tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts: Curse of Tinera

Lilith Shorts: Curse of Tinera


The little pub was empty except for two young women sitting at an old wooden table. Laughter could be heard as they spoke of their conquests as a young man walked over nervously carrying a bottle of red wine for them. He stepped over bodies left by the woman after he watched them have their way with a kill them all.

"Ahh, isn't he such a nice young man Nessira, he is so nervous, I can smell his fear."

"Calm yourself Tinera, I think you have indulged yourself enough today, besides, I kind of like this one." She said gently touching his hand.

This place had been alive with laughter and drinks but now was the resting place for many after Nessira and Tinera came in. Some of them had their throats slit and some of them were laying on the floor with their eyes wide open wearing a cold dead smile on their face.

"Is there um... Is there anything else you ladies need?" The young man said still standing there nervous.

"That is all for now handsome," Nessira said teasing him as he walked back over to the bar and waited.

"Tell me Nessira, have you ever had sex with a man without killing him?"

Nessira suddenly got a serious look on her face before taking a drink and saying: "You know I have."

"Sorry, didn't mean to bring up a painful memory, but I do have a question if you don't mind?"

"You know I don't like to talk about it!"

"This is more of a general succubus question."

"Fine, go ahead."


"How what?"

"How did you do it?"

"Sex without the killing him? There is a charm I created, it's an enchantment I can put in their genitals to make them immune to my succubus powers."

"Ooh, sounds like that will come in handy."

"I made it for one purpose, it's useless to me now."

"Well, for now anyway."

"Speaking if which, Bartender!" Nessira said calling the young man back over.

"Um... Yes, Ma'am?"

"This is what I love about men," Nessira said to her friend.

"What is that?'

"He saw what we did, and he is scared for his life but look," She said pointing to the obvious erection in the young man's pants. "Even now he still lusts for us," Nessira said as she stood up and sat on the edge of the table giving him a closer look at her cleavage which was being pushed up by the black corset she was wearing. "You know what I am boy?"

"You're a... You're a... Demon?"

"Close, she is a sex demon," Nessira said referring to Tinera. "I am a succubus, the Red Witch if Raven Hill to be exact."

"NESSIRA?" He said with shock.

"Ah, so you have heard of me, so now that I am here in front of you, what do you think?"

"I um... Well..." He said nervously.

"I love how nervous he is!" Tinera said still sitting there drinking.

"Hush now Tinera, well come on, I am going to kill you either way so be honest, what do you think of me?" She said tracing her fingers along her cleavage getting him more excited.

"To be honest... I have heard about you, and the towns you have slaughtered."

"Slaughtered? I don't remember it like that at all." She said loosening the strings on her front letting her breasts out a little more with each passing moment.

"All those people you killed, it was horrible but still..."

"Well go on, but what?"

"Have you enchanted me?"

"Not that I am aware of, why?"

"Because I find you absolutely beautiful! I mean I have never seen a more exquisite creature in my days."

"Really? nobody calls me beautiful." Tinera said with aggravation in her voice.

"Now Tinera, you know I think you're exquisite," Nessira said looking back at her friend. "But this young man, I think he deserves a reward for his kind words."

"Is there anything else I can get for you ladies?"

"You have already given me such flattery which goes a long way with a girl, I think I want to have some fun with you," Nessira said as she started to rub the bulge in his pants.

"Okay, well have your fun, I'll meet up with you later," Tinera said finishing her drink before standing up to leave.

"Don't wait up darling, I want to take my time with this one."

She looked back to see Nessira with her corset off taking that young man and shoving his face into her cleavage. She loved watching her work but decided to get some fresh air. She was tired after all the lives they had taken so she wanted to head home. She was down the street from the pub when she heard a noise in an ally to her right. She turned to step towards it not seeing anything when she heard a voice behind her.

"Foul beast!" She suddenly heard a man's voice say as she walked through the supposedly empty streets of the village.

"Excuse me?" She said turning around to see a man in robes and a hood. "A priest, here to make me repent for my wicked ways?"

