tagErotic HorrorLilith's Emporium Pt. 13: The Dark World

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 13: The Dark World


Hello, this story and the next few chapters will feature the Rak-Sasha's character again, please go and check out her stories when you can as she also provided input for these. Thanks!


It was dark as the dust storm blew across the ruins of New York. The buildings falling apart after years of neglect. Patrick thought back to almost a century ago when it was a booming metropolis with millions of people. He remembered those days well before everything changed, back when everything was better, before her death.

Patrick was with a group of survivors he was trying to get out of the city without being seen by any of the Dark Lords creatures but that was not easy to do. He had a protection spell cast hiding them from site but she knew many of these creatures could easily sniff them out so he felt lucky this dust storm was here as it may buy him some time, or at least that was what he wanted them to think.

He was tired, he was at the end of his fighting days and he needs to speak with the dark lord. This battle had taken his toll and he had finally found something that he believed could fix this for both sides. However, the Dark Lord was not easy to speak with or get to unless it was the one they of the year she would agree to see him, which it was not.

"Okay, are we ready to move?" He asked the small group.

"They'll catch us, we aren't going to make it." A young woman from the group said.

"Better to die trying than to sit here and wait for it."

"I'm telling you we are sitting ducks here and we can't..." One of them said as they heard a noise. "What was that?"

"Wait here," Patrick said as he began to look around.

He could sense something in the air like they were being hunted. He raised his hands floating a few feet into the air to get a better look around but it was difficult with the sand blowing around. He concentrated a little harder when he heard the sound of an animal growling and snarling along with the terrified screams of the survivors. Eventually, only a woman's laughter could be heard through the dust. He knew who it was and what she was going to do. The thought disgusted him but he knew if he was successful today it wouldn't even matter. He turned his head and headed back down only to find the few survivors he had been protecting had been slaughtered so quickly he never knew she was there.

Walking up on where the frightened people had been hiding, he notices a pair of humanoid figures on the ground there as the dust settles just enough for him to see who it was. A familiar blonde woman was on all fours there, wearing only a few pieces of armor that allowed most of her powerful frame to be on display. She was over of the humans, the lower half of her face covered with blood as she lifts her head. Tearing away a few pieces of flesh and lifting her head, seeing the shape of a man slowly approaching as she licks the blood from her lips.


"It's good to see you old friend, shame you couldn't save them."

"It was unfortunate, but it needed to be done."

"That doesn't sound like the Wizard I know, have you finally accepted the truth and the fate of this planet."

"No, but I need to speak with your boss."

After taking a few more bites of human flesh, Sasha stands up and begins walking around the lifeless bodies she was feeding on. The two keeping their distance from one another as he watches Sasha beginning to take off her armor, within moments she was completely naked and glaring at him. Flexing her claws as she begins to growl softly, her body already showing signs of changing back to her natural feline form. While looking over the powerful wizard, she speaks with a deep growl creeping into her voice with every word.

"Only after I'm done with you, then you can say your last words before she finishes you off."

"After today, it won't matter anymore!" He said creating a glowing red sword from his hand before lunging at the shemale beast in front of him.

"Oh you are serious today, this should be fun." She said fully transforming into her beastly form and attacking.

Sasha defended herself roaring like a lion as she tried to strike back at him. She had become much more powerful since her days of the Safari club but she also knew how powerful Patrick had become. His abilities made it difficult for her to get a hit on him as she slashed with her claws trying to avoid the sword. She finally swung and caught his left arm cutting his shoulder.

"Ha, see you do still bleed." She said feeling proud of herself for the moment.

"We all do," he said before flying toward her quickly as she jumped to the side.

She thought she had been quick enough to dodge him until she looked down at the slit across her stomach that suddenly began to bleed profusely. "You son of a..." She said as she suddenly fell to the ground.

"It's over Sasha, I'm tired, and I need to see her, today."

"You think this is over, once she learns of this, she will..."

