tagErotic HorrorLilith's Emporium Pt. 11: Shadows Fall Ch. 04

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 11: Shadows Fall Ch. 04


Shadow and Kevin walked down the dark corridor as there had been no guards at the gate. It was quiet and unnerving as they moved their way through the darkness trying to find the throne room.

"This was too easy to get in," Kevin said in a low voice.

"It's because it's what they want, they want me to come for her and Patrick."

"Then why are we doing it?"

"You don't get it do you?"

"No, I do, that's why I am thinking we can't just charge in, we should try to sneak our way in."

"What do you mean?"

Kevin transformed into his primal form as Shadow watched confused by what he was thinking. "Let's scope the place out first, and at least see if there is a way to sneak in there and maybe get the drop on Nessira, maybe we can get the necklace off of her it at least find Patrick."

"But only she can lift the spell on him."

"Yes, but maybe we can use him as leverage."

"What do you mean leverage, he is more than that, he is..."

"Like a father to you, I know, let's just hope they call our bluff alright?'

Shadow hesitated for a moment processing his idea before she said: "It actually is a decent plan, but may I make one amendment?"



Ror'gon was sitting on his throne with Nessira by his side. She had her hand around his cock gently stroking it while he sat there comfortably. She was well rested and ready for battle as they waited for their guest. Nessira could hear him moaning as she continued to play with his demonic member stroking it over and over.

They looked up as they heard the main door open and Shadow come walking in alone but holding a sword and shield made of bone she had found outside. Nessira smiled at her daughter as she continued to stroke Ror'gon's cock bringing little bubbles of precum to the surface almost not caring that Shadow was here.

"Ah, you see my Queen, she was foolish enough to come here, where is your friend?"

"The coward ran off, you were right Mother, he wasn't right for me."

"Well, Mother knows best," Nessira said with a smirk.

Shadow still couldn't believe Nessira was under the control of this demon lord but she tried to reason with her. "Mother, this isn't you, I thought the Daughter of Lilith was strong enough to think for herself," Shadow said taunting her a little.

"The daughter of Lilith is right where she should be, in a position of power!"

"All I see is a woman I thought was stronger than she is being the bitch of Baphomet and her lacky here."

"Why you insulate little..."

"Calm yourself my Queen, let her have her fun, it won't matter in a few moments," Ror'gon said trying to calm Nessira.

"Yes, my lord," Nessira said gritting her teeth.

"Clever trick you did with Patrick, kissing him and then turning him into a statue, wouldn't it have been easier to just take your heart back and kill him?"

"You are trying my patience girl!" Nessira said getting angry.

"What, I mean do you still have the ring or did you replace with that fancy necklace you're wearing."

"That week mortal man means nothing to me! He is right over there on display." She said pointing to a shelf filled with statues.

"On display for you to see, Baphomet continues to play you and you keep letting her, you are a week pathetic succubus who is only feared because of what other creatures have done for her, you have no real strength or talent, you are like a Kardashian, only famous because of who your parent was!"

"I will kill you!" Nessira said spreading her wings and lunging towards her with her weapons drawn as Ror'gon watched and laughed letting them fight.

Once again Shadow was finding it hard to compensate for Nessira's speed but the fact that she had angered her was making her attack a little sloppy. She used this to her advantage getting the upper hand on her mother a few times hitting her in the face before jumping back clinging to the wall as she looked down and smirked at her mother.

Ror'gon was distracted by the fight and didn't notice Kevin who had snuck in behind the thrown. Because of his new abilities, he was able to move almost silently as he saw Patrick's statue on a shelf against the wall on display with a few other creatures that he had no interest in finding out about.

Nessira flung some small blades towards Shadow as she dodged only to have one slice across her cheek drawing a little blood. She landed on her back before quickly jumping to her feet attacking Nessira with everything she had. The sword in her hand was powerful as she slammed it down on her mother before seeing the gem hanging from her neck.

"I... Am... Sorry about this Mother." Shadow said as she and Nessira struggled to overpower each other.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be!"

Taking advantage of the moment Shadow quickly punched her straightforward in the chest hitting the gem and forcing her back against a pillar as it cracked at her impact. Nessira hit it hard falling to one knee before she looked up at her daughter who was not attacking but staying where she was.

