tagErotic HorrorLilith's Emporium - Fairy Escape

Lilith's Emporium - Fairy Escape


Kevin was in the back room looking for a small box Nessira had told him to grab for her. The room that had used to be Shadows bedroom before he came into the picture was now just wall to wall shelves with strange books and boxes. It didn't help that Nessira had put an enchantment on the room making it larger every time it gets full so it was like a maze.

He finally found a small wooden box with what looked like a pair of butterfly wings etched on the side. He wasn't sure what was in it because she hadn't told him but he was just doing his best not to screw up and just do what she asked of him. He grabbed the box and headed back to the shop floor.

The box was a little heavier than he was expecting and as he pushed the door open and walked into the shop he suddenly tripped and fell to the floor dropping the small wooden crate breaking it open in the process. Quickly jumping back up trying to rectify the situation he saw three different color balls of light come flying out and suddenly fly through the window leaving holes in the glass before disappearing into the forest.

Unsure of what he had just done and stood there with his mouth open he turned to see Nessira looking at the three holes in the window with wide concerned eyes before looking back at him. Kevin could feel that he might have really screwed up but he still wasn't sure what he had just released.

"So... What was that?" He asked.


"Oh, wait, that's not that bad... Right?"

Her eyes grew wider and he was starting to see that angry succubus begin to emerge which gave him chills but for some reason always turned him on a little. It wasn't anything he would act on because he loved Shadow but he could not deny how sexy Nessira was, even if she has a look on her face that told him she was about to murder him.


Brandon was laying in his bedroom watching TV enjoying his weekend off. He had just graduated High School and was relaxing while his parents were away for a few days. He was looking at his phone listening to the show he had on and did not notice the little yellow light fluttering outside his window.

The little fairy with a yellow glow to her was watching him lay there. She was craving what was hidden under his jogging pants feeling herself drool and get wet between her legs just thinking about how long she had been trapped in that prison the succubus had made for her kind. She examined the screen and soon realized it was not a very strong material as she pulled off one of the corners and made her way into his room.

She was quiet and was able to easily sneak around without him noticing her. Being a fairy they were good at stealth attacks which is how they had become so good at getting what the needed from humans. She could tell he was young but could smell the sexual organ between his legs begging for release. She could hardly contain her excitement as she always enjoyed the younger males as at least to her they tasted so much better. All that pent up sexual energy made their cum taste incredible.

She began to think about how she wanted to play this off. She noticed him yawn a few times which gave her an idea that usually worked and would basically make it so he would let her do whatever she wanted to him. She quickly flew over and landed on his headboard. He still hadn't noticed her at all which made her even more excited as she snuck down on to his pillow and close to his ear.

"Somnium," she whispered to him which made him begin to feel a little light headed.

As Brandon looked around the room something seemed off. He wasn't sure what was going on but everything seemed different almost as if he was in his room but it was a dream. He suddenly saw what looked like a tiny woman with butterfly wings standing on his chest smiling at him.

"What the hell?" He said but his voice sounded strange almost as if it echoed a little.

"What's wrong?" The little woman said as he began to examine her seeing her tiny naked form as she danced around.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

"I dunno, it's your dream!" She said with a giggle lying to him to make him more submissive.

"A dream, why would I dream about fairies?"

"I dunno, maybe you have a subconscious desire to fuck Tinker Bell," she said giggling again as she continued to just dance around his chest and stomach.

"Well... This is strange, what happens now?"

"Well, it's just a dream right?" She said looking over her shoulder at him with a devious grin.

"Looks that way."

"Then there is no reason we can't have a little fun right?" She said rushing down to his paints before she sprinkled what looked like fairy dust on him which caused his pants to slid off leaving him there in his boxer shorts. "Ooh, boxers, need a lot of room in there don't you big guy?" She said giggling again as she strolled down to the opening in the front of them glancing inside. "Let's get a better look shall we?" She began to sprinkle more of that strange dust into the opening and his cock began to tingle a little getting stiff as he let out a small moan. She watched as his stiff cock sprouted out through his boxers standing tall, almost twice as tall as her. "Wow, this is gonna be fun!" She said jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

Brandon was confused why a fairy would be interested in his penis but also thinking this was a dream he just sort of went along with it. She circled his cock a few times before flying up to get a look at the tip which was covered with foreskin.