"No, I am here to punish you for your crimes."

"That cross won't save you, and I've already had my fun today so I think I will make this quick." She said as she was suddenly unable to move more than a foot or two. "What... What is this magic?" She said as she used her foot to wipe away the hay bellow her to see a strange symbol carved into the stone beneath her. "A demon trap?"

"Silence!" He said pointing at her suddenly making her feel weaker.

The trap beneath her made her powers useless and for the first time in her long life, she was scared. She transformed and began attacking the invisible barrier around her but nothing she could do would free her.

"I am not going to kill you, that is too simple a punishment, I am going to curse you!" He said pulling out a book of enchantments.

"I will kill you!" Tinera said still trying to overpower her prison.

"No, you are a foul creature who won't hurt anyone else. This curse will make it so you can never be free until you learn to feel the pain of what you have done!"

Tinera clawed towards him like a would animal unable to escape. Her anger grew as she could hear the moans of passion from inside the bar as Nessira had her way with the young bartender knowing she would not be done in time to see what was happening right outside.

"No pain has ever hurt me, do your worst!"

"You took my wife and daughter from me, now if you ever want to be free you must learn to feel the pain that I feel, which means you must learn to love and a creature like you can never love which is why this curse is so fitting for you!"

"I have powerful friends, I won't be trapped forever.

"Even so, I will trap you in there for as long as I can then, saving as many lives as it will. Capti in libro!" He said before throwing down a leather book.

It opened at her feet showing blank pages as they started to light up and Tinera felt herself being pulled into it. She could feel herself becoming trapped in what felt like a box or prison as she became bound to the book.


"Oh... Oh, God!" The young man said as this beautiful redheaded woman rode his cock milking him for everything he was worth.

"Yes, oh fuck! Touch me, feed me, give in to Nessira!" She said as drank from the bottle of wine letting it spill down her chest.

He felt ready to blow at any second as she took his hands and placed them on her breasts letting him feel the pleasure. She took the bottle pouring some of the wine into his mouth as well before pulling him up and letting him taste it as she began pouring on her breasts again. His tongue on her nipples felt nice as she continued to fuck him.

Nessira could feel the energy pooling in his cock as she was about to suck it from him. He would die just like the others but every now and then she liked to let them enjoy their final moments. Many men would kill to feel their cock inside the red witch and this one had done nothing wrong or anything to insult her so she figured he would die a pleasurable death. Even in his feet and knowing who and what she was he still called her beautiful so she decided to give him the greatest sex of his life even though it would still be his last.

"That's it, just let go." She said leaning down close to him letting him taste her lips as she knew she was but a mere few hip movements away from taking his life.

"You... Are... Heavenly!" He said as her warm inviting pussy gently squeezed his cock.

"I know I am, you are such a good boy too, I'm not all bad right?"

"Oh God, you are amazing!"

"Oh stop, you see, good manors can go a long way, so I will make this last few thrusts last a bit longer." She said sucking on his bottom lip a little before sitting back up with a smile on her face as she slowly pulled up on his cock making him moan out loud. "There's one, I think two more should do it." She said sitting there for a moment letting him enjoy it before she did it again making him squirm as his penis was ready to blow any second but it was as if she had the power to keep him on the edge. "Your cock is dribbling cum, I can taste your seed inside me, are you ready for the end?"

"Oh... God!"

"That's it, call to him, but I promise you, his heaven will not be anything as good as mine." She said with a grin as she moved her hips one more time making him yell out as his cock erupted inside her making him feel a pleasure that he never thought was possible.

Nessira soaked up every once of his cum as she felt the energy inside him start to flow into her body making her feel amazing as the orgasmic delight tingled every inch of her. The feeding is so euphoric she never really noticed when her victims actually die. When she is done she looks down at the lifeless corpse below her laying there with a look of satisfaction on his face.

"Ah, that was lovely." She said closing his eyes with her fingers before giving him a small peck on the lips.

