tagErotic HorrorLilith's Emporium Pt. 09: Shadows Fall Ch. 02

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 09: Shadows Fall Ch. 02


Nessira awoke in a daze not sure what had happened. She looked up and soon realized she was chained to a wall in a larger room which looked like a throne room. She was naked, the walls were red and the smell of sulfur was strong as she looked over and saw her captor sitting on a chair which she assumed was his throne as he stood up and began walking towards her.

"Is this how you treat all your guests?" She said to her captor.

"You are the first in a long time." The beast said with a toothy grin.

"I can see that, and you didn't even clean up the place."

"Your humor amuses me, you truly are a beautiful creature."

"Oh I do enjoy flattery, remove these chains and I will show you just how much."

"Tempting, but there is someone who wants to see you first." He said as Nessira saw a woman come walking into the room that she recognized all too well.

"Baphomet, I thought this place smelled too much like a barn, the hint of wet goat was a dead giveaway."

"Charming, always a pleasure Nessira, you have turned out to be such a disappointment," Baphomet said standing over her.

"I get that a lot, except in the bedroom of course."

"Yes, the slut of Raven Hill, you had so much potential but just like your mother you threw it all away, and for what?"

"I don't remember you complaining that night I summoned you, I guess I have just been a naughty girl!"

"Keep making your jokes, this isn't about you, it is about that little freak of nature you call a daughter, the only reason you are here is because Ror'gon wanted you here."

"Oh really, so you don't don't like my sense of humor? What about you handsome?" She said looking over at Ror'gon.

"I brought you here to offer you a place to rule by my side, together we will be unstoppable and all you have to do is help me capture the spawn of Draikoth so I can consume her flesh and take Draikoth's power."

"Ha, you are shit out of luck you big demon hunk of shit, I am already engaged, and if you think I would help you capture and eat my own daughter you are out if your fucking mind."

"Engaged, Ha, such a human concept, women like you do not bind yourself to a human, they are beneath you, they are beneath us all!" Baphomet said getting frustrated.

"Actually you're right, most nights he is beneath me, he likes it sometimes when I am on top and in control, you know how good I am."

Baphomet grabbed Nessira by the chin pulling her up towards her before growling in her face and said: "You insulate little, at least Lilith had respect for the other Gods!"

"Yeah, well my heart is in another dimension at the moment, and unfortunately it has the best parts of my personality, well according to some anyway, but we can still have fun!" She said with a smile as Baphomet squeezed her cheeks.

Baphomet let her go before backing away before she smiled herself. "Oh right, you carved out your heart to spare your pain, and then gave it to him, you weren't supposed to find him."

"Find him? He found me actually."

"Oh but I am sure you have already figured it out, I told you before that Sebastian's soul would be reincarnated, of course it happened a few times, only he doesn't remember you, or anything about your past love and yet somehow you still found each other.

Nessira heard the words of Baphomet and let them sink in. She remembered what the warlock told her and thought maybe it was true but now she realized there was something more sinister afoot in their transaction all those years ago.

"So, it really is him?" Nessira asked.

"You see, unlike you, I am a creature of my word."

"I killed plenty, it's not my fault there was no pleasing you."

"But I wanted more, Lilith killed thousands in her day, I wanted you to do better!"

"Rmove these chains and I will show you how violent I can be."

"It doesn't matter now," Baphomet said as she took out a necklace from her pocket with a red glowing gem on it. "I should have just used this from the beginning, but no matter, this should make her quite obedient for you." She said placing it around Nessira's neck as she struggled to get free.

"Thank you, my lord, now let's see just how good the red witch is," Ror'gon said as he removed the furry loincloth covering his demonic erection as Nessira looked on.

She felt strange the moment the necklace was put on her. She began to feel herself losing control and the reality if her situation began to sink in. They were going to use her to get to Shadow and the more the gem glowed around her neck the harder it was for her to fight it.

"I hope you enjoy this Ror'gon, because once I am free again, I will not be very forgiving. And as for you goat breath, you think Lilith won't find out about this?"

"Lilith has no power here you fool, and I know who your allies will ask for help, Sasha will do a good job misleading them right into our little trap."