"Is that the best you've got?" Nessira said seemingly winded.

"No, but it's a start," Shadow said as Nessira didn't notice the damage to the Pillar before it suddenly came crumbling down on her burying her in a pile of stone rubble.

"Ha, impressive, you are definitely the spawn of Draikoth," Ror'gon said as he arose from his throne. "However, it is time to end this little game." He said pulling out his whip and flinging it over to Kevin who was reaching for the statue as the whip wrapped around his neck and pulled him over.

"Kevin!" Shadow said unable to help him.

Ror'gon pulled him close grabbing him by the neck and holding him in front of her. "Surrender, or he dies!"

"Don't do it Shadow!" Kevin pleaded with her.

"Let him go, it's me you want!"

"Yes it is, he has only a touch of Draikoth's influence, you are the real prize!"

"Don't, I'll kill you if you touch her!" Kevin said as he struggled to get free.

"Silence you worm, so what will it be Spawn of Draikoth?"

"My name Is Shadow!"


Nessira was unconscious for a moment under the rubble not hearing anything that was happening. As she slept she had a vision, it was a vision she had seen before as she was looking out over a wasteland of bodies and demons all serving under her. A smile came across her face as she looked at her conquest seeing the demonic woman suck the cum and life from men all around her.

As she looked at this she found herself getting aroused. The smell of sex in the air was strong as she could see cum flowing from dead bodies all around. It was a sight to see as she had imagined it before but a strange feeling came across her, almost an emptiness that she didn't expect.

"Is this what you truly desire Daughter?" A voice said as she spun around to see Lilith standing there looking out over the valley."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm not here, I am in your head, I am forbidden from entering that dimension because of de consensu Draikoth, it was an agreement made that cannot be broken."

"Ha, Treaties and agreements, that is not Lilith, this," she said pointing out into the valley. "This is what you could have been and you gave it up."

"This isn't what I could have been, this is what I was."

"Then why, why would you give up power like this?"

"You know why, you felt it, that emptiness that comes from a life like this, and also... because of you."

"Me? What does your weakness have to do with me?"

"You were a victim of my conquest, I found you dying in the cold, a little baby whose parents had been killed or corrupted, I don't even know what really happened to them, so I took you and raised you myself, I felt empty for a long time but you gave me a reason to change, to be better."

Nessira stood there trying to process this as the gem around her neck glowed trying to keep her under Ror'gons control but it was damaged. It was only cracked but it was enough for Lilith to enter her mind and speak to her despite the darkness that was injected into her by Baphomet as well.

"Why are you telling me this, I am the Daughter of Lilith and I deserve power, I deserve to rule!"

"Rule what, a sea of bodies, or this wasteland you're in now serving under a demon who craves nothing but power and see's you as nothing more than a means to an end, what about Patrick, or Sebastian, what about Shadow?"

"Stop it."

"You care about them all, that is what makes you better than Ror'gon, or Baphomet, or any of those ancients god's including myself, god's who crave power, but you, you know how to love, you taught me how to love, that is who you are, and this silly little piece of jewelry isn't strong enough to control the true daughter of Lilith," Lilith said placing her hand on her shoulder. "You are Nessira, the Red Witch of Raven Hill, and you will not be controlled by anyone, not some petty necklace of the dark seed of Baphomet!"

Nessira stood there struggling with Lilith's words and Baphomet's voice in her head. She fell to her knees trying to block out both the voices as it was driving her mad. Lilith watched her daughter struggling and it broke her heart to see but she knew how strong she was and knew she was going to make it through.

"I... I can't" Nessira said still struggling.

"Your daughter needs you Nessira, now more than ever."

"I have failed you, and I have failed as a mother, there is no going back for someone like me!"

"I believed that once about myself, but I have you, you who are constantly asking me silly things like when I will settle down, you have a beautiful daughter who is turning into an amazingly strong woman, she was created from darkness and you made her the loving person she is, you gave Patrick your own heart to save his life, these are not the acts of an evil ruler, they are the acts of a woman who loves someone."

"I... I'm not... I'm not strong enough." She said as tears filled her eyes.

