tagErotic HorrorLilith's Emporium Pt. 10: Shadows Fall Ch. 03

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 10: Shadows Fall Ch. 03


The sky was red and the land looked like a wasteland of dirt and bones. Skulls lay everywhere of creatures that were not human or anything even close. A wind blew little dust devils around as the three of them look around at the hell they have walked into.

"So, which way do we go?" Kevin said looking around.

"Well, I see something that could be a castle in that direction," Patrick said before ripping off his sleeve and wrapping it around his mouth to block the dirt in the air.

"This place seems, familiar in a way," Shadow said as she looked around.

"Well if your father ruled this land its probably just something in your DNA," Patrick said.

"Perhaps, anyway let's find Nessira and get out of here," Shadow said before she started heading towards the castle in the distance.

It was not easy to walk as the ground hid decaying bones under the sand making it easy to trip. Shadow did not seem to have a problem as she seemed to see things Patrick could not. Kevin was trying to keep up with her knowing he had the same ability though he just hadn't learned how to use it yet.

The whole place seemed like a dead wasteland and none of them could figure out why anyone would want to rule a place like this. Shadow stopped for a moment noticing something sticking out of the sand to her right. She walked over pulling it out as Patrick and Kevin looked to see her holding some sort of sword with a bone handle.

"This may come in handy," Shadow said looking her weapon over.

"Any others around?" Patrick said looking through the dirt.

"Planning on stabbing your fiance?" Kevin said.

"No, but I wouldn't mind having something to keep her from stabbing me."

"It won't come to that," Shadow said before she found another weapon which looked like an ax handing it to Patrick.

"Alright now here is the plan..." He started to say before he felt something hit him knocking him down into the dirt.

Shadow turned quickly but didn't see what hit him as it had swooped back up in the air. As she focused her vision she saw a winged creature covered in an exoskeleton that made it look like a vulture or some other dangerous birdlife creature. She readied her weapon as it came back down sprouting two swords from its hands before attacking Shadow with a speed she almost wasn't ready for.

Shadow soon transformed sprouting her horns and fangs as the beast continued to attack her. She was able to block most of its attacks but she knew she needed to get the upper hand. She turned and ran into what looked like a giant rub cage sticking up from the ground before jumping up along the pointed bones trying to get some height before using her cat-like reflexes to jump towards the creature knocking it to the ground.

The both rolled a little before Shadow jumped up and started an offensive attack at their enemy. It was covered in so much bonelike armor it was almost impossible to tell what it actually was attacking her. The wings were also armored with sharpened bone as it spun almost taking off Shadow's head as she ducked down seeing a few of her red hairs get trimmed.

Shadow knew she had to end this but found herself getting overwhelmed again. She was shocked at the speed of this creature but continued to do her best but suddenly she was struck in the chest by its wing knocking her back against a rock. She looked up as she saw multiple blades coming towards her. She wasn't sure what to do but she suddenly saw.something dark jump through the air kicking the creature to the ground.

Kevin had transformed and jumped in to help Shadow in the nick of time before landing on the ground. He lunged at the beast before he started pumping its head trying to keep it down as Shadow ran over to join him. She grabbed her sword before she jumped up to plunge it down onto it but it reached up and grabbed the sword holding it in place as Shadow couldn't push it down.

Kevin was suddenly kicked off of it as Shadow was also thrown back as the beast stood up. Just as it was about to attack again something hit it in the head knocking it to the ground. Patrick stood there after hitting the beast with the side of the ax as it was on the ground hiding its face. The skull-like mask had fallen off and was a few feet away.

The other two got back up as the three of them surrounded their for before it looked up at then. Shadow turned pale dropping her sword as she saw the creatures face. Patrick saw Shadows reaction and was confused before he looked down and saw the red hair and beautiful face of Nessira looking up at them with an animalistic look in her eyes.

"Oh my God, Nessira?" He said dropping his ax before stepping towards her.