"Do nothing, I am not fighting her anymore, and I need you to give her a message for me." He said as he handing her a beat up piece of paper, watching this feral beast shifting back to its human form.

Sasha growled at him but read it before she looked up at him and said: "You're a fool, you can't harm her there."

"I don't intend to." He said before ripping off a piece of cloth for her wound which she reluctantly took before looking down the street to an old broken down brick building where once stood a club owned by the Rak-Sasha. The letter S still sat there ready to fall off if the dust hit it hard enough. "Don't you miss it, don't you miss the good old days."

Sasha looked over at the same building as a smile came across her face. "Sometimes I do, we were different people back then, maybe even better."

"I always thought you were better than this, but the darkness is always more tempting."

"Have you ever tasted the pleasures of what only the darkness can offer? What would you have had me do, meet a man, settle down, get married, buy a house, like you and Nessira?"

"It does sound silly, but why not?"

"You are a fool Patrick, I always thought you were a fool, but I could always see why she loved you so much."

"Well, if everything works out, maybe we can still be those people."

"It will never happen, too much already has happened."

"Yes, it has." He said standing up before he said: "goodbye Sasha," as he walked off disappearing into the dust.

Sasha laid there for a moment a little confused before looking at her wound. This was the first time Patrick had gotten her with an almost fatal blow. A few inches deeper and he might have killed her. Even though he didn't she could tell something was different about this encounter. She watched him leave and then used what power she had left to transport herself back to her master


Patrick stood outside the run-down wooden house in front of him. The area which was once a colorful forest was now just a sand covered hill and an old shack. The sign still said Lilith's Erotic Emporium which he was shocked to see but it didn't matter as he walked up the steps and walked through the front opening where the door used to be.

The windows were broken and the shelves were empty. The floor was covered with sand and the showroom was just a weathered wreck of what it once was. He felt depressed looking at it as he saw the very spot where he met Nessira over a century ago. The memory brought a smile to his face as he felt a presence standing behind him.

"Do you remember that day?" He asked before turning around to see Nessira standing there wearing the skeletal armor she once wore when she was Queen to Ror'gon. "Sorry about Sasha."

"Sasha is a big girl, she can take care of herself, besides I didn't come here to reminisce."

"Then why did you come?"

"Curiosity, this isn't our annual cease-fire, and you know you can't hurt me here, so what trickery do you have in store Wizard, unless you want to have our anniversary early this year, I don't feel as sentimental at the moment but I can always make an exception?" She said with a smile.

"Tempting, but I sacrificed a group of people for this meeting, so let's get on with it," he said pausing for a moment before he said: "I'm done, I can't do this anymore Ness."

"So you surrender, finally, to me?" She said getting excited that he may finally come home to her.

"In a sense, but there's more, and I really needed to speak to my wife."

"You haven't called me that in a long time."

"Well I didn't come here to speak to the ruler of a wasteland, or the Dark Lord, General of darkness, whatever title you have started using now, I came because I need to ask you something."

She stood there silent for a moment before she finally said: "Fine, just speak and get it over with."

"I had a vision, a powerful one, I saw a world where you, me and Shadow..."

"DO NOT SAY HER NAME!" She said pointing her sword at him.

"I saw us together, happy, no loss, no sorrow, no wasteland, just us, the way it should have been."

"Dreams and fantasies, that's all."

"But what if..."

"It doesn't matter, we've been over this hundreds of times, humans killed Sebastian, then they killed our little girl, and all those demons who just wanted to live in peace with the people they loved, they deserved better than that!"

"But what if I had found a way to make it true, what if I could change the past?"

"We both know time travel is not possible."

"I know, but I found something that could be just as useful."

"I've had enough of this." She said turning to leave.

"Please!" He said reaching out and taking her hand. "I can't do this without you."

"Why, what is going on here?"

"I found a way, I found a way to send a message back in time."

Nessira looked into his eyes seeing that he truly believed what he was saying. For a brief moment, she had forgotten about their countless battles and the war. For a moment she was face to face with the man she loved again.