"Have you ever read that book about how your cat is planning to kill you? Well maybe you should sometime, and as for you big boy, enjoy yourself because if you think I am unforgiving now, you really haven't seen my bad side yet."

"Haha, she still has some fight left in her, I like that in a woman, but for now." He said as his dripping cock moved closer to Nessira's face.


"Wait, slow down a moment, what happened?" Patrick asked a panicked looking Shadow.

"This thing, this demon took Nessira through some portal."

"It was after Shadow but Nessira saved her," Kevin said.

"I'm sorry but who the hell are you again?"

"It doesn't matter Patrick, we have to save her!" Shadow pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Of course we do." He said wrapping his arms around Shadow to comfort her while at the same time trying to hide the pain and fear he was feeling at the moment. "We will get her back, I promise."

"But how?" Shadow said sobbing into his chest.

"Did the creature say anything, did it give any clue as to why it wanted you?"

"It said something about my father, that I was the spawn of Draikoth."

"Shit, Nessira knew this would happen someday."

"Knew what, and why would they take her?"

"Maybe to use her to get to you."

"But why, what the fuck am I?"

"I only know bits and pieces, but there may be someone who can help us, if she's in the mood anyway, she also may be able to tell you something about yourself."

"Whoever it is I will make her help us!" Shadow said growling a little as she started to transform.

"Calm down, we need to keep a level head here."

"Patrick, Nessira could be..."

"I KNOW SHADOW!" he yelled before taking a deep breath and trying to calm down. "I know what could be happening to her as we speak and I am trying very hard to hold it together, and I really need you to do the same alright?"

Shadow took a deep breath knowing he was right before she said, "Yes Patrick."

"Okay, you there, who the fuck are you again?"

"Um, I'm Kevin, I'm sort of Shadow's boyfriend."

"What the... Did I miss something?"

"It's okay Patrick, he is like me," Shadow said taking Kevin's hand.

"Phenomenal," he said in a sarcastic voice.

"If I may, maybe it is a mistake to bring Shadow along?" Kevin said.

"I am not staying behind!"

"But it was after you, we could be handing her to him by bringing her along."

"That thought was not lost on me, but it may be even more dangerous to leave her here alone. They may come for her again, at least if she is with us we may have a better chance of protecting her." Patrick said.

"It's just, I think it's a bad idea."

"Okay, listen to me Kevin, I don't know you, but you obviously care for Shadow and if you are like her then you better do whatever you can to protect her got it!"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, I love her like a daughter, so if anything happens to her you will deal with me, and believe me, I may be human but you do not want to cross me!" He said as Shadow looked at him a little shocked by what he had just said. "Now I have some clothes upstairs that might fit you, so get dressed, and get in the fucking car." He said heading for the door with keys in hand.


Patrick drove towards a building that seemed rather quiet as it was still during the day. There was a big sign above the door that said "Safari" and Shadow felt a little uncomfortable as they got closer to the building. Kevin noticed this and took her hand trying to comfort her.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"I'm fine, just a little nervous."

"Don't worry, we will get Nessira back."

"That's not all I am worried about."

They pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. Patrick got out in a bit of a hurry heading for the door with Shadow and Kevin in tow. The man at the front door looked human but something didn't seem right about him. Shadow and Kevin could sense the creature inside hiding in human skin as he gave Patrick a dirty look.

"We're closed, come back later." The man growled.

"Tell Sasha that Patrick and Shadow are here to see her about Nessira."

"I said we're..." He stopped as he seemed to be hearing something coming through his earpiece. After a moment he growled and said: "Very well, head inside a straight up to her penthouse."

Patrick walked in as Shadow followed and Kevin smiled at the bouncer before he growled back at him. The place was dark but there were people around, mostly employees cleaning tables and apparently preparing for the club to open later that day. Kevin watched as he saw panties and other pieces of clothing being swept up. The employees all seemed to have something about them that wasn't right, like they were all hiding their true form until he looked over at the bartender.

The woman was bald with scaly skin looking like a lizard as she stuck out her long tongue a few times before she smiled and waved at him. "This place is freakin me out a bit."

"Not now," Patrick replied heading for the elevator.

"But there was a lizard chick over there and..."