As she dismounted him she suddenly heard a commotion outside. She ran to the door seeing her friend being trapped in what looked like a leather bound book down the street. She looked over at the hooded man who was doing this to her and sprung her claws before leaping at him jamming him through the chest before pushing his lifeless body to the ground. She looked over at the leather-bound book on the ground and ran to it. When she opens it up she saw blank pages in front of her as she felt guilty for not being there to protect her.

"Tinera, Tinera can you hear me?" She said hearing nothing but silence as she flipped through the blank pages.

"Help!" She suddenly saw the word appear in front of her in cursive. "Nessira, Help!"

"I am here Tinera, I will get you out of this, I promise!"


Weeks had gone by as Nessira studied this enchantment placed on her friend. She had tried many things but she could not break the curse, however over time she did find ways to alter it a little. Tinera could communicate through writing as she could hear Nessira speak. Over time Nessira learned a way to alter the curse enough to let her out temporarily but she wasn't sure it would work.

"I am doing my best to release you, my dear, please, I hope you can forgive me for not being there for you," Nessira said after hours of experiments.

"I forgive you, I just wish I could feel you, I miss your touch, your sexy legs, your beautiful body against mine, the taste if your sweat." Tinera wrote.

"Oh my, Tinera you are getting me turned on."

"Good, remember the feeling of my tongue against your skin, between your legs, my tail curled around you before slithering inside."

"Oh, my!" Nessira said as she began to touch herself remembering the sexy moments they would share after their time together.

"That's what I miss the most, just having my way with you, it's lonely in here."

"I'm trying, I want to fuck you so bad right now." Nessira said as her fingers began to slide inside her dripping pussy.

Without warning, there was a flash of light and suddenly Tinera was in the room with her standing only a few feet away. "What did you do?" She asked seeing Nessira sitting there masturbating.

"It worked!" Nessira said.

"What worked, am I free?"

"I am afraid not, but I was able to change it so you can seduce the reader and have your way with them."

"So, if I seduce the reader I can escape?"

"For a time, but not forever."

"Ugh, this is terrible Nessira!"

"I know, I am so sorry, but this one of those classic stupid situations where you have to learn to love in order to escape."

"Then I am stuck in there, forever?"

"No, I will find a way, somehow!"

"I know you will," Tinera said placing her hand on Nessira's cheek.

"This is my fault, I summoned you and let this happen to you."

"This is not your fault Nessira, I have enjoyed our time together, I haven't had this much fun in centuries."

"Out of all the beings I have summoned, I have enjoyed your company the most, I will fix this, I promise."

"I know, but this is my mistake, I was careless and let this happen."

"Maybe if I summon Baphomet again, she can..."

"No, Nessira, I know she gave you power but stay away from her, that is a dark path that even we Demons fear, she will corrupt you, enslave you, and destroy you. Promise me you will never summon her again."

"But, I have to try..."

"Promise me!"

"Alright, I... I promise."

"I know you want to help, but what she does to people can be ugly, I've seen it before, and you are so much better than that!"

Nessira smiled at her friend before saying: "I miss you Tinera, what will I do without you?"

"I am here now, so let me take care of your current predicament," Tinera said smelling the dripping juices from Nessira's pussy as she kneeled down and began attacking it with her tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Nessira said feeling her friends devilish muscle play with her innards in a way only she could.

Nessira grabbed Tinera's hair enjoying the sensation as it was getting harder to stand. That lanced tongue inside her knew how to please her and she bit her lip as she lost herself to the sensation. Tinera shoved it deeper knowing exactly how to make the Red Witch squirm and she felt Nessira's knees trembling as she did it.

"Fuck, you're going make me fall," Nessira said struggling to keep her balance.

"Don't worry, I'll catch you!" Tinera said before she stood back up and pressed her lips to Nessira's before they both fell on the bed together.

Tinera sprouted her wings as her skin turned red. Nessira could feel Tinera's tail curl up between her legs as she got a little excited feeling it brush against the slit between them. She looked at this devilish girl on top of her and felt the guilt sweep through her before their lips met again. She was her closest friend and she wanted to help her any way she could.