"In my searching, I found a spell, There is a moment, between life and death where time doesn't matter, I can hold that moment and send a message back to myself and try to end all of this, but..."

"But what?"

"There is a terrible cost."

"What kind of cost?" She asked seeing him look down not wanting to look her in the eye. "You have to die?"

"I do, and you know what that means."

"You brought me here to trick me into letting you kill us both!"

"No, I can't do it, I could have killed us both at any time and stopped all of this but I can't kill you, I could have saved millions, but I could never bring myself to do it, not without your permission."

"I will not let you take me down this way."

"Look at my eyes Ness, you know me better than that."

Nessira was angry for a moment but she soon realized he was right. She didn't want to admit it but she was tired, just as tired as he was and this world was not worth the fight she had gone through anymore.

"I do."

"We can end this, right here and now, just you and me, here, where it all started all those years ago."

"Maybe it's too late to save her, or us, maybe we should just die and end it here and now." She said holding out her sword ready to strike. Patrick stood there ready for whatever she was about to do but she hesitated and said: "Can I ask you something?"


"What if you succeed, what is to stop the next person from revealing us to the world and coming for us."

"You know I can't answer that, but I do know we were strongest when we were together, as a family."

"We were weren't we, I miss those days, we were better people back then."

"Sasha said the same thing."

"You gave her quite the beating." She said smiling to herself a little. "Can I ask you something else? Knowing what you know now, everything that's happened since we... Since we lost her, if you went back to the day we met, would you have still walked in and said hello to me?"

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

"You have things you need to know, and so do I, answer the question."

He took her hand in his again and said: "Of course I would."

"Really, even after all of this?" She said pointing outside at the wasteland before them both.

"I love you Ness, dark lord or not, I have always loved you, and always will, no matter what, you lost your daughter, because of what my mother did, you had your reasons and even if I didn't agree, I've always understood."

"You haven't done what I did."

"But I wasn't strong enough to stop you either."

"Or I you, to be honest, I couldn't have, I wanted you to join me, I would have waited an eternity if I had to, but that isn't you, that isn't the man I love."

"Maybe we can turn back time then."

"And if you fail."

"I have to try."

Patrick placed his hand on her cheek wiping away a tear before kissing her. As he had learned through his magical training is the little moments were always the most important in one's life. Right now as he tasted Nessira's lips nothing mattered, what she had done or what he had done, all that mattered was the moment.

As Nessira pulled away Patrick held her in his arms as she said: "I miss her Patrick, I miss her so much."

"Me too, and I am going to save her, and us, I promise you."

"What will this moment give you?"

"Enough to send a message, just a thought into my own mind, I just hope it's enough to prevent her death."

"It seems like a lot for such a small hope."

"I know, that's why I couldn't make this decision alone."

She looked up at him placing her hand on his cheek feeling his love once again as she tried to put aside her anger and sadness. She suddenly pulled away from him for a moment and walked over to the old counter. She spoke a few words as a light formed in front of her and she pulled out a box from underneath it that looked like it was protected by a spell. She waved her hand over it causing it to glow before opening it and pulling out a blade she knew all too well.

"What is that?" Patrick asked.

"This is the blade that Victoria used to kill those virgins when she was helping release me, and then stab the man she loved before stabbing me in the heart with it using my power to save him."

"I see."

"It is so sharp you will barely feel it."

"Good to know."

Nessira walked back over to him with the knife in her hand. She stopped as tears began to fill her eyes unable to look at him as she held the blade.

She finally looked and smiled before trying to change the subject "I like your beard, maybe you can grow a goatee or something if this works.," she said running her fingers through it even chuckling a little before her mood changed and she said: "I can't do it." As she began sobbing uncontrollably.

"Give me the blade." He said taking her hand and pressing the blade to his chest. "Together."


"Nessira, please."