"You are stronger than you know, you are the daughter of Lilith, and Shadow is the daughter of Nessira, make the gods fear those names so much that they will fear to cross you again. That is true power, the power to protect the ones you love, even from creatures who call themselves god's."

Nessira sat there for a moment feeling something she hadn't since her corruption and that was love. She was starting to feel a new strength in her as she grabbed the necklace and crushed it in her hand. She looked up to see Lilith was gone. She looked back at the demonic orgy happening and she let out a scream of pain and anger into the dream world she was in letting it echo out over the valley.


Shadow stood there trying to find a way to save Kevin but she knew any move she made could lead to his death. She held her weapons tightly as Ror'gon just smiled at her.

"This is your last warning, let him go!" She said threatening him.

"Enough of this, it doesn't matter anyway, you are mine, and soon Draikoth's power will be as well." Ror'gon said as he suddenly squeezed his hand tighter around Kevin until he broke his neck and dropped him to the floor.

"Noooo!" She screamed don't as she fell to her knees in agony at seeing Kevin's lifeless body hit the floor.

"It is over child, Nessira my Queen, it is time!" The crumbled stone began to move as Nessira struggled to get out of the rubble she was under. She stood up covered with dust and blood as she looked around seeing Shadow on the ground and Kevin dead next to Ror'gon's throne. "I hope you are alright my queen," Ror'gon said seeing Nessira disheveled.

"I am fine my lord," she said before she walked over and grabbed Shadows arms only to realize her daughter had no fight left in her.

"Now bring her to me!"

"Of course, move prisoner!" She said picking Shadow up and forcing her towards Ror'gon. "It is over!"

Tears fell from Shadows eye's as the weight if everything came down in her. The man she loved was dead, the man who she considered a father was frozen in a statue and her mother was now an evil ruler who cared nothing for her. It made her feel empty and defeated as she now knew what Sasha meant, Shadow had fallen and Ror'gon was about to rise

"It doesn't matter anymore anyway," Shadow said as Nessira could hear the defeat in her voice.

As Nessira walked her across the room she looked over at Kevin's lifeless body and something seemed wrong with all of this. It was hard for her to concentrate as she got a little light headed and stumbled as she looked down and saw her necklace cracked.

"Is everything alright my queen?" Ror'gon said seeing her stumble.

"That pillar just rung my bell a little, I assure you I am fine, the spawn if Draikoth was a worthy foe."

"And soon that power will be mine," Ror'gon yelled out as he clenched his fist.

Nessira handed Shadow to Ror'gon and walked over to his side as she started to feel more like herself again. The vision she had seen from Lilith was becoming more clear as she began to feel the same way she did in the dream Ror'gon took Shadow up in his hand examining her with a smile as he could smell the power in her that was about to become his. He breathed in her scent as he opened his mouth ready to take a bite of her flesh when he felt something was wrong.

It had happened quickly but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest as he looked down and saw a sword sticking through him from behind. Surprised by this he turned to Nessira seeing her with her hand on the handle of the blade that had struck him. An anger filled him as he began to realize that Baphomet's corruption didn't work, nor did the necklace.

"Why?" He said.

"Let go of my daughter you son of a bitch!" She said as she began twisting the blade to the point he dropped Shadow and grabbed it.

After a few moans of pain, he said: "Such a disappointment." as he ripped the sword through his stomach and knocked Nessira to the floor. "You will pay for your betrayal Witch!"

"Ha, Give me your best shot!" She said jumping up and kicking him with both feet right under his chin knocking him to the floor.

She jumped into the air flinging her throwing knives at him again hitting his chest but barely penetrating enough to even draw blood. He reached up and swatted her against the wall with some authority before getting up and charging at her. He punched at the wall as she moved letting his fist break through the rock.

"Wow, if you fucked as hard as you fight, we may have had a chance," Nessira said taunting him as she tripped him mailing him fall over again.

"Why you wretched little." He said as he rolled over and started charging at her on all fours.

Nessira jumped in the air again before slamming her foot into the back of his head pressing his face down against the stone floor as it broke and a small amount of blood stains the stones. She chucked another blade at a pillar nearby breaking it as she moved before it crashed down on top of her former lover. She stood there watching and waiting for him to emerge.