Nessira let out a moan as Tinera's tail wiggled inside her. It was an intense feeling as she grabbed her shoulder holding in as she was fucked by it the same way she had been many times before. Nessira began to transform herself taking on her succubus form which was similar to demon except for skin color and a few minor details. People got sex demons and succubi confused all the time because of their similarities but it didn't matter to them what people thought.

Tinera felt Nessira's tail approach her pussy and got goosebumps waiting for it to slide inside her. She felt it gently caress her opening teasing her a little as Nessira enjoyed Tinera's tail for the moment.

"Oh fuck, just do it already!" Tinera said shaking as she waited for her to jam it inside her.

"You mean like this?" Nessira said shoving her tail into the demoness making her scream out her lust as they both embraced and enjoyed each other's bodies for what felt like hours.

When they were finally finished they laid there as Nessira held her in her arms not wanting to let go. She still felt guilty even though Tinera had told her it wasn't her fault but she still felt responsible. She looked over at the book knowing the moment she let her go she would be back inside until she seduced her next victim, or herself if she so desired.

"I will fix this," Nessira said breaking the silence.

"You said that already, and who knows, maybe someday I'll fall in love and break the curse myself."

"Do you really believe that?"

"What, you've been in love before."

"I don't want to talk about that, love always leads to pain, never again."

"Oh come on Nessira, everyone needs love sometimes, but I am not counting on finding my true love stuck in a book."

"I'll figure it out, I have already found ways to make your stay more comfortable and to give you some of your power back, but that is all."

"That will do for now." She said kissing the Red Witch again as the book opened causing the pages to turn a little. "It's time."

"I know, but I don't want to let you go yet."

"Then don't, I will always be with you, even if I smell of leather."

"I'll let you out as often as I can, I promise."

"Any time Red, any time." She said kissing her one more time before she was gone and the book slammed shut leaving Nessira alone in her bed saddened by her leaving.


Many years later.

It was Nessira's first day in the store Lilith had put her in charge of. She looked through all the old relics trying to figure out how to get out of this predicament but she knew if she disobeyed Lilith it would only make things worse for her. Lilith was still her mother and deep down she still loved and respected her but she hated being tied down like this.

She was angry at Victoria for betraying her for a man. She once again felt like love had ruined her life because her apprentice fell for her third and final victim. She was so close to returning with her original body and powers and not only did it cost her that but then Lilith took away her "Daughter of Lilith" status so no she was just a lovely succubus without any special skills except what she had learned for herself back when she was Red Witch of Raven Hill.

She opened up and old chest in the back room realizing some of her belongings from the old days were there. Lilith must have kept them for her which made her feel a little better As she dug through she saw an old book she recognized all too quickly as a smile came across her face. She pulled it out reading the title that said "A Night With Tinera." And started getting a rush of memories from the old days.

As she stared at the leather binding she also found her old spell book pulling it out and rushing to the table nearby. She looked through trying to find an alteration spell knowing nobody really read books nowadays. Once she found it she got excited hoping this would work.

"Ut Novis!" She said watching the book begin to shake a little and glow.

The leather began to transform as the book suddenly wasn't a book anymore. She walked over and saw what looked like a DVD case with a sexy devil girl on there. The spell was to make the book something more modern so she was satisfied with the results. She snapped her fingers making a tv and DVD player appear in the corner before putting it in to see how it would work.

The screen was dark at first until the smoke cleared and she saw a leather couch with a sexy devil girl laying on it before she looked over and smiled. She stood up walking towards the screen staring at Nessira for a moment.

"It's been a long time," Tinera said raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm sorry but I was imprisoned as well."

"I see, what is this contraption I am looking at you through?"

"It's more modern, its called a movie or a DVD, should make seducing people much easier."

"I like it, speaking of seducing, we have some lost time to make up for."

"I thought you'd never ask!" Nessira said as she grabbed Tinera and pulled her out of the screen before they both fell to the floor molesting each other with their mouths.

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