tagRomanceLilija of Clan Zyszudko Ch. 01

Lilija of Clan Zyszudko Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The End of the Journey

**NOTE ONE to all readers**: This will be part of a longer story, with a focus on characters and not just sex. It will try to be more than a stroke story (don't worry, there's still sex). That being said, the sex won't always be lovey-dovey or utterly romantic, so be forewarned. –Enjoy!!

**NOTE TWO Pronunciation Guide**: (basically, sz = sh and j is like y)

Lilija (Lee-lee-ya)

Zyszudko (Zish-ood-ko)

majalia (may-al-ee-ya)

Korvyn (Kor-vin)

Krisztir (Kreesh-teer)

Zandisz (Zan-deesh)

Miszelah (Meesh-el-ah)

Levisz (Leh-veesh)

* * * * *

Spring was late this year. Lilija of clan Zyszudko looked skyward, toward the sun. It shone brightly, but the wind quickly chilled away any would-be warmth. She drew her heavy cloak closer about her slim shoulders. Adjusting the fine silver clasp at her throat, her fingers swept over the fur lining peeking out from the sides of her hood.

She shifted in her saddle and repressed a groan. But Lilija couldn't manage to hide the slight grimace that crossed her face.

"Do not fret, majalia," a deep voice murmured at her shoulder, "we will arrive before evening meal. And, instead of your darling mount, you will have other more…pleasurable options before you…or above you, or beneath you." His tone lost its teasing nature as his voice fell into a gravelly baritone, "I leave myself utterly at your disposal this eve."

Lilija stared forward resolutely.

"Korvyn, I shall share my bed this eve with no man. I am not your flower and—"

"Of course you are not my flower," Korvyn interrupted innocently. "You are majalia—delicate flower. And, we need not confine ourselves to a bed," he finished smugly.

Lilija sighed in frustration. A Zyszudko guardsman looked toward the pair from the corner of his eye. Lilija surreptitiously signaled him away. She could handle Korvyn herself.

Korvyn had only grown this bold over the past few weeks. At the start of their party's journey, he had been far more circumspect in both his behavior and his words. In the beginning, his smile was not smug; his words were not grossly lascivious. She had thought him charming—his deep blue eyes would glint as he laughed and his manner was open and easy.

Lilija turned her head, now, eyeing him appraisingly. The same bright eyes. The same unruly curls of deep scarlet hair falling across his forehead. The same strong jaw line, though it was now covered with a deep coppery red beard due to the weeks of travel. His face, his muscled figure had not changed.

Yes, she had thought him handsome. It would be hard fact for any woman to deny. Yet, when she had once found him appealing, she now found him appalling.

"Korvyn," Lilijana began, "how well do you believe my uncle would receive news of your kind 'offers'? Your attentiveness," she continued—her voice dripping with sarcasm, "is surely something I should mention to him. I am convinced if he knew of it he would have something to give you." Preferably a dagger to the ribs, she thought.

She locked her own green eyes with his blue, matching his stare. Korvyn's jaw tightened almost imperceptibly. He said nothing. She arched her left brow.

"Perhaps you should return to your men," Lilija nodded toward a knot of men wearing the Krisztir clan's colors. Kicking her heels, her horse trotted on. Korvyn stared after Lilija's pine green cloak fluttering in the wind. A tendon in his neck tensed. After a moment of silent reflection, a small smile twitched at the side of his mouth.

Gradzi rode up to Korvyn, laughing, "I would not expect to see you smiling as you sat in Lady Lilija's dust." His Brown eyes shone merrily as the Krisztir guardsman spoke. "But, here I find you, smiling, even as she rides off."

Korvyn gave his own short laugh and responded, "Act as she will now, in a short while she will have to ask permission of me in order to leave my presence."

"You still believe her uncle will give her to you?"

"Chieftain Zandisz has called specifically for my father to send me to represent clan Krisztir in this meeting. Certainly, he should want to stabilize the Zyszudko clan's position. How better to do that than through a joining with Lilija?"

"She is quite an attractive token for him to maneuver."

"One that I mean to acquire. She will look splendid on my arm—almost as splendid as she will look in my bed."

* * * * *

"Lady Lilija, was he harassing you, again?" Lilija could hear her attendant's voice held an undercurrent of genuine concern.

"Miszelah, Misza, Miszka. Do not worry. He is annoying, yes, but we will be reaching my uncle's stronghold before dusk. Sooner, perhaps. Lord Korvyn," she rolled her eyes, "will never dare to presume such liberties in my uncle's castle."

