tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 04

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 04


At dawn, the town was filled with gossip of things that had been happening recently. A young man had gone missing along with a young woman named Elizabeth and her father who had gone looking for her. Rumors of loud demonic sounds coming from the forest spread through town like wildfire but nobody seemed to know for sure what had really happened.

Thomas had been worried as he had not heard from his fiance Elizabeth since yesterday. Today after he discovered that her father was also missing along with stories of a winged creature flying through town and snatching her he had become much more worried. He had asked a few people and nobody had seen her all morning so his worry grew.

He decided to visit her home one more time before heading out and gathering a search party to find her. The farm was quiet which bothered him a little as he walked up to the front door and tried to calm himself before knocking on it. He had his hat in his hands waiting for someone to answer. He was almost about to give up hope when he heard someone walking towards the door.

The door opened and he saw Elizabeth standing there with a sultry smile on her face as she was still wearing her night gound. "Why Thomas, I am so glad to see you."

"Elizabeth!" He said hugging her feeling relief that she was all right. "I had heard horrible things and worried ever so about your safety."

"Well I am here unharmed, please come in."

"Um, maybe you should get dressed first, I feel this isn't appropriate."

"Please, I missed you." She said enticing him to enter the house.

"Very well," he said still trying to act like a complete gentleman as he stood in the entryway.

"Now Thomas, you are my fiance, you can relax in my home."

"Are you feeling alright Elizabeth, you seem different."

"I feel different, in fact, why don't you get a closer look at just how different I am." She said pushing him up against the door and pressing her lips against his.

"Elizabeth, what has gotten into you?" He said trying to stop her.

"I want you, Thomas, I want you now!" She said grabbing his pants and ripping them apart with ease to his surprise.

Before he could protest any more he was pushed to the floor before she pounced on him kissing him again before ripping his shirt open and gently tracing her fingernails down his chest. Thomas could not believe how she was acting but also couldn't hide his arousal as she got closer to his erect cock which was not hard to see.

"Ahh, my prize."

"Elizabeth... Oh God, what are you doing, this is not right!"

"Who cares what is right and wrong, all that matters is what we want, and right now I want this!" She said grabbing his cock with some force before she leaned down and began sucking on it with some force.

"Oh... Elizabeth... Shit!"

"Your cock tastes so good, you want this Thomas, you want me!"

"No, this is... Wrong!"

"Hush, this is happening." She said as she ripped her nightgown in half revealing her naked body before she began teasing his cock with the slit between her legs. "This feels so good, who needs marriage, or faith when we have unlimited pleasure."

"Oh fuck!"

"That's it, give in!" She said as she lowered herself onto his cock letting it slide inside her.

She moved her hips milking her fiance's cock as her pussy was warm and already well lubricated. The sensation was so intense he could barely hold on as she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. He felt so ashamed but was also enjoying the sensation so much he almost didn't care. He looked up at her and noticed that her eyes seemed strange not looking like there normal self.

"Elizabeth, what happened to you?"

"Hush, you are mine Thomas, a new era has begun, the era of Nessira the Red Witch!"

"The Red Witch, oh God, what has she done to you?"

Elizabeth began to sprout fangs and two large wings as she continued to fuck Thomas. The pleasure was getting more and more intense as he struggled to hold on as long as he could. He heard his fiance start to give out a demonic laugh as she looked down at him eyes glaring and glowing red as she was no longer the woman he loved.

Thomas could see light from between his legs as she prepared to rip his soul from his body as he moaned out loudly. The pleasure grew stronger and stronger until he let out a scream before his cock exploded inside her squirting every ounce of his cum followed by his energy and lifeforce draining into the woman he once loved until there was nothing left but a pale corps under her.

"Ah, that was delicious," Elizabeth said before climbing off of Thomas's cock.

"Very well done my dear." Nessira said walking out from around the corner of the dining room. "You have done well, he was a handsome young man."

"What is next my master."

"Next, we destroy this town one person at a time, you start with the women, corrupt them until we outnumber the humans, and then we strike leaving the streets stained with blood and cum."

"Yes Nessira, you will be the dark ruler of this world."

"I know I will." She said pulling her newest creation close before kissing her lips.

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