tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 01

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 01


Hello everyone, this series will be diving into Nessira's darker years. Do not expect a happy ending from these chapters as this is Nessira dealing with the heartbreak of losing Sebastian and taking her revenge on mankind for it. There will be more to come from Lilith's emporium don't worry, but just giving this warning as some of my readers like the happier stories. Please read the "Night with Nessira" stories to learn more about Sebastian's death and what lead to this. This story also takes place before the "Curse of Tinera".


Centuries ago only a few weeks after the massacre caused by the Red Witch of Raven hill in a town not too far away, a young man named Jeremiah had just had a few drinks and was leaving the little pub in his village which he frequented often. The dirt road in front of him was hard to walk as he was drunk and tripping a little as he headed home. He stopped for a moment leaning against the nearest wall holding himself up trying to get his bearings when he saw someone walking towards him.

"Looks like someone had a little too much to drink." A blonde woman said to him with a smile.

"Nothing I can't handle Madam." He said standing back up.

"Maybe you could use some help, I have a place nearby where you can get some rest." She said taking his hand and helping him walk.

Jeremiah was confused about who this woman was and why she was helping him. He was drunk but he couldn't help but notice how attractive she was smiling at him. Her blonde hair made her look heavenly as she took him to the door if a house he had thought belonged to someone else but couldn't remember who.

As he walked upstairs she helped him to bed letting him get comfortable as she pulled off his boots. As she bent over he got an amazing view of her cleavage as it was being pushed up by the corset she was wearing. His head was spinning a bit as he laid back against the pillow. The woman had noticed him looking at her chest which only made her smile a bit.

"How are you feeling?" She asked placing a damp cloth in his head.

"I feel a lot better actually, thank you miss?"

"You can call me Miss Ravenhill." She said still placing the cloth along his face.

"What a nice name my lady, I feel like I have heard it before though?"

"I am not from around here, I just arrived a few days ago."

"I see, well I am glad you are here. So where are you from?"

"A village far from here, I was the town healer."

"You definitely have a magic touch."

She smiled as she leaned down close to him and whispered: "you have no idea." As her hand suddenly found it's way along the front of his pants.

"Oh um... Excuse me but..." He said before she placed her finger on his lips.

"I am here to make you feel better, please let me?" She said as her fingers danced along the growing bulge in his pants.

He leaned back enjoying the sensation confused by why she was doing this but it felt very nice. He looked over seeing a large leather book in the table nearby and some other strange artifacts around. She noticed his wandering eyes and decided to distract him as she loosened the strings on her corset and opened it up to show him her breasts.

"Oh, wow!" He said seeing her amazing display.

"Now, let me make you feel better." She said as her clothes seemed to disappear as she slid off his pants seeing his erection sticking straight up.

Her hands gently stroked his cock making him moan out as he enjoyed her touch. He was shocked as he suddenly felt her tongue against his shaft lubricating him. It was an intense feeling that he had never felt before as she continued to pleasure him. His moans grew louder as the woman smiled at her handiwork before she finally climbed on top of his cock letting it slide inside her.

"Oh, God!" He yelled out as her pussy was tight and warm squeezing his member as she started moving her hips a little milking him.

As she straddled his cock the Name Ravenhill was still rattling around in his brain. He knew he had heard it before but he couldn't figure out from where. Soon the pleasure in his cock was so strong it was hard for him to think about it anymore. He looked up at the beautiful blonde woman on top of him as his hands slid up feeling her breasts. Her skin was soft and milky white as she moaned at the touch of his hands on her nipples.

Jeremiah felt much better until he closed his eyes for a moment only to open them and see her hair had changed color. What was once golden locks were now red as blood as she smiled at him taking his hand and sucking on his fingers a little. It suddenly hit him where he had heard the name Ravenhill before and he felt a chill as he realized who this woman was and how she had tricked him.

"You're... You're the Red Witch, The Red Witch of Raven Hill!"

"You are a clever one, too bad you're not clever enough!" She said as he hips moved faster squeezing his cock.

Jeremiah was trapped in her grip and the pleasure was more intense than anything he had ever felt before. He knew he couldn't escape and was ashamed that he fell for her tricks but the sex was so amazing that it was hard for him to be angry.

"What... What do you want?" He asked.

"From you, just a meal, then the rest of this little village will feel my wrath, but a little at a time."


"Why not, humans have shown me their true colors, I would destroy you all quickly if you didn't taste so good, especially your women, I will enjoy corrupting them and sending them to destroy the rest of you men but do not worry, soon your troubles will be over."

"Oh Lord, please I beg of you!"

"Beg, do you think begging will do you any good? Did Sebastian beg for his life!" She said as her eyes went red with anger. "No, he would not beg, he never would have begged," she said grabbing Jeremiah by the throat and choking him for a moment. "I have seen the best of your kind, and he was destroyed, simply for loving me, now you all will suffer his fate!

"I don't know any Sebastian, I didn't kill anyone!"

"It doesn't matter, you will pay, all of you, I am Nessira, the Daughter of Lilith, and mankind will live and die under my heel like they did hers!"

"Oh, Oh God!"

"Yes, pray to your pathetic God, I can feel your energy, your soul pooling in your cock, ready to give itself to me, are you ready?"

"Please... Oh... Don't!"

"That's it, give yourself to Nessira the Red!" She said as he screamed out his lust before his cock exploded into her giving her his cum and his soul all at once.

She felt his warm seed emptying into her as she fed off of him. He was delicious as she closed her eyes and enjoyed every second of her meal until his cock finally stopped squirting and all that was left below her was a corpse with pale white skin.

"That was good!" She said sliding off of him as she walked over to the window glancing down at her spell book as she walked by it.

She was still naked as she looked out at the village during the night smiling as she could smell all the men and women asleep in there beds waiting for Nessira to come and visit them in their dreams and then in person. She shut the wooden doors as she smiled to herself before using a spell to dispose of Jeremiah's remains as she got some sleep to prepare for what was to come.

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