"Patrick, don't, she's not herself," Shadow said protesting.

"Nessira," he said kneeling down. "Nessira it's me, it's Patrick."

She looked into his eyes for a moment before lunging at him pushing him down the small hill until he hit the bottom with a thud. Before he could get up she was on top of him drawing another blade and holding it to his throat. Shadow and Kevin stood there afraid to act as they didn't know if they could save Patrick from her if they tried so they hoped maybe he could get through to her. Patrick looked up at his fiance as she was about to strike when she stopped.

"Nessira, it's me, I don't know what they've done to you but you have to fight it, you are stronger than this, you are better than this!"

She stared at him for a moment with the blade pressed against his throat before her expression changed. Shadow and Kevin watched not sure what was happening as she suddenly dropped the weapon on the ground. A glimmer of hope suddenly appeared as she placed her hand on his chest feeling his heartbeat before she leaned down and kissed Patrick placing her hand on his face.

Patrick enjoyed the moment thinking he had gotten through to her and she was still in there somewhere fighting this control over her. He went to wrap his arms around her when he noticed something was wrong. He could not move his hands or his arms and soon couldn't move his legs either.

Shadow and Kevin saw what was happening as Patrick suddenly turned to stone and shrunk down to the size of one of the statues Nessira kept in the shop. Nessira smiled as she picked up the statue and placed in a satchel on her side. She looked over at Shadow and Kevin with a concerned look on her face before she stood up and spread her wings taking off heading back to the castle they had been headed for.

"What just happened?" Kevin asked confused.

"I... I don't know."


Back at the castle, Nessira landed in the throne room in front of Ror'gon who was sitting on his throne. She landed in a kneeling fashion before standing up and smiling at her king before she walked up to him planting a kiss on his lips.

"How was your encounter?" He asked his Queen.

"Useful," she said pulling out the statue of Patrick. "Now I have my heart safe and sound and out of the way."

"I see, wouldn't it have been easier to kill him?"

"No, then I would have died as well."

"Alright, then how about I rip it from his chest and place back in yours?"

"Calm yourself my darling, everything is as it should be, and soon the spawn if Draikoth will be within your grasp."

"You should have just taken her when you had the chance."

"Don't you see, there are two things here she wants now, she will be here soon and you can feast on her flesh!"

"I see, very clever my queen, now please come with me, there is someone who wishes to see you." He said rising off his throne as Nessira followed him.

The heavy iron doors leading to Ror'gon's chambers slowly open with a heavy groan, revealing the demon lord's massive bed laying before his queen. On the bed was the naked body of Baphomet's human form, a light sheen of sweat making her skin glisten. A low purr rumbles within her at the sight of this now corrupt and darker Nessira.

Her cock laying semi-erect across her inner thigh, Nessira could see it jerk a little as it hardens. Drooling her dark precum onto the sheets as Baphomet sits up a little, motioning for the Witch Queen to step forward. They stare at one another before Baphomet finally speaks.

"You shall make a suitable queen for Ror'gon... Let me see you."

"Lord Baphomet, what brings you here?"

"Ror'gon and I want to make sure you are committed to our cause."

"I assure you I am."

"Well, then prove it," Baphomet said inviting Nessira into bed with her.

Without saying another word, Nessira reaches back to unclasp her armor. Allowing it to fall to the floor before stepping out of it, assuming her natural succubus form. The jewel around her neck glowing brightly as Baphomet slips off the bed to approach her, reaching up with one hand to slide her fingers through that beautiful crimson mane. Grabbing a handful as she pulls Nessira into a rough and passionate kiss, the queen's hands grab onto Baphomet as the two fall back onto the bed.

Tumbling across the sheets, their kiss growing more fierce as they begin to growl and snarl at one another. Finally pulling apart as Nessira was now face to face with Baphomet's true beastly form. Looking into the warm glow of those red eyes staring back at her, even feeling that inhuman erection smearing its slimy essence onto her skin. Baphomet rolls over with her, resting on top and slowly teasing the corrupt Nessira with the tip of her cock. Waiting to hear the wanton lust in Nessira's voice begging to be fucked by an ancient and evil beast, seemingly attracted to the darkness within her.

