair and pulled it into me over and over again. I thrusted my hips at her, savoring how it felt. My cock was going insane in her mouth, feeling her tongue licking along the sides tip and bottom. I was going to come soon.

She sensed it and latched onto the tip sucking just the tip and flicking it with her tongue. I came so hard right then, I felt it traveling up her length and into Lila's mouth. I felt like I came a lot more than the first time in the bedroom, but Lila kept on swallowing my cum. Just when I thought the orgasm was going to stop, she shoved two fingers in my pussy and pushed against the base of my cock. I came again so hard I blacked out a bit.


When I came to, Lila was undressing. She had on the sexiest corset and panties I'd ever seen. along with thigh-highs and heels. I wanted her so damn badly, my pussy leaked and my cock came right back to life. She grinned down at me.

'I'm glad you let me play. I was so nervous you wouldn't let me.'

'What? What do you mean?'

'Last night I realized something when I was shining that stupid microwave light at the nanobots in your clit. I realized I wanted you and that I may have always wanted you. It was weird, Janice, I think I fell for you last night.'

I was a bit weirded out by the revelation but I think my new 3% dudeness helped me pretend like I wasn't weirded. I stood up and kissed her on the lips, teasing her tongue with my tongue. I started to leak from my pussy too after a few moments of this and Lila wasn't helping by playing with my nipples.

She pushed me back onto the sofa, and stood over me grinning. She peeled off her panties and reached down to touch her pussy. She ran two fingers along her slit and then shoved them in my mouth, forcing me to taste them.

She was delicious. I closed my eyes to suck on them a bit and felt her get closer. She fucked my mouth with her fingers and suddenly I realized she was straddling me on the sofa.

I looked up and she was reaching down for my girl-cock. She gripped my now-rock hard base and lined the tip up with her pussy. Letting gravity do the work, she took my virginity. My male virginity that is. It was amazing.

She rode up and rammed back down, over and over again. She leaned in close and kissed me while caressing my nipples. She reached back and played with my pussy and her ass. She stopped and just gyrated on me several times. She kept hammering back down onto me over and over again until I was close to bursting.

Looking me in the eyes, she said, 'You're going to cum soon, aren't you?'

I nodded and sucked on her left nipple, biting softly.

'Come with me, Lila, I need it.'

She rocked back and started to take shorter, wider strokes on me. I could feel myself rub against her G-spot. It only took a few more thrusts from each of us until I could feel her pussy change. I knew immediately what it was - I'd felt it a hundred times from her perspective. She was about to have a massive orgasm.

I waited, continuing to suck on her nipple. When I felt her pussy start to clench at me, I relaxed and came inside of her. I could feel it and it was amazing. I leaked out around my cock, inside of her, coating her walls. I could feel her juices and my cum cooling at the base of my cock, but Lila stayed on me, slowly gyrating, coming several more times.

I never got fully soft, but Lila stopped actively fucking me a bit later. Sitting on my lap, my mostly-hard girlcock inside of her, she smiled at me.

'You are so goddamned sexy, Janice. I want to do this more.'

'We can do this every day, Lila. I think I want you to be my girlfriend.'

'Really? I don't want to be your rebound girl, Janice. You just broke up with Mike.'

'Mike never brought me pills for my hangover or lunch. Mike never sucked my cock. Mike doesn't dress sexy for me and he doesn't sit and cuddle like this with me still inside of him after we're done making love.'

Lila turned around and grabbed my Chinese food, shoving a few bites into my mouth, her face red and glowing, a smile plastered on her lips. 'Okay, I'll be your girlfriend if you keep my present.'

'The cock? To be honest, I'm okay with that. I think I'm going to try to get you pregnant.'

'About that...'

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