The stones moved and he stood up roaring before he turned to his queen and said: "you think it's that easy to defeat me?"

"No, but I like to play with my prey."

"I will destroy you!" He said pulling out his whip.

"You could barely make me cum, you think killing me will be any easier?"

Ror'gon whipped his weapon at her but she grabbed it and used it to pull herself towards him punching him in his face again. Using her wings and the whip to her advantage using it to fling herself away but pull herself back getting as many hits as she could on him which was making him angry as his queen was much quicker than he was and also much stronger than he expected.

Shadow was on the floor crawling towards Kevin before she collapsed burying her face into his chest. She could hear Nessira and Ror'gon fighting but she could not find the will to help her as her heart was broken beyond belief. She reached up and shut Kevin's eyes with her fingers as she tried to compose herself when she heard a deep voice she had heard before.


"What, who? Who said that?"

"That is your name correct, Shadow?"

"Who are you?" She said not seeing a source of the voice she was hearing.

"I am Draikoth, and I need something from you."

"Leave me alone, you are no father of mine, and this, all of this is because of you!"

"Listen to me child, my time is over, but Ror'gon must be stopped.

"I don't care about Ror'gon, or you!"

"Please child, please take what is left of me and destroy Ror'gon!"


"He and others betrayed me, though I am gone, he cannot rule in my stead, this world, this ruin must end with me, as the last of my bloodline I need you to take my power and end this!"

Shadow suddenly felt strange like she suddenly got a boost if energy. It was dark but it made her feel like she could do anything as she stood up with her eyes glaring bright red before she let out a scream that shook the foundation of the castle.

"What do you want from me? This power, I don't want it." She said feeling the energy within her.

"It doesn't matter, do with it what you will as long as Ror'gon's reign ends."

Ror'gon finally pulled Nessira to the floor and she hit it hard. He stood over Nessira who was trying to pull herself up after taking a beating. He stopped when he heard the scream and turned to see Shadow standing there with a red aura glowing around her. She began to walk towards him as he could sense Draikoth's presence oozing from her.

"No, your time is over, I am the ruler of this world and you will not take that from me." He said as Shadow suddenly jumped at him extending her own claws and slicing at him.

Ror'gon stood there for a moment not sure what had happened as he felt blood start to drip down his chest. He looked down confused before his head rolled off his neck and fell to the floor in a pool of his blood. Nessira was shocked by what she had just seen as Ror'gon's body stumbled over hitting the floor with a loud bang and Shadow stood there glaring at Nessira for a moment before she turned her attention back to Kevin.

Nessira pulled herself up feeling her injuries as she limped over to Shadow and Kevin. She saw Kevin's lifeless body as Shadow seemed to ignore her and focus on her fallen lover. Nessira suddenly felt the weight of everything that had happened and it was tough for her to see it.

Shadow kneeled down and said: "this power is too much, share it with me." Before she opened her mouth and let some of her energy flow from her body into Kevin's as Nessira stood there and watched.

At first, nothing happened and Kevin just laid there not moving but moments later he suddenly opened his eyes as he turned his head hearing bones snap back into place and said: "Ouch, what the fuck just..." He was stopped as Shadow jumped on him and pressed her lips to his.

He took a second to realize what was going on before he wrapped his arms around her and enjoyed the moment. Nessira stood there with a tear in her eyes watching her Daughter bring the man she loved back to life but soon the horror of everything she had done came flooding down on her as she fell to her knees. Shadow removed her lips from his and turned to Nessira seeing her start to fall apart as she let go of Kevin and approached her.

"I am so sorry," Nessira said with tears running down her face. "I am so sorry, about all of this! I betrayed you, I failed you Shadow, I failed you as a mother, I should have... you are so much better than me."

Shadow stood over her for a moment looking down on her mother with a stern look in her eyes. Nessira couldn't even look Shadow in the eye but she suddenly felt her daughter wrap her arms around her falling to the floor with her and held her for a good long while. Nessira wrapped her arms around her as well as they both began sobbing as they held each other tightly.

Kevin got back to his feet seeing the two of them in each other's arms sobbing uncontrollably. He smiled feeling relief that everything seemed to be back to normal until he remembered something. He looked over at the shelf filled with statues and ran over to grab Patrick's.

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