Nessira smiled before spreading her legs to allow Baphomet to have her way with her. The Goat Demoness rams her cock into the succubus queen making her yell out her pleasure. With each thrust, she could feel her black demonic seed dripping into her and corruption her even more like she had in the woods all those years ago. Nessira felt the darkness spread through her body making her moan as it felt just as good as she remembered.

Ror'gon smiles before he turns and leaves the room closing the door behind him. As he walks away he hears Nessira's moans of passion almost wishing he could join them but he knew what Baphomet was doing. She had told him about how long ago she was able to corrupt her with her seed and this was her insurance policy to make sure Nessira's loyalty never wavered.


"So what now?" Kevin asked as him and Shadow stood on a hill not far from the front gate of the castle.

"She's still in there, deep down, she has to be or else we'd be dead by now."

"You don't know that for sure."

"But I have to believe it alright!"

"Alright, I'm with you no matter what, so what's the plan?"

"That necklace she was wearing, did you see it?"

"That red gem?"

"Right, Sasha told me to aim for it, I think it's what is controlling her."

"Really, you're gonna trust the crazy cat lady?"

"You have a better idea?"

"No, but I just don't want you to have false hope."

"Kevin, I need you to trust me alright?"

"Of course I trust you Shadow, I mean I..."


"I... I'll tell you when this is over, once we have everyone back."

Shadow smiled and took his hand for a moment holding it. They looked over at the castle as she gripped her sword and stood up grabbing a shoulder blade bone she found to use as a shield.

"You ready?"

"Let's do it," Kevin said grabbing a few bones to defend himself as well.


Ror'gon sat on his throne as Nessira emerged from his chamber. She had was wearing a low cut red dress and had a sultry look in her eyes as she walked towards him.

"How was it, my queen." He asked.

"It was incredible, it's been so long."

"Good, I have a gift." He said holding his hand up and pointing to the wall. Nessira turned and saw three men chained to the wall nearby all naked and struggling to get free. "A meal for her majesty after a hard-fought battle."

"Oh my, you do know how to spoil a girl!" She said licking her lips as she walked down to get a closer look.

"For you, my queen, all of mankind shall be a feast for you!"

"Now, let me see what we have here?" She said as she examined the three if them. "First thing is first." She said as she snapped her finger.

The three of them looked down as all of their penises began to glow red before getting stiff and pointing out towards her. They were all freaked out by what was going in but they all had a burning need to cum that they could not do anything about as their hands were chained.

"Well, this one is a bit small so..." She snapped her fingers again as the first man let out a yell before his cock began squirting all over the floor as his life force came flowing out of him and flowing into Nessira who savored the sensation. "Oh, that wasn't bad, now you two." She said focusing her attention on the two survivors.

"Please, please just let us go, I..." He stopped as she snapped her fingers again causing him to suffer the same fate as the first man as she absorbed his energy feeding off of it in the process.

"I hate men who beg and whine, looks like you are the winner, and such a big boy too.' She said looking at the last survivor as she approached him. She took her finger and gently touched the tip of his cock before tasting his cum. "Hmm, you do taste good."

"What do you want?" Get asked finally speaking.

"I want everything, but for now I want to taste this throbbing piece of man meat between your legs."

"What did you do to them?"

"The same thing I am going to do to you, but you will get to enjoy it." She said with a grin as she kneeled down in front of him and began to gently tease his cock with her lips.

Ror'gon watched her perform as he licked his lips. He had a growing erection as he became aroused watching his queen feast on the mortals he had procured for her and it was getting hard for him to control his excitement.

"Oh, oh shit!" The man said as Nessira continued to tease him.

