tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 05

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 05


Joseph ran down the dirt street trying to get into any door that he could but none of them would open. Every house and business was locked knowing what was out there and knowing what he was running from as people hid hoping to spare themselves the same fate as him. He banged on every wooden door praying someone would open it but it was no use.

He was too afraid to look back hearing the wings of Nessira as she hunted him. She was toying with him and enjoyed watching him run. She could have taken him at any time but she was having too much fun as she landed in the middle of the road before folding up her wings and returning to her human form as she strolled down after him.

"Why do you resist me?" She said into the darkness. "Do you know what most men would give to have me, to die in my arms feeling pleasures never before felt?"

Joseph quietly sneaked down an alley still trying every door he could find with no luck. He prayed she didn't know where he was as he knew who and what she was and what she wanted to do to him. He couldn't deny his temptation as she was a beautiful seductress.

"You know I can have you whenever I choose but it is more fun this way don't you think? This whole cat and mouse, does it not make the blood just rush to your loans?"

Joseph hid in the dark feeling his erection in his pants. He was ashamed at how aroused he was by her as he still tried to find a place to hide when he looked over and saw a door open a few feet away from him. He saw a face he recognized as his friend Mary signaled for him to quickly come in. He moved as quietly as he could heading inside as she closed the door gently behind him.

"Thank you, Mary, you have no idea how grateful I am."

"Why is she doing this, why you?"

"I don't know, she could have killed me at any moment but I believe she enjoys toying with us."

"She is a monster, why can't she just move on and leave us be?"

"I do not know, but if the stories are true, she wants revenge for the death of the man she loved."

"A creature like that can not love, but she can not just take her revenge in innocent people!"

"Shh, keep your voice down Mary, she may hear you."

Joseph walked over to the window and looked outside seeing if Nessira was still out there. It was quiet and he did not see her anywhere. Hoping maybe she had just moved on and listened close but hear nothing.

"I think she is gone, Mary." He said as he turned around to see the red witch standing there covering Mary's mouth.

"I am not gone, I have not eaten yet." She said with a smile.

"Please do not hurt her!"

"Hurt her?" Nessira asked removing her hand from Mary's mouth to reveal her smiling. "Mary here did exactly what I wanted her to do, lure you into our little trap!"

"He fell for it easily master," Mary said as she began laughing.

"Mary, why?"

"Oh don't blame her my boy, I have been slowly turning the women of this town into succubi for over a week now, did you ever wonder where all those men disappeared to?" She said with a laugh. "None of them expected their lovings wives to be creatures like me when they crawled into bed with them."

"You are a monster!"

"Monster!" She said pushing him against the wall. "What about a man who was in love with a succubus, the lover of a witch who healed people, no, the people who killed him were monsters, just like all mankind."

"I had nothing to do with that, that was a group of drunks who convinced the rest of the town after the priest convinced them to do it, I had nothing to do with it, I'll even tell you who the priest was who started all of this."

Nessira stopped and looked him over before she smiled and said: "interesting, and I was so looking forward to eating your soul." As she began rubbing up against him.

"I'll give you anything you want."

"Oh, I know you will." She said as she grabbed his pants and ripped them in half before she began to gently stroke his erect member.

"But... but I said I would help you?"

"Oh you will, but I have better ways to get information, and my way means I do not have to take your word for it."

Joseph was aroused and terrified as Nessira kneeled down in front of him and began to lick the tip of his cock. She made little circles peeling back his foreskin showing off the head as she continued to tease. Her hand cradled his balls as she massaged them making him moan a little before he looked up at Mary who was touching herself as she watched Nessira work.

"Please, please do not do this." He pleaded.

"Calm yourself, you will feel no pain, I want you to enjoy this, I want this to be the greatest moment of your life."

"But... You're going to kill me."

"Of course I am." She said as she glanced up at him with a smile before wrapping her lips around his manhood.

Joseph gasped at the sensation as the red witch sucked on his cock. The feeling was heavenly and it was difficult not to give in and enjoy despite knowing what it would cost him in the end. Nessira had a very talented tongue which he had heard stories about but they never did her justice as he now knew.

He looked over at Mary who was still fingering herself as she watched. As he looked into her eyes he could see the woman he once knew was no longer there. Whatever she had become was not human and no longer had the caring soul that his friend once did.

"Hmmm, you taste so good."

"Why... Why me?"

"Because you have the information I want, but at the beginning, I was chasing you because I thought you were cute." She said as she loosened the strings on her corset before pilling it off.

"Oh, God!" He said as he suddenly felt her perfect breasts surround his cock as she squeezed them together massaging his member.

Nessira listened to his moans of approval and couldn't help but laugh a little. She always found it funny how easy it was to seduce men. Most of them always only thinking with the dicks and even though this man had offered her valuable information it did little to quench the fiery vengeance in her heart.

She knew what Baphomet had done to her giving her the black seed while letting the Goddess fuck her. She knew to power it gave her and the evil thoughts that filled her mind but the truth of it all was the fact that she didn't care. Since Sebastian's death, she had found that she was taking pleasure in the evil things she did. She began to understand the legends she had heard about Lilith and the wicked things that she had done and it gave her the idea that the Daughter of Lilith could do so much more.

"Not yet." She said as she released his cock from the warm comfort of her breasts. "There is still more to come." She said as she stood up and placed a kiss on his lips savoring his flavor a little. "You are a good kisser, take comfort in knowing that you will die feeling pleasures no man has alive has experienced."

Joseph was pushed down on the table behind him as Nessira crawled on top of him. The rest of her clothes were gone which he cared little for the explanation as she began rubbing her warm wet slit against his throbbing cock teasing him even more. He was so close to orgasm and he knew he would not be able to stop it as he felt her lips press against his again.

Suddenly he felt the tip of his cock slide inside her almost like it had a mind of its own. "Oh..." He blurted out.

"You see, even if you resist me, no cock can."

Nessira sat up and began riding his cock. Joseph looked up at the creature sucking the life from him and could not help but admire her beauty. She had a strange effect on men which he learned the hard way. Nobody could resist her and even if they tried their sexual organs gravitated to her so he was doomed from the start. All he could do now was a joy his final moments.

"Go on, touch me, enjoy yourself while you can." She said grabbing his hands and placing them on her tits.

He could feel her nipples perk up against his palms as she moaned out. Her pussy squeezed his cock like some unnatural creature but it only enhanced the feeling. He let out a moan as he arched his back slightly as she continued to ride his member getting him ready to burst. He was almost there, right on the edge of release as she slowed down gently moving and milking his cock as if to make it last longer.

"God... Fuck!" He yelled out.

"That's it, are you ready?" She asked with a laugh before she made him cum harder than he ever had before.

He bucked his hips and thrashed about violently as his cum and his life force poured out of him and into Nessira who absorbed ever but of it with a smiled on her face as she rubbed her hands against her body feeling her nipples and enjoying every second of it. She took a moment to search his memory and found the information she needed about the priest who planned the slaughter of her love.

"There it is." She said to herself as she was still straddling Joseph's lifeless body.

"He looked delicious my lord Nessira, is there anything more you need of me?" Mary said still standing off to the side.

"I have work to do, go and have fun, my dear." She said as Mary smiled and opened the door leaving Nessira alone.

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