She felt his hand around hers feeling his muscles tighten as he was getting ready to plunge the blade into his heart. She looked into his eyes seeing he was about to kill himself and in turn killing her as well. She was not afraid to die but seeing the man she loved kill himself even if it could save the life of there daughter was something she couldn't bear to watch.

"Wait, wait wait wait!" She said pulling the knife back.

"Nessira you know this needs to be done, unless you want to fight like this for all eternity?"

"I know it's just..."

"What is it?"

She stared at him for a moment before she wrapped her arms around him as their lips met once more with that same passion he once knew years ago. Even on their anniversary, they would meet to have sex during the cease-fire but the passion was not what it used to be. This was the moment in their lives where they needed each other more than ever and it came through as she dropped her armor and tore away his old ratty trench coat shredding his clothing away as they fell to the floor.

The wooden floor was uncomfortable and sandy as they rolled around on it. Eventually, Nessira snapped her fingers and when Patrick looked around he saw their old bedroom just the way it had looked the first night they made love in it. The bed was just as big and soft as he remembered and Nessira looked just as beautiful as she always had.

"That's my girl." He said.

She smiled at him as he sat up placing his hand back on her cheek before kissing her again. This moment was special to them both. It was a sign of the end of all of this or at least it was what they hoped it would be. The feeling of their hands and their lips touching each other, tasting each other, it was a feeling that they knew all too well despite everything that had happened between them.

It didn't take long before their energies began to mix together. Their souls began to touch one another and it was like their bodies and spirits were fucking on different levels. It was a sensation no other living creature had ever experienced with their lover and it was there to hold onto in this world and the next. The pleasure was intense as they both became one in a bundle of ecstasy only to separate again one final time as they laid in that bed together again.

They laid there for a long time as Patrick held her tightly. His fingers ran through her hair stroking it as she moaned a little at her touch enjoying it before she realized the knife was in the bed with them. She stared at it for a long time not wanting this to happen.

"It shouldn't be you, you don't deserve this, it should be me having to end my own life."

"Then I would have been dead long ago," he said with a smile looking Nessira in the eyes. "It's time Ness."

"No," she said crying again.

"It has to be done." He said taking her hand as it gripped the blade before placing it against his chest. "Together."

"I can't!"

"Please, for our daughter, and for us."

Nessira looked up in his eye's as he smiled at her. Despite what was about to happen it comforted her but she only hoped she wouldn't linger their long until she could join him in the beyond. Even if it didn't work she wanted to be with him forever in whatever afterlife awaited them.

She leaned in and kissed him again trying to distract him from what needed to be done before she pushed the blade Into his chest. He let out a sigh of pain seeing the blood come out if his mouth. Nessira felt the pain as well as they both began to feel life leave them. Suddenly memories began to flash through his mind. He remembered walking up to her thinking she was Jenny and her jumping because she didn't know he was there. She was so adorable and even though she turned him down she remembered how cute she thought he was at the time. He remembered that first night together when she chose to spare his life and everything since.

Patrick reached up placing his hand on her face not wanting to look away. He wanted to see her face until the very end because despite everything that had happened and the battles they had fought he always loved her. She tried to hold it together for him as he stared into her eyes.

"Tell me... Tell me you love me." Patrick said finding it hard to speak.

"You know I do," Nessira replied sobbing holding him in her arms watching him suffer.

"Please, just let me hear it."

"Nessira smiled still close to his face when she said: "I love you."

He smiled as Nessira watched him begin to slip away in her arms. It would take longer for death to take her so she was burdened with having to watch Patrick fade. She held him in his arms as he choked a little looking up at her watching the tears fall from her eyes. She placed her hand on his face to comfort him as much as she could.

"Worth it." He said with a smile before his hand fell to his side and he was gone.

Nessira began to bawl her eyes out when she heard footsteps run up the stairs as Sasha came in, still naked with a healing wound on her stomach. "My Lord is everything..." She said seeing them in bed before noticing the knife sticking out of Patrick as he was dead in Nessira's arms. "Oh God, Nessira, I'm so..."

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