"That's what I want to hear, no man has ever been able to resist me, and you will have the privilege of dying with Nessira The Red's lips around your cock. There is no better death to be had." She said as she wrapped her lips around his member and began sucking on him.

She worked him slowly licking the precum off his tip before deep throating him. He knew he was going to die but he couldn't help but enjoy the sensation as she gently caressed his balls with her fingers making him moan out loud. She could taste his soul as it gathered in his cock ready for her to absorb. She slowed her pace trying to make it last as long as possible keeping him on the edge of the greatest pleasure he would ever feel and his death.

"Are you ready, I know I am." She said releasing his cock from her lips.

"Oh my God!" He said ready to explode.

"Oh, he can't help you now." She said as she planted a gentle kiss right under the tip of his cock making him yell out as his cock erupted squirting her in the face as his energy came flowing out and down the throat of Nessira.

It went on for much longer than the other two as he was in a constant state of pleasure while Nessira laughed sucking up everything he had to give until his body finally went limp and hung there with a frozen smile on his face as he hung in the chains.

"That was very good." She said wiping the cum from her face before licking it off her fingers.

"I am glad you enjoyed them my Queen, but time is running short," Ror'gon said from his throne.

"You worry too much, besides, I can see you need some attention after the show."

"We don't have time."

"Shhh," she said placing a finger in his lips. "All will be right soon, but before they get here," she said as she began stroking the demonic cock under his cloth before lifting it up and freeing it. "It is time for me to pleasure my king while we wait."

Ror'gon let out a moan as she touched his cock before he said: "Perhaps we should be ready for our guests?"

"Are you sure?" She said kneeling down teasing her large red cock with her tongue as her hand gently caress the large hairy balls hanging beneath his shaft.

"Maybe we can make time."

"Of course we can." She said as her lips wrapped around his member making the large demonic king moan out with a little growl as Nessira pleasure him.

This had been the first time she had given herself to him willingly so he was enjoying it immensely. He was shocked by how deep she was able to take his inhuman cock but it felt amazing as she did. He ran his clawed hand through her hair pushing on the back of her head a little as she slurped on him.

She finally pulled her head up before she slid off her dress revealing her naked succubus form before she climbed onto his lap letting his cock slide up inside her. She let out a gasp at the size of his member as it slid inside her pussy stretching it to the point of almost too much.

Ror'gon let out a moan as the succubus queen began to move on his lap milking his member as his claws wrapped around her waist. She was small compared to him but she was still extremely talented which is exactly why he wanted her as his queen. He had heard many stories about the Red Witch even from Baphomet herself and wanted to taste of her for himself.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" She moaned out riding the demon's cock as it was bigger than any she had ridden before. "Fuck me, my King, Fuck me!"

Ror'gon felt her skin under his clawed hands as they slid up touching her breasts followed by her wings. A succubus wings were extremely sensitive to his touch made her moan even louder as her body began to shake at the sensation. Demonic precum had begun to drip from out of her pussy lubricating their sexual encounter as she grabbed his hand sucking on his fingers before guiding them down her chest spreading her spit all over her breasts.

Nessira let out a loud inhuman scream as her pussy began to spasm before his cock erupted his demonic see up into her like a fountain filling her insides as she orgasmed harder than any succubus had before her. The thick slimy liquid poured out around his rock sliding down his hips as the succubus collapsed on his chest resting against him. She felt his claws gently caress her hair as she smiled at his touch.

"Rest now my love, our feast is on its way," Ror'gon said as Nessira rested against him.

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Don't listen to them

Your story are awesome I will always read them when you post them I just read it since I love it I check every time day and night to see if you have post any thing and I just love it Imore...

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How about you read part 4 before you judge a story! I mean you are bitching and you have no clue how it ends, chapter 4 wraps up the story so for the love of god the night is darkest before the dawn!

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one star

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Ohhh nooo....

I think the situation for Shadow and Kevin is looking pretty FUBAR...

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Lost for words....

Three words: HSQ

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