"Oh my God, I hate to break it to you Kev, but this is your crowd, you aren't human, where did you find this guy Shadow?"

"It's a long story, he was human so he's still learning."

"Great, sack up Kev, I don't know what to expect, so from here on out so you better be on your game!"

"Right, sorry, I'm good."

"Good!" Patrick said as the elevator door opened and they stepped inside.

"Have you met Sasha before?" Shadow asked.

"Once, she is, interesting."

"Can we trust her?"

"Nessira and her have been doing business together since she opened this club, and she considers her a friend."

"But, can we trust her?"

"I don't know, all I know is she knows how to get to Draikoth's dimension which is where I assume Nessira was taken, she's our best chance."

The elevator door opened and the saw a door in front of them that said "Rak-Sasha" in a font that resembled ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics but still written in English. Shadow was nervous as was Kevin but Patrick kept his emotions hidden as he walked up and pushed the door open stepping inside as they followed.

Shadow looked around the large room with decorations similar to some of the products she found in the shop. She noticed a box that said "Lilith's Erotic Emporium" on the table filled with the condoms Lilith had created to protect humans from dying during intercourse with certain creatures.

She heard a noise coming from the other room as she heard a man moaning followed by a growling noise. The moans grew louder as she walked closer to the doorway and saw a blonde woman on top of a man riding his cock. Shadow was a little shocked by what she was seeing but the blonde woman looked back at her and smiled showing off feline like fangs as she continued to milk the man's cock.

"Be with you in a minute Honey!" She said turning back to the guest in her bed moving her hips a little faster.

Shadow backed away from the door hearing the man's moans grow louder. It was a little strange to listen to as she couldn't tell if he was moaning in agony or pleasure. The yells grew even louder as he reached orgasm followed by what sound like the roar of a lion followed by heavy breathing.

After a few moments, the blonde woman came walking out if the bedroom wearing just a robe as she smiled before lighting a cigarette. She looked over at the three of them recognizing Patrick but not the two younger people.

"Hello, Sasha," Patrick said with a stern look on his face.

"Patrick, it had been far too long." She said walking over and giving him a kiss on the cheek before turning his head and giving one on the lips as well. "And this young lady must be Shadow, my my, you are delicious!" Shadow looked over this woman knowing she was hiding her true form from her but stood her ground. "And who is this young man?" Sasha said referring to Kevin who was standing behind Shadow.

"Um, I'm Kevin."

"I see, so you are powerful," She said looking back at Shadow. "You brought a man back from the dead and made him your fuck buddy, oh this is phenomenal."

"Sasha, you know why we are here," Patrick said interrupting her. Sasha looked over at him as a serious look came across her face. She was quiet for a moment before she walked over to her bar and poured herself a drink. Patrick waited patiently for her to finish but it was getting harder for him to keep his composure. "Dammit Sasha, don't just ignore me like that."

"Hush, I know why you are here, I know what has happened to Nessira, and what they want to do to your precious Shadow as well, the eyes of the Rak Sasha are not blind!"

"Okay fine, the question now is..."

"Will I help you?"


"It's... It's not that simple."

"Who cares what is simple, if you don't help that means you never gave a shit about Nessira, to begin with."

Sasha's eyes changed into more feline looking as she growled at Patrick. She crushed the glass in her hand sending glass all over the countertop before she stepped around it and walked towards him.

"How dare you, don't think for one second I won't take my frustrations out on you!" She said as she ripped his shirt open and placed her hand on his chest feeling his heartbeat. "This is Nessira's heart, it still beats which means she is still alive."

"Really?" Shadow said getting a little excited.

"But maybe I should just kill you now!" Sasha said looking into Patrick's eyes.

Before Patrick could say anything Shadow had transformed and had jumped pushing Sasha away from him with authority. Sasha looked at her in her true form as she was ready to protect Patrick even if it meant killing Sasha.

"You will not harm him!" Shadow said with a growl."

"Calm down little one, you misunderstand me," Sasha said walking back towards them. "They need Nessira alive, they plan to corrupt her and use her to get to you. If I kill Patrick it could probably stop of of this from happening, but I won't, I am going to help you get to her because it is what my master wants."

"What do you mean?" Patrick said with concern in his voice.

