tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts: The Interview

Lilith Shorts: The Interview


"Okay well then, thanks for agreeing to do this little interview Miss Nessara?" Tom asked as he was there to do a story about this little shop someone had told him about for the newspaper.

"It's Nessira actually, and thank you for asking, it would be nice to get the word out for my little business here."

"Good because that is what I want to discuss, your store is called Lilith's Erotic Emporium, seems like a very interesting name."

"Well, it is a very interesting store."

"I can see that, it doesn't come across as a normal sex toy shop."

"That's because we don't deal in toys here, at Lilith's we deal with sex on a more primal level, giving the customer what they truly need, which may not always be what they want."

"Interesting, so where did the name come from?"

"It is named after my Mother actually, the store has been around for ages, this is just the current incarnation,"

"Really? So your mother was named Lilith?"

"Lilith is the name of an ancient sexual goddess who took me under her wing long ago."

"Well, it couldn't have been that long ago." He said with a smile.

"Do you think flattery will get you somewhere with me?"

"No, um, I was just saying you don't look old enough to say anything happened long ago, that's all."

"That's sweet, but I am much older than I look."

"Nah, I don't believe that at all."

"I am 376 years old."

"Haha, well you don't look a day over 27." He said thinking she was joking.

"That's because I feed off the sexual energy of those I lay with, you see this crystal around my neck?"

"Yes, it's very lovely, why is it glowing like that?"

"Because you are getting aroused by me, I made these because in my experience there have been Succubi and Incubi who don't want to have the body count that comes with our, let's say condition."

"Succubi and incubi?"

"Yes, did you think I was a mere mortal woman?"

"Never crossed my mind really,"

"Right now I am feeding off of you."

"Really, well if I know succubus lore correctly, the only way to feed is by having sex?"

"Correct, but this necklace sustains me quite well for a time, it feeds off of the sexual arousal if those around me, not harming you but giving me a light snack keeping me healthy for a while,"

"But not permanently?"

"No, I still have to feed the old fashion way every once and a while."

"Which in turn kills your mate?"

"Unfortunate side effect from the greatest moment of their life." She said with a smile as her interviewer got a little hot and bothered.

"Ahem, so I take it dating is off the table for your kind?"

"Oh not at all, I am actually in a very serious relationship,"

"With an Incubus?"

"Nope, he is human,"

"But then how do you two... I'm sorry, that is none of my business,"

"No it's fine, I don't mind talking about my sex life at all, and that brings me to another great invention of mine," Nessira said holding up one of her custom condoms.

"Is that a condom?"

"Very special kind, you put that on and you could let any succubus have her way with you as many time as they want and you would live to tell the tail,"

"Interesting, I assume these are a hot seller?"

"You'd be surprised, there is a club I do business with that buys many of these, and I also recently had an unfortunate situation involving a young woman who was changed into a succubus against her will, these made it so she and her husband could still have a sex life,"

"Really, how did she become a succubus?"

"Well as a succubus we have this ability that were I to have sex with you, or any man, they would die, but were I to have sex with your wife, however, she would become like me,"

"Oh um, I see,"

"That just got you more aroused didn't it, imagining your wife and me in bed together," Nessira said as her crystal glowed brighter.

"Was it you who changed this woman you speak?"

"No, it was another who escaped from here,"

"What do you mean escaped?"

"See that shelf of statues behind you?" She said as he looked back to the shelf filled with statues of different creatures, "those are all creatures of a sexual nature trapped until I have found the perfect mate for them,"

"So you just feed people to these things?"

"Absolutely not, these lovely demons and other beings want what you and I want, they want love,"

"Except for that one you spoke of?"

"She was a complicated individual, and sometimes this store has a mind of its own,"

"Have you ever, well, turned a woman?"

Nessira smiled at him as her foot brushed against his knee for a moment, "a few, I wasn't always about true love, I had my dark years,"

"Dark years?"

"Oh yes, I was known as the Red Witch of Raven Hill, men from all over lusted for me, but I was more of a healer back then,"

"Wait, you're dark days were you as a healer?"