"Ooh, I like the ones that still have the foreskin, makes things easier!" She said examining his aching member. "Now, this is your dream, you wanna see what a fairy can do?"

"I um... Sure I guess."

"You guess?" She said as she wrapped her arms and legs around his cock and began using her wings to life her and gently stroke him. "Are you still guessing?"

"Oh... Shit!" He said enjoying her attention.

"Oh trust me, it only gets better from here."

"What um... Fuck!... What's your name?" He asked as she continues to pull on his cock.

"You probably wouldn't be able to pronounce it, but you can call me whatever you want."

"Um... Well... Shit that feels good..." He said looking her over as her blonde hair hung by her shoulders almost reminding him of Tinker Bell like she had said earlier but he didn't want to call her that. "What about... Shit... What about Daisy, like the flower?"

"That works, now hold on big boy!" She said as she suddenly used her wings to speed things up making his cock vibrate a little until he suddenly burst shooting his cum up onto his shirt.

"There we go," she said jumping down to try to get a taste of his cum picking up a scoop and sucking it off her fingers. "Hmm, that is so fucking good!" She said enjoying the taste of him.

"Sorry about that," he said looking at the mess on his shirt.

"No matter, you won't be needing clothes anyway!" She said throwing more dust at his shirt and then making it fly off of him and on to the floor leaving him there in the bed completely naked.

"Woah, wait you're not done with me?"

"Honey, we aren't even close yet, you taste amazing and I want more." She said as he noticed his cock was still hard despite the load he had just released. "In fact..."

With a snap of her finger, she suddenly grew to the size of a human woman. Her body looked amazing as she stood there smiling at him with those strange fairy eyes. Her skin was pale and seemed to be covered in glitter or something. Her wings were still there and she began stretching her new bigger body.

"Oh my... You look... Wow!"

"Awe, thank you, men are so easy," she said with a smile as she lowered herself down getting close to his cock again. He could feel her breath on his member as she examined it closely before sticking her tongue out to taste his skin. "Oh yes, you and I are gonna have so much fun."

"I can't wait!" Brandon said enjoying her attention.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll enjoy this too," She said as Brandon was suddenly confused by what she said.

Before he could ask what she meant by that she suddenly had her lips wrapped around his cock sucking on it. He bucked his hips as her lips were soft and her tongue playful as he received the best blow job he had ever felt. Her fingers began to gently massage his balls making him moan out reaching up grabbing his headboard as she played with his cock.

"Oh, God!" He said as she continued to please his member tickling it until he could feel himself ready to pop again. "Fuck...FUCK!" He yelled as he felt his balls emptying again into her mouth with a force that was much stronger than the first one. "Holy shit... That was fucking amazing."

Daisy slid her lips off his cock almost ignoring him for the moment. He was confused because she looked like her mouth was full and she hadn't swallowed. She cupped her hands and spit all of his cum out into them as he was a little confused but also grossed out by what he was seeing.

"Now let see if I remember... Of right!" She said as she brought her hands up to her face and said: "pene vermibus!" As the goop in her hand began to glow for a moment.

"What was that?" Brandon asked confused by what she was doing with his cum.

He suddenly saw something poke up from her hands. It was green and it slithered up around her thumb as she giggled watching it. It looked like some sort of worm or slug which confused him even more as she pets the top of its head a few times.

"Are you ready my little goopy goop!" She said as if she was speaking to a cute pet or something.

"What is that?" He asked still very confused.

"Don't worry, just something to move things along." She said as she placed it down on his thigh.

Brandon sat up feeling the warm slimy thing on his legs before it began to move. It was quick, quicker than a normal slug as it suddenly slid up on his balls before wrapping around his shaft almost sniffing around. He was beginning to worry a little by what this thing was when he suddenly looked around his room. The effects of her spell earlier had worn off and everything seemed normal.