"When you find Nessira, she will not be the woman you remember, Ror'gon wants her as his queen and has already started altering her mind, I will open the portal for you but you do understand it is exactly what they wants."

"Ror'gon?" Shadow said thinking about what had happened in the woods. "Is he a large demon with a metal plate welded over his eyes?"

"The very same, he was Draikoth's second in command before..."

"Before what?"

"Before I betrayed him and destroyed most of his essence!" Sasha said looking right into Shadow's eyes. "You want to know about your father little one, he enslaved me, made me do his bidding for centuries, so I did what needed to be done, I survived!"

"And who do you serve now?" Shadow replied.

"Someone who is angry with Nessira, my former master, and my creator, Baphomet."

Patrick heard the name and got a chill up his spine. "We need to find Lilith!"

"No!" Sasha said. "Lilith has no power there, there is a treaty that she cannot break."

"This is crazy, Lilith is a God, she could easily...," Kevin said.

"No, she's right, we must find Nessira and try to break their hold on her ourselves," Patrick added.

"You do realize this is a suicide mission right, Ror'gon plans to feast on the flesh of Shadow here to gain what is left of Draikoth's power," Sasha said.

"I don't care, I will not leave Nessira to be tortured, I am going there, taking my mother back and destroying Ror'gon if I have to as well!" Shadow said.

"I like her," Sasha said looking over at Patrick. "But when Shadows fall, one will rise."

"What was that?" Patrick asked.

"Just a little prophecy, something to think about when you're there, besides you know you aren't going to fare well against either of them, you're only human."

"No, but maybe I can get through to Nessira, I have to try," Patrick said.

Sasha smiled before she said: "Well if it works, give her this for me," as she grabbed Patrick pulling him in for a kiss that made Shadow look away in disgust. "Bring her home alright?" Sasha said removing her lips from his.

"How do we know you won't betray us the moment we cross over Rak Sasha?" Shadow said to the blonde feline woman.

"You don't, however, I already told you their plan, and that I am only helping you because it's part of said plan, however, I do consider Nessira a friend, and her death would be bad for business."

"Fine, whatever, let's do this," Shadow said ready to go.

Sasha turned and spoke a strange ancient language as she began making a circular motion with her hand before a ring if fire appeared similar to the one Ror'gon came through. Once she was done she backed away allowing them to head towards it. Shadow was the first to march right towards to opening before Sasha grabbed her by the wrist. Confused she turned to her wondering what she was doing.

Sasha leaned in close to Shadow's ear and whispered "Aim for the red gem." Before she smiled and pushed her through the portal as Patrick and Kevin followed.

The portal closed as Sasha turned around to see Baphomet standing there. She was a little shocked to see her but gave her a smile.

Baphomet slowly walks past Sasha, looking back towards the bedroom to see a man resting on the bed. Inhaling the scent of their recent mating as Baphomet turns to look over Sasha's human form, finding it arousing. Leaning over Sasha's shoulder and purring lustfully into the feline demon's catlike ears while nuzzling into her neck.

"What did you tell them?" Baphomet finally said

"Only what we agreed upon, don't worry, they are headed right into your trap."

"You mean our trap, don't you Sasha?"

She looks over to see Baphomet pulling away, watching the goat-like features shift back to the beast's human form with an angry snarl.

"Of course I do, why, is there a problem?"

"I just want to make sure your friendship with the Red Witch isn't affecting your judgment here?"

Sasha felt the hair stand up in the back of her neck for a moment before she said: "Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me?" She said with a smile, feeling Baphomet's hand comes to rest on her shoulder. Shivering as the woman's hand caresses her bare shoulder, noticing Baphomet's obvious arousal before slipping away from the lustful dark god. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for our guests, the club opens in an hour," Sasha said turning and heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

Baphomet just stands there a moment, growling softly while her clothes begin to tear. Pieces of her outfit falling to the floor as her high heels split and break under the weight of her hooves. A strip of dark fur growing out along her spine, now free of her clothes and walking towards the shower. Her tail swaying seductively, assuming her true form as she slips into the bathroom. A surprised gasp from Sasha is heard, followed by a low growling moan and beastly snarls and growls.

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