"As you say, my Lady." Miszelah looked unconvinced as she rode beside Lilija.

"Misza, please, you know there is no need for titles when you and I are alone!"

"It just seems so odd…Lilija."

Lilija's lilting laugh rained through the air.

"Misza, Misza. You have grown too accustomed to the ways of your former Lady. She must have been stern!"

Miszelah laughed a little herself. "She was more formal than you, by far."

"I am glad you were able to come with me—I have never had cause for an attendant to travel with me before."

Miszelah looked shocked. "My Lady—Lilija—it would be horribly improper if you did not have a female attendant travel with you! You are a woman. You cannot travel alone with a group of men—even should they be guardsmen sent by your Uncle. Besides, it is time you had an attendant for daily tasks. You will be living as a Lady within Chieftain Zandisz's castle."

Lilija smiled at Miszelah's seriousness. "Eighteen summers. I suppose I am now officially a woman to be 'protected' with an overabundance of restrictions and limitations." She finished with an irritated sigh. "As if the rules of proper comportment for a young girl were not stifling enough…"

Miszelah looked over without sympathy, quipping, "I do not believe it was ever proper for you to hunt with the men, nor to train with them while you stayed in the northlands."

"There were few men there, virtually all of them bordering on elderly—there was no impropriety! And, acuity with the bow and short sword are important skills!"

Miszelah's mouth quirked. "Skills that I doubt Chieftain Zandisz will permit you to hone while you are under his roof."

"I am sure my dear uncle will allow me only to do battle wielding an embroidery needle." The corners of Lilija's eyes crinkled as she smiled.

The two young women laughed. Lilija stopped short when she saw the green flag in the distance, whipping in the wind. Then, a second. A third. As they crested the hill, four green pennants flew above the slate gray stones of an impressive castle and fortified wall.

They had reached Chieftain Zandisz Zyszudko's stronghold.

* * * * *

"Lady Lilijaniszka Ludyszka Ziszka!" the page announced loudly.

Lilija grimaced slightly at the sound of her full name and title.

Lilija's uncle rose from his great-chair and descended to greet her.

Chieftain Zandisz Zyszudko was a large man—tall and broad, well into his fifties, but in peak physical condition from constant training and campaigning. His dirty blonde shoulder-length hair showed hints of gray only at the temples. His beard, however, was speckled with it. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes were bright as he approached his niece.

"Lilija," he cried warmly, "it has been five years since we saw you leave for the northlands, but you are arrived!" Zandisz was elated to see his niece again. She was like a daughter to him after her parents—his little sister, Pilaszka, and her husband, Varek—had died all those years ago. When his own wife died in the childbirth of his son, Levisz, it was little Lilija, then, only nine years old, who had brightened his grief. Finally, he felt whole with Lilija returned.

"How beautiful you look, my dear. You have truly blossomed into a fine young woman. You are the image of my sister, your dear mother." Lilija felt her cheeks heat slightly at the compliment and her eyes grow damp at the memory of her mother.

Almost without pausing for breath, her uncle continued on in his whirlwind way, "I almost do not believe you journeyed five weeks in order to arrive here. Come, come, little Liliszka," he said with paternal affection, "there is someone who has been waiting for you. Yes, yes, leave your cloak here. Tylk will take it."

As the Chieftain spoke, a servant appeared. Taking the heavy cloak, he quietly informed Zandisz of the other members of the travel party.

"My Lord," Tylk began, "the animals, Zyszudko guardsmen, and travelers have been tended to. Your guests from the Krisztir Clan have been escorted to their rooms in order to refresh before the arrival feast this eve."

"Good, good." Zandisz answered. "See to it that their needs are met. For now, until the feast, I will be visiting with my son and my niece, see that I am not disturbed!"

The competent servant bowed his head and retreated.

* * * * *

In his quarters, Korvyn looked around him. The stone walls were covered with thick tapestries woven in various earth-toned hues featuring Clan Zyszudko's vibrant pine green. Not unattractive, he thought, but hardly preferable to the crisp sea blue of the Krisztir Clan.

He tossed his cloak upon the bed and walked toward the massive fireplace in order to finish thawing himself from the long journey.

A knock sounded.

"Enter!" he called.

Two young men entered, each carrying two large buckets of steaming water. "For the bath, my Lord." They then proceeded to empty them into a large carved tub that had been set to one side of the fire.