"Oh my... This isn't a dream is it?" He asked looking at Daisy with shock in his eyes.

"Hehe, whoops!" She said with a laugh as the slug suddenly forced its slimy body into the tip of Brandon's cock.

It didn't hurt but it felt very strange as this warm slimy creature worked its way down inside his member. He fell back against the bed as his cock began to spasm and fill with a warm sensation. It all felt strange but also felt amazing as his body wasn't sure how to react to the sensation.

"What the... What the fuck!" He said seeing his cock begin to turn green and wiggle uncontrollably.

"Ooh, the bonding process has already begun, this is so exciting!"

"Bitch... What did you do to my cock?"

"Oh shut up, admit it you've wanted a beautiful woman to take control of your penis your whole life, well now your wish has come true," she said as she began to climb over him hovering her dripping pussy above his possessed penis. "Now let's give him what he wants," she said as she began teasing the tip of his cock with her wet slit.

Brandon was freaked out but he couldn't help how good it felt as she continued to tease him. He looked down seeing her pussy start to drip a warm fluid letting it drip onto his cock lubricating him as the feeling of her pussy lips felt incredible against him. As her pussy dripped a good glob on the tip of his cock he watched as his foreskin began to move. It was working like a mouth sucking up her juices letting them slide down inside him.

"What the fuck!!"

"The bonding is complete, now your cock belongs to me, but don't worry, that little worm feeds off my sexual fluids just as I feed off yours, the more I give him, the more he gives me."

"You didn't have to do this, you are fucking beautiful, I would have fucked you as many times as you wanted."

"Silly boy, I know that, I could have any guy I wanted, but this is more fun," she said with a giggle as his cock began to move on its own trying to get more of her juices. "That's right my pet, you want more?" She said as his penis suddenly latched on to her clit and begin sucking on it. "Oh... Wow... That's a good boy."

All of this felt strange to Brandon but he couldn't help but moan as the sensation of his living penis felt too good to complain. He could feel her juices dripping down inside his cock as it sucked up every drop and it was amazing.

"Enjoy it mortal, you don't have a say anymore anyway!" She said before lowering herself onto his shaft letting it slide inside her.

"FUCK!" he yelled out as every nerve in his penis was now overloaded with pleasure he didn't think was possible.


Beverly was sunbathing on her balcony. It was a sunny warm day and her apartment complex had each balcony separated so nobody could see anything she didn't want them to so she sat on her lounge chair in a tint bikini getting as much sun as she could while she listened to her headphones. As she laid there with her eyes closed it wasn't long until she dozes off. The sun was beginning to go behind the trees so there was little chance of her getting burned so she just let herself relax.

Nearby watching her from a tree was a curious little fairy with blue hair. As much as she wanted a meal she thought she could have more fun with this beautiful woman who had let her guard down and left little to protect her sexual organ. With a smile, she fluttered up to the balcony to get a better look at her prey.

Her body was flawless and if this fairy didn't know better she'd say this woman could be a fairy herself. She admired her a moment longer before she focused down at her bikini bottoms. They were attached with a string on either side which she could easily undo zapping them both causing them to untie themselves.

She lowered herself pealing back the piece of cloth that had separated her from her goal looking at the nicely shaved pussy before her. She felt herself getting wet just looking at it. Millions of ideas went through her head as she licked her lips and approached her target.

Beverly stirred a little but was still asleep so Blue continued her investigation. She sprinkled a little bit of dust in between the lips making sure it got good and wet for her. She slipped her foot inside feeling the warm goo between her toes as she got excited. She slipped both her legs in getting into it like a hot tub. She began gently kicking her legs which began causing Beverly to moan at the sensation.

As she slept she began to spread her legs a little reacting to the tiny creature playing in her wet slit. Her legs were now to either side of the lounge chair as she began to pant and moan louder. Noticing this the little fairy began to try some other things on her.

She moved up to the top and slid her body out a little. Her breasts were quite large compared to her tiny body so she decided to wrap them around Beverly's clit squeezing them together and massaging it a little. Beverly let out a surprised moan as she jumped awake confused by what was happening and why she was in so much pleasure.