"Oh no, those came later when someone killed my love, that led to years of torturing men in their dreams as I sucked the life from them,"

"That's... Interesting?"

"Men having such erotic dreams that they would cream in their beds every night while I slowly and lustfully killed them, they all died with a smile in their face let me tell you," she said smiling at him as he loosened his collar. "Sometimes I would torture them and then have my way with their woman and let them finish them off, imagine it, coming home to your wife who looks amazing and wants your cock so badly, and why would you expect anything, she's your mate, your love, and now she is going to suck everything out of you in the greatest moment of your life," Nessira said as she crossed her legs and raised an eyebrow at Tom as he adjusted himself getting a little uncomfortable as his erection pressed against his pants.

"Wow, that's um... what a way to go,"

"You're curious though aren't you, to know the pleasure that comes from being seduced and killed by a succubus,"

"That's alright, but um, let's get back to what you were saying about the women, the most recent one,"

"Oh, a little girl on girl action for you? Well, there was one a few years ago but that was a complicated situation, but we are actually friends now, or at least, on speaking terms,"

"I see,"

"I didn't actually have sex with her though, I was trapped in a statue like those behind you and used this woman to free me,"

"How so?"

"I made her sacrifice three virgins, it was a ritual that would set me free and complete her transformation,"

"That's interesting, so she killed three men?"

"Well, two anyway, the third one is her husband, that kind of blew up in my face a little,"

"But you are here, and not a statue,"

"True, but I had to possess the body of a woman who I made my, well that woman I spoke of before, I made her husband kill this woman and I took her over,"

"Wow, this is great stuff, it will make a great story I think,"

"There might have been someone else though, more recently, what was her name?" She said thinking for a moment.

"Does your boyfriend know about all of this?"

"This body was a woman he used to date years ago, that's how we met when he thought I was her,"

"And he knows who you are and what you did?"


"And he's okay with that?"

"It's complicated I know,"

"This is crazy, but anyway, so all you want in life is love?"

"I have already found my true love, have you?"

"What? Of course I have, I'm married!"

"Yes but you seem unsure, there is a part of you that wants to try something in my store, maybe even me,"

"What, no that's crazy,"

"Is it, I could have my way with you, right now, my boyfriend wouldn't even care, it actually gets him off hearing about me feeding off of dumb unsuspecting men, between you and me I think he envy's them a little, to die at the hands of a succubus is said to be the greatest pleasure in the world," she said placing her hand on his leg.

"No, I'm uh, fine!"

"Are you sure, I don't think your wife Samantha would mind,"

"How did you..."

"Does she know about Jane, I don't think she'd mind either?"


"You think I don't know who you are? Why do you think I am telling you all of these things, I wouldn't want this information to become public knowledge, that could make problems for me,"

"So what are you saying, are you gonna kill me?" He said half-jokingly but also a little worried.

"Ha, no, I am not going to do anything, I am even going to let you go home to your wife,"

"Okay?" He said confused as she silently grinned at him, "Well then I think we are done here," he said standing up and closing his notepad.

"I have some pictures to send you, I think you will really enjoy them," Nessira said still grinning at him.

"Great, thank you for your time,"

"Please do tell Samantha I said Hello," he heard Nessira say as he opened the door to leave.

Nessira saw him drive away before she took out her phone and dialed a number. When someone picked up she said: "he's on his way, have fun!"


As Tom got home he pulled into his driveway and saw Samantha's car there seeing she was home. He headed into the house dropping his bag on the table as he began to look through the mail. He called out to his wife but had not heard an answer from her so he placed the mail down and headed to the bedroom.

"Sam are you home?" He said as he walked in and saw his wife laying on the bed wearing nothing but a very sexy black sheer teddy.

He had never seen his wife look this hot before and after the long strange interview he did with Nessira it wasn't hard for him to get turned on by the sight of her as she bent her leg showing them off. He stepped a little closer as she grabbed him by his pants and pulled him close as she pulled herself up unbuckling his belt.

"Do you want me?" She said to him in a sexy voice as she slid down his underwear to get a look at his stiffening member.

