tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 06

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 06


The rumble of thunder overhead rattles the frame of the church, causing a bit of dust to fall down from the ceiling onto the desk. Old religious text, scrolls, and books lay scattered as Father Sherman desperately gathers them together. Among them were descriptions of the unholy creatures now walking among the townspeople, even mentions of a greater evil that may soon appear.

His fear of The Red Witch of Raven Hill was becoming too much to bear as he hears the sound of something scratching against the window. Nervously he looks to see what was making the noise, only to see the branch of a tree outside blowing in the breeze. Taking a soft breath, knowing things had been different since he had convinced a group of people to attempt to get rid of the witch and the threat she posed to them.

The wooden doors of the church open, hitting against the wall next to them as a flash of light reveals a robed figure standing in the doorway. The wind blowing through the open doors as he steps out of the sanctuary and out into the main hall, walking past the altar as the church doors seemingly close themselves. Feeling a chill race along his spine before he regains his composure, offering a slight smile before welcoming them.

"Good evening my child, what can the good lord help you with today?"

As Father Sherman came closer to get a better look at this soul taking refuge within the church, he couldn't help but notice the feminine curves of the robed figure.

"Forgive me, father." She said as she removed the hood and he saw a woman with long dark hair standing there smiling at him.

"I am sorry, what was that?" He said a little confused by what she said but also relieved that it was not Nessira. Taking a step closer to slip an arm around this woman, inviting her to follow him back to the sanctuary. He felt relieved that it wasn't Nessira on his doorstep, but something felt wrong about this woman as he walked next to her.

"Forgive me, for I have sinned." She says, almost growling at him before he shakes his head.

"My child, perhaps now is not the best time."

Hearing this, the woman stops and turns to look at one of the stained glass windows. Seeing it's depiction of a horned demon woman being cast down into hell by an angelic figure, glaring at it as her lips pull back into a snarl.

"Nessira will come for you, she knows what you've done."

"What, how do you know, I mean... I don't know what you are talking about."

"Oh I know you do, I mean I'm the one who gave you the idea."


"Remember your dreams you've had about The Red Witch, watching her kill the people of this town. The visions of her seducing and corrupting the women, then preying upon the men. Feeding off their lusts and desires, tasting their blood and feasting upon their flesh?" He looks at this woman, unable to speak for a moment as she describes in vivid and unsettling detail just what he had seen in his dreams as of late. "You did exactly what you were meant to do, now things have been set into motion that cannot be undone."

"Who are you?"

"I am here to thank you, but also, I can't let Nessira get her revenge."

"Really, so are you going to get me out of here?"

"Oh Heavens know, I am going to kill you."


"Don't worry, I'll make it feel good."

"Get back heathen." He said holding up a cross.

"Ha, you truly believe this hocus pocus? There is no God, or at least the one you pray to, there are gods, like Lilith, and..." She said as her eyes flashed red for a moment. His eyes drawn to the hideous demonic shadow cast by this woman onto the wall nearby, recognizing the shape.

"Baphomet... you cannot be here!"

"Oh but I am father, am I not beautiful?" She purrs wistfully, letting some of her robes slip down to offer a teasing view of her breasts.

"This is God's house, you are not welcome here beast!"

"He's not here, it's just you... and me." She said rushing towards him and pushing him against the altar with inhuman strength before she began rubbing his cock through his robe.

"Please stop."

"I do not believe you really want me to stop." She said while running her fingers over his holy garments. Her nails growing out into thick black claws before she tore his robes open and grabbed his throbbing member squeezing it a little as she began stroking it.

"No...please...this is wrong."

"Hmmm, and yet you still want it." She kneeled down and began licking his cock gently. Allowing him to experience the feel of her tongue as it flattens out, it's tip becoming forked as she continues.

Father Sherman didn't know what to do as the pleasure was so intense but he knew this woman was going to kill him and was forcing him to sin in Gods temple. He dropped his cross as she continued to molest his cock sucking on it over and over again.

"No... I can't"

"I just told you there is no Heaven or Hell, so what does any of this matter?"

"Oh... Fuck!" He said as her sucks grew harder and stronger.

He was getting closer and closer to orgasm as he braced for it. He heard the woman start to growl as her eyes glowed brighter as her sucks grew stronger. He let out a yell as his cock spammed uncontrollably squirting into her mouth emptying his balls in pleasure he had not felt in many years.

"Ah, a taste of the divine." She said licking up the last few drops of cum dripping from his member.

"Wait, I'm still alive?" He said in a breathy voice.

"Of course, I am not a succubus." She purrs, shrugging off her robes to reveal her naked flesh underneath.

Standing in front of the fallen priest, his eyes lingering on her firm breasts. Noticing her skin darkening as fur begins to cover this woman. A fearful glance down revealing her hooves stepping away from her robes. Father Sherman looks back up, seeing that while she was tall, she was a bit taller now. A horned goat-like face snarling at him, fangs bathed in drool as she snaps at him.

"Oh God!"

"I just wanted to lay claim to the flesh that once was given to your pathetic god." She said in a deep and beastly voice as she places her hand on his face. Hearing his last breath come out in a whisper to be forgiven before with a wet crunch, she easily snaps his neck.

Allowing the priest's lifeless body to fall at her feet, stepping over him and looking up at the cross above the altar. Glaring at it while a low growl begins to build within her, she could hear the sounds of chaos spreading through the town. The succubus turned by Nessira feeding on others, a sudden and powerful roar erupts from Baphomet's beastly muzzle. Roaring with such force, the stained glass windows of the church explode outward.


"Hello, Father Sherman," Nessira said in a taunting voice as she entered the church. "Come out come out wherever you are."

Nessira looked all around looking for the priest when she noticed something. She saw someone sitting on the step in front of the altar which she thought was a little odd. She approached it lifting up the hood to see Father Sherman dead with a broken neck but as she looked down she notices his still erect cock sticking out from his ripped robes.

"No, no! Who got to him first?" She said to herself as she was confused by who killed him. "Those bitches!" She said referring to the women she had turned I to succubi in town thinking one of them had done this.

Her anger grew as her eyes turned bright red and she transformed into her true succubus form. She let out a scream that everyone could hear throughout the town as she flew up through the ceiling looking out over the town hidden in the darkness of night.

"Flamma!" She said as both her hands sprouted flames and she began shooting fireballs down at the church before hitting every building in town lighting up the night sky with an orange glow as the screams of people burning could be heard for miles.

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by maestro8407/25/18

Thank you

As I am sure you have read, Nessira has a dark past that she is not proud of, she started out as the villain in the Victoria stories so this is all the horrible stuff she did before that which leads tomore...

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by ender2k2k07/25/18

This is a very dark story

I don't normally like these stories. But you have built up my interest in Nessira with the previous stories so much that I have to, and want to, follow it through until you finish. Thank you for yourmore...

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by maestro8407/24/18


Did some if the editing on this as well, forgot to give credit in the story. Baphomet(or at least this version) is her character and creation.

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