After the young servants left, Korvyn eyed the steaming water eagerly and quickly stripped himself of his clothes.

Hmmmmmm, he sighed, sinking into the bath's heat, all this is wanting is some attractive wench. His thoughts had been focused upon Lilija for the better part of the day, and he had hoped to take some of his frustration out before the feast.

Another knock sounded.

"Enter!" he called out in irritation that the sevant boys should be disturbing him.

To his surprise and satisfaction, a young woman entered this time, carrying bath linens and fragrant soaps.

Korvyn eyed her appreciatively. She seemed a little startled to find him already naked and in the bath. She quickly lowered her eyes.

"For your bath, my Lord." She laid the linens and soap on a chair and spun quickly on her heel, heading for the door.

"Did I dismiss you?"

She froze.

"No, my Lord."

"I thought not. Come bathe me."

Korvyn eyed the girl's figure appreciatively as she approached the tub. She was short and quite buxom. Her breasts bulged beneath her smock and jiggled as she walked. Her pale hair was tied back, but loose ends escaped, framing her face with its wide doe-eyes.

She hesitantly began lathering the soap upon a linen washrag and touched it gently to Korvyn's shoulder. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back as she moved in deliberate circles. Across his chest, over the other shoulder, down his arms, further down his muscled stomach…until she stopped.

"Did I tell you to stop?" he growled in frustration.

With a quiet squeak, the girl continued moving lower until the cloth rubbed against his half-erect manhood.

"That cloth is far too harsh."

"M-my Lord?"

"Stop using it, girl. Are you deaf? Use your hand."

She looked uncertain, but quickly backed down upon seeing the harsh glare in Korvyn's eyes.

As she bent forward to grasp him, he stared openly at her plump breasts as they strained against the scooping neckline of her smock. Korvyn closed his eyes and groaned loudly in satisfaction as he felt her small hand encircle his rapidly hardening cock. The maid looked nervous—surprised that he should make such a noise.

"Don't stop, wench."

She slowly began to move her hand up and down his pole. He opened his eyes and looked at her breasts again. As her hand fought to fully encircle his now-erect meat, he began to fondle her. Her eyes darted over to him, unsure. He grabbed her nipple through the thin material of her servant's attire.

"Did I tell you to stop stroking me?" he asked, twisting her nipple until she gasped. She quickly renewed her movements, squeezing his fat cock as he twisted her nipples. Soon, she began to whimper quietly.

"I think you're enjoying this."

The girl paused, unsure what to do.

"Answer me!"

"Y-yes, my Lord."

"Say it."

"I am enjoying this."

"This? Describe it."

"I…I am enjoying stroking your manhood while you squeeze my breasts and twist my nipples."

"Call it my cock."

"Your cock, my Lord. I enjoy stroking your cock while you squeeze my breasts and twist my nipples."

"That's better. Are you wet, whore?"


"Lift your skirt and bend over the bed on your stomach."

The girl did as commanded. Korvyn stood and exited the tub, his rock hard cock standing out before him. As the young girl raised her skirt he slowly stroked himself from base to tip. Once her skirt was raised he quickly tore down her undergarments, leaving her ass and pussy exposed.

"Spread your legs, slut."

She complied.

"Ahhhh, what a nice, fresh little cunt." Korvyn ran his finger over the soft pale lips of her cunt. "No hair?"

"'Tis customary, sir, when a-a girl of our clan reaches her eighteenth year to sh-sh-shave it."

"Hmmm. A custom it would well serve the Krisztir maids to learn."

He felt the smooth hairless skin, leaning in for a closer view. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue over her lips. She gasped.

Spreading her legs wider, he opened her pussy. It glistened pink and wet before him. Inhaling the scent of her sex, he ran his tongue from her clit to her hole—slurping the juice as he went. Legs spread wide, ass and pussy exposed, the girl moaned and grasped the bed sheets.

"My, my. You little slut, you are quite wet."

He slid a finger into her tight, wet twat. "What a bad little girl. You are not as innocent as you look, are you, slut? There is no maidenhead."

Korvyn grinned as he removed his finger from her cunt. He slid two fingers in this time. They made a wet slurping noise as he forced them in.

The girl had long since stopped clenching the bedclothes and was fondling her own tits, the top of her dress unlaced and pushed down, her fingers stroking and tweaking her nipples.

Korvyn began to finger fuck her slowly, watching the juice dribble out and run down her thighs and his hand.

"What do you want, slut?"

The girl moaned as he continued his assault on her tight hole.