"Sam, wow, you look..." He said stumbling over his words.

"I know, if only you always saw me like this," she said as her lips met the tips of his cock sending waves of pleasure through him.

The feeling was amazing as she continued to have her way with his manhood. Her tongue sliding along his shaft was like heaven as she teased him a little running her finger under his balls. He began to think about Jane who was a secretary he worked with whom he had been having an affair with and how even she was unable to pleasure him this well. He began to wonder if he should break things off with her and just focus on his wife again.

Suddenly he heard his phone go off from his pocket but he ignored it at first as he knew it was just a text message and he would check it later. Samantha looked over at the phone and smiled as she continued to wiggle her tongue against his member driving him wild before she reached into his pocket and pull out his phone.

"You might want to check that honey,"

She said as she pulled him down on the bed with a hard thud before returning to work on his cock. He placed the phone down by his side not recognizing the number and enjoying the attention Sam was still giving him as she slid off what little clothing she was wearing and began to crawl up towards him.

"Seriously, check your message,"

"It can wait, besides it's an unknown number,"

"That's okay, I won't mind, but seriously check it!" She said in a stern voice as he picked up the phone and read a brief message with multiple photos attached.

"My visit to your wife!" The message said as he began to browse through the pictures.

It was hard for him to concentrate as Samantha began teasing his cock with her slit letting the little bits of his precum spread across her folds. He looked at the first picture and it was Nessira standing at his front door taking a selfie. He continued and saw another picture of her kissing his wife. The next picture was on of them laying on the bed together as Nessira was sliding off Samantha's underwear. Samantha seemed to be in a sort of trance but her face was definitely that of someone enjoying Nessira's attention. The next few were different pictures of Nessira eating out his wife.

"Oh fuck!" He said concentrating more on the photos than to what Sam was doing.

There were many more pictures of them both naked as Nessira seemed to have a tail that was inside his wife's pussy. Samantha looked to be enjoying herself in every picture and as the horror of what had happened finally hit him Samantha impaled herself on his cock. The feeling made him drop the phone as he looked up to see Samantha's eyes suddenly had a red glow to them.

"Oh my God, no Samantha, don't do this, I have this condom in my pants pocket that..."

"Hush, Nessira told me everything, who do you think sent you to the shop?"

"What, why?"

"Because, you think you can fuck your secretary and get away with it, I went to the Emporium to try to find a way to save our marriage but when I left I had a new outlook on life, and I don't need you in it anymore!"

"Oh shit!" He said as she rocked her hips milking his cock. "Please..."

"Consider this mercy, I have been told to die at the hands of succubus is the greatest feeling in the world,"

"Oh... Oh, fuck!"

"And don't worry about Jane, I have a plan for her as well,"

"Oh... Oh shit... Don't,"

"Don't worry, I know you were lying to her about our marriage, telling her how bad it had gotten so I won't harm her too much, but you are my first meal and then I begin my new life as a creature of lust, I'm sure that condom will come in handy when I find a man who isn't a cheating son a bitch like you!"

Tom could feel the pleasure growing in his cock. It was an intense and almost insane feeling like it was the best sex he had ever had. He looked down as he felt something strange and saw her tail suddenly wrapped around the has of his cock adding to the pleasure as her pussy was tight squeezing the tip of his member inside.

He began to slide his hands along her body as the reality if the situation came over him. He was going to die by the hands of his wife who had been transformed into a creature he didn't even know existed until hours ago. He realized it was his own fault and began to accept his fate. Knowing she was planning on killing him she let him touch her and enjoy himself as these would be his last moments on earth.

"It's almost time Tom, are you ready for it?" She said with a laugh as he was barely able to speak anymore.

The feeling in his cock was incredible as he saw it starting to glow a little as she continued to milk it. She leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on his lips as she moved her hips one more time bringing him over the edge. He was in complete euphoria as his orgasm hit in slow motion before he felt his warmth and everything else inside him begin to drain from his cock filling this creature that was once his wife. As the life left his body he felt like he was in heaven praying for forgiveness for what he had done until everything finally went dark and his time on this planet was over.

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