tagSci-Fi & FantasyLilith Takes a Mate

Lilith Takes a Mate


The male was bathing in the small whirlpool beneath the falls, just as she expected. At least he was predictable. She had been tracking this male for three days now. She would have to strike today.

He was a magnificent male! Tall, a good hand length taller than her, and extremely muscular. Two large scars on his chest indicated that he had been a fairly serious scrap. Lilith would have to be careful. Slowly she crawled up to the Gora bushes that lined the pool's edge. She dared not get any closer, for he would surely spy her.

Lilith dipped her blow dart into the dark green mixture and took aim; she would wait until he made his way up the beach before she struck. As luck would have it the male walked directly towards her, then turned to look back at the falls. Lilith took aim and blew with all her might. The dart landed deep in the thick muscle of the male's right buttock. He yelled, turned to see where the attack came from and began to shake. The poison worked quickly, immobilizing his muscles as it traveled through his system. He took four steps towards Lilith before crumbling to the ground.

Lilith sprang from the bushes and circled the large male, who was still struggling to fight the effects of the potion. She had him! She was ecstatic. Wait until she told the other sisters of the tribe of the magnificent male she had captured and mated with! As she slowly circled the male she stripped off her halter, her ample breasts leapt out, gently swaying from the agitation. She then removed her loincloth revealing the rest of her shapely athletic figure. The warm summer sun felt glorious on her legs and buttocks. The male, who was mostly still, now eyed Lilith as she paraded about him.

Finally remembering why she was there Lilith then stood in front of the male so he could look at his captor before she ravished him. Lilith moved in quickly and close and knelt beside him taking his large soft phallus in her mouth. The fresh scent of the spring water and the sharp musk of his loins excited her. She sucked gently on his roll of flesh caressing the soft underbelly and the helmet of his member with her tongue.

The male quickly sprouted a long and stiff erection under her attentions. "Get off me witch!" he hissed. Lilith paid him no mind, she had captured him fairly; he had no right to complain, after all he was male, he would serve his purpose under the laws. She was glad however, that he still had some fight in him, a male who resisted during mating was very exciting.

Seeing that his organ had reached its fullness, Lilith straddled his supine body, grabbed his erect manhood and slowly let her quim devour it. The male groaned as she enveloped his proud erection in her silky wetness. His rod was enormous, but Lilith was not to be denied her prize; she angled her hips, relaxed and consumed the length of him deep within her.

Without wasting a moment Lilith began to ride him, using the inner muscles of her womanhood to milk and further excite his member. She leaned back and displayed her body proudly as the elder sisters had taught her, her large breasts jutted forward, pert and defiant of gravity; they rolled and jiggled with every thrust.

Lilith wanted to make absolutely certain the male could see all of her delicious body. Her svelte waist flaring to wonderfully curved hips, her flat stomach and perfect skin. She wanted to make certain the he could see how her womanhood suckled him, devoured him, conquered him.

The male continued to try to struggle free, but the potion from the Kalia root kept his muscles from working in unison. He kept looking away, trying to resist her. Such impudence. No matter, it was clear that his manhood appreciated her attentions, she would take his seed soon enough.

Lilith was ecstatic, she had never imagined so much success on her first breeding hunt. This male was truly magnificent. He would surely sire a strong healthy female warrior. Her success in this hunt, and the capture of this beautiful male greatly aroused her. She had been on plenty of pleasure hunts, where she and her sisters had captured males for pure sexual satisfaction, but this was her first breeding hunt, and her first solo hunt.

Lilith's sex was now soaking wet and her quim made deliciously obscene suckling sounds as she rode the male's phallus. Her quim clutching him, coaxing his essence out of his grand erection. The male could look away from her svelte shapely body, but he could not deny the sounds and sensations of their coupling.

This male reminded her of her first pleasure hunt just some three harvests ago with her blood sister Maeve and two older girls. In the lemon grove near Second Valley they managed to capture an older boy from a neighboring tribe. He was a feisty one and, as the girls in her hunting party were all too young to use blow darts for a hunt, they had to restrain him physically.

Lilith recalled how the two older girls tried to stimulate him for over an hour. They fumbled about his cock with their mouths and hands before the more experienced Maeve finally stepped in, took his cock in her skillful mouth, and finished him off.

Lilith remembered how the young male had resisted at first and how powerfully he climaxed when Maeve finally broke him. His cock exploded, violently and with purpose. Six long ropes of his seed leapt from his magnificent organ.

Lilith remembered the light blonde hair between his thighs and the squirting sound his manhood made as it violently expelled his nectar. She remembered how his thick white syrup arced through the air and splashed down on the fallen leaves of the lemon trees.