"What the... Oh shit!" She said enjoying the sensation before she finally looked down and almost screamed seeing this tiny person half inside her pussy and rubbing her breasts on her clit. "What the fuck?" She yelled unsure of what was happening but also not sure if she wanted it to stop.

"Shhhh," the little blue-haired winged creature said. "Just relax, I'll take good care of you."

"What the... I've lost my mind!"

Blue began licking Beverly's clit with her little tongue which made her jump a little at the sensation. Whatever was happening she could not deny how amazing it felt and she decided to try to relax and enjoy it.

"There you go, it does 't matter what is happening, all that matters is the pleasure, right?"

"Uhhhh...oh god!"


"Right... Right... Don't stop!"

"Oh don't worry, I've only just begun!" She said before she began to sprinkle some sort of dust on her clit.

Beverly jumped again as whatever the little blue fairy had done felt intense making her whole body feel warm. Blue backed away as Beverly's clit began to pulse and even swell a little. Every pulse drove her crazy making her cum a little as Blue continued to play inside her. She ripped off her top and began rubbing her breasts which only added to the pleasure as she didn't know what was happening between her legs but it felt really good.

Blue smiled devilishly to herself as Beverly's clit began to grow and pulse before larger and changing shape. She even giggled a little at the devious thing she had done to her prey and watched as the clit she had been playing with had now changed into a 10-inch long penis sticking up proudly in front of her.

Beverly was still rubbing her breasts but she began to feel a little uncomfortable. She felt a great stiff pain between her legs and wasn't sure why until she opened her eyes and looked down. Her eyes widened as she saw this gigantic cock between her legs staring up at her before she let out a scream that would have attracted someones attention had there been anyone else on their balconies.

"Oh my god!... What the fuck have you done to me?"

"As fun as it is to play with human women, I also need to feed, so two birds, one stone, you get it."

"Change it back, you little Bitch!"

"Hey, that's not very nice, I know many guys who would kill to have a sexual organ like this! Now lay back and enjoy while I get my meal for the day." Blue said before got a closer look at the enormous cock she had created.

Beverly was freaking out with this uncomfortable swollen member where her clit used to be. What was even stranger was the little blue fair suddenly began to grow to the size of a human woman standing next to her. Beverly looked at her wide-eyed not sure what she was going to do until the blue-haired woman began gently stroking her cock.

"There doesn't that feel nice?" She said gently stroking her.

"Stop it!" Beverly said as she was finding the sensations strange as she had never felt the pleasures of a penis before.

"Now I don't think you actually want me to stop, besides, we haven't even started having fun yet!" She said before she bent down and began running her tongue along Beverly's shaft.


"You like that don't you?" She said as she continued to stroke and tease her cock making her body shiver. "That's a good girl, this is only as unpleasant as you make it."

Beverly grabbed the arms of her chair as she breathed heavily. The pleasure she was feeling was unlike anything she had felt before and despite how wrong it felt she didn't want it to stop.

Blue continued before wrapping her mouth around the head of Bev's cock. Despite the size of the cock, she was easily able to deep throat it making Beverly scream with delight. Blue slid her fingers down inside her pussy below the base of her cock and began to gently rub the inside which made Beverly go cross-eyed with please as her mind almost couldn't handle it.

"That's a good girl," she said removing her lips leaving her cock good a moist. "Now let's see how you like this."

Blue stepped over the chair and began teasing the tip of Bev's cock with the lips of her pussy. Beverly was panting begging for more as she watched a sparkly clear liquid dripping from the fairies pussy. It made her cock tingle at the touch which only made her want more and soon Blue impaled herself on Bev's member making her scream out as her body jerked again.

"There we go, doesn't this feel good?" Blue asked as she began riding Beverly's cock.

"Oh... Shit... Fuck!"

"Just enjoy it, you're mine now!"


"It was an accident!" Kevin said as Nessira scolded him in front of Shadow.

"An accident that could cause major problems to anyone who comes into contact with them, you idiot!" Nessira said.

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