"Oooohhhh, my Lord, I want your thick cock inside my pussy. Please, please fuck me!"

Korvyn felt his cock twitch at the note of aching desperation in her voice. He removed his fingers and rubbed her juice on his meat. Lining it up with her tiny pink hole he pressed the bulbous head in, causing them both to groan in pleasure. Without waiting for her to fully adjust to his girth, he pressed more in.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" she cried half in pleasure, half in pain as he stretched her.

Korvyn laughed and slapped her ass. "You love the feel of my thick cock, whore. Don't deny it."

He began playing with her clit as he forced the last few inches in.

Her cunt began to flow as he rubbed her button, fucking with short hard strokes.

Soon, he stopped rubbing her clit altogether and held onto her ass, kneading it as he plowed into her from behind. Every few strokes he would slap it, hard. Her cheeks soon went from pale pink to a glowing red.

All the while, she gasped and moaned, edging closer to her own orgasm.

Panting, Korvyn felt his balls begin to tighten. He ran his right index finger up the inside of the girl's thigh, collecting her pussy juice, and began rubbing it against her crinkled rosebud. She tensed at first, but after only a few seconds of rubbing along the edges of her puckered hole, she relaxed.

"Good little slut," Korvyn praised her, "you'll enjoy this—you'll beg for it."

Still fucking her hot, wet pussy, Korvyn pressed against her rosebud's center. Slick from her pussy juice, his finger began to penetrate her back passage. The girl bucked back against Korvyn, crying out as his finger slid in past the first knuckle.

Feeling both her holes filled, the maid began thrusting back wildly, trying to get more of his finger into her clenching ass.

"Yes, yes, slut. Take it. Soon you'll take my cock in your tight little ass." Korvyn grunted as he felt her pussy begin contracting. At his promise to fuck her in the ass, the girl began to cum. Her rippling cunt squeezed Korvyn's rigid cock. He sank his finger into her ass as deeply as he could as he thrust fully into her pussy, balls spasming. With his finger up her ass, he could feel his cock pulsing rhythmically. Each throbbing pulse from his cock shot hot, sticky semen.

Finished, he pulled himself from her, smacked her ass and bade her turn around and kneel.

"Clean it."

She obediently opened her mouth and licked his sticky cock clean of both of their salty juices. He gripped the back of her head and forced it down his shaft, groaning at the sensation of his cock lodged at the back of her throat. She choked and gagged, but he held her in place. As she fought for breath, her throat convulsed around the torpid meat. Quickly, the warm, wet pressure of the helpless girl's mouth and throat set Korvyn's cock rigid.

He pulled out and let her suckle his cockhead.

After a few moments, he pulled her off and held his index finger before her mouth.

"Clean it."

She balked. He gripped the mass of her hair and yanked her head back, mouth open.

"I said clean it."

Scared, she accepted the digit into her mouth and licked it clean.

"What a good little slut," Korvyn said, eyeing the girl on her knees. As he looked down at the servant girl, he imagined Lilija's face.

His cock, already hard, became almost painfully so as he pictured Lilija kneeling at his feet.

He grabbed the used girl's hair, again. Holding it closely by the root, he forced her face toward his throbbing dick. Her plump lips parted and her small pink tongue extended to lick the pearl of pre-cum that had formed.

Korvyn closed his eyes and slowly pressed against the back of her head, urging more of his pole past her lips.

He felt his sensitive head bump the back of her throat and held the girl in place. Seconds later, she began gagging. He looked down to see tears streaming from her eyes. He thrust three or four times, bumping the back of her throat, and then pulled out. The girl gagged and coughed, sucking air into her burning lungs even as her saliva dripped from his slobbery cock and down her chin.

"Good girl, good girl. Don't worry, I'll teach you how to suck cock. Open wide, again."

This time, he didn't stop pushing when he felt his head hit the back of her throat. With nearly half of his length still before her lips, he pressed until he saw her eyes bug open and felt his shaft slide deep into her throat. He didn't stop pushing until he felt her nose and lips pressed against his pubic hair.

His breath hissed past his lips as he savored the warm slurping motion her throat made as it convulsed around him. It was not often a woman could take all of his length and girth in her mouth and throat—even if he tried forcing it in.

"Ohhhh, what a cock slurping slut. How many other cocks have you sucked? Have they been as big as mine? Did they make you cry?" he asked as he saw tears continuing to run from the corner of her eyes. "Lick my balls," he ordered quietly.

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