She would never forget the odd look of horror and euphoria on his face when their prey realized he had lost his struggle in a fit of extreme pleasure. What a glorious time Lilith and her hunting party had. They all enjoyed that boy, and his glorious sex, for nearly three full days before releasing him.

Lilith turned her attention back to the present and to the male below her. This was much more important than a pleasure hunt. She was here to mate, but still she could not help but wonder if this male would spray as hard as the boy in the lemon grove. She rode the male harder, faster. Her quim mercilessly griping and milking his helpless cock.

Suddenly, his breath drew shallow, Lilith knew he was close to surrendering his seed, she angled her hips and went in for the "coup de grace." Her quim clenched down upon his staff, sliding up and down its length. "Do not struggle, give me your seed." she cooed to the male.

Lilith moved her hips faster, breaking down the last bits of resistance in his defiant phallus. Then, with a burst she felt it. The male's organ began to twitch like an angry snake. One, two, three, quick and powerful shots of his seed splashed deep within her vault. Lilith squealed with delight. Four, five, six. He continued to erupt into her. Deftly undulating her muscles deep within her sex she milked his member of its precious juice. Seven, eight....nine. His organ was tiring .....ten, then at last ......eleven.

It was done. He was empty. Males were so easy. A tortured groan of loss and the words "Forgive me Alaiya." were the only sounds he made during his bountiful spill. Lilith guessed that Alaiya was his mate back at his tribe. She wondered, briefly, how the women in the other tribes could actually live with men. Men were so simple, so base. Men were good only for pleasure and mating.

The elder sisters had told them the stories of how men had ruled in the Time Before. How they had built great cities, teaming with people, and how they then destroyed it all in wars spawned by their petty jealousy and greed. She shook her head in disgust. "Fear not my proud warrior, Alaiya will have you back soon enough....but not a moment before I am done with you." Lilith whispered.

Lilith slowly rode him a bit more, taking his manhood deep, clenching down on his engorged member with her quim, then pulling up the length of it as her sisters had taught her, making absolutely certain to drain his phallus of all its treasure.

Only after she was certain that he had no more juice to proffer did she release his staff from her womanhood. It landed on his stomach with a splash, thoroughly coated with the slick broth of their sexes his organ glistened in the morning sun.

As she rose to stand a thin translucent strand of his juice clung from the tip of his manhood to the lips of Lilith's mons, connecting them, for a second, until she was almost upright. Then the fine shiny filament of his birth syrup finally broke under its weight, landing every so lightly across his rippled stomach and large chest.

Lilith smiled and looked over her prize once again. To her amazement she found that his large organ was still quite turgid -- and her lust was not yet satisfied. Kneeling back down over her stud she angled her hips yet again, but this time instead of taking the helpless cock within her, she pushed the lips of her quim down upon his lengthy shaft and slid back and forth over his rippled ram of flesh.

Lilith moaned aloud, the sensation was electric! She bore down on his rod with great pressure making certain that the delightfully sensitive clit received full attention. Back and forth, back and forth she slid over him. The male, his organ drained and sensitive from her ravishing, groaned in protest, but Lilith was too involved to notice.

This would not take long, nor did she want it to, she was close, very close to the brink. Just a few...more..... strokes. Her fingers tingled, her toes curled sharply inward.

The sudden kick of pleasure hit her with such fury that she shook. The orgasm raced through her young body, her firm youthful flesh tensed, her quim contracted and released violently as she doubled over with waves of intense orgasmic release. She could barely breathe, or make a sound for that matter, save for a soft rhythmic grunting which escaped her lips. So much pleasure! So.... much..... pleasure! For a moment she lost track of where she was.

Then as suddenly as it started, it began to subside. The contractions slowed, as did the waves of ecstasy. Lilith continued to caress his staff with her labia slowly, with a feather like touch, savoring the last few ripples of her rapture.

Lilith enjoyed him for a few moments more, slowing her rhythmic slide, back and forth....... back and forth.......slowly........ gently........ letting the very last spasms of her delight traverse her. After the very last spasm swept through her, Lilith pulled her mons off his large cudgel. The male's rod and loins were drenched with her clear sticky nectar.

Lilith was weak but, for the moment, sated. She felt as if she were floating above the ground. Her sense of time and space had all but abandoned her and she had to remain hunched over the large male until she could gather her composure.

Through the haze of her orgasmic fog, Lilith realized she would have to move the male to a safe and secure place if she was to mate with him for the traditional